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March 2012 Archive

    1. Role-Playing: Microsoft's Phil Harrison
    2. Old Xbox 360s can give up credit card info to hackers
    3. Zynga's secondary offering will see over 20 million executive shares sold
    4. NFL retiree lawsuit against EA to proceed to court
    5. Obsidian to help inXile develop Wasteland 2
    6. Silicon Knights "confused" by Canadian government withholding funding
    7. SimBin Studios CEO steps down
    8. Prince of Persia creator to release source code
    9. Outfit7 app hits 360m downloads
    10. Returning GAME Group websites give hope to retailer
    11. Zynga engineering VP resigns
    12. Foxconn inspection highlights "significant issues"
    13. DeNA signs Disney Japan deal
    14. Job losses and cancelled titles as SEGA streamlines Western operations
    15. Nordic Game opens submissions for pitch event
    16. Best Buy cutting 50 US stores, 400 jobs
    17. Flash in the Pan: Examining Adobe's 9% Games Cut
    18. Fanning the Flames
    19. Mobile gaming: $7.5 billion worldwide in 2015
    20. Smartphones reach 50% of cell phones in USA
    1. Def Jam developers sued by EMI over unlicensed music allegations
    2. Thatgamecompany producer leaves for Tiny Speck
    3. ngmoco's chief publishing officer has resigned
    4. THQ announces 100+ new layoffs with Warhammer 40K "refocus"
    5. Assassin's Creed III setting pre-order records
    6. PlayStation Orbis: Sony, Don't Shoot Yourself In The Foot
    7. Game consoles are not doomed, says Will Wright
    8. Kickstarter sees massive uptick in pledges following Double Fine's success
    9. Journey is PSN's fastest selling game ever
    10. BioShock creator Ken Levine, Zynga's Mark Pincus considered for Time 100
    11. Game Industry Legends: Will Wright
    12. Yoshinori Ono: I'll be out of the limelight for a while
    13. GAME reward cards reactivated
    14. Game Republic continues success with 50th member
    15. Rovio plans Stockholm expansion
    16. Molyneux and Livingstone among Make Something Unreal Live judges
    17. Zynga holds secondary offering at $12 a share
    18. Georgia Senate votes to limit state's tax credits for developers
    19. Kellee Santiago quits Thatgamecompany
    20. London studio HyperBees secures US funding deal
    21. Legal battle between Southpeak and Timegate rumbles on
    22. 6waves partners with 32 social devs
    23. Report: RBS could bring GAME out of administration as early as tomorrow
    24. Kabam acquires Battle Punks studio Gravity Bear
    25. THQ and Adidas settle miCoach lawsuit
    1. Peak Games: Conquering the Middle East
    2. GameStop could refuse to stock PlayStation Orbis, says Pachter
    3. DeNA can get $5 million in revenue from a seven-man team
    4. RockYou to pay $250,000 in FTC settlement
    5. Martha Stewart coming to CastleVille
    6. China's online games market grew 32 percent in 2011, says study
    7. Silent Hill composer: Maybe Japan "reached the maximum we could achieve"
    8. PlayStation Home pushes free-to-play with three new games
    9. PlayStation 4 named Orbis, won't play PS3 titles, will block used games - rumor
    10. Apple products now in over half of American homes
    11. My Horse hits 8m downloads, 500k DAUs
    12. HMV appoints new peripherals and digital buyer
    13. Cousins predicts "free-to-play equivalent of Skyrim" in two years
    14. Adobe and Unity form Flash partnership
    15. CCP apologises for EVE Fanfest incident, council head plans resignation
    16. Social Inoculation: Why Failbetter Has Left Viral Marketing Behind
