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May 2012 Archive

    1. Take-Two finds long console cycle "a good thing"
    2. Trip Hawkins tried to form an indie dev alliance
    3. Activision v. West settled before trial
    4. American McGee's first free-to-play game is BigHead Bash
    5. Silicon Knights confirms that it will appeal court ruling
    6. The Rise and Fall of Sony - Part 1
    7. Epic set to announce new Gears of War title at Microsoft conference
    8. Gaming social network Pixwoo launches in the US
    9. Fez rallies 100k sales on Xbox Live Arcade
    10. Kixeye opens new Australian studio
    11. Can't We Discuss This Like Adults?
    12. Mortal Kombat creator unveils Injustice: Gods Among Us
    13. Kinect trialled by surgeons
    14. Control is Nothing Without Power
    15. How to Protect Your Game From Clones
    16. Replay set to sue Wisecrack over Sam Suede
    17. BAFTA to host Games Question Time
    18. Born Ready studios founded by Doublesix staff
    19. Diablo real money auctions set for June 12
    20. Words on Play #3: Narrative and developer responsibilities
    21. Capcom and Nintendo top Japanese charts
    22. Japanese police make first arrest under new anti-piracy legislation
    23. Future's Binns launches new media venture Network N
    24. Publisher Nordic Games buys GAME's Scandinavian business
    25. Game Industry Legends: Trip Hawkins
    1. Leisure Suit Larry Team on Sex, Comedy and Kickstarter
    2. Zynga has no plans for consoles, says Pincus
    3. Epic v. Silicon Knights: Jury finds for Epic on all counts
    4. Gamification firm raises $25 million in latest funding round
    5. Warner Bros aims to leverage Hobbit movie hype with new Lord of the Rings title
    6. CD Projekt switches RPG gears with Cyberpunk
    7. Bilson's Last Stand: Giant Budgets, F2P and Hands-On at THQ
    8. PlayStation 4 almost abandoned disk drive - report
    9. Activision motion to dismiss No Doubt lawsuit rejected
    10. Sony offering €50 rebate on Vita in France for 6 weeks
    11. Battlefield 3 Premium pricing and date outed by PSN update
    12. Angry Birds drives 10 per cent of UK gaming volume in Q1
    13. Creative Assembly sign up for Rezzed
    14. Do Consoles Have a Future?
    15. Perfect World results dip, but remain in-line with predictions
    16. Mobile marketeer becomes games publisher
    17. US author settles with Gametrailers, puts case against Ubi on hold
    18. Irish government helps attract Red 5's new European office
    19. Xbox 360 has sold 67 million since 2005
    20. Apple CEO Tim Cook: "not interested in being in the console business"
    21. Tech Focus: Sony vs. the Cloud
    22. Crowd Funding Gets a Bible, and its Evangelists Speak Up
    23. SOE announces Quinne Larsen as 2012 G.I.R.L. Scholarship winner
    1. Jason Rubin takes president role at THQ as Bilson leaves
    2. PlayStation Plus revamp leading Sony's E3 efforts?
    3. Amazon Instant Video app comes to Xbox Live
    4. Curt Schilling says Rhode Island Governor comments on 38 Studios were 'devastating'
    5. Criterion's Billyard joins PlayJam
    6. Nintendo at E3: What to Expect
    7. Gearbox Software's Rise to AAA Success
    8. Activision vs. Infinity Ward: The Likely Outcomes
    9. Bioware dev calls MMOs "toughest part of the industry"
    10. Sony signs O2 screen deal
    11. Virtuos opens new China studio
    12. Because We May extends sale to over 400 games
    13. United Front: Next-gen needs to be cheaper, better
    14. GameStop rolls out Android tablets to 1600 US stores
    15. From the '80s to Israel: The New Inspiration for Next Gen Skills
    1. Braben, Perry, Livingstone and Oliver confirmed for Develop
    2. Jagex to shutter 8 Realms, job losses expected
    3. 2K Games supports Rezzed with XCOM, Borderlands 2
    4. No Ice Cream Sandwich for Xperia Play
    5. Ubisoft secures UK #1 with Ghost Recon
    6. Facebook hiring iPhone engineers
    7. Square Enix: Retail is still dominant
    8. Getting Everybody a Piece of the Pi
    9. Trip Hawkins steps down as Digital Chocolate CEO
    1. THQ plans reverse stock split
    2. Infinity Ward has received $493 million from Activision
