November 2022 Archive

    1. Tips for selling a studio
    2. Victoria 3 has sold 500,000 units | News-in-brief
    3. Steam Deck to ship in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan next month | News-in-brief
    4. The fight to recognise video games' value in the European Union
    5. Super Mario Bros Movie to debut in March
    1. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners boosts CD Projekt Red's Q3 revenue
    2. Apex Legends Mobile is iPhone Game of the Year at 2022 App Store Awards
    3. Wildlife confirms layoffs described as "massive"
    4. How much does From Software crunch?
    5. Pakistan stops overseas payments for mobile games and apps
    1. Maze Theory and blockchain firm form Emergent Entertainment PLC
    2. Report: Microsoft to offer EU regulators concessions in Activision acquisition
    3. Loot box bill filed in Australia
    4. James Gunn says future DC titles will be a part of the DCU
    5. What are cozy games, and what makes them cozy?
    6. Tencent to stand trial in latest Mobile Legends legal battle
    7. Black Friday video game sales down 15% | UK Boxed Charts
    1. Brokémon: Gotta Patch 'Em All | Podcast
    2. Disco Elysium lawsuit accuses ZA/UM CEO of illegally taking majority share in studio
    3. Why it's impossible to track console sales in China
    4. What happens if Activision Blizzard stays independent? | Opinion
    1. Jobs Roundup: November 2022 | Bungie vet Jonty Barnes joins Formation Games
    2. Hidetaka 'Swery' Suehiro still wants to work in an office
    3. FTC reportedly considering lawsuit against Microsoft Activision deal
    4. How are we doing? Fill in the GI reader survey and let us know
    5. Dealing with online hate: A crisis management handbook for video game developers
    6. BBC to release Splinter Cell audio adaptation for Radio 4
    7. Hungry Shark franchise hits 1bn downloads | News-in-brief
    8. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are the fastest-selling games in Nintendo history
    1. God of War Ragnarok has sold 5m units since its release | News-in-brief
    2. Sony: Our userbase would not be larger than Xbox if every Call of Duty player abandoned PlayStation
    3. AfterClimate: $17bn have been committed to reaching net zero emissions
    4. Ubisoft: We hope to reach all of our players on environmental themes
    5. UK regulator launches investigation into Apple's cloud gaming restrictions
    6. Is it a good time to be an indie dev?
    7. Departing Gamekult team dismissed 'hurriedly' by new owner Reworld
    8. Four Square Enix Montreal games shutting down in January
    9. Twitch updates measures to clamp down on child grooming
    1. Rebel Wolves secures NetEase investment
    2. Playtika to invest $25m in Ace Games
    3. Riot axes Wild Rift Esports plans outside of Asia
    4. Resident Evil living rent-free in my head since 1996 | Why I Love
    5. Sony plans to expand incubator for Chinese games
    6. Tech lessons from Overwatch 2’s server troubles
    7. PID Games: The "punk" indie publisher giving small studios their first chance
    8. Ubisoft returns to Steam with Assassin's Creed: Valhalla
    1. Court rules that Cooking Mama: Cookstar infringed upon Office Create's IP
    2. Twitch pulls in 1.8bn viewership hours during October
    3. The biggest Pokémon game launches in UK history | UK Time Tunnel
    4. Niko Partners: Asia-10 gaming markets will generate $41bn by 2026
    5. Tax credit to support game development launches in Ireland
    6. It’s time for Pokémon to end the three-year cycle | Opinion
    7. Charity livestreaming event Desert Bus for Hope raises $1.1m | News In Brief
    8. Rockstar bans NFTs in new GTA Online roleplay server rules
    9. Google reportedly paid Activision, Riot millions to prevent them from opening rival app stores
    10. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is the second biggest Pokémon launch of all time | UK Boxed Charts
    1. NetEase invests in gaming fitness bike outfit PlayPulse
    2. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet | Critical Consensus
