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April 2006 Archive

    1. Ozura's Beauty Queen is the First and Largest Mobile Game Tournament in the World
    1. G4 Executives and On-Air Talent Available for Interviews To Offer Expert Analysis and Color Commentary About E3
    2. World Cyber Games USA Online Registration Opens, Free Registration for the First Two Weeks
    3. First Person Plural announces HumanLimit™
    4. EA sets its sights beyond console football with new FIFA deal
    5. EA sets its sights beyond console football with new FIFA deal
    6. Mastertronic blast off
    7. US carriers toughen policing of mobile content
    8. CD Projekt's The Witcher® Featured at Into the Pixel Art Exhibition During E3
    9. Tough competition on the circuits in GTR 2
    10. Dangerous Waters - Talking Tactics
    11. Rush for Berlin
    12. Alten8 Phone Games Live
    13. Destineer secures USD 12 million investment
    14. Naked games machines to be consigned to history as Wrapstar launches all-new 'skin' range.
    15. SCi poised to buy Empire as Lara success continues
    16. Sony forecasts massive financial loss on PS3 launch
    17. Next-gen titles drive profits for Ubisoft
    18. Freeze Interaction will be at the coming E3
    19. Microsoft reports Q3 losses on Xbox 360 division
    20. Driving Studio to deliver next-gen vision of SEGA Rally
    21. Sony and Omnicom heavyweights join IGA Worldwide
    22. PlayStation Extends Sponsorship of UEFA Champions League
    23. SEGA Announces 'SEGA RALLY REVO' For Next-Generation Systems
    24. The Fun Is Back - SEGA Rally Returns To Redefine The Rally Genre
    25. Fire signs MPEG-4 and AAC Patent Licensing Agreements
    26. Nibris clarification
    27. Big Kahuna headed back to the Reef
    28. Get All The Access You Want!
    29. 2K Games Announces Prey Pre-Order Program!
    1. LucasArts And Indiana Jones(R) Whip Interactive Entertainment Forward With Groundbreaking euphoria Technology From NaturalMotion Ltd.
    2. New In-game Advertising Solution From Exent Technologies Provides Dramatic Increase In Ad Inventory Without Technical Integration
    3. Reflexive Arcade thinks like you do
    4. Over 140 Marvel Characters Come Together In Activision's New Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Game
    5. Nintendo announces Revolution's real name
    6. Introducting... Wii.
    7. iTAGG launches new mobile content delivery platform
    8. Game Convention expands for 2006, adds trade-only day
    9. New from Xing Mobile: Dig Dog Out
    10. CDV Announces Exciting Lineup for E3 2006
    11. Tetris Tumbles as Sonic takes the throne
    12. iEntertainment launches mobile division
    13. Pro Evolution Soccer 6 warms up for E3
    14. Buena Vista Games Enters Agreement To Publish Four New Games From Q Entertaiment
    15. Double Fusion signs up Trilogy Studios
    16. Play Ten Interactive to Showcase New Titles at E3
    17. Buena Vista Games partners with Q Entertainment
    18. Valve Software pledges Xbox 360 support
    19. Webzen expands Western MMO offerings
    20. Attention! "Heroes" out there!
    21. Australia Chart 23-04-06
    22. Mac Owners Everywhere Can Share The Pain via POSTAL Download Hub
    23. First Class Simulations Goes all Irish
    24. Microsoft firmly committed to in-game advertising
    25. SCEA bolsters executive management team
    27. Future's gets a fresh new look
    28. iTAGG launches content delivery platform and signs 8bit Games Ltd
    30. SEGA Puts Gamers In Front Of The Eight-Ball In 'World Pool Championship 2007' And 'World Pool Challenge 2007'
    31. SEGA Announces World Snooker Championship 2007
    32. Solitaire Lovers Love Unique Game Variations
    33. You Wanna Rock? The "Be a Guitar Hero" II Competition Kicks Off
    34. Titan Attacks blasts off with Independent Game of the Month Award
    35. and Hussar Games join ranks!
    36. Warren Spector to Keynote at Texas Independent Game Conference
    1. New Online Game - The Innards
    2. New Additions To The Blaze Accessory Range To Be Unveiled At E3 2006
    3. Double Fusion Signs Multi-Year Deal With Independent Game Developer Trilogy Studios For Integrated In-Game Advertising
    4. Runestone Announces Special Introductory Offer for Seed
    5. "Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends" Gets Gold-Plating
    6. i-Mode's international failure down to lack of central control?
    7. Six New Screens Give Gamers a Taste of City Life's Stylish Graphics
    8. PlayStation Portable updated to v2.7 in Europe, North America
    9. Empire in advanced discussions over buyout
    10. Bonk is back!
    11. On Games To Display Its Upcoming And Debuting Games At E3 2006
    12. Game Trust Releases New Platform To Power Community Gaming
    13. Acclaim assets and IP up for grabs at auction
    14. Cinemaware Marquee(TM) Launches Official Website
    15. Rovio announces 3D developer acquisition
    16. Crown Of Glory Announced
    17. Dancing deer in strange disguises
    18. Game Frontier, Organisers Of UK Electronic Sports World Cup Sign Deal With Propeller TV For UK Finals
    19. Cossacks II: Battle for Europe – Now available for Preview
    20. Guild Wars Factions Ships Worldwide
    22. Magic Mobile, New Mobile Phone Game Company Launched!
    23. Konami To Sponsor NASPE Event And Showcase Dance Dance Revolution At The 2006 AAHPERD Convention
    24. So Hot Right Now
    25. Weird Worlds Mac Attack!
    26. Indie festival calls for game competition entries
    27. ABOUT.COM picks Cosmic Encounter Online # 2 in Top Ten Graphical Games.
    28. "INFERNAL" - unveiling of a new hero for the demonic game!
