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May 2021 Archive

    1. Court upholds jury's decision in Steam Controller patent dispute
    2. CD Projekt's first full quarter since Cyberpunk 2077 release sees sales up 2%
    3. Twitch warns of more music industry DMCA claims
    4. Iam8bit on keeping physical alive in the age of downloads | GI Live Online
    5. Syberia author and artist Benoît Sokal dies
    6. What next from Epic vs Apple? | Podcast
    1. A taxing look at EA's annual report | This Week in Business
    2. Patricia Hernandez named new Kotaku editor-in-chief
    3. Epic vs Apple - Week Three In Review: Who will the judge find in favour?
    4. How to get the most out of digital events
    5. Monster Hunter Rise has shipped 7 million units
    6. Ubisoft's Owlient studio managers step down
    7. Borderlands 3 cross-play is on the way, but PlayStation is not included
    8. Console IP remains a bad fit on mobile | Opinion
    1. Aurora Punks adds WhyKev
    2. Ex-People Can Fly devs form new studio Gruby Entertainment
    3. Ultimate Team modes make up 29% of EA's business
    4. IGN management says pulled Palestine charity post was editorial decision
    5. April ends 13 months of US games growth | US Monthly Charts
    6. CD Projekt appoints new game director for Cyberpunk
    7. Double Loop Games raises $8m in Series A funding
    8. How audio brought The Last Of Us: Part 2 to life
    9. Zordix acquires Merge Games
    10. Zynga on ad tracking changes, acquisitions and console ambitions
    11. Crystal Dynamics opens Austin studio
    12. Resident Evil Village ships over 4m copies
    13. Switch Pro will reportedly launch in September, replace standard model
    14. Gaming social platform Noice raises $5m
    15. PlayStation targets over 50% of the games console market with PS5
    1. Microsoft announces merged Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase
    2. US grows to account for 28% of all 2020 mobile spending - Sensor Tower
    3. No BlizzCon in 2021
    4. Unreal Engine 5 launches in Early Access
    5. How Tencent gave Splash Damage the "cheat codes for game development"
    6. CD Projekt still unsure when Cyberpunk will return to PlayStation store
    7. Industry veterans Rich Keen and Bradley Crooks join Curve
    8. What can Dragon Quest 12 learn from a 2009 Nintendo DS game?
    9. EA chairman Larry Probst stepping down
    10. Fnatic targets Japanese expansion following $17m investment
    11. The 'combo' era: how GaaS, subscriptions, and IAP mesh on PC/console
    1. Valve reportedly making handheld Steam PC
    2. Politician pushes for ban on India's PUBG replacement
    3. Biomutant | Critical Consensus
    4. Resident Evil: Village beats Miitopia to No.1 | UK Boxed Charts
    5. Miniclip acquires Supersonic Software
    6. Building a better Minecraft - and a better world | GI Live Online
    7. 1047 Games raises $6.5 million
    8. Knockout City hits 2m players
    9. Tencent acquires 3.8% stake in Remedy
    10. Rockstar Games launches record label
    11. Sony temporarily shuts down LittleBigPlanet servers amid ongoing attacks
    1. Epic, Apple make their closing statements as three-week antitrust trial comes to an end
    2. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot says "considerable progress has been made" since abuse allegations
