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March 2013 Archive

    1. YouTube expands in-game streaming service for devs
    2. Epic showcases brand-new UE4 demo, plus Elemental on PS4
    3. Digital game sales growing 33%
    4. Want more women in games? Start with girls
    5. Ouya: Room in the market alongside PS4, next Xbox
    6. Brathwaite resigns from IGDA Women in Games SIG
    7. Torsten Reil: "We can create a world-leading games economy in the UK"
    8. Talking Shop: Writer
    1. EA Spouse says EA doesn't get enough credit
    2. Food, firing, and freedom
    3. Total War goes free-to-play with Arena
    4. Another Place reveals Rag Doll Kung-Fu for iOS
    5. GameStop: Wii U sales “disappointing” but PS4 purchase intent "strong"
    6. Troubled Square Enix needs a fresh start
    7. GameStop loses $270m in fiscal 2012
    8. PC software hit record $20b revenue in 2012
    9. Bioware: Female characters will follow commercial success
    10. Mozilla and Epic bring Unreal Engine 3 to the browser
    11. New company president for Shanda Games
    12. Big Fish Games earned $220m in 2012
    13. Paradox Interactive expands into digital book market
    14. Harmonix strikes deal with VC firm for three new projects
    15. Metacritic debunks score weighting report
    16. Emulator expert Robert Broglia bringing entire catalogue to Ouya
    17. #1ReasonToBe panel shows female devs still struggling for equality
    18. Journey sweeps GDC Awards
    19. Cart Life wins Grand Prize at Independent Game Festival
    20. PlayStation 4 promises a “simple” experience for developers and players
    1. Gaming's public image problem
    2. Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes are Metal Gear Solid V
    3. EA: "DRM is a failed dead-end strategy"
    4. Luigi's Mansion sneaks into first place in Japan
    5. Crystal Dynamics, Visceral vets form Space Dust Studios
    6. Cerny: We didn't want PS4 to be a puzzle
    7. now has 50 million daily players
    8. Havok launches Project Anarchy 3D mobile engine
    9. Single-player IP will cause problems for Square Enix
    10. Mitch Lasky points to consoles as biggest risk for EA
    11. Over 100 developers made over $1m on Facebook last year
    12. Battlefield 4 officially revealed
    13. There's still big money in paid apps
    14. Diversity means dollars
    1. World of Tanks takes the battle to mobile
    2. Plants vs. Zombies Adventures brings franchise to Facebook
    3. Talking Shop: Freelance Composer
    4. Bushnell: Mobile games are over
    5. UK publisher reveals Minecraft books
    6. Zeptolab: We don't want to release 10 or 20 titles a year
    7. Sony sees developer meetings "like a focus test"
    8. Top mobile games have new competition
    9. SoftBank acquires majority stake in GungHo Entertainment
    10. Crytek and LG Electronics join Gamescom board
    11. Yoichi Wada steps down as Square Enix CEO
    12. New corporate vice president for Microsoft
    13. Square Enix revises full-year forecast, expects major losses
    14. Overkill denounces sexist Payday video
    15. Zynga snares finance VP, loses CIO
    16. The industry needs writers earlier in development process
    17. PlayStation Pub Fund devs: "We're living and dying by our own sword"
    18. Games need to learn what to borrow from other media
    19. So you want to launch a Kickstarter
    1. Challenges in China have an upside
    2. How ethical design can be a money-maker
    3. Game retailers most effective at carding minors
    4. Talking Shop: UX/UI Designer
    5. Critical Consensus: Bioshock Infinite
    6. Ubisoft: "There will always be an appetite for more beautiful games"
    7. Mind Candy and Sumo Digital partner for 3DS game
    8. Demise of single-player games overstated, says Dishonored dev
    9. American McGee: PlayStation 4 is "meh"
    10. Gears Of War: Judgment is UK's #1
    11. New partnership for Gamer Network and Replay Events
    12. Compression company Tangentix raises $2.1m
    13. Quantic Dream won't chase profits with multi-platform
    14. Xbox: The ability to sell our console is critical
    15. ITC judge clears Xbox in Google patent dispute
    16. 2000 jobs saved as Blockbuster UK sold
    17. Review Embargoes: The Subtle Straitjacket
    18. Blizzard building "more experimental" titles with Hearthstone
    1. Elder Scrolls IP is “first step” in Online reaching consumers
    2. Saints Row IV is the series' “logical conclusion”