    29. Research reveals massive rise in Chinese gaming
    30. SEGA extends Monkey Ball franchise to Revolution
    31. Play it's your nature: the GC with a new look
    32. Oklahoma introduces violent videogames bill
    33. Radica appoints new PR agency
    34. SEGA Announces 'Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz' For Nintendo's Revolution Console
    35. Games For Health Project To Showcase Latest Technologies For Advancing Healthcare At Day-Long Event Hosted At USC
    36. Stardock Unleashes Massive Update for Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords
    37. Niko Partners Releases China Videogame Market Forecast
    1. GirlzGameToo and Split Infinity Radio announce the Mayday MMO Domination Tour
    2. This Just In Via Pony Express
    3. Computer Games Magazine Gives Readers World Exclusive Advanced Access To Upcoming Massively Multiplayer PC Game
    4. Profits plummet for specialist retailer GAME
    5. Lighthouse to launch Ship Simulator 2006
    6. Disney's Game Café Teams With Leading Developers To Expand Offerings
    7. Fire International To Launch Range Of Xploder Media Systems At E3 2006
    8. Impossible s.r.o. to release GOLD versions of its real-time strategy games: YERS and Lords of Chaos
    9. Glory of the Roman Empire
    10. Blitzkreig 2 - 1st add-on (Standalone)
    11. Nintendo to team up with Square Enix for Pokemon Mobile
    12. Nintendo to team up with Square Enix for Pokemon Mobile
    13. Furious Soccer Acquisition
    14. NCsoft kicks off Euro development with Soccer Fury
    15. Latest Firmware Upgrade Available for Download Now
    16. Disney Expands Toontown Online
    17. Flatspace II v1.01 Released
    18. Mobile 3D Gaming Breakthrough!
    19. I-play launches classic action-puzzle game Boulder Dash®-M.E. 2™ on mobile
    20. PSP Take 2, New prices for DS Lite
    21. Deer Drive Launched!
    22. Xbox 360 launch title gets premium content bundle
    23. Microsoft signs global brand licensing deal with 4Sight
    24. Xfire joins MTV Networks in $102 million cash deal
    25. UK Charts: Lara lingers for another week at the top
    26. Game Boy Advance Full Price - 22 APRIL 2006
    27. Nintendo DS Full Price - 22 APRIL 2006
    28. PC Budget - 22 APRIL 2006
    29. PC Full Price - 22 APRIL 2006
    30. XBox Full Price - 22 APRIL 2006
    31. GameCube Full Price - 22 APRIL 2006
    32. PlayStation 2 Budget - 22 APRIL 2006
    33. PlayStation 2 Full Price - 22 APRIL 2006
    34. Top 40 All Formats Budget - 22 APRIL 2006
    35. Top 40 All Formats Full Price - 22 APRIL 2006
    36. Top 40 All Formats All Price - 22 APRIL 2006
    37. Top 40 All Formats All Price - 22 APRIL 2006
    38. SEGA announces Virtua Tennis 3 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
    39. Cossacks II: Battle for Europe
    41. SEGA's Tennis Jewel Returns To Take Top Seed In The Tennis Game Arena
    42. GameTrove Opens to Support Independent Game Developers
    43. Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Alan Cumming and Shawn Ashmore Lend Their Voices To Activision's X-Men: The Official Game Inspired By The Film Series Based On Marvel's Legendary Super Hero Franchise