    3. Aerial Knight's Never Yield: A solo developer's journey of self-actualization
    4. Allergic To Buzzwords | Podcast
    5. Sensor Tower acquires ad intelligence platform Pathmatics
    6. Italy introduces tax credit for game studios
    7. How to engage fans before launch
    8. Tim Cook: Having third-party app stores on iOS would be "terrible"
    9. Twitch adds over 350 new tags related to gender, race, mental health and… hot tubs
    10. Netflix looking to "do more with interactive entertainment"
    11. GAME sells Insomnia Gaming Festival organiser to Supernova Capital
    1. Tim Cook doesn't know stuff | This Week in Business
    2. What does Disney want in a development partner?
    3. Take-Two's Zelnick says the industry's pandemic boost is permanent
    4. Apple software engineering head explains core differences between iPhone and Mac security
    5. Podcast: Let's get physical, with Iam8bit | GI Live Online
    6. The MIX celebrates Black developers with Black Voices in Gaming Freshman Class
    7. Game Pass on Switch: could it happen? | Opinion
    1. Embracer Group has had acquisition talks with 150 more companies
    2. Stillalive opens new Finland studio
    3. What's next for VR? | GI Live Online
    4. ByteDance CEO stepping down
    5. Help those affected by the Israel-Gaza conflict
    6. Apple asks court to disregard Epic's iOS "essential facility" complaint
    7. Apple spent $1m on Fortnite marketing, earned "over $100m" in commission
    8. Didn't we already fix this? Why you keep seeing the same bugs in localization QA
    9. Jam City reportedly going public at $1.2 billion valuation
    10. Square Enix sees Outriders as "next major franchise" as it hits 3.5m players
    11. TimeSplitters studio Free Radical Design reforms with original founders
    1. Focus Home Interactive raises €70m in share offering
    2. Vungle acquires TreSensa
    3. Android ad spending spikes after Apple rolls out iOS privacy feature
    4. Survey says 59% of women hide gender to avoid harassment while gaming online
    5. Take-Two's Zelnick skeptical about metaverse and cryptocurrency
    6. Ex-Monolith VP Kevin Stephens starting new EA studio
    7. Starbreeze 4.0: How the Payday studio escaped the brink of insolvency
    8. Geoff Keighley: "The feedback from everyone is that they want these games shows all together"
    9. Iteration and social trends: The keys to successfully entering the hypercasual market
    10. 62% of all App Store revenue is generated from game transactions
    11. Apple execs don't know if the App Store is profitable, "don't deny that it likely is"
    12. IGDA partners with ESA to promote indies at E3 2021
    1. Riot suspends Valorant pro for refusal to cooperate in investigation
    2. Take-Two hits $3.37bn revenue in record year
    3. Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey sells 1m copies
    4. Bad Robot Games raises more than $40m in Series B funding
    5. IGN staff "appalled" by removal of post calling for Palestinian aid
    6. Mojang prepares for life after Minecraft | 10 Years Ago This Month
    7. Epic vs Apple - Week Two In Review: Does the judge have a solution in mind?
    8. Blaseball developers raises $3m in funding
    9. Epic Games suing AR firm Nreal over trademark violation
    10. Ubisoft has reportedly made minimal changes following abuse allegations
    11. What can we do to stop the PS5 and Xbox scalpers?
    12. Epic vs Apple trial will only affect 17% of iOS games
    13. Lisa Opie appointed managing director at Ubisoft Reflections and Leamington Studios
    14. Devolver Digital reportedly preparing IPO at £1bn valuation
    1. Twitch introduces local subscription pricing
    2. Bring back Ape Escape | Podcast
    3. IGN, Game Informer express, retract support for Palestinian civilians
    4. WarnerMedia to join with Discovery in $43bn deal
    5. Resident Evil 5 still the top horror | UK Time Tunnel
    6. Kasedo acquires majority stake in Bulwark
    7. Microsoft aims to avoid Xbox Series scalping with Console Purchase Pilot
    8. New eBay restrictions prohibit the sale of sexually explicit games
    9. Activision no longer working with Call of Duty actor Jeff Leach
    10. The game rating problem you don't want, and how to mitigate it
    11. Madfinger Games secures €5 million investment from Nuverse
    12. More than half a million Call of Duty Warzone accounts permanently banned
    13. PS5 stock influx boosts Spider-Man: Miles Morales sales | UK Boxed Charts
    1. The cannibalization takeaway | This Week in Business
    2. Bohemia revenue up 10% for 2020
    3. Xbox Series X|S set to launch in China in June
    4. What is a game?
    5. Podcast: Human Fall Flat's journey to 25m sales | GI Live Online
    6. Looking for the signal: Subscription app tips for iOS 14.5
    7. Disco Elysium: The Final Cut finally cleared for release in Australia
    8. Ubisoft's free-to-play turn could be the new normal for big franchises | Opinion
    1. Epic grills Apple expert on "frictionless" outside-app spending
    2. Allstar raises $3.85m in seed funding
    3. Square Enix sales reach record $3bn
    4. Gaming carries Sega Sammy through difficult year
    5. Google says Stadia is "alive and well"
    6. Nintendo Switch comes out top in April as PS5 stock slows | UK Monthly Charts
    7. Nintendo Switch production plans "uncertain" as semiconductor crisis continues
    8. Hidden Leaf Games raises $3.2m to fuel debut MOBA
    9. Apple questions credibility of Xbox testimony
    10. Sony, Nintendo, Roblox, Spotify and more request Epic vs Apple judge seal sensitive documents
    11. Bandai Namco revenues reach $6.8bn in pandemic year
    12. Mobile drives Konami full-year revenues to $2.48bn
    13. Gigabyte shares drops after dig at "low quality" Chinese manufacturers
    14. Developing games for low-vision players
    1. Nexon Q1 revenue up 7%, but warns of near-term challenges
    2. Blizzard and Epic vets form Lightforge Games
    3. Sony has 25 first-party PS5 games in the works
    4. Ubisoft stresses it is not reducing AAA efforts
    5. Playtika revenues jump 20%
