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May 2015 Archive

    1. Ubisoft's Frag Dolls disband
    2. Apple acquires augmented reality specialists
    3. Sega, Daybreak no longer ESA members
    4. E3 2015 will be open to (some of) the public
    5. Nvidia launches AndroidWorks
    6. Reliance Entertainment appoints new CEO
    7. Wildstar will go free-to-play this year
    8. Mobile marketing costs continue to rise exponentially
    9. Gearbox dropped from Colonial Marines lawsuit
    10. Region lock stubbornness costs Nintendo a PR win
    11. What to do when you're Blind-sided
    1. Ncsoft West reveals new executive team
    2. GameStop sees Q1 profit rise 8.5%
    3. EA's FIFA 16 adds female players
    4. Google Play games revenue jumps 50% - App Annie
    5. Take-Two "blessed" by less competition - Zelnick
    6. Van Caneghem launches new mobile studio
    7. 22Cans names Simon Phillips as new CEO, Molyneux remains creative director
    8. UK's Watchdog program to air investigation into Sony
    9. Starbreeze set to acquire Valhalla engine
    10. TIGA publishes free equal opportunities templates
    11. SGN hires Activision veteran as VP of communications
    12. Twitch bans AO rated games
    1. Oculus Rift will cost in the "$1,500 range" with a PC
    2. Bonuses should be tied to innovation, not profit - Raymond
    3. Seasun Entertainment opens US office
    4. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt tops Japanese chart
    5. Scopely makes major investment in Digit Game Studios
    6. Sony admits first-party lineup "a little sparse"
    7. EA, King execs join Ukie board
    8. LoopMe predicts $500 million annual mobile ad budgets
    9. F2P Comes of Age: How to make money without being 'evil'
    10. Double Fine regains Iron Brigade publishing rights
    11. From the Ridiculous to the Sublime
    1. Dodgy Elder Scrolls Online keys deactivated from today
    2. Oculus acquires Surreal Vision
    3. Nintendo stars in latest Humble Bundle
    4. Analysts: "Greed, fear, and the potential to change the world" will drive VR
    5. Ex-DICE devs unveil Cosmic Picnic
    6. Irrational vet forms The Deep End
    7. WarHorse hires Amazon games exec as new CCO
    8. Finnish veterans found Futurefly
    9. The Witcher 3 is the biggest UK launch of 2015
    10. Capcom will reach the tipping point for digital in FY2016
    11. Exhibitor applications open for China Joy
    1. Oculus Connect returns in September
    2. Zynga's old sports team hired by FanDuel - Report
    3. 17-year-old pleads guilty to swatting
    4. Former Rovio head of games founds Futureplay Games
    1. Debunking the self-made myth
    2. Wargaming partners with mobile casual developer
    3. Oculus' high PC specs are Sony's chance to shine
    4. Rockstar sues BBC
    1. The Foundry gets £200m investment
    2. DHX Media undergoes layoffs
    3. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is Japan's #1
    4. Daybreak Game Company on H1Z1 banning blitz
    5. Global games market at $74.2 billion annually - Superdata
    6. Toys-to-life category primed for more growth - NPD
    7. Bowser joins Nintendo
    8. "The old publishing model has died"
    9. Final Fantasy veterans land $7m for new RPG project
    10. Palringo acquires Finnish developer Tribe Studios
    11. Xbox One gets a price cut in China and Japan
    12. Former EA tech director joins Marmalade
    1. Frank Gibeau leaves EA
    2. China to soon overtake US in game revenues - Newzoo
    3. survey: Tell us what you think
    4. ESA hires Ex-Viacom exec as general counsel
    5. BeefJack expanding with two new divisions
    6. Discoverability is not the platform holders' problem
    1. GTA V ships 52m as Take-Two's annual revenue dips to $1.1 billion
    2. Casey Hudson joins Microsoft
    3. eSports an advertising goldmine
    4. Neil Young to keynote Evolve at Develop in Brighton
    5. Wolfenstein takes UK #2, but Project Cars stays on top
    6. Tokyo Indie Fest: Japan's indie scene showing green shoots
    1. Del Toro reacts to Silent Hills cancellation
    2. Ukie names student game jam winner
    3. Square Enix moves E3 event
    4. Oculus Rift specs announced
    5. Xbox One still suffers from Microsoft's need for control
    6. Keen offers $100k for Space Engineers mods
    7. Veterans play to the Crowd
    1. NPD: Small decline for hardware, Mortal Kombat X tops chart
    2. Xbox One tops PS4 in April US sales
    3. Candy Crush maker King sees Q1 profit grow 29%
    4. Microsoft disables online capabilities for Gears leakers
    5. Konami boss: "Mobile first" doesn't mean just doing mobile
    6. Nintendo's mobile strategy: No whales
    7. Directive Games opens its doors, raises $3.5m
    8. GTA V PC port pushes US digital growth in April
    9. WIGJ seeks to double number of women in European games biz
    10. NetEase quarterlies show big gains
    11. 100,000 WoW players banned for using bots - report
    12. Japan lags behind in solid Q1 for Nexon
    13. Tencent clears $1.1bn profit for Q1
    14. "I feel perfectly confident that the right people will take over"