    1. Viacom To Acquire Xfire, Inc. For $102 Million
    2. Player X invites mobile games to Beat The Intro
    3. Two Tribes Announces Monkeyball Minigolf, Golf Pro Contest 2 and Bonk's Return
    4. UK teams working on PlayStation HUB, PS3 back-compatibility
    5. Namco Bandai Announces "Mobile Ops(TM): The One Year War" Exclusively For Xbox 360
    6. Cometa scores with football fanatics
    7. Shadowgrounds Rises on Steam!
    8. New From Xing Mobile: Amsterdam Street Racer
    9. Microsoft execs rekindle HD-DVD hype
    10. Blitzkrieg 2 Expansion to Focus on Collapse of the Third Reich
    11. Play For Longer, Charge While Playing...
    12. NVIDIA® NZONE® Web Site Helps More Consumers Make Educated Decisions On What Games To Buy
    13. New PlayStation Portable firmware to launch in Japan tomorrow
    14. Probst performing well as EA CEO
    15. Square Enix To Showcase All Encompassing Line-Up At E3 2006
    16. Sony trialling PlayStation online payments with RBS
    17. Kamehameha!!! Bandai Throws Devastating Uppercut With New DBZ Game
    18. THQ Announces Its 2006 Nickelodeon Video Game Lineup Based on Top-Rated Kids' TV Shows and Theatrical Releases
    19. Arcade-Fighter 'Super DBZ' Smashes Its Way On To PlayStation 2
    20. Comment: Look beyond consoles for the real industry growth
    22. Lifemode Interactive Launch Lip-Sync Animation Package
    23. China cracks down on mobile piracy
    24. Player X on song with Beat The Intro mobile game
    25. Barrow Hill is now ready to explore
    26. GameSpot UK launches
    27. FISHLABS announces Burning Tires™ 3D
    28. HeroCraft HiTech in cooperation with HeroCraft releases Arcade Park for PDAs and Smartphones.
    29. Revolution will benefit from extensive third party support - Nintendo
    30. Munich Venture Partners takes a share in 10TACLE STUDIOS AG
    31. CDV Releases First Official Cossacks II : Battle for Europe Trailer
    32. THQ issues revised earnings forecast
    33. SEGA plans to tease E3 line-up
    34. SEGA Begins Its Journey On The Road To E3
    35. Ozura's World Soccer 2006 Fulfils Fantasies of Worldwide Football Fans
    36. Maximum-Football Updated!
    37. New Site Lets Build MMO Community
    38. Evergreen Events Announces the Global Games Summit
    39. Turbine Announces Free 7-Day Trial Of Dungeons & Dragons Online(TM): Stormreach(TM)
    40. Hudson Entertainment Brings Back Bonk
    1. Buka announces E3 Product Lineup
    2. Football Favourite Comes to Your Local Pub
    3. Mobile games industry is churning customers - Digital Chocolate VP
    4. Mobile games industry is churning customers - Digital Chocolate VP
    5. Turtle Beach Ear Force® X2 Headphones Named Official Headset of Major League Gaming
    6. Codemasters aims for million with LOTR Online
    7. Jason Spero, Digital Chocolate
    9. Microsoft places further Xbox 360 chip orders
    10. Discover Digital Blue's World of Creativity and Innovation at the electronic entertainment expo (e³)2006
    12. MAX Media Player for DS
    13. MAX Media Launcher for DS
    16. 10TACLE STUDIOS AG founds a new development studio
    17. EA revives seminal RTS franchise
    18. Panthers stalk the War Front Web site
    20. 20,000 testers just itching to find bugs……!
    21. Profits on the rise for Vivendi
    22. NCsoft to charge for extra Guild Wars character slots
    23. URBAN CHAOS: Riot Response Set to wreak havoc on the streets from May 19th
    24. Japan Charts 21-04-06
    25. Castlevania bites back on Nintendo DS
    27. GAME go mad for mobile
    28. Gamers Do Battle with Classic New Keyset from Zboard
    29. From Stockholm to LA: The Home of Chrome
    30. World Cyber Games Announces WCG 2006 Basic Players' Regulations
    31. Future's Debuts With An Impressive 2.6 Million Unique Visitors In March
    32. THQ Updates Fiscal 2006 Fourth Quarter Outlook
    33. Sony Computer Entertainment America Lowers The Price Of PlayStation2 Computer Entertainment System To $129.99
    1. NAMCO BANDAI Announces "The Legend of Heroes(TM) II" For PSP(TM) System
    2. Leading Recruitment Company Interactive Selection available to find the stars of tomorrow at E3 - Electronics Entertainment Expo 2006.
    3. Vivendi Universal Games Brings The Heat This Summer With Miami Vice The Game For The PSP(TM) System
    4. The Adventure Company Announces Safecracker
    5. World Cyber Games US Online Preliminary Registration Opens April 28
    6. Merscom Announces Sweepstakes to Celebrate Success of Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006
    7. Gameloft signs Paris Hilton in multi-year licensing agreement
    8. Margaret Robertson appointed Editor of Edge
    9. Pascal Tessier-Fleury Appointed General Manager of Sarbakan
    10. Sony drops PS2 to $129.99 in North America
    11. Katamari creator not rolled up by Revolution controller
    12. Final Fantasy XI developer talks PS3
    13. CDV USA and Buka Entertainment Enter Strategic Co-Publishing Alliance
    14. THQ Announces Frontlines(TM): Fuel of War(TM) From Internal Developer Kaos Studios(TM)
    15. Infospace creates a spherical miracle
    16. Vivendi Universal Games Names Martin Tremblay To Global Product Development Position
    17. Complete FINAL FANTASY XI series on Xbox 360 Out this week
    18. Indiepath signs multiplayer puzzler, Protogem
    19. Ready, steady go, the pigs are racing
    20. NAPPA invites 2006 awards entries
    22. Square Enix Announces Settlement In Movie Piracy Case
    23. Cometa Win With World Cup Shootout
    24. PlayStation 3 Ridge Racer to debut at E3
    25. US Charts March
    26. Australia Chart 16-04-06
    27. TIGA announces new seminar event for E3
    28. Black&White 2: Battle of the Gods is coming out soon!
    29. SUNFLOWERS travels to E3 2006 with some precious cargo: Introducing ANNO 1701 and ParaWorld
    30. Groundbreaking Neuros MPEG4 Video Recorder Essential Accompaniment To PSP
    31. Tremblay to lead VU Games Worldwide Studios
    32. ANACONDA Adventure Day today: Stellar lineup confirmed
    33. Reverb Communications Named As PR Agency For Red Mile Entertainment
    34. Nyko's GameFace 360(TM), Customizable Faceplate Kit For Xbox 360(R), Hits Retailers
    35. Ethereal Darkness Interactive Games Finds Easter Eggs
    36. Computer Games Magazine Partners With NCsoft, Offers Free Online Game To New Subscribers
    1. Chrysler Brand And Activision Snag Star Studded Panel Of Judges For Chrysler In The Movies: Virtual Film Competition
    2. Australia Chart 09-04-06
    3. Project Gotham Racing 3 Barrels onto Xbox Live Marketplace - with the Downloadable Speed Pack
    4. Square Enix slashes forecasts as game divisions underperform
    5. D3Publisher of Europe Ltd. announces the forthcoming release of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: The Genie and the Amp for the NintendoDS™
    6. Akella unveils E3 2006 line-up
    7. Infospace announces FPR Superbikes
    8. SEGA Announces Phantasy Star Universe Coming To Xbox 360 Console
    9. "Foggy" And InfoSpace Go Full Throttle To Promote European Release Of FPR Superbikes Mobile Phone Game
    10. Pinpoint Consumer Electronics To Attend E3
    11. Preview Samples now available to UK Journalists....
    12. D3Publisher of Europe Ltd. announces the imminent release of Cabbage Patch Kids®: The Patch Puppy Rescue for Game Boy® Advance.