    3. Zynga on Reddit: Unfiltered answers from employees
    1. 38 Studios trouble continues, drops second mortgages on former employees
    2. Facebook details "feed gaming"
    3. Minecraft sales total 9.2 million
    4. PlayStation Vita gets tagged by Jet Set Radio HD
    5. West & Zampella talk Activision lawsuit and Project Icebreaker
    6. Zynga: "E3 is in a bit of a transition"
    7. Tim Schafer, EA Sports' Andrew Wilson Among "Top 100 Most Creative People"
    8. Phil Fish: Long dev cycle hurt Fez sales
    9. Sony Online's Planetside 2: Can It Grab The Call of Duty Audience?
    10. Netdragon sees 50% YoY revenue growth
    11. Sony patents game pausing ads
    12. Nordic Game hands out $846,000 to 11 new titles
    13. Further delay for Diablo III cash auctions
    14. Activision defends Oliver North's involvement in Black Ops 2
    15. Indies launch Because We May price cut campaign
    16. What Does Facebook's IPO Mean For Games?
    17. GAME Australia closes 60 stores, axes 280 staff
    18. Activision trial delayed until June 1
    1. Sony at E3: What to Expect
    2. Android games get in-app subscriptions on Google Play
    3. NPD Group report for May will finally include Walmart data
    4. 38 Studios and Big Huge Games shut down
    5. Facebook fall prompts lawsuits, Zynga stock drops
    6. Sega to publish Double Fine's The Cave
    7. Is E3 Still Relevant?
    8. Nordic Game: Randy Pitchford on the hidden value of licensed IP
    9. Malicious Angry Birds copycat app fined £50,000
    10. Sony recoups $125m from Sharp LCD deal
    11. No buyer yet for GAME Australia
    12. 38 Studios heads flee troubled company
    13. Crossley leaves Develop for Future's CVG
    14. US bank accuses Konami, Autumn Games of $14m fraud
    15. 3DS stays top of Japanese chart
    16. E3: How to Find Out the Key Facts
    17. Ustwo to pull Papa Quash in response to cloning accusations
    18. The Fullbright Company: Non-Combat Ready
    19. TED book blames game and porn addiction for "the demise of guys"
    1. GameSamba bring XS Software's browser games to North America
    2. Molyneux hints at first experiments from 22 Cans
    3. Microsoft at E3: What to Expect
    4. Nintendo's Miyamoto to receive prestigious Spanish award
    5. Capcom aiming to shorten development cycles of top franchises
    6. GameFly enters the mobile publishing world
    7. GAME tweets GAMEfest 2012 cancellation
    8. GREE platform goes open beta
    9. GameStop to hold consumer Expo in San Antonio, Texas
    10. Blizzard's Diablo III sells 3.5 million in one day
    11. ITC commission unlikely to enforce US Xbox 360 ban
    12. Judge suggests Xbox 360 import ban in Motorola case
    13. Finnish start-up Grand Cru hires ex-Wooga marking exec
    14. UKIE to offer UKTI funding for Gamescom and GDCE
    15. Gree and Mind Candy partner in Moshi Monsters mobile deal
    16. iOS cloning controversy over PlayStation Move indie game
    17. Shadows of the Damned director crafting movie-length title
    18. Take-Two: "Unwavering quality" put ahead of short-term income
    1. Apple products have Foxconn spending $210 million to expand
    2. Infinity Ward founders missed out on $13 million bonuses
    3. Take-Two loses over $107 million in fiscal 2012
    4. Max Payne 3 to top 4 million sold says analyst
    5. Activision's reputation "probably unfair" says Spider-Man developer
    6. BioWare announces layoffs surrounding Star Wars: The Old Republic
    7. 3DS sells 6 million units in Japan
    8. Zynga partners with American Express for in-game rewards
    9. Blizzard admits Diablo III security issues, denies security flaws
    10. UKIE digital charts figures are unverified
    11. Activision emails detail discussion right before firing West and Zampella
    12. NPD: Kids spend five days a week on mobile devices
    13. Best Buy sees revenue rise for Q1
    14. Ex-Rockstar bosses working with Activision Leeds studio
    15. Nintendo 3DS close to 1 million milestone in UK
    16. Lionhead dev launches new indie studio
    17. Future Publishing sees 37% rise in digital revenue
    18. UK film to show industry history