    17. DeNA signs three Chinese carriers for Mobage
    18. Fargo: Publishers negatively affect developers
    19. Tech Focus: NVIDIA's Kepler Architecture
    20. Sony reorganizes with "One Sony" strategy
    1. Pre-owned increases cost of games, cannibalizes industry, says Dyack
    2. iPad Wi-Fi model cleared for sale in China
    3. IGDA adds Xbox veteran Ed Fries and consultant Sheri Rubin to board
    4. GOG branches out from "Good Old Games"
    5. Google Play finds its place on the Google navigation bar
    6. Silicon Knights never actually received any money from Canadian government
    7. Xbox Live sees entertainment category surpass online gaming
    8. PlayStation Vita hack scare prompts Sony to pull two PSP titles from PSN
    9. Addmired gains funding in midst of brand change
    10. Crytek licenses CryEngine 3 to China's Giant
    11. Epic Games launches Unreal Government Network for serious games applications
    12. Social dev Mob Science raises $1 million
    13. Gamefly: Smart retailers will evolve
    14. Apple CEO visits China to help smooth the path to progress
    15. ngmoco CEO Neil Young: "People thought we were crazy"
    16. Combat Ready: The Meta Games of Mass Effect 3
    17. Rovio acquires Shattered Horizon dev Futuremark Games
    18. Microsoft strikes out at Zeus botnet servers
    19. Gaming was the biggest UK entertainment retail sector in 2011
    20. OMGPOP founder turned down Zynga job
    21. Corporate restructure at SCE sees Hirai take control of TV arm
    22. Canberra introduces R18+ rating
    23. Ubisoft: It's a mistake to buy a company for a brand
    24. Administering the Pain: the Human Cost of GAME's Collapse
    1. BioShock to God of War: How Game Stories Are Made
    2. Social game companies will look beyond Facebook, says David Cole
    3. Call of Duty creative strategist Robert Bowling resigns from Infinity Ward
    4. Warner Bros to handle Codemasters' distribution in Americas
    5. Assassin's Creed and Deus Ex lead 2012 Canadian Videogame Awards finalists
    6. Apple begins rejecting apps that mine unique device IDs
    7. Infinity Blade II writer bringing popular Mistborn franchise to gaming
    8. Rob Lowe leaves Nintendo for BBC Worldwide
    9. Disney's Spector "desperately" wants to port Epic Mickey to PS3, 360
    10. Angry Birds Space hits 10m downloads after 3 days
    11. More than 2100 jobs, 277 stores axed at GAME
    12. Starbreeze goes freemium with new project Cold Mercury
    13. Critical Consensus: Angry Birds Space
    14. Nokia and MS fund app program at Finland's Aalto University
    15. FIFA Street fights off Resi: Raccoon City
    16. Year-long and quarterly sales and profit shrink at GigaMedia
    17. Report: Sony to close Zipper Interactive
    18. 6waves Lolapps loses key execs
    19. GAME administrator "hopeful" of sale as a going concern
    1. BioShock movie loses yet another director
    1. Game Industry Legends: Brian Reynolds
    2. Minecraft racks up $80 million in sales, rivals Angry Birds
    3. Too Human got a bad rap, sequels still possible says Dyack
    4. Facebook offers incentive for first time buyers in games
    5. Slightly Mad raises $660k through crowd-funding for next game
    6. WOW still "the best MMO out there" says Blizzard
    7. Facebook Japan has 10 million users
    8. Resident Evil producer calls survival horror market too "small"
    9. Jagex appoints EA vet as VP of technology
    10. Ubisoft wants to offer more value, not more DRM
    11. Digital downloads become majority of PC game sales in US and UK