    13. CD Projekt: The Witcher Week
    14. Meridian4 Sees Gold at the End of their Great Journey!
    15. 10TACLE STUDIOS establish strategic partnership with Stormregion
    16. Winstron aims to produce 1m Xbox 360s a month
    17. Vivendi-Universal Games announces Eragon film adaptation
    18. Ubisoft wages war on next-gen consoles
    19. TAKE COMMAND on the battlefield!
    20. Rockstar announces release date for Liberty City Stories on PS2
    21. Rockstar Games Announces Release Date for Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories on PlayStation®2
    22. SCI-FI-London announces Best SC FI Game
    23. Game Boy Advance Full Price - 15 APRIL 2006
    24. Nintendo DS Full Price - 15 APRIL 2006
    25. PC Budget - 15 APRIL 2006
    26. PC Full Price - 15 APRIL 2006
    27. XBox Full Price - 15 APRIL 2006
    28. GameCube Full Price - 15 APRIL 2006
    29. PlayStation 2 Budget - 15 APRIL 2006
    30. PlayStation 2 Full Price - 15 APRIL 2006
    31. Top 40 All Formats Budget - 15 APRIL 2006
    32. Top 40 All Formats Full Price - 15 APRIL 2006
    33. Top 40 All Formats All Price - 15 APRIL 2006
    34. Top 40 All Formats All Price - 15 APRIL 2006
    35. UK Charts: Croft holds the crown for a second week
    36. InfoSpace Announces Marbleous New Mobile Game
    37. First Sensible Soccer 2006 gameplay video, online NOW!
    39. Andromeda Entertainment assets sold
    40. The Auto Assault Trading Card Game Goes Live!
    41. Matrix Games Releases War In The Pacific v1.80 Update
    42. Exhibitor "First Looks" Products Electronic Entertainment Expo 2006 Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) May 10-12, 2006
    43. Ice Planet Mobile Game To Coincide With TV Premiere
    44. Online games market in India forecasted to exceed $200 million in 2010
    45. Player X appoints ex-I-Play communications guru as marketing boss
    46. Omni Interactive Audio Immerses PC Gamers With Unique Soundtracks For New Blockbuster Titles
    1. E3: Sony and Nintendo to face off once more in Los Angeles
    2. Gameloft Gets Down with Paris Hilton
    3. This summer the "Black Buccaneer" will have to face huge dangers, voodoo magic and a legendary treasure
    4. eGAMES(TM) And Pixel After Pixel(TM) Jump Head First Into Deep Sea Tycoon(TM): Diver's Paradise
    5. Vivendi Universal Games Embarks On Its Most Epic Videogame Adventure Yet With Twentieth Century Fox's Highly Anticipated Feature Film - Eragon