    1. makes Facebook optional
    2. One-third of all Vita games sold digitally
    3. Warner Bros. opens SF free-to-play studio
    4. UK retailer HMV slashes Wii U Premium to £199
    5. Blizzard takes Warcraft to iPad with new free-to-play card game
    6. Brian Fargo calls publisher pitches "absurd"
    7. Kongregate: Free-to-play games should last for "decades"
    8. Kickstarter game funding at $108 million
    9. Alex Wiltshire steps down from Edge magazine
    10. The Dungeon Master's Guide to Startups
    11. Danny Bilson to deliver closing keynote at GameHorizon 2013
    12. BioShock Infinite: $100m to develop, $100m to market
    13. Unity moves to PlayStation 4, Vita, PS mobile and Sony cloud
    14. Why EA Will Stay On Riccitiello's Course
    15. Tencent paid $330m for 40% share in Epic Games
    1. Smartphones now seen as "equal" to consoles as preferred gaming platform
    2. Yapp joins Gaikai
    3. Heart Of The Swarm sells 1.1m in 2 days
    4. Apple removes Sweatshop HD from App Store
    5. Clones are a "net positive," says Doodle Jump exec
    6. Quantic Dream: PS4 will let us express ourselves in a more straightforward way
    7. PopCap exec leaves for Tilting Point
    8. Entitled Gamers, Corrupt Press, and Greedy Publishers
    9. New hires for Curve's publishing department
    10. OnLive chairman: "I've had the opposite of buyer's remorse"
    11. Sony platforms dominate software sales in Japan
    12. Distinctive Games wins Power-Up Windows 8 competition
    13. Pratchett: Nobody talks about how well Nathan Drake represents men
    14. Tomorrow Corporation: "We're fairly neurotic people"
    15. Tencent's full-year profit growth offset by rising costs
    16. Four Door Lemon: From Hired Gun to Full Indie
    17. The Medium And The Message
    18. Human Head devs become the new Grimm Bros
    19. Club Penguin execs form new digital studio
    20. Valve kicks off Steam Early Access
    1. Developer takes aim at gun control debate
    2. Tickets on sale for GamesAid comedy night
    3. UK games tax relief delayed
    4. TERA crosses 1.4 million after F2P switch
    5. Garriott: "Most designers really just suck"
    6. Introversion: Selling alphas "the way forward for indie devs"
    7. Tapjoy hires Geeknet Media vet as CPO
    8. Stainless secures $3.5m for next-gen Carmageddon: Reincarnation
    9. Kabam appoints new head of worldwide business development
    10. Nonstop Games raises $2.9m for mobile development
    11. Digital Capital invests $5m in Dream Weddings game
    12. Samsung: Treat mobile as "first screen" or risk failure
    13. "High-profile" XBL accounts of MS employees targeted by hackers
    14. Smartphone chips chief leaves ARM
    15. Apple hires former Adobe CTO
    16. EA stock plummets as markets reassess Riccitiello departure
    17. Bastion developer teases Transistor for PAX East
    1. GameStick dev kits shipping later this month
    2. Ex-EA execs weigh in on CEO transition
    3. Mind Candy names new HR head
    4. Riccitiello: "10 years from now he'll be hailed as a pioneer"
    5. EA Origin security flaw exposes users to hacks
    6. Jaz Rignall steps up as editorial director for USGamer
    7. Guarini's Ovosonico signs deal with Sony Computer Entertainment
    8. Richard Garriott Kickstarter hits goal
    9. LucasArts: A Publisher In Limbo
    10. EA's hot seat: Who will be the next CEO?
    11. New head of QA for InnoGames
    12. Dontnod: Publishers said you can't have a female character
    13. Riccitiello "underestimated the rot" at EA
    14. Valve adds Oculus Rift support to Team Fortress 2
    15. Peter Moore: Kotaku "reveling in self-smugness" over Riccitiello
    1. EA stock jumps after Riccitiello announcement
    2. Meat Boy dev: DRM hurts more than piracy
    3. Mobile "as difficult or more so" than boxed retail, says Frisina
    4. Bungie: Destiny's sci-fi fantasy setting "gave us this freedom"
    5. John Riccitiello out at EA
    6. SimCity sells 1.1 million in first two weeks
    7. Levine: "We aren't afraid to not know what we're doing"
    8. Pixar vets form Steel Wool Games
    9. VGVN hits 500,000 members
    10. Zynga now sees tablets "becoming the ultimate game platform"
    11. EEDAR: Strong multiplayer is key to mobile success
    12. Vlambeer: "Devs shouldn't be afraid to charge $3"
    13. Rezzed 2013 tickets go on sale
    14. Post-Mortem: Tomb Raider
    15. God Of War Ascension can't topple Lara