    12. Angry Birds Space coming to Windows Phone eventually
    13. Advertising compliance with PEGI guidelines up by nearly 8% in Europe
    14. Zynga CEO selling 15 percent of his shares
    15. Minecraft XBLA coming in May as part of "Arcade Next" promotion
    16. Zynga SEC filing reveals OMGPOP price: $180 million
    17. Casino gaming start-up Plumbee secures $2.8 million in funding
    18. Nokia confirms 1000 redundancies at Finnish plant
    19. Wasteland 2's Fargo asks other Kickstarter projects to "Kick It Forward"
    20. Yoichi Wada stepping down as CESA chair
    21. US Congress requests data usage details from Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare
    22. Blessed Relief
    23. Valve's DOTA 2 mainland China license battled over
    24. Future Proof: HTML5, Native Client and the Battle for the Browser
    1. Next Xbox No-Show: Why Microsoft's Keeping Durango Under Wraps
    2. GTA V not expected in 2012 by GameStop
    3. GameStop believes next-gen consoles will not block pre-owned
    4. Angry Birds makers no longer view themselves "as a game company"
    5. GameStop extends mobile reach with BuyMyTronics acquisition
    6. iPhone market "turning out to be like the rest of the industry"
    7. Angry Birds Space launches at #1, Draw Something now #2
    8. Sony extends LittleBigPlanet brand to kart racing
    9. GameStop's 4th quarter income drops as digital sales rise
    10. Channel 4 looking for accessible, engaging games
    11. TIGA: "Too many studios commit suicide"
    12. Analyst: Wii U won't drive publisher shares
    13. Next-gen consoles "putting fear in a lot of people's eyes"
    14. Govt relief will increase tax take for UK - Braben
    15. Digital and alternative revenue streams generated $3.3 billion in Q4 2011
    16. EA: GAME "will be a phoenix rising from the flames"
    17. Double Eleven dominates business awards
    18. Bobby Kotick urges US companies to hire veterans
    19. The9 sales see just 3 per cent growth in 2011
    20. China now leads the world in iOS and Android activations
    21. Gameloft sales up 17 per cent for 2011
    22. More EU countries could follow UK tax breaks plan
    23. Analysts cool on impact of GAME closure
    24. Zynga's OMGPOP acquisition: Reaction roundup
    25. What Does GAME's Administration Mean For You?
    26. Spellbound files for insolvency
    27. Zynga management has proven it's "not guilty of hubris" following IPO
    1. Disney's Epic Mickey 2 sings a brand-new song
    2. Zynga buyout of OMGPOP reinforces PopCap value, says EA
    3. Zynga confirms OMGPOP acquisition
    4. Mobile gaming "attacking consoles on their home turf"
    5. Mass Effect 3 outrage forces BioWare to add content with "further closure"
    6. BioShock creator saddened by Mass Effect 3 ending controversy
    7. Metal Gear creator affirms desire to create games "until he dies"
    8. Ubisoft Reflections claims growth and diversity since Edmondson exit
    9. Brian Fargo: "Never have I been at a better place to make games I love"
    10. Babel expands Montreal operations
    11. UK chancellor confirms tax relief for games
    12. Sky to launch Now TV for consoles
    13. Microsoft backs children's charity
    14. Life Is Crime coming to Asia via Red Robot/Next Media partnership
    15. VG247 eyes YouTube growth with new video editor
    16. Grand Cru raises $2m in seed funding
    17. Blizzard and NetEase renew license deal for WoW in China
    18. GAME heads for administration, hopes to continue trading
    19. Unreal Engine Evolution
    20. Teen social network Habbo opens up for game developers