    6. News report links Maxwell to failed Gizmondo rescue bid
    7. News report links Maxwell to failed Gizmondo rescue bid
    8. CDV's Lula 3D - Ready for Download
    9. Ubisoft no longer using Starforce protection
    12. AVN Online's Kathee Brewer to Speak at Sex in Video Games Conference
    13. New website for Glory of the Roman Empire...
    14. Maelstrom's factions revealed: the human race divided and the new alien threat
    15. Blizzard reconsidering Chinese partnerships for World of Warcraft
    16. VUG Mobile announces new titles
    17. Ubisoft and bethesda board Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow
    18. AlienPants Partners with Monstermob for new mobile games website
    19. Tom's Hen House, egg catching fun?
    20. Lux your way through American History
    21. US software sales beat analyst predictions
    22. Guitar Hero to play again this November
    23. Analysts predict massive surge in in-game advertising
    25. Reef Entertainment makes debut at E3 - Electronics Entertainment Expo 2006...
    26. RealNetworks Founder and CEO Rob Glaser to Deliver Keynote at Casuality Seattle
    27. THQ Intercepts Intergalactic Transmission - Alien Race Returning to Destroy All Humans!(TM)
    1. For Those About to Rock With Guitar Hero II, We Salute You!
    2. It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a LarryBoy game!
    3. Be The Next PAC-MAN Champion!
    4. AVN Online to Partner with Sex in Video Games Conference as the Premier Media Sponsor
    5. Give Death a Trial Run in Daemonica's North American Demo!
    1. Ozura Signs Exclusive Distribution Partnership With Chinabyte
    1. Last Ankama creation to be shown at E3
    2. Strategy First and Akella team up to develop Disciples III for world markets.
    3. Turbine and PayByCash Offer Convenient Access to D&D Online
    4. Welcome to Paradise city…
    5. Caesar Demands Your Presence at the Official Glory of the Roman Empire Web Site
    6. Sphere: Dreamland goes on sale
    1. Andromeda Entertainment closes its doors
    2. Insaniquarium Deluxe
    3. Alten8 announces new product range
    4. Ubisoft Takes A Walk On The Wild Side With Open Season™
    5. Crave Entertainment Gives PSP(tm) System Owners Reason to Flip with Dave Mirra
    6. Impossible s.r.o. is proud to present A 3D space trading simulator
    7. Impossible s.r.o. Proudly presents Sonya Winter Sports
    8. Caesar Demands Your Presence at the Official Glory of the Roman Empire Web Site
    9. EA Mobile's Lincoln Wallen - Part 2
    10. Abandon Mobile And NBC Sports Team Up With Verizon Wireless To Deliver NBC Sports Heads-Up Poker
    11. Official Neverwinter Nights(TM) 2 Web Site Goes Live
    12. Official Neverwinter Nights(TM) 2 Web Site Goes Live
    13. Lara No.1 in Italy
    14. IGA Worldwide wins exclusive multi-year dynamic in-game advertising agreement for FIA GT and WTCC racing titles
    16. US analysts predict imminent PS2 price drop
    17. Alten8 To Release Range Of One Button Phone Games
    18. 360 GAMER infected by BioShock
    19. Introducing The Xbox Live Football Free-For-All! - Sponsored by adidas
    20. Viral Game To Celebrate Release Day
    21. Belief & Betrayal: new impressions from a world of conspiracies
    22. Ronnie O'Sullivan Snooker Game Now Available Cross Network
    23. Konami gets greedy for 3D
    24. Double Fusion adds Flash support
    25. Digital Voice and Media to acquire Stargate developer
    26. US analysts warn of declining sales for March
    27. NCsoft Launches Auto Assault
    28. OFFICE SURVIVORS - The Revenge of the Boss
    29. Former SOE exec named Webzen US boss
    30. Egyptian action adventure at the SCHANZ stand at E3
    31. Ubisoft and Gearbox Software Announce Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway For Next-gen Concoles and PC
    32. "Ultimate Baseball Online 2006" Announced for the PC
    33. Double Fusion First In-Game Technology Provider To Support Flash Video & Audio For In-Game Ads
    34. CDV Releases City Life Demo
    35. Cave Jumper Leaps into Action
    1. Bone: The Great Cow Race Now Available
    2. EA Mobile CTO predicts widespread cross-platform gaming
    3. Konami Digital Entertainment Debuts New 3D Mobile Titles
    4. EA Mobile's Lincoln Wallen
    5. Hitman: Blood Money - Agent 47 sets his sights on 26th May
    6. Violent videogames linked to negative permissive attitudes - study
    7. Fearless New Price for Cold Fear Game
    8. Viva Media Releases AGON, a Thrilling Adventure Game in 3 Episodes
    9. OrangePixel and Asia First Group sign deal
    10. Cinemaware Marquee(TM) And Monte Cristo Announce Moscow To Berlin: Red Siege For PC
    11. Americas Civil War resurrected
    12. PlayPhone extends partnership with Sega
    13. Urban Chaos: Riot Response website goes live
    14. ANACONDA Adventure Day: the clock is ticking! Additional participants confirmed
    15. Microsoft expands Xbox Live movie content
    16. Ubisoft Unveils Exclusive Nintendo Revolution Title: Red Steel
    17. Atari Confirms New 'Alone in the Dark' for PC
    18. Disney Online to Offer Sneak-Peak of Pirates of the Caribbean Online MMO Game at E3
    19. Spillgroup and Boonty announce the launch of
    20. Dangerous Waters Leaves Dry Dock
    21. Europe embraces Lara Croft
    22. Game Trust Announces First Finalist For 2nd Annual Casual Game Evolution Challenge
    23. Mobile Chaos unveils new joypad for phones
    24. Far Cry developer focusing on PC exclusivity
    25. Pro Evolution Soccer 5: the summer's bargain signing!
    26. The Witcher at E3
    27. ProSIM Unleashes Another Patch Barrage!
    28. Celebrates its 1st Birthday
    30. Marketing Interactive conference speakers announced
    31. Ubisoft officially unveils first Nintendo Revolution title
    33. New report confirms success of Nintendo DS in Japan
    34. In Search of the Joystick Junkies!
    35. VSDA, IEMA announce plans to merge
    36. Rockpool Games Get Fruity With THQ Wireless While Announcing A Co-Publishing Deal
    37. NAMCO BANDAI And Flagship Studios Unveil New Character Class For Hellgate(TM): London
    38. Semper Fidelis – Marine Corps Invading Stores!
    39. World's #1 Gamer, Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, to Speak at IMA Gaming Event
    40. iGames Signs Majors for First GameTunes Listening Party, April 4-May 7, Sponsored by Virgin Megastores