    3. Top 5 Investor Relations Pages | This Week in Business
    4. The future of VR, with Resolution's Tommy Palm | Playable Futures Podcast
    5. French games tax relief scheme extended to 2028
    6. Splatoon 3 passes 3m sales in second month | Japan Monthly Charts
    7. AI moderation will cause more harm than good | Opinion
    8. Yuji Naka arrested for suspected insider trading
    9. Embracer sales up 190% during Q2, with 35% organic growth
    1. InvestGame: From Q1 to Q3 gaming deals hit $37bn
    2. Eschatology Entertainment raises $4m in seed funding
    3. Ex-Square Enix staffers arrested on insider trading allegations
    4. The return of Goat Simulator
    5. THQ's imminent demise becomes clear | 10 Years Ago This Month
    6. Rollic picks up Popcore
    7. Four lessons Apex Legends: Mobile can teach about porting AAA franchises to mobile
    8. Fortnite and Call of Duty veterans raise $15m to form Methodical Games
    9. AimJunkies countersuit against Bungie dismissed
    10. Blizzard and Netease end 14-year partnership: Everything you need to know
    11. Dead Island 2 delayed to April 2023 | News-in-brief
    1. Bethesda says Mick Gordon's Doom Eternal soundtrack allegations are one-sided
    2. Ubisoft and Riot team up to develop AI for safer in-game interactions
    3. German games fund increases to €70 million
    4. The inspirations behind Alba: A Wildlife Adventure
    5. Lowtek on tackling dyslexia in games
    6. Motorsport Games board of directors asked to step down
    7. Xbox shelved Keystone streaming console because it was too expensive to produce
    8. First Olympic Esports week to take place in Singapore
    9. Grammy Awards reveal first nominees for new video games category
    1. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker strikes gold | Why I Love
    2. Newzoo: Global games market expected to decline 4.3% in 2022
    3. Ex-Epic devs raise $4.1m for new studio Noodle Cat
    4. Eidos Shanghai becomes Gearbox Shanghai
    5. Thunderful Q3 revenues down 5%, profits down 76%
    6. Radical Forge's journey from Unity plugins to Bright Paw and beyond
    7. Yahaha raises $40m for its user-generated games platform
    8. Thunderful acquires Jumpship as studio launches debut title Somerville
    9. God of War Ragnarok launch was bigger than Call of Duty, Elden Ring and Pokémon | UK Boxed Charts
    1. First Xbox Transparency Report shows over 7m enforcements over six months
    2. October game sales roughly the same as last year - NPD
    3. Former Amazon and Fox exec announces new developer Astrid Entertainment
    4. Newzoo: VR games revenues to hit $1.8bn in 2022
    5. Scavengers to shut down in December
    6. Landmark Games raises $4.6m for co-op title Sea of Souls
    7. Eurogamer founder Rupert Loman aims to shake up online communities with Just About
    8. Ten years of Candy Crush: How King continues to dominate mobile
    1. Gaming's gambling problem is out of hand | This Week in Business
    2. BAFTA Breakthrough 2022 participants unveiled
    3. God of War Ragnarok is already the biggest launch in the franchise’s history | UK Time Tunnel
    4. Krafton profits up to $171.5 million despite lowest quarter since 2020
    5. Industry attitudes to outsourcing and contracting need to change | Opinion
    6. Kabam lays off around 35 people
    7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is close to out-selling Vanguard after just 2 weeks | European Monthly Charts
    1. Members of Parliament vote to bolster investment in the European games industry
    2. Mick Gordon accuses Doom Eternal executive producer of lying about soundtrack problems
    3. Virtuos on establishing presence in the Bay Area with new studio Calypte
    4. Court dismisses Riot Games' lawsuit against Moonton Technology
    5. Chella Ramanan’s guide to getting the most from your game-making journey
    6. Disco Elysium studio ZA/UM confirms former employees were fired for misconduct
    7. Former Disco Elysium staff accuse ZA/UM shareholders of fraud
    8. Bandai Namco H1 sales rise above expectations
    9. Unity Q3 revenues are up but losses deepen to $239.6m