    1. US bill wants cigarette-style warning labels on violent games
    2. ESA research shows rise in game design summer camps
    3. Mobile studio Majaka formed by Arkane and Virtuos alumni
    4. Thatgamecompany veterans form new studio in wake of IGF
    5. PlayStation Vita God of War idea was "floated" by Ready at Dawn
    6. $500 Million in US mobile virtual goods expected in 2012
    7. WoW subscriptions drop thanks to Star Wars, freemium not on the table
    8. Crystal Dynamics could revive Soul Reaver franchise - report
    9. PlayJam gains new advisory board members
    10. The Best Stories You Can't Read
    11. Quantic Dream adopts Autodesk for next project
    12. iPad to help push tablet gaming past $3 billion by 2014
    13. Sacred Ground: Bringing Back Tony Hawk Pro Skater
    14. Survey shows waning interest in Android development
    15. Google intervenes in Hotfile copyright suit
    16. Microsoft files patents pertaining to virtual headsets
    17. BBC iPlayer rolls out on Xbox Live
    18. From PM to Players: The Word Is Out On Accessible Gaming
    19. 6Waves Lolapps lays off development teams, focuses on publishing
    20. Assassin's Creed 3: Revolutionary Direction, Global Appeal
    1. DFC forecasts social games to reach $7.5 billion in revenue by 2016
    2. Zynga may buy OMGPOP
    3. Dragon Age team cans expansion, moves onto "the next phase"
    4. Mass Effect 3 publisher struck by FTC complaints over game ending
    5. iPad sells 3 million since March 16 launch
    6. iPad yields single-day record for AT&T
    7. Angry Birds Space teams with National Geographic
    8. Halfbrick Studios acquires Onan Games
    9. iPad sales show major chunk in web traffic usage
    10. Braben says used games has "really killed core games"
    11. iPad already jailbroken three different ways in a single day
    12. Baldur's Gate III may get Kickstarter boost
    13. Xbox gains Zynga support?
    14. Dark Energy Digital under administration
    15. Whale Trail signs Penguin publishing deal
    16. Tomb Raider vets form Lady Shotgun Games
    17. iPad: Apple's Trojan Horse
    18. Apple to launch dividend and share repurchase programme
    19. EA ends online support for selected titles
    20. FIFA Street scores big for EA in UK charts
    21. Runic CEO: Industry stifled by $200m projects
    22. Kojima: Japanese games behind in "technology, gameplay and world view"
    23. Gaikai can bring MMO player acquisition costs down - Perry
    24. PlayPhone buys SocialHour for $1.5 million in stock
    25. GAME needs £180 million to avoid collapse - report
    26. World of Tanks monthly revs hitting "double digit" millions
    1. Zynga loses top Facebook slot to OMGPOP
    2. Nintendo calls Super Mario 3D Land an "entry point" for consumers
    3. Metal Gear series reaches 31 million worldwide
    4. GAME BAFTA winners
    5. iPad fever could sell 66 million units in 2012
    6. Games on consoles will not go away, says Spector
    7. Warren Spector on Deus Ex: Human Revolution: "I screamed at the television as I played"
    8. PlayStation Vita wins design award
    9. Xbox Witcher 2 Dark Edition sold out in Europe
    10. Giant Bomb's Gerstmann: "I'm throwing down the gauntlet"
    11. Industrial Toys: From Master Chief to Mobile
    12. Elder Scrolls MMO to be announced in May - report
    13. Gamania reveals first title for German portal
    14. Notch encourages competition for Valve's dominant Steam
    15. Perfect World outperforms Q4 expectations, posts strong full-year results
    16. EA reacts to Watchdog report