    41. Discover the Magic of the King Tut's Treasure
    1. Call of Duty® 2 Multiplayer Update Now Available
    2. Namco Bandai's "Eureka Seven(TM) Vol. 1: The New Wave" Scheduled For Lift Off This Fall
    3. RocketBoy soars onto mobile
    4. PC's "broad range" gives it the edge, says Firaxis director
    5. Microsoft boosts Taiwanese Xbox 360 chip orders
    7. Take-Two ships 1.7 million copies of Oblivion
    8. Doing as the Romans Do
    9. Show Your Fish You Love Them in Viva Media's My Sim Aquarium
    10. Sonic's a big success for Orange
    11. Funcom launches new website for 'Dreamfall: The Longest Journey'-
    12. Cenega cancels The Roots PC/Xbox title
    13. Cold Fear Headed For Silver Screen
    15. Lara Croft is No.1 again
    16. 360 GAMER magazine appoints Deputy Editor
    17. The Ultimate XB360 Hard Drive Back-Up Solution!
    18. Dragon Quest: 10 Things You Might Want to Know From The Author Of The Official Guide
    19. Innovative Business Models Counter Risk in Next-Gen Games Development
    20. Bizarre Creations announces new downloadable content
    22. Free Speech!
    23. Australia Chart 02-04-06
    24. OrangePixel releases Rocket boy!
    25. Game Boy Advance Full Price - 8 APRIL 2006
    26. Nintendo DS Full Price - 8 APRIL 2006
    27. PC Budget - 8 APRIL 2006
    28. PC Full Price - 8 APRIL 2006
    29. XBox Full Price - 8 APRIL 2006
    30. GameCube Full Price - 8 APRIL 2006
    31. PlayStation 2 Budget - 8 APRIL 2006
    32. PlayStation 2 Full Price - 8 APRIL 2006
    33. Top 40 All Formats Budget - 8 APRIL 2006
    34. Top 40 All Formats Full Price - 8 APRIL 2006
    35. Top 40 All Formats All Price - 8 APRIL 2006
    36. Top 40 All Formats All Price - 8 APRIL 2006
    37. UK Charts: Eidos hails the return of a legend
    38. Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. Ships More Than 1.7 Million Units of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    39. Prince of Persia producer becomes Ubisoft Montreal CEO
    40. Tantalus and Kemco Announce Top Gear for Nintendo DS
    41. GUN™ Showdown to Deliver Action-Packed Gameplay On The PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) System This Fall