    16. Konami Europe reconsolidates in the UK with new HQ
    17. TIGA survey shows signs of UK recovery
    18. New CTO for Facebook
    1. Electronic Arts plans significant support for Samsung Galaxy S4
    2. EA's F2P strategy "vindicated" by Real Racing 3 performance
    3. EA defends always-online SimCity
    4. GDC Experimental Gameplay session draws star devs
    5. Galaxy S4 gets official joypad
    6. Dead Space 3 sells 605k, Crysis 3 tallies 260k
    7. EA, Sony, Sega back first QA forum
    8. Wii U sells 66,000 in February
    9. Critical Consensus: Ridiculous Fishing - A Tale of Redemption
    10. Sony Santa Monica: "We're not helping out with The Last Guardian"
    11. Initial line up announced for Krakow's Digital Dragons
    12. Mobile gaming website Modojo sees record traffic
    13. Newell: Valve business up 50% last year
    14. Tech CEOs call for reform on "outdated" immigration laws
    15. Surface sales below 1.5 million - report
    16. HD Demographics: Nuts Magazine's Rory Buckeridge
    17. Does the gaming industry work hard enough on its reputation?
    18. We're not always online; games shouldn't be either
    1. Facebook game makers: "Ignore the audience at your peril"
    2. Game sales at US retail drop 25% in February
    3. Xbox 360 tops consoles in US in February with 302,000 sold
    4. Nvidia on why it's not involved in PS4
    5. Slitherine making Warhammer 40k game
    6. Arkadium raises $5m, plans to double team
    7. Spec Ops: The Line dev picks up Unreal Engine 4
    8. EA Partners founder investing $40m in mobile developers
    9. Celebrity developers: What's in a name?
    10. New editor for GamesMaster magazine
    11. Media Molecule's Reddy named Australian Woman of the Year
    12. Applications open for Criterion Student Open Day
    13. Line's gaming platform hits 100 million downloads
    14. Green Man Gaming snaps up another HMV exec
    15. Black Ops and FIFA dominate UK retail sales in 2012
    16. Latest Mojang Mojam raises $500K
    17. Disney Infinity slips to August
    18. The First Guardian: Keith Stuart on getting games into Culture
    1. Nintendo found liable in 3D patent infringement lawsuit
    2. Ubisoft's Maniaplanet gets Twitch integration
    3. Consoles used for VOD 22 percent of the time
    4. Android boss steps down at Google
    5. Kabam gets into publishing
    6. Spearhead Games surfaces in Montreal
    7. City Interactive: PC gaming to benefit from next-gen console push
    8. Vita still #1 in Japan
    9. Mojang targets families with Minecraft Realms subs service
    10. Kinect for Windows sample code now available
    11. Fishing Joy now earning $6 million a month
    12. Xi3 Corporation clarifies Valve relationship
    13. Majesco's Q1 profits collapse as Zumba interest wanes
    14. Not the 9 O'clock News: The BBC's Dan Emery on games coverage
    15. Roundtable: City Planning: Were SimCity launch issues avoidable?
    16. Firemint developers build Loveshack Entertainment
    17. PAX East's Indie MegaBooth grows to 50 developers
    1. ESRB relaxes age gate rules
    2. Jordan Weisman: Kickstarter like a "high wire act with no net"
    3. Princeton Review names Utah, USC top game design schools
    4. Game Marketing Awards nominees announced
    5. Miyamoto: Wii U focus on second screen
    6. Zynga stock jumps on Yahoo buyout rumors
    7. Call of Duty gets microtransactions
    8. Some Sony US stores knocking $100 from 3G Vita
    9. More layoffs at struggling social company Vostu - report
    10. Asda eyes HMV - Report
    11. Not A Cloud In Sight
    12. Former GameStop VP jailed for fraud
    13. Why Blow chose PlayStation 4
    14. Sony Santa Monica removes offensive GoW achievement
    15. Behind Enemy Lines? The Mail's Ed Wilson on how it covers games
    16. Ron Gilbert bids Double Fine farewell
    17. Machinima and Ridley Scott team up for sci-fi shorts
    18. EverQuest welcomes back designer Brad McQuaid
    1. Braindex aims to "connect the dots” between gaming and entertainment
    2. Kojima sees episodic content as next-gen solution
    3. EA: SimCity woes "almost behind us"
    4. Mobile evangelist: We're not owed by Apple or Google
    5. Zynga exec backtracks on game cloning statements
    6. Will Wright takes on the audience at GameHorizon 2013
    7. Overkill shares rumours of self-published patches
    8. Piston Xi3 "Steam Box" on sale for $1000 and up
    9. Majesco threatened with Nasdaq delisting