    19. FTC to investigate Nexon's hostile takeover of Gamania
    20. YoYo Games intros GameMaker: Studio for cross-platform game development
    21. 38 Studios confirms layoffs
    22. ArenaNet: Where there's profit, someone will cheat to get it
    23. Chris Early: Ubisoft has grown social talent, not bought it
    24. gets Catharina Mallet to head new studio
    25. What's the cure for gaming's High Street blues?
    26. Bungie's lucrative contract with Activision revealed
    27. Epic vs. Silicon Knights lawsuit claims now worth $1 each
    28. Microsoft offers Xbox Live Indie Games more price changes
    1. Kinect for Windows SDK update adds skeletal tracking
    2. Machinima gets $35 million in financing
    3. Games And Fan Feedback - Part Two
    4. God of War developer is "driven by the creative", not the "publisher mentality"
    5. EA pulls Dragon Age Legends from Facebook
    6. Diablo III problems persist with hacked accounts - report
    7. Nintendo to broadcast E3 presentation
    8. Activision creating new UK mobile studio
    9. Carmageddon creators to talk crowd-funding at Rezzed
    10. Game of Thrones gets first social game
    11. Aliens: Colonial Marines delayed until February
    12. TIGA appoints 6 new board members
    13. Xfire secures $3m for Asian expansion
    14. GameStop launches Mobile, then pulls site
    15. China gives Google greenlight on Motorola deal
    16. Max Payne beats Diablo III to UK No.1
    17. Majesco searching for UK developer talent
    18. CD Projekt: There is no future for DRM
    19. Hidden Sonic game in new interactive Nike ad
    20. Chen: "A headshot with a sniper rifle is not relevant to real life"
    21. Zynga stock falls by 14 per cent after Facebook IPO closes flat
    22. Cage: Industry is too focused on violence
    23. Photo of Wii-U controller shows new buttons, analogue sticks
    24. Gamification market to reach $2.8 billion in 2016
    1. EA still has to face NCAA class action suit
    1. EA support of crowd-funded games is "acknowledgement of hardcore community"
    2. Kinect's "next evolution" won't require Kinect 2, says Kudo Tsunoda
    3. Finding Publisher 2.0: Wizards of the Coast
    4. Elder Scrolls Online developer welcomes criticism
    5. 38 Studios makes payment to state of Rhode Island
    6. Zynga stock plunges, trading halted
    7. EA Origin platform to host crowd-funded games for free
    8. Critical Consensus: Diablo III
    9. Game Industry Legends: Yuji Naka
    10. HMV and Microsoft raise £19,000 for cancer charity
    11. Virgin adds £10,000 to game design competition
    12. Mobile Gaming USA: Big Business, Brands and Bad Games
    13. Facebook closes IPO at $38 a share
    14. New head of publishing for Imagine
    15. Apple allowed pre-orders for Zombies, Run!
    16. Japan formalises 'complete gacha' ban
    17. Vostok Games: Single-player leaves a lot of revenue in publisher's pockets
    18. Report: Fast rising executive Catharina Mallet leaves EA Social
    19. GigaMedia halves losses in first quarter
    20. Raising Hell: Lessons Learned from 'Entitled Gamers'
    1. 38 Studios opts to pay loan, not employees
    2. PlayStation Network adds pre-loading service
    3. Activision won't try to block Respawn title, says Pachter
    4. Zynga launches Zombie Swipeout, sees mobile as "essential"
    5. GameStop: "We still see growth in pre-owned"
    6. Walking Dead hits 1 million downloads in two weeks
    7. Industrial Toys licenses Unreal Engine for several titles
    8. Former Gearbox, Disney Interactive vets form Fun Machine
    9. Unreal Engine 4: Epic to "drag industry into next generation"
    10. Diablo III's Teething Troubles: A Stumble or a Fall?
    11. Sales fall 12% for GameStop in Q1
    12. In-house developed titles push Netease profits to $2.8m
    13. Scottish studio Serious Parody raises £1m
    14. Blizzard: Our Diablo III preparations didn't go far enough
    15. Getting Your Crowdfunding Project Off The Ground
    16. Vita suffers in Japan's post-holiday slump
    17. Aeria Games announces Ignite platform beta
    18. Hooplo: Usain Bolt, Ronaldo and a Shortcut to Social Discovery