    42. New Breakout-style Game to Make You Jump Out of Your Socks!
    43. Big Brain Academy™
    44. G4 + E3 = 5 Days Of Blowout Coverage Of The Biggest Videogame Event In The World, As E3 Hits Los Angeles May 9-12
    45. 2K Sports Announces World Poker Tour® For The Sony PSP™ Has Gone Gold
    1. Bender/Helper Impact Partners with Games Press USA
    2. In2Games' award-winning Real World Golf hits US shelves
    3. Panzer Elite Action: "Tank Babes" Will Be Appearing In The Latest FHM Magazine
    4. Consolevania Acquire "Hover Bovver" Movie Rights
    5. Around 20 titles planned for Revolution at launch
    6. New ArchLord movie reveals 'The Legend of Chantra' at
    7. Legendo appoints IMC to supervise worldwide PR and communication
    8. DS Effects releases Virtual Alexia, your new virtual girlfriend!
    9. Terraplay attracts SEK25 million (US $3.2 million) investment
    10. Mobile Interaction launches multiplayer games for only 0.69 SEK in cooperation with Tele2Comviq.
    11. Microsoft targets Eastern Europe with Xbox 360
    12. Alten8 announces Eternity's Child
    13. Square Enix announces digital tech partnership
    14. Dissecta Event: "GDC Dev Focus: Latest from the USA"
    15. I-play reveals 79% satisfaction rate amongst mobile gamers
    16. Former Gizmondo executive charged with theft by LAPD
    17. Microsoft reaffirms commitment to Japanese market
    18. Former Gizmondo executive charged with theft by LAPD
    19. Tough times ahead for Japanese publishers?
    20. Nephin Games Partners with Vimio to Distribute WKN Kickboxing Over Mobile Devices
    21. The New World Of Video Games Has Arrived; Visit GameTap At The National Show's Cable Game Arena
    22. Mobile Amusements in conjunction with Overloaded release Kakuro World Cup (Mobile/Java)
    23. Ready, Set, B-Dafire! Atlus U.S.A., Inc. Announces Battle B-Daman(TM) For the Game Boy(R) Advance
    24. Capcom® Announces Capcom® Classics Collection Reloaded
    1. Bethesda confirms Oblivion patch
    2. Leading Recruitment company recruits new staff….
    3. Juniper Games – Preview Code Available for Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso
    4. Weather Forecast: Heavy Rainfall in "GTR 2 – FIA GT Racing Game"
    5. Glu offers mobile gamers the real deal
    6. Tactical Transport Of Tomorrow!
    7. Apply Serious Games conference extended
    9. Former Sony President joins RedOctane
    10. Glu's Ancient Empires II Wins Mobie Award for Best Strategy Game of 2005
    11. Alten8 To Release – Eternity's Child - Mobile Game
    12. JavArt launches Office Survivors - The Revenge of the Boss
    15. Comment: Publisher romance? They're only after one thing
    16. Microsoft pledges to triple Xbox 360 software support in Japan
    17. Wildlife Park 2: Gaming On The Wildside
    18. Piggyback Opens Lara's Secret Chest To Unveil Maximum Xbox 360 Gamerscore
    19. GDC organisers announce a new series of industry events
    20. Lara Croft – Record Breaker
    21. New "Zoo Tycoon" Web Site Roars to Life
    22. Ubisoft Signs Licensing Deal For NARUTO
    24. Project Gotham Racing 3 Goes Full-Throttle with First-Ever Global Tournament on Xbox Live: Registration Now Open
    25. Ubisoft to bring Naruto to Xbox 360 in '07
    26. Ubisoft Releases First Information and Screenshots for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Vegas
    27. Guild Wars Factions World Championship event dated
    29. Microsoft partners with Best Buy for charity initiative
    30. Games Industry Hails Best Performers
    1. Women in Games International Announces Keynote Speaker in Dallas
    2. Sheri Graner Ray to Keynote Sex in Video Games Conference!
    3. Ubisoft and VIZ Media Sign Licensing Agreement for Shonen Jump's Naruto™
    4. Launches New Community Features Including User-Created Blogs
    5. Solar Studios Inc. & Tricor Entertainment Inc. Launch Cutting Edge Sci-Fi Adventure - Renegades of Spacewell
    6. Strategy First Signs Etrom
    8. SpellForce 2 - Shadow Wars About To Be Released
    9. Shadowgrounds Web Site is a Beacon for All Fans!
    10. Blizzard Entertainment(R) Opens A New Hosting Site For World Of Warcraft(R) In Europe
    11. Turbine Ships New Content For Critically Acclaimed DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE™: Stormreach™
    12. Ubisoft To Release Heroes Of Might And Magic V Deluxe Edition
    13. Flashman Bringing WizKids Properties To The Videogames Market
    14. Players To Experience Visions In Magic Online
    15. Price drop for Nintendo DS Lite - ship next business day
    16. Eidos adopts GameShadow technology
    17. Caging the Lion
    18. Glu Mobile Announces Two World Series of Poker Mobile Products
    19. Fornay's comments are not an indication of PS3 pricing - Sony
    20. Choose your side and steel yourself for war as Warhammer® 40,000™: Glory in Death™ hits stores
    21. Ubisoft announces Rayman's return
    22. Microsoft buys Lionhead Studios for an undisclosed sum
    23. Microsoft Game Studios Acquires Video Game Luminary Peter Molyneux's Lionhead Studios
    24. EA releases some Steam
    25. Eurogamer plans E3 TV coverage; Minkley joins as TV editor
    26. Guild Wars Factions World Championship Announced for Leipzig, Germany, 24-27 August
    27. Ubisoft Announces All-New Rayman Video Game for Holiday 2006
    28. GameShadow In New Eidos Deal
    29. Licensing & Merchandising Specialists Merge To Form AT New Media
    30. Major League Baseball Advanced Media, MLBPA, 2K Sports and Massive Incorporated to Deliver Dynamic Advertising into Highly Anticipated Sports Title – Major League Baseball® 2K6
    31. Exclusive RF Online Magazine Available Now for Pre-Order
    32. Zoo Digital exits PC, console market
    33. Ubisoft and square enix team up to distribute Final Fantasy XI for xbox 360
    34. Johnny Minkley joins Eurogamer Network as Editor of Eurogamer TV
    35. ZOO Digital Publishing announces separation from ZOO Digital Group with business as usual to focus on console and PC game publishing.
    36. Auto Assault Trading Card Game Expodes!
    37. The Chronicles Of Spellborn Features Original Score By Leading Video Game Composer Jesper Kyd
    38. Cloning Clyde Coming to Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360
    39. Gameloft Signs Multi-Picture Licensing Agreement With Sony Pictures Digital To Produce Mobile Games Based On the Films from Sony Pictures Animation
    40. 2K Sports Announces Major League Baseball 2K6 For Xbox 360 And PSP Have Gone Gold!
    41. Ubisoft Opens the Official Mini Game for Heroes of Might and Magic V: Heroes Mini!
    2. M:Metrics introduces Generation M
    3. SCE France boss indicates 500 - 600 Euro pricing for PS3
    4. Carol Vorderman Sudoku to make a star appearance on Sony platforms
    5. Nintendo's FY2006 dividend sets a new high water mark
    6. Strategy First Acquires The Assets Of Malfador Machinations
    7. World Cyber Games Announces Official 2006 Tournament Rules
    8. Bethesda announces new Oblivion content
    9. Warner Music and Funcom to release 'Dreamfall' EP by Magnet
    10. Lucent sues over Xbox 360 patent infringement
    11. Tetris refuses to tumble
    12. Sword of the Stars
    13. Sierra Entertainment's World In Conflict To Start World War III In Spring 2007
    14. Enzyme Labs Launches Multilingual Mobile Game Testing and Localization Services
    15. New Gameplay Videos Released for Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend
    16. Mercury to sue "persecutors" after chart data falsification accusation
    17. VIRGIN PLAY will Publish Dead & Furious for Nintendo DS.
    18. Namco Bandai Games America Inc. To Develop Video Game Inspired By Universal Pictures' "The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift"
    19. Alten8 To Release – Space Tanks
    20. N-Gage gamers stand to attention as the N-Gage Arena 'Battle the Commandos' tournament commences
    21. Tomb Raider and Pandemonium - Two new BREW® titles announced
    22. Nintendo Updates Spring 2006 Software Lineup
    23. Konami partners with PlayFirst
    24. NCsoft Signs Guild Wars Licensing Contract with China's The9
    25. Exit Games Powers Ahead with Next Generation Mobile Gaming based on Intel® Building Blocks
    26. DS Effects releases Virtual Sophie, your new virtual girlfriend!
    27. July Systems & SurfKitchen Partner to Deliver Rich On-Device Storefronts with Smart Retailing for Content & Media Companies
    28. Mac Users To Get Weird!
    29. Guitar Hero Warning
    30. IGF Awards winner secures retail distribution deal
    33. Telltale trims the bones of digital distribution
    34. Ubisoft Enters The Wild West With Call Of Juarez(TM) Video Game
    35. Strategic Command 2 Goes Gold and Demo released!
    36. Emergent Game Technologies Launches Custom Engineering Group
    37. Envizions EVO: Phase One Console To Offer Akimbo Internet Video On Demand Service
    38. Get your copy of Retro Fusion Issue 1 before it hits the Gamestation stores!
    39. Comic Book Creator(TM) Being Added to Station Players(TM) Service, Allowing Subscribers to Create Their Own Personalized Digital Comic Books Starring Their Online Avatars
    40. SHMUP-DEV - Bringing shoot 'em up developers together.
    41. Reversi Deluxe Teaches an Old Game New Tricks
    1. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend - Exclusive Xbox 360 demo and Xbox Live Marketplace content revealed
    2. G2 announces LIMBO of the LOST for 2006
    3. SpirOps launches a "Starter Pack" to support challenging projects
    4. Xbox 360: Official Xbox Magazine has Lara Croft covered
    5. Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. Partners With PlayFirst To Bring Casual Games To Cell Phones