    17. Crytek: Homefront still has great "mind share"
    18. Ivory Towers: Embracing Academic Criticism of Games
    19. GameSpot's acquisition of Giant Bomb explained by Gerstmann, Davison
    20. Warren Spector: A Lifetime of Achievements
    1. Rising Star Games opens new studio in North America
    2. Amazon celebrates Appstore for Android's first year with 31,000 apps
    3. Artix's browser MMOs reach 150 million users
    4. Next Xbox will officially be a no-show for E3 2012
    5. IGN and 1UP hit by layoffs
    6. Call of Duty Elite gains momentum with over 670k clans and nearly 2m mobile downloads
    7. Giant Bomb acquired by CBS Interactive
    8. Downloadable games could receive tax in Connecticut
    9. Wasteland 2 Kickstarter quickly surpasses $1m
    10. Battlefield subscription: EA's "looking at it"
    11. Diablo III finally gets a release date: May 15
    12. 38 Studios hires Zynga, Playwell veterans
    13. Zynga exec jumps ship for Groupon
    14. New chairman for Mail.Ru
    15. Capcom: US retail "caught a little flat-footed" on Vita
    16. Microsoft and Activision latest to withdraw GAME support
    17. Linden Lab: "The Weirder The Better"
    18. Idle Games launches first social title Idle Worship
    19. Sega, Team 17 and others join EA's Origin platform
    20. Minecraft servers served up fresh by Minefold
    1. Better Know Team NINJA's Yosuke Hayashi
    2. Vita hangs on in Japan, 3DS almost to a million this year
    3. XSEED titles to be released on Steam
    4. Resident Evil creator has no game planned for 2012 launch
    5. Resident Evil 6 pre-orders hit "best start" in series history
    6. GAME confirms third-party financing talks
    7. Up to 30 jobs lost at Obsidian - report
    8. Rumour: Walmart eyeing GAME acquisition
    9. Xbox Business: Examining Phil Harrison's Impact
    10. GTA V "likely to launch" in early 2013, Wii U SKU possible - analyst
    11. UKIE forging bonds with UK creative industries
    12. Class-action suit accuses Apple of "misleading" Siri advertising
    13. Everything Everywhere applies for UK 4G licence
    14. Jenova Chen: "We Were Lucky"
    15. Steam Box: Could Valve Make a Games Console?
    16. GDC: Notch's Fireside Tales
    17. Zynga planning secondary stock offering
    18. Game consoles won't be surpassed by tablets anytime soon and here's why
    19. Double Fine rakes in $3,445,265 with Kickstarter
    1. An Epic Interview With Tim Sweeney
    2. Xbox 720? PS4? "Couldn't care less," says David Jaffe
    3. PlayStation Network security tracking staff and user behavior
    4. MLG targets $13 million in funding
    5. InXile puts Wasteland 2 on Kickstarter
    6. En Masse talks action focus in TERA marketing
    7. Alan Wake passes 2m sold on Xbox 360 and PC
    8. Report: Xbox suffering Gamerscore issues
    9. Runescape finds new global marketing manager
    10. Harrison joins Microsoft as Interactive Entertainment Business leader
    11. Critical Consensus: Journey
    12. GAME loses Capcom and Tecmo Koei titles
    13. Ex-Atari CEO joins Tap.Me board
    14. Vox Media finds another $17m in funding
    15. Zumba Fitness 2 drives revenue growth for Majesco
    16. Gaming's White-Knuckle Transition
    17. GDC: Forgotten Tales from Sid Meier, Will Wright, John Romero, Cliff Bleszinski
    18. Japan's DeNA forges China connection
    19. $60 game model is "going to have to change"
    1. Nexon: PC Gaming Has "Huge Room for Growth"
    2. Gears of War developers wish for more profound franchise
    3. Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures enlists 10 million users