    19. Ex-Activision IT head was asked to "dig dirt" on West, Zampella
    20. Kim Swift: Valve has management
    21. Activision settles with EA over Infinity Ward "poaching"
    22. New European Sales and Marketing Director for Atari
    23. Retail's Pre-Owned Peacekeeper
    24. Amalur developer finds no solution from Rhode Island politicians
    1. Lionhead developing MMO-style RPG for next Xbox?
    2. Respawn Entertainment will not unveil title at E3 this year
    3. Elder Scrolls map app hit with copyright infringement notice
    4. Peter Molyneux sees Wii U as "lackluster" and E3 as possibly "outdated"
    5. Former Call of Duty executives reveal ambitious social F2P shooter
    6. Microsoft's Steve Ballmer named America's worst CEO by Forbes
    7. Tribes: Ascend reaches 1.2 million downloads
    8. Soren Johnson: Why I Left EA for Zynga
    9. HMV: Music and film can learn from game launches
    10. Cave cancels Vita titles as COO resigns
    11. Digital Shoreditch to showcase thriving East London dev scene
    12. Blizzard: "I don't think it's a bad thing to want to make money"
    13. Apple officially in talks with China Mobile
    14. Word Play agency hopes to improve games writing
    15. Facebook boosts IPO size by 25 per cent - report
    16. Tech Focus: The Quest for Console Quality Mobile Graphics
    1. THQ earnings call highlights: We're ''dramatically different'' from six months ago
    2. THQ dropping Devil's Third
    3. THQ full-year losses hit $240 million
    4. 38 Studios collapse could cost Rhode Island taxpayers $112.6 million
    5. Nvidia, Gaikai partner with Meteor to broaden Hawken launch
    6. Gamevil captures 160 percent growth in Q1 2012 sales
    7. Ubisoft earnings call highlights: Next-gen will be "very viable and profitable"
    8. Activision, Microsoft and Turtle Beach sued for use of Delta Force trademark
    9. Social "mid-core" games attracting more paying gamers
    10. CrowdStar signs partnerships with Tencent and Gamevil for Asian market
    11. Digital success pushes Ubisoft full-year profits to $48m
    12. Report: Apple to acquire German TV manufacturer
    13. Capcom changes stance over on-disc DLC
    14. Diablo Diehards: Blizzard Fans Brave Late Night Launch
    15. Diablo III servers crash under weight of demand
    16. PS3 and Bravia TVs to feature sport-specific BBC app
    17. Battlefield Premium service rumours emerge
    18. 38 Studios struggles to remain solvent
    19. Is Xbox Still Gaming To The Core?
    20. Activision pays out $42m in Infinity Ward case, lawsuit continues
    21. 4mm Games: From Startup to Shutdown
    1. Trion founder Lars Buttler becomes finalist for Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2012
    2. PlayStation Vita 10m sales guidance may include price cut
    3. Minecraft for Xbox 360 hits 1 million units sold
    4. Sony, EA vets form Checkpoint Studios, announce new F2P title for Facebook
    5. Critical Consensus: Max Payne 3
    6. Irrational and Harmonix vets form Eerie Canal Entertainment
    7. Call of Duty: Black Ops II does not need new engine, insists Treyarch
    8. Epic's Unreal Engine 3 gains RealD 3D tech
    9. Zynga acquires Wild Needle - report
    10. Activision's Q1 Explored: What Does The Future Hold?
    11. Steam Wallet cards arrive at GameStop
    12. Oxford St GAME could be forced to close
    13. Arcen Games: Steam keeps us in business
    14. Pachter claims Sony's Jack Tretton supports used games
    15. Raymond: "It's time to give our teenage medium a kick in the balls"
    16. Sniper Elite V2 stays on top
    17. Perfect World audit dismisses allegations of corruption
    18. Nvidia profits and revenue fall for Q1 2013
    19. Robbie Bach puts Xbox success down to Sony's mistakes
    20. Tomb Raider reboot delayed until 2013
    21. Square Enix returns to profitability in FY2012
    22. GAME Australia in administration
    23. Bad Day at Black Rock?
    24. Console gamers still rule, survey finds
    1. THQ won't have a gamescom booth
    2. DOTA 2 keeps its name, Blizzard DOTA rebranded
    3. FarmVille sequel hiding under the name Big Harvest?
    4. Guild Wars 2 pre-purchased by "hundreds of thousands"