    6. Easter Bonus - A calorie-free treat!
    7. Interactive entertainment veteran joins IGA's game
    8. Telltale Announces Episodic Gaming Pricing Model
    9. New from Xing Mobile: Super Futsal 2006
    10. Glu grows again with iFone acquisition
    11. Cinemaware Marquee(TM) Announces Upcoming Retail Release Of Award-Winning Darwinia(TM) Title
    12. Carriers should work with fewer publishers - Glu CEO
    13. Glu's Greg Ballard on buying iFone
    14. LimeLife partners with Time Magazine
    15. No Wi-Fi Connection To Play Online Games For PSP(TM)? Thrustmaster Has The Key...
    16. Australian digital media conference announced
    17. Perforce Software Chosen By Free Radical Design To Manage Game Development
    18. David Reid Named to Head Marketing for Turner Broadcasting's GameTap
    20. Play one of the scariest games ever made - right now!
    21. Glu Mobile Acquires Leading UK-Based Mobile Entertainment Publisher iFone
    22. PathEngine Announces Release 5.02, New Licensees
    23. Shadowgrounds Goes Gold!
    24. GSP Extends White Label Brand With New Reload Range!
    25. Sega deal is worth "circa GBP 30m" - Sports Interactive boss
    26. Player One Serves Up Ace 'Davis Cup Tennis' Game
    27. Management Buy-Out: SI boss on selling to Sega
    28. NTL completes Virgin Mobile acquisition
    29. Pinpoint Consumer Electronics To Showcase New Gamexpert Phase 3
    30. Coming soon: SteelKeys 6G
    31. Two New Additions To The Tycoon Series!
    32. Last Chance to Pre-Register for E3Expo 2006
    33. Sony announces pre-E3 press event
    34. Game Boy Advance Full Price - 1 APRIL 2006
    35. Nintendo DS Full Price - 1 APRIL 2006
    36. PC Budget - 1 APRIL 2006
    37. PC Full Price - 1 APRIL 2006
    38. XBox Full Price - 1 APRIL 2006
    39. GameCube Full Price - 1 APRIL 2006
    40. PlayStation 2 Budget - 1 APRIL 2006
    41. PlayStation 2 Full Price - 1 APRIL 2006
    42. Top 40 All Formats Budget - 1 APRIL 2006
    43. Top 40 All Formats Full Price - 1 APRIL 2006
    44. Top 40 All Formats All Price - 1 APRIL 2006
    45. Top 40 All Formats All Price - 1 APRIL 2006
    47. Nintendo forecasts highest profit in five years
    48. SEGA establishes new internal development arm in US
    49. Contact Sales signs deal to distribute Lock On Gold
    50. Michigan Judge quashes violent videogames bill
    51. VSC Consulting Expands Public Relations Practice to Europe With Hiring of Award-Winning Journalist and PR Pro Lisa Devaney as Accounts Manager
    52. SEGA acquires Sports Interactive
    53. Sega Acquire Premiership Developer
    54. SEGA(R) Purchases Prominent U.S. Development Studio
    55. Signature Devices', Graffiti Entertainment Subsidiary Acquires Publishing Rights to Vision Studios "Strike Force Red Cell" for PC and XBOX 360
    1. DemonWare and Ubisoft Ink Multi-Title Deal to Power Multiplayer Titles on All Platforms
    2. HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY on Xbox 360 - Beautifully Executed in HD
    3. New Mobile In-Game Advertising Firm Greystripe Lands Advertising Veteran Larry Grossman as VP of Sales
    4. Stop playing games, start making them!
    5. Half A Million Gamers Played More Than Three Million Hours In Guild Wars Landmark Weekend Event
    6. Groundbreaking AGEIA PhysX Card Dramatically Improves Dynamic Physical Motion and Game Play Interaction
    7. Mobile Lingo Selects Exit Games Neutron as Mobile Multiplayer Solution to Power Upcoming Titles
    8. Japan to get Nintendo DS web browser in June
    9. 2nd annual consumer videogames event announced
    11. TippKick for mobile phones
    12. Controversial Alten8 game gets new lease of life
    13. ELSPA assists in UK mod-chip conviction
    15. In-game advertising revs up Electronic Sports World Cup
    16. Office Massacre To Become Office Zombies
    17. I-play forms global licensing agreement with iWin to bring top-selling online casual game titles to mobile market
    18. Ignition Signs Puyo Pop Fever for PSP™ (PlayStation® Portable) and Nintendo DS™
    19. Yorkshire Has Firm Grasp On UK PSP Games Chart
    20. Microsoft announces Japanese FIFA bundle for Xbox 360
    21. Iwata hints at desire to return to game development
    22. Capcom drops full year financial forecast
    23. Republik fails to find investors for erotic game
    24. Shaun of the Dead™ Comes Alive on Mobiles
    25. Dragon Orbs Burns Its Way to Release
    26. New Tax Incentives a Boon to Digital Entertainment in Georgia
    28. New from Xing Mobile: Piggy Banker and Street Cat Trouble
    29. Republik Games Hits Funding Snag; Company to Suspend Production on Spend the Night Game
    30. America's VideoGame Expo 2006 Announced
    31. Chinese games market expected to surpass $760 million in 2006
    32. The Next Generation of World Wrestling Entertainment(R) Video Games is Introduced With New Multiplatform Superstar WWE(R) SmackDown(R) vs. RAW(R) 2007