    1. New eSports Conference to feature Ubisoft, Twitch and more
    2. Nintendo E3 event takes place during Square Enix show
    3. Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition still Japan's #1
    4. NaturalMotion hit by Zynga layoffs - Report
    5. Analysis: GTA V Live Viewership on Twitch
    6. Imageepooch officially bankrupt, CEO still AWOL
    7. Starbreeze Q3 revenue jumps 50 per cent
    8. Aardman, Nordeus, Space Ape complete Unite Europe schedule
    9. Monster Strike drives 900 per cent revenue growth for Mixi
    10. Wrist and Reward
    1. GREE International shuts Vancouver studio
    2. EA lays off staff at Visceral Games
    3. Human Head joins Shinra Technologies accelerator
    4. Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter passes $2 million
    5. Hearthstone EU players to get free cards
    6. Critical Consensus: The Witcher 3 casts a spell
    7. Ubisoft grows full-year sales 45% as digital surges
    8. New MD for GameGenetics
    9. Summoners War helps drive record sales for Com2us in Q1
    10. Unity appoints a new chief people officer
    11. Happy fans equal happy returns
    12. Atari: "By god, we're going to do this right"
    13. Konami profits up 150% despite ongoing problems
    14. John Whittingdale named head of Department for Culture, Media and Sport
    15. Profits double at Square Enix despite a lack of big console games
    16. Initial lineup revealed for Gamelab Barcelona
    17. Playing the headlines
    18. Games drive 90% of mobile app revenues in Japan, South Korea
    1. Day For Night Games stops work on The Black Glove
    2. D3Publisher of America rebrands as D3 Go!
    3. Castlevania dev returns with Kickstarter
    4. Ubisoft Annecy joins The Division development team
    5. FunPlus launches publishing business
    6. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt passes 1 million pre-orders
    7. Playhubs introduces "free-to-play" membership
    8. One to Watch?
    9. GigaMedia enjoys positive Q1 on $18m securities sale
    10. Sega laments "weak" game sales even as hard numbers rise
    11. Project CARS storms UK charts
    12. Sam Forrest joins Team 17 as PR director
    13. Starbreeze enters publishing with $8m Lion Game Lion investment
    14. Attack of the Indies: How devs can master social media in 5 simple steps
    1. GameDuell hires new head of live game operations
    2. Bungie's Nepal fund hits $400,000
    3. Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition tops Japanese chart
    4. Sega culls mobile catalog
    5. Mind Candy 2.0: Soldiers and social networks
    6. Iwata: We'll release 5 mobile games by March, 2017
    7. Simplygon appoints Matt Connors as its new CEO
    8. Nintendo has shipped 10.5 million amiibo figures
    9. Nvidia's Q1 Gaming revenue up 25 per cent
    10. A Red Flag for Greenlight
    1. Turtle Beach revenue drops, "in-line with expectations"
    2. Console games desperately need reinvention - Riccitiello
    3. Mike Capps joins Unity
    4. Owlchemy bets it owl on VR
    5. Hearthstone and the smartphone
    6. Heroes of Newerth and its team acquired by Garena Online
    7. RockYou acquires PlayHaven ad network
    8. CD Projekt accused of freezing out rival retailers on The Witcher 3
    9. Nintendo returns to full year profit, beating forecast
    10. Capcom's full year revenue drops 37 per cent
    11. Why I Loved: Deus Ex
    1. Activision Blizzard raises forecast after Q1 results
    2. Zynga cuts 18% of staff
    3. No Sony conference at Gamescom
    4. eSports is now a $612 million business - Superdata
    5. Taking Deus Ex beyond the core
    6. Oculus Rift shipping in Q1, 2016
    7. John Riccitiello, Cities: Skylines dev to speak at Unite Europe
    8. App Annie acquires Mobidia to broaden data set
    9. Game Digital finds a new CFO
    10. Wonder Workshop raises $6.9m for educational toys
    11. Former Interzone CEO facing a maximum 120 years in jail
    12. All for one and one for all?
    1. EA grows sales to $4.5 billion in Fiscal 2015
    2. Hearthstone just hit 30m players
    3. Boss Fight gets new VP of production
    4. No E3 booth for Sega
    5. Brand trivia app Gameit scores $1.6m in seed funding
    6. GOG opens up Galaxy beta
    7. Vainglory enters the eSports arena
    8. Digital game revenues nearly $59 billion by 2019 - Juniper
    9. "The fans are our bosses" - Impeller
    10. Play Context
    11. Spark Unlimited closes down
    12. Valuing a Startup for Investment
    13. PS3 gets PlayStation Now in May
    1. Valve: "Getting people sick isn't a choice"
    2. Games software revenues to reach $110 billion by 2018 - Digi-Capital
    3. GamerGate meetup halted by bomb threat
    4. Coding has become the fourth literacy
    5. id Software planned to pay mod makers in 1995
    1. SGN appoints new San Francisco GM
    2. EA's VP of EU major markets resigns
    3. Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter already a success
    4. Bungie raising money for Nepal
    5. Internet Archive's MS-DOS Twitter games suspended
    6. PC gaming gets its own show during E3
    7. Tommy Palm aims to create VR games everyone can enjoy
    8. “Companies don't build games, people build games”
    9. Arena, Kingdom and Warhammer: 15 Years of Total War
    10. Sooner or later, paid-for mods are coming