    5. Beyonce-targeted suit from Gate Five proceeds to trial
    6. Crytek-developed Warface sets Russian record for simultaneous players
    7. Blizzard skipping E3 and not holding Blizzcon for this year
    8. Resident Evil 6 aiming to sell 7 million, says Capcom
    9. Epic's Cliff Bleszinski pushes Japanese studios to include multiplayer
    10. GameStop removing PSP inventories in quarter of all stores
    11. Kickstarter for Republique hits $500k goal
    12. Dixons reports 3% YoY fall in sales
    13. Epic v. Silicon Knights: What to Expect
    14. Jetpack Joyride passes 25m iOS downloads, heads to Facebook
    15. Minecraft XBLA ruffles developer feathers
    16. Dutch ISPs ordered to block The Pirate Bay
    17. Atari combats loss by divesting Eden Games, selling GameOne
    18. US Social gaming growth slowing says study
    19. Konami full-year profits soar thanks to growth in social games
    20. Restructuring Western business costs Sega $83 million
    21. Eutechnyx: If you want to change your business, do it now
    22. Blockbuster: "When the market was growing, nobody spoke about trade-in"
    23. Sony shares hit 32 year low
    24. EA: Sims Social is not on "life support"
    25. HTML5: Too Good To Be True?
    26. Viva Vita: It's not too late to rescue Sony's handheld
    27. Avengers game coming from Ubisoft for Wii U, Kinect
    28. Sony PlayStation NPD reaction: "Vita is gaining momentum"
    1. Xbox 360 tops all console sales in April in US with 236,000
    2. Nexon rides free-to-play to 46% growth in revenue
    3. Secret World beta enlists one million acolytes
    4. Microsoft bringing Internet Explorer to Xbox 360
    5. Apple releasing 7-inch iPad at $200-$250 pricepoint this Fall?
    6. EA's Peter Moore reaffirms retail's importance
    7. Mobile Gaming: "The Relationship Between Developer and Publisher Has Changed Forever"
    8. Game sales plummet by 32% in US during April
    9. Tapjoy Asia Fund looks to support free-to-play apps
    10. Minecraft Xbox 360 sets new Xbox Live sales record
    11. Angry Birds maker confirms purchase of Casey's Contraptions IP
    12. Nintendo slashes DSi price to $99, DSi XL to $129
    13. HMV: We might have to increase the space for games
    14. Progress on PEGI ratings, law expected by July
    15. Square Enix to "set the bar" for pre-order incentives with Hitman: Absolution
    16. Sony PlayStation Vita global sales at 1.8 million
    17. GameHorizon partners with SpecialEffect
    18. European commissioner casts doubt on ACTA
    19. Eelusion raises $1.7m in 3 weeks
    20. UK's Remode signs dev deal with Sulake
    21. 3DS dominates Japanese charts in Golden Week
    22. Are Android tablets a worthy market for games?
    23. Game Hardware is Dead, Long Live Game Hardware
    24. Sony PlayStation division suffers full-year $2.8bn loss
    25. Seamus Blackley: "I'd be terrified to be marketing games right now"
    26. Facebook gives mobile apps a boost with its App Center
    1. Insomniac's new Facebook game: Outernauts
    2. Blizzard says WoW's 10.2m subscribers puts it in "great position"
    3. Activision keen on Chinese entry for Diablo III
    4. SimCity coming to Facebook?
    5. Skylanders on track to exceed $500m this year
    6. Activision lays out five "keys" to publisher's future
    7. Elder Scrolls Online will probably launch with subscription, says analyst
    8. Call of Duty Elite hits 10 million registered users
    9. Call of Duty franchise up to 40m active users as Activision Blizzard beats expectations in Q1
    10. BioShock Infinite delay leaves October open for GTA V
    11. Rovio's next game is Casey's Contraptions?
    12. Gree and DeNA phasing out "complete gacha" due to regulatory threat
    13. EA CEO: "Mobile games are not going to wipe out the console business"
    14. Angry Birds hits 1 billion downloads
    15. Storm8 hits 300m downloads, reaches 100m devices
    16. Inside Xbox UK also cancelled
    17. BioShock Infinite moved into 2013 for "tweaks and improvements"
    18. Rock, Paper, Shotgun passes 2.1m uniques
    19. Disney Interactive Media Group reduces losses in Q2
    20. Future shakes up senior games team