    4. Harvest Moon creator launches Toybox Inc.
    5. Capcom announces first browser-based title
    6. Doom creator looking at new "old school" FPS title
    7. GDC 2012 sees record 22,500 attendees
    8. GAME price bounces as investors dump stock
    9. West-Zampella fraud charge dismissed by L.A. court
    10. Mass Effect 3 takes clear UK #1 despite absence from GAME
    11. EA: Zynga defections were financially motivated
    12. Mojang settles Scrolls dispute with Bethesda
    13. GAME issues statement as The Times reports it as 'for sale'
    14. Dark Horse: The Secret of Skylanders' Success
    15. iOS and Android game markets controlled by new publishers
    1. Nielsen research shows 56 percent of U.S. homes have one console
    2. Mass Effect 3 sells 890,000 launch copies in US
    3. Report: GAME staff told to prepare for administration
    4. Going Solid: Will the next Xbox ditch the disc?
    5. Rumour: Microsoft abandoning discs for next-gen
    6. Google Wallet to become mandatory for Android Marketplace?
    7. Valve dismisses Steam Box rumours
    8. GDC: Cliff Bleszinski: "Screw focus groups, they suck"
    9. Setting Sun: More Death-Knells for Japanese Gaming
    10. Wii surpasses 39 million hardware sales mark in US
    11. Sony says PS Vita launch sees "overwhelming enthusiasm"
    12. Xbox 360 sees 42 percent US sales share for February 2012
    13. iPad - analysts react to Apple's newest tablet
    14. Final Fantasy XIII-2 can't topple Modern Warfare 3
    15. NPD: US sales decline in February 2012, despite new releases
    16. Zynga's Rob Dyer: 1 billion Zynga players is "not pie in the sky"
    1. Jade's Empire: Building Ubisoft's Super-Studio
    2. PS3 has "much more" power to use still, says Cage
    3. PlayStation Network barriers "removed" by Sony for CCP's Dust 514
    4. Microsoft working with OnLive over Desktop app licensing issues
    5. PC growth in 2012 estimated at 4.4 percent by Gartner
    6. Star Wars: The Old Republic sitting at nearly 1.7 million paid subscribers
    7. Ubisoft's From Dust coming to Google Chrome
    8. Safe Words: Cage, Kara and Quantic Dream
    9. Chart-Track reports shrinkage of 29% in February UK market
    10. GDC: Sony ships 10.5 million Move controllers
    11. One Piece Pirate Musou outsells rest of Japanese top 20 combined
    12. Gabe Newell debuts in Forbes billionaire list
    13. GDC: "Traditional developers are scared," Google offers Native Client as solution
    14. Fez takes IGF's Seamus McNally grand prize
    15. GDC: Tim Sweeney says indies need to "make games that a Zynga can't clone"
    16. GDC: Skyrim wins yet another Game of the Year award
    17. Epic Games and NCsoft sign long-term Unreal Engine 3 licensing deal
    18. Epic Games China undergoes name change for first title
    19. GDC: Inafune warns Japanese industry to change its ways
    20. GDC: Epic aiming to get "Samaritan" into Flash
    1. GDC: Quantic Dream stuns with Kara prototype
    2. GDC: Sony rolling out PlayStation Suite open beta in April 2012
    3. GDC: Facebook: We want to send our 425m mobile users to your game
    4. Apple unveils new iPad with retina display
    5. Sony: Developer freedom key to success of PSN
    6. Update: 'leak' image thought to be fake
    7. Molyneux leaves Lionhead to join indie studio 22 Cans
    8. Paying your way in Tribes: Ascend
    9. GDC: Colorblind warns "egocentric" indies, Polytron dismisses modern Japanese games
    10. GDC: Spry Fox claims 80 per cent of devs work at copycat studios
    11. Computec Media to publish GamesIndustry International German edition
    12. GDC: Games are an essential part of Google+
    13. GDC: iSwifter expects hundreds of PC games soon
    14. GAME troubles are entirely its own making, says Paradox
    15. Silicon Knights open to new Eternal Darkness
    16. GDC: EA builds a brand-new SimCity for PC
    17. GDC: Havok comes to the Wii U
    18. PC games market in 2011 grew to $18.6 billion in US
    1. GDC: PopCap hints at iPad HD reveal
    2. Assassin's Creed III aims for "next-gen" look on current consoles
    3. Big Fish acquires Self Aware Games
    4. GDC: Nintendo and Autodesk sign agreement on licensing technology
    5. Tapjoy hits 4 million registered
