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UK's Remode signs dev deal with Sulake

First to join Habbo Hotel creator's third party development program

UK developer Remode has partnered with Sulake to be the first studio to create a title for its Habbo social hub, which has around 10 million users.

"It is a tremendous honour to be named Sulake's inaugural development partner as it will give us a unique opportunity to showcase our technology and gaming expertise to tens of millions of teenagers worldwide," said Remode MD Ella Romanos.

The game is due for release in July. Remode is a Plymouth based studio that has previously created mobile and online games on commission. Examples include artwork for My Star for Mobile Pie and Orange, The Cave for Arkadium and a Scuba Skills simulation for PADI.

"As a company with a proven track record in social and mobile games that also understands the needs and wants of the teen market, we couldn't be happier to make Remode our inaugural development partner," added Sulake CEO Paul LaFontaine.

"We are opening up our environment so that independent developers looking to reach a teen audience can benefit from our expertise with that age group, while our loyal user base will be enriched by the creative collective that only a worldwide team of game developers can bring to Habbo."

Habbo Hotel is a social gaming success story, with 10 million unique users spending 45 million hours in the world per month. It is currently available in 150 countries.

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