    21. No Sega presence at Gamescom this year
    22. Gree profits climb 186% in Q3
    23. DeNA reports record full year and Q4 revenues
    24. EA stock lowest since 1999, but analysts keep faith in digital
    25. Tech Focus: Next-Gen Consoles vs. The Age of Austerity
    26. Why TV is Better Than Games
    27. Ninja Gaiden 3 ships 630,000 worldwide, Tecmo Koei profit up 69 percent
    1. Portal 2 sells 4 million copies
    2. Xbox 360 at $99: How It Could Change The Industry, Or Fail Miserably
    3. Kickstarter gets ready to ride with Carmageddon: Reincarnation
    4. Zynga trains legal sights on PyramidVille
    5. Kinect Play Fit brings cross-game exercise tracking to Xbox 360
    6. Elder Scrolls Online looking to be a "good game first"
    7. Starhawk developer finds social-style analytics are "king"
    8. Namco Bandai profit soars as Dark Souls sells over a million copies
    9. Michel Ancel actively working on Beyond Good and Evil 2
    10. Star Wars MMO pulling talent away from Dragon Age team?
    11. Zynga goes real-time with Bubble Safari
    12. Microsoft, Motorola driven by "hubris" says Judge on patent case
    13. Bigpoint to distribute new Square Enix browser title Gameglobe
    14. Valve's Holtman confirmed for Develop in Brighton
    15. Virgin Media kicks off new mobile game design competition
    16. TIGA: "We're not a charity shop"
    17. Sniper Elite conquers the UK charts for Rebellion
    18. EA: "Becoming the leading pure-play digital entertainment company"
    19. Capcom's booming mobile division rescues disappointing year
    20. Machinima to raise $30m with help from Google
    21. Why Ubisoft won't leave retail behind in the digital gold rush
    22. Journey's End: Where Next for Jenova Chen?
    23. EA hints competitors acquire "one-hit wonders"
    24. Kickstarter goal reached for Jane Jensen's Moebius
    25. Google Play hits 15 billion app downloads
    1. EA bets $80 million on next-gen consoles
    2. Xbox 360 at $99: "Great for Microsoft, not for consumers"
    3. EA digital revenue grows to $1.2 billion in fiscal 2012 as company sees profits grow
    4. Mass Effect 3 sales pass $200 million at retail
    5. PS3 games in a browser? "We're heading in that direction," says Epic
    6. Gree, DeNA stocks plunge as Japanese government cracks down
    7. Wargaming to hit Korean market with World of Tanks
    8. Team Meat co-founder furious at freemium sales tactics
    9. Activision partners with Fox to develop Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse
    10. God of War creator says FPS genre has gotten "stale," considers developing shooter
    11. Xbox 360 for $99 with Xbox Live contract is now official
    12. Games and Storytelling: Incorporating Fan Feedback
    13. Angry Birds licensing generated 30% of Rovio's revenues in 2011
    14. THQ hopes Company of Heroes 2 will boost bottom line
    1. Transformers developer says "authenticity is our biggest strength"
    1. Trip Hawkins deems app stores too crowded, says publishers needed for discovery
    2. Square Enix appoints new mobile VP for North America
    1. Microsoft begins manufacturing the next Xbox?
    2. Journey devs negotiating with publishers for next title
    3. BioShock film not dead, Irrational still focusing on Infinite
    4. Call of Duty: Black Ops II won't break sales records, "needs new console hardware"
    5. Diablo III to sell 3.5 million copies this year, says analyst
    6. God of War creator David Jaffe gives thumbs up to multiplayer
    7. RIM unveils new gaming social hub for BlackBerry devices
    8. Zynga Platform approaching 3 million monthly active users
    9. Atari hires former Glu chief creative officer Giancarlo Mori
    10. EA a "distant number two" in social gaming says John Riccitiello
    11. Nintendo's Miyamoto on PS Vita: I don't see a "strong product"
    12. Exploitation of developers has gotten worse, says David Doak
    13. GamesAid releases 2012 video
    14. Virgin Media first to block Pirate Bay
    15. Gree and Funzio: Inside The $210m Acquisition
    16. Alliance Distributors see year-on-year profits rise
    17. Brands ready to invade Draw Something