    1. Nexon revenues jump 28% year-over-year
    2. Roblox revenue up 2% as quarterly losses hit $300 million
    3. Coexist Gaming's Jaye Watts made a business out of togetherness
    4. Meta laying off 11,000
    5. Death Stranding has seen 10 million players to date | News-in-brief
    6. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 UK launch sales are up 92% over Vanguard | UK Monthly Charts
    7. Riot to self-publish League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics in Southeast Asia | News-in-brief
    8. Dlala's second chance with Disney
    9. Ubisoft refunds Prince of Persia remake pre-orders, insists it's "not cancelled"
    1. EU opens in-depth investigation into Activision Blizzard acquisition
    2. TiMi Studio and Capcom to make new Monster Hunter mobile game | News-in-brief
    3. Everybuddy Games raises $15m in series A
    4. Activision Blizzard settlement talks in esports antitrust case break down – Report
    5. Gears of War to get Netflix adaptations | News-in-brief
    6. The hidden costs of indie game development
    7. Square Enix's H1 sales dip to $1.1 billion, but profits up
    8. Nintendo H1 sales rise to $4.4bn, despite hardware decline
    9. Modern Warfare 2 is the fastest Call of Duty to hit $1bn | News-in-brief
    10. EA dropping Project CARS
    11. Nintendo and DeNA forming joint venture company Nintendo Systems
    1. Diablo Immortal China release bolsters Activision Blizzard Q3
    2. Take-Two losses deeper than forecast
    3. Melbourne International Games Week on its most successful year yet
    4. God of War: Ragnarok | Critical Consensus
    5. Remedy revenue up 7% despite underperforming Alan Wake
    6. Unity has completed its merger with IronSource
    7. Japan's PC games market nearly doubled in four years
    8. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 remains at the top | UK Boxed Charts
    1. Twitter loses social lead for gaming
    2. Freedom Games locks up $10 million in funding
    3. What does PSVR 2's pre-order scheme mean for retailers? | This Week in Business
    4. United Nations on a greener games industry | Playable Futures Podcast
    5. New York pay transparency law gives insight into games industry salaries
    6. Beyond NFT fumblings, Square Enix is reinventing itself | Opinion
    7. Global Top Round launches M&A department
    1. DDM: Gaming investments hit $2.2bn during Q3
    2. ÜberStrategist snags marketing firm VirTasktic
    3. Survios' TQ Jefferson: VR has arrived
    4. NetEase takes minority stake in Liquid Swords
    5. Google Play for PC rolls out in seven new territories, including US
    6. A short guide to publishing on Amazon Appstore
    7. Niko Partners: China games market to decline for the first time in 20 years
    8. A Plague Tale: Requiem hits 1m players
    1. Frontier acquires Complex Games
    2. Live services make up nearly three-quarters of EA's business
    3. Activision Blizzard files motion to impound Albany union vote ballots
    4. Xbox changes its tone on Game Pass
    5. PSVR 2 to launch on February 22 for $550
    6. The Five Games of Tim Schafer | Podcast
    7. Certain Affinity on reaching "AAA quality on a AA scope"
    8. Former Niantic developers form new studio Bodeville
    9. Build A Rocket Boy to open Montpellier studio
    10. Unpacking has sold one million copies
    1. SIDE to open new Paris studio in 2023
    2. FIFA 23 pushes EA to slight sales growth
    3. Embracer closing former Square Enix Montreal studio and QA team
    4. Splitgate creator picks up anti-cheat developer EQU8
    5. Wildlife launches 8-Bit Bandits with Crash Bandicoot mobile vets
    6. How developers can secure investment with a recession looming?
    7. Gamergate was a test and the industry failed | Opinion
    8. Modern Warfare 2 marks biggest opening weekend for Call of Duty at $800m
    9. Sam Barlow's guide to making narrative games
    10. Epic Games investigating contractor accused of using access for profit
    11. PlayStation H1 revenues rise to $8.8bn
    12. Netflix acquires Spry Fox as sixth internal studio