    6. LulzSec member pleads guilty, other suspects arrested
    7. Sega no longer publishing Marvel games
    8. GDC: Dispelling the success myth
    9. Google merges online stores into Google Play
    10. Nintendo reports 4.5m 3DS units sold in US since launch
    11. Critical Consensus: Mass Effect 3
    12. Bigpoint drills into Europe with UK, French, Spanish, Italian offices
    13. Android Marketplace increases maximum app size to 4Gb
    14. No humble Pi for coding campaigners
    15. GDC: Johann Sebastian Joust dev: Embrace the silliness of motion control
    16. Zynga to buy HQ building for $228 million
    17. GDC: Capybara says indies should chase innovation, not Rovio
    18. GDC: Capcom expects 50 per cent digital revenue by 2017
    19. Stock Ticker: Ubisoft
    20. Assassin's Creed 3: Ubisoft not concerned about franchise fatigue
    21. GDC: Game numbers from Kongregate
    22. Zynga Platform beta is now live
    23. Crytek announces first mobile title
    24. Xbox Live Arcade marketing manager says service might be disbanded eventually
    25. Ted Price: Influx of fledgling developers will be "mind-numbing"
    26. GDC: Alex St. John returns with new social gaming portal
    1. Social publisher 6L announces major partnerships
    2. GDC: Reverb Publishing signs deal with Epic over licensing of Unreal Engine 3
    3. Fruit Ninja scores 1 million downloads via XBLA
    4. GDC: Facebook paid developers $1.4 billion in 2011
    5. GDC: EA opens new Gothenburg studio
    6. Tecmo Koei promotes Musou producer
    7. Assassin's Creed III is Ubisoft's 'largest project' ever
    8. Apple App Store crosses 25 billion downloads
    9. ESA adds Level-5, Rubicon and Little Orbit to roster
    10. New CFO for Activision Blizzard
    11. David Jaffe: Consumers feel "they're getting the shaft"
    12. Cloud computing to create 14 million jobs by 2015
    13. EA redirecting UK consumers to alternative retailers after GAME crisis
    14. Playground confirmed as Forza Horizon developer
    15. Markus "Notch" Persson to receive BAFTA Special Award
    16. GAME may close rather than suffer more losses - report
    17. SSX lands UK number one with Mario Party 9 in third
    18. Dust 514 abandons cover-charge, now entirely free-to-play
    19. Emerging Markets: India
    20. iSwifter streaming PC games to iOS and Android
    1. Welcome to GamesIndustry International
    2. Tim Schafer: "We'll do another big game"
    1. Valve creating "Steam Box"
    2. Star Wars: The Old Republic could secure 1m long-term subscribers
    3. GameStop's CEO says platform holders can't push them out
    1. Aeria Mobile unleashed with three new titles
    2. Call of Duty: How It's Like The NFL
    3. Nintendo skates free in Wii Fit patent suit
    4. THQ sued by Adidas over contract breach
    5. Zynga's CityVille lead leaves for Idle Games
    6. The Hardships Of iOS Development
    7. Making Fun Predicts "Destruction Of The Game Console Model"
    8. Notch shares $3m dividend with employees
    9. Vita Facebook App available for download once more
    10. GAME could lose £2.5m profit over Mass Effect dispute
    11. GAME signs with Gaikai for streaming game demos
    12. EU data protection agencies: Google has breached privacy law
    13. Facebook looks to extend $2.5bn credit line
    14. EA abandons Battlefield iOS game
    15. God of War director Cory Barlog joins Crystal Dynamics
    16. Soft Launch: Fighting Over Vita Sales
    1. Activision Blizzard profits boost parent company Vivendi
    2. Perfect World Entertainment hires John Young
    3. Zynga launches Zynga Platform
    4. Sony Online Entertainment shuts down four online multiplayer titles
    5. Frogster COO joins Eutechnyx
    6. 8-Bit Funding purchased by Indie Game Magazine
    7. New entries dominate Japanese top 20, but Vita entirely absent
    8. PapayaMobile launches tool for devs "crowded out by Zynga"
    9. Pincus: Zynga and online gambling are a "natural fit"
    10. Crytek and Nexon sign Warface deal
    11. GAME CEO: "As an industry we will pull through"
    12. Lionhead veterans form new studio Another Place Productions
    13. Back To The Source: Dear Esther Reborn
    14. What Social and Mobile Taught the Traditional Games Business