    10. Brand new UK top 4 sees Tomb Raider emerge victorious
    11. Suda51 excited by PlayStation 4 possibilities
    12. Sony's Sir Howard Stringer to step down in June
    13. Games and Acceptance in the Mainstream Media
    1. Team Meat: No interest in new consoles
    2. Torment fastest Kickstarter to $1 million
    3. Garriott's new RPG is "the antithesis of MMOs"
    4. SimCity server woes impact global launch
    5. Ouya launch day game submissions open now
    6. Nintendo stock leaps 8% as Yen weakens, US job market improves
    7. Bigpoint promotes games chief as new CEO
    8. Anita Sarkeesian's gaming series opens with Damsel in Distress
    9. Steam Box is exciting - but don't expect it to be "Open"
    10. Mike Capps leaves advisory role at Epic Games
    11. Double Fine creating Dropchord for Leap Motion Controller
    12. Wayforward developers form Yacht Club Games
    13. Voodoo PC founder to advise Razer board
    1. EA offers, denies SimCity refunds
    2. Kixeye producer, ex-IGDA head push for developer diversity
    3. PS4 support confirmed for Unreal 4, host of middleware
    4. Games dominate January app revenue
    5. CD Projekt RED: "Independence is a crucial part of our strategy"
    6. SimCity problems persist
    7. Apple patents reveal interest in pre-owned market
    8. Video: Highlights from BAFTA Games Question Time
    9. Microsoft fined €561 million in EU anti-trust browser case
    10. Ubisoft wants a Wii U price cut
    11. New offices in Mexico, India for Square Enix
    1. Crystal Dynamics has "no plans" for more Guardian of Light
    2. Making League of Legends "more like Monday Night Football"
    3. Torment Kickstarter draws $900,000 in six hours
    4. Joe Ybarra launches new studio
    5. Gamers still prefer buying used to downloading
    6. BioShock Infinite forecast to ship 3m in March
    7. EA CFO backs off "microtransactions in all games" statement
    8. Garry's Mod has made $22m
    9. Post-Mortem: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
    10. Sam Raimi: Blizzard mismanaged Warcraft film
    11. Microsoft wants Kinect small, cheap and in laptops
    12. What the evolution of Dead Space says about EA's strategy
    13. TIGA wants tax relief for cancelled games
    14. China highlights Google smartphone dominance
    15. Microsoft's Mattrick doesn't see Valve as a competitor
    16. Newell: Steam Box customer testing in 3-4 months
    1. Dishonored takes top honors at BAFTAs
    2. Acquiring mobile game players: “It's not getting any easier”
    3. EMA names Mark Fisher new president and CEO
    4. inXile crowdfunding Planescape: Torment follow-up
    5. Live: British Academy Game Awards 2013
    6. SimCity servers struggle with launch
    7. Dead Space 4 cancelled as series sales decline - report
    8. Quirkat opening London development studio
    9. DDM acquires Green Hill's biz dev team
    10. Trion producer joins Zynga
    11. 38 Studios' Schilling wants fraud lawsuit dismissed
    12. BioWare San Francisco shuttered
    13. PlayStation Vita sales quadruple in Japan
    1. Tom Hall: Games need to be "democratized like MP3s"
    2. Aliens: Colonial Marines co-developer cuts employees in "reinvention"
    3. The Astronauts: "We're no longer excited by mammoth-sized games"
    4. Judge slashes Apple's Samsung damages by $450m
    5. TabTale acquires Kids Games Club
    6. Crytek: "Crysis 3 on Wii U had to die"
    7. Crysis 3 retains UK number one
    8. Sony to sell DeNA shares for $440m
    9. Soren Johnson joins Stardock "at least for a while"
    10. Journey art director launches new studio
    11. Jerry Bruckheimer Games shuts down
    12. Call of Duty creator retires from Respawn Entertainment
    1. Sony's 4K movie streaming service compatible with PlayStation 4
    2. Tecmo Koei Canada shuts down
    3. PlayStation Plus to have "prominent role" in PS4
    4. Randy Pitchford on the "tug of war" between creativity and business
    5. Gamefly slashes 15% of staff in restructuring
    6. GameStop "biggest beneficiary" of concurrent PS4, next Xbox launches
    7. Logitech expects layoffs as company pivots
    8. Tickets on sale for biggest Eurogamer Expo so far
    9. Hilco wants 130 HMV stores
    10. Future launching UK's Official Pokémon Magazine
    11. Scopely counts Double Fine among early partners
    12. Eurogamer Network becomes Gamer Network following international expansion
    13. Fearing the micro-transaction future