    18. Annual HMV sales shrink 18% with debt of £168 million
    19. Words on Play Episode 2: Developing for Android
    20. From Paper to Digital: The Cthulhu Strategy of Games Development
    21. Can We Trust Digital Content?
    22. Gameloft's smartphone and tablet sales grow 59 percent year-over-year
    23. Elder Scrolls Online: Bethesda dealing with fan backlash
    24. Doodle Jump developer appoints new Chief Licensing Officer
    1. Marvel Comics and Rockstar team up to bring Max Payne to comics
    2. Microsoft's E3 conference streamed over Xbox Live for the first time
    3. Zynga's social gaming share "continues to erode" says analyst
    4. Nexon America bolsters executive team
    5. THQ won't have an E3 booth
    6. Call of Duty: Black Ops II to benefit from "bold new marketing campaign"
    7. EA admits communication around Origin is lacking
    8. EA reportedly in talks with Nexon over FIFA distribution
    9. Elder Scrolls Online announced by ZeniMax
    10. Call of Duty buzz up 400% in wake of Black Ops II reveal, PS3 gains mindshare
    11. Pickford questions TIGA motives
    12. Green Man Gaming appoints HMV's Martin Baxter
    13. Call Of Duty: Black Ops II pre-order outsells original three to one
    14. Notch: "Indies are saving gaming. EA is methodically destroying it."
    15. London Games Festival set for September
    16. Red 5 Studios CEO: "Who needs publishers any more?"
    17. Nexon takes Combat Arms to Russia
    18. Pid dev Might and Delight "renting" an XBLA slot from publisher
    19. 3DS stays top of Japanese hardware chart
    20. 90% of Android copies of Football Manager Handheld are pirated
    21. Ubisoft to spend $500m on Toronto studio
    22. CCP Games: Embracing the Law of Unintended Consequences
    23. Leisure Suit Larry Kickstarter raises over $650,000
    24. CrowdStar raises $11.5m, moves away from Facebook development
    25. Steam introduces remote game installs
    1. Microsoft cleans up Windows Phone Marketplace
    2. Call of Duty: Black Ops II to bring "disruptive innovation" says Activision
    3. Games Industry Perspectives: The World of Biz Dev
    4. Inside Xbox cancelled for US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada
    5. Call of Duty: Black Ops II is "tired" says EA product manager
    6. Call of Duty: Black Ops II has 300 staff working on it
    7. Draw Something loses 5 million daily users in one month
    8. Nintendo to launch digital downloads for third-parties
    9. Free Radical founder: "Pretty much every FPS loses money"
    10. Xbox 360 to be bundled with Kinect for just $99 with two-year Xbox Live subscription
    11. Unity announces expansion plans, new hires
    12. Gaikai partners with Wikipad tablet
    13. Management restructure at GAME sees familiar faces moving on
    14. New GM for Perfect World Europe
    15. Tween girls double their gaming time
    16. Halfbrick: Paying for mobile games isn't dead
    17. Pirate Bay defies High Court ruling
    18. IGN launches Xbox dashboard app
    19. plays down IPO talk
    20. Freddie Flintoff in Nintendo boss rescue
    21. Former OpenFeint chief opens core touch-screen studio
    22. Kontagent now supports mobile games on Unity
    23. Ten Year-Olds Versus the Triple-A Market
    24. GREE acquires Funzio for $210 million
    1. Double Fine enlists Moai to make Kickstarter project cross-platform
    2. God of War multiplayer may not "move the needle on sales" says Pachter
    3. Diablo III's real-money auction house explained
    4. PlayStation Vita coming free with every Scion iQ
    5. Zynga starts promoting its platform partners
    6. WiiWare in "steep decline", according to Nicalis
    7. Bayonetta sequel could be back on track, hints franchise creator
    8. Battlefield dev: Blocking used games about "creating benefits for consumers"
    9. Pocket Ninjas hits 500k downloads in 5 days
    10. Rockstar will use "Rockstar Pass" for Max Payne 3 DLC
    11. Mobile developers get their own "Kickstarter" platform
    12. Kickstarter has seen over $20m pledged to game projects
    13. Critical Consensus: The Walking Dead
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