    6. Apptopia raises $20m in Series C funding
    7. Apple rejected 1 million "problematic" apps last year
    8. Making platforming pop: How Sumo built Sackboy's music levels
    9. Hiro Capital leads investment in Twin Suns Corp and Frvr
    10. How invention and innovation has been the driving force for Guha Bala | GI Live Online
    11. UK class action lawsuit targets Apple's "anti-competitive practices"
    12. Unity reports strong Q1 2021, but losses widen
    13. Entries open for Develop:Star Awards 2021
    14. Esports organisation INTZ opens games studio
    15. US tech giants call for funding to solve semiconductor shortage
    16. Epic vs Apple creates uncertainty | Podcast
    1. EA leans on Apex Legends and live services in fourth quarter
    2. EA Play Live set for July 22
    3. Ubisoft posts record sales yet again, delays Skull & Bones yet again
    4. THQ Nordic acquires Kaiko, Appeal, and Massive Miniteam
    5. Roblox's first quarterly report sees bookings, losses soar
    6. Adopt Me developers unveil new studio, Uplift Games
    7. Epic vs Apple - Week One In Review: Epic still faces an "uphill battle"
    8. CEO says Paradox "can do better" as Q1 profits plummet
    9. Starbreeze's Q1 losses shrink 95% to $505,000
    10. Resident Evil Village shifts 3m copies worldwide
    11. Epic Games claims Fortnite is at "full penetration" on console
    12. Download the five big challenges facing game developers in 2021 white paper
    13. Developer wins against Grand Theft Auto DMCA takedown
    1. 13% of iOS users opt-in to app tracking worldwide
    2. Resident Evil: A masterclass in reinvention
    3. SpecialEffect joins Best Places To Work Awards as charity partner
    4. Resident Evil: Village is the third biggest PS5 launch so far | UK Boxed Charts
    5. Capcom reports fourth consecutive year of record high profits
    6. First-party Ubisoft titles will now be branded as ”Ubisoft Originals”
    7. Supercell ordered to pay Gree $92m in lawsuit
    8. Epic reportedly offered $200m to Sony for PlayStation exclusives
    9. Voodoo surpasses 5bn downloads
    10. How to start hypercasual games production from scratch
    1. Epic v. Apple shows games industry at its most absurd | This Week in Business
    2. Genesis Noir nabs four nominations in 2021 IGF Awards
    3. Yoshinori Ono joins DelightWorks as president and representative director | Jobs Roundup
    4. GamesAid raises £70,000 for multiple charities
    5. How Women in Gaming survived its publisher's demise
    6. Tribeca Film Festival holds its first-ever games award
    7. Podcast: IO's independence, with Hakan Abrak | GI Live Online
    8. Ubisoft announces free-to-play The Division game
    9. "I felt that I had no choice," says Wolfire CEO about Valve antitrust lawsuit
    10. Sony's cross-play deal seems a smart solution to a complex problem | Opinion
    1. FTC has looked into Epic's handling of children's personal information
    2. Global games market to generate $175 billion in 2021- Newzoo
    3. Resident Evil Village | Critical Consensus
    4. Outright Games launches mobile division
    5. Nintendo appointing Despicable Me studio head to board of directors
    6. Metacore secures €150m credit line from Supercell
    7. Project Liberty: What was Epic's battle plan against Apple?
    8. E3 confirms Sega, Square Enix, Bandai Namco and more
    9. USC Games launches fund to support Black and Indigenous students
    10. Lost Ember developer launches publishing label Mooneye Indies
    11. Activision Blizzard wins patent lawsuit after nine years
    12. Tencent in talks with US Committee to retain Epic and Riot stakes
    13. Humble Bundle rolls back plans to remove charity sliders
    14. Nintendo reports record full-year profits as Switch nears 85m units sold
    15. Sony facing lawsuit over PlayStation Store exclusivity
    16. Australia introduces tax break for games
    1. EA acquires Super Mega Baseball developer Metalhead Software
    2. Zynga acquiring Chartboost for $250m
    3. Three key discoverability takeaways from the Epic/Apple lawsuit
    4. Gamescom pivots back to digital-only event
    5. Brazilian games market to hit $2.3bn in 2021 - Newzoo
    6. Six additional staff leave Stadia to join Haven Studios
    7. Can Returnal pave the way for $70 AAA roguelikes? | Podcast
    8. Sumo Group CEO: "We're only as good as the last game we make" | GI Live Online
    9. Tim Sweeney unsure how an Epic win would impact non-gaming apps
    10. Epic pushed for subscription-free multiplayer on Xbox ahead of Apple battle
    11. Navarro, Caravella and Shoemaker to leave Giant Bomb
    12. Hypercasual UA and ad monetization in a post-IDFA world
    1. Slegdehammer Games announces new studio opening in Toronto
    2. Call of Duty, King push Activision Blizzard to record Q1 revenues
    3. The Witcher 3 director leaves CD Projekt
    4. Stadia head of product has departed Google
    5. Take part in the US Best Places To Work Awards and receive free job postings
    6. League of Legends animated series lands at Netflix
    7. Carry1st raises $6m in Series A funding round
    8. Epic vs Apple trial began with influx of fans shouting "free Fortnite"
    9. Xbox: Democratising game development is important for society
    10. Fortnite made $9bn in two years
    11. Epic expects Epic Games Store to be profitable by 2024
    12. Sony charges developers for cross-platform play, court documents reveal
    13. An introduction to iOS 14.5 and its impact for mobile developers
    14. Blizzard moves to block Fox's Diablo trademark
    1. Epic, Apple trade shots in opening statements
    2. Sony announces Discord integration into PlayStation Network
    3. Microsoft reportedly considered lowering its revenue share on Xbox game sales
    4. Solving the marketing mystery of Loop Hero
    5. Official PlayStation Magazine re-launches as Play
    6. GameStop opening new US east coast fulfillment center
    7. Konami skipping E3 2021
    8. Returnal | Critical Consensus
    1. New Pokémon Snap launch is four times bigger than original | UK Boxed Charts