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February 2014 Archive

    1. Minecraft movie in works at Warner Bros.
    2. British spy agency looked into tapping Kinect feeds
    3. New production and dev manager for Yogscast
    4. You are a Free Agent and That's Not Bad News
    5. 10m player milestone for Dead Frontier
    6. Sony Corp. outlines further cuts
    7. Ubi writer: Sales fears make gay protagonists unlikely
    8. Subscription-free Guild Wars 2 coming to China
    9. Payday sparks remarkable turnaround for Starbreeze
    10. Blockbuster to return to UK high street
    11. ProSiebenSat.1 acquires Aeria Games Europe
    12. Sega cuts profit forecast by 36 per cent
    13. Could Microsoft sell off the Xbox?
    1. "Free-to-play" misleading advertising in Europe
    2. US legislators single out violent game makers
    3. PopCap vets form cloud-based Fixer Studios
    4. Microsoft names 65 more ID@Xbox devs
    5. Hundreds of Wii, DS games losing online play
    6. Game Jam returns to EGX Rezzed
    7. Twitch is live streaming partner for EGX events
    8. Braben: "A lot of confidence and a little bit of cash"
    9. Developers can now set their own Steam sales
    10. Mob Wives star sues Rockstar
    11. Knack beats Yakuza to Japanese number one
    12. Master Of Horror: Dan Pinchbeck
    1. MMORPGs: Time to level up
    2. .15% of mobile gamers make up 50% of in-app revenue - Survey
    3. Unite 2014 to be held in Seattle
    4. Trip Hawkins's If You Can raises $6.5m
    5. Remode to close next month
    6. GSN acquires Bash Gaming
    7. Call of Duty Elite shutdown on Friday
    8. Abertay students working on FuturLab prototypes
    9. Minecraft hits 100m registered users
    10. Zynga IPO lawsuit dismissed
    11. Molyneux: "Fable III was a trainwreck"
    12. Back to Bed devs form Bedtime Digital
    1. Layoffs at Sony Santa Monica
    2. King drops Candy trademark in US
    3. Why aren't more Japanese developers crowdfunding?
    4. Twitch broadcasting comes to Xbox One
    5. Critical Consensus: Thief struggles with its ancestry
    6. SuperAwesome hires Stardoll's McCreath
    7. PlayStation 4 sells 320k in Japan
    8. Microsoft appoints Stephen Elop to head Xbox
    1. Cracking the code on eSports
    2. Fries: Publishers created a void that indies stepped into
    3. UK Price cut confirmed for Xbox One
    4. Dean Hall leaving Bohemia and DayZ
    5. Bigpoint hires Craig Scott as lead designer
    6. Titanfall beta gets 2 million players
    7. The LEGO Movie Videogame stays UK #1
    8. B.U.G.S. program to launch tonight at BAFTA
    9. Garry's Mod has made $30 million
    10. Gearbox starts legal action against 3D Realms
    11. Oculus Rift production halted
    12. Pick a card, any card
    1. Amazon's console dreams
    2. Schafer: How to stay afloat in "a pool of Internet Twitter hate"
    3. Starbound dev: We're a bunch of nerds
    4. Abertay University now home to largest teaching lab in Europe
    5. Jagex appoints new vice president of communications
    6. Majesco seeks reverse stock split
    7. King's IPO is no Royal Flush
    8. EA: Digital revenues to overtake physical in two years
    1. 36% of US plays downloaded games - NPD
    2. Phoenix Online launches new publishing label
    3. Kongregate names Emily Greer CEO
    4. BioShock franchise prospects "hurt for the long term"
    5. Nintendo wins 3DS patent dispute
    6. Five tips for breaking into the industry
    7. Asiasoft buys 70 per cent stake in Level Up!
    8. Kabam to open Seoul office
    9. Fire Hose Games offers desks and support to Irrational staff
    10. Games wanted for BAFTA showcase
    11. Bithell: "Male heroes should no longer be the default"
    12. Donkey Kong Wii U beaten to Japanese number one
    1. Indie is the new punk - Vlambeer
    2. Press Play: Selling up and staying indie
    3. Eutechnyx confirms 12 jobs cut
    1. NBA execs on the power of video games
    2. "I'll never make another disc-based game" - Bleszinski
    3. IGDA criticizes King's "predatory" trademark tactics
    4. Irrational Games to be dissolved
    5. Gaming vets dish out career advice
    6. UKIE and Nesta launching UK mentoring scheme
    7. 1-in-5 devs working on PS4 - GDC survey
    8. King files for $500m IPO on NYSE
    9. It's Easy Being Green
    10. PlayStation 4 sells 5.3 million
    11. Keywords acquires Babel Media for £5 million
    12. Sega to split Index Corporation
    13. David Cage to receive French honour
    1. Flappy Bird: What lessons can be learned?
    2. Apple and Google reject titles similar to Flappy Bird
    3. New MD for MCV publisher
    4. Skylanders brand now has 175 licensees
    5. The LEGO Movie Videogame is UK #1
    6. Kickstarter hacked, credit card details safe
    7. Pitchford: I'm not going to f*** around with you like Valve
    8. Michael Schade: "We're f***ing rockstars"
    1. Nintendo expands free-to-play efforts
    2. Major League Gaming enters Brazil
    3. Gone Home dev deals with "reality of online market"
    4. Future appoints Joel Gregory as GamesMaster editor
    5. EA to close Lord of Ultima
    6. New Nexon CEO eyes North American acquisitions
    7. Announcing the GamesIndustry Innovation Awards
    8. New VP of brand marketing for King
    9. NCsoft annual profits up 3% to $150m
    10. Exient: From ports to harbours
    11. Kinect and GamePad are both deadweights
    1. PS4, Xbox One sales can't offset software declines in January - NPD
    2. Microsoft losing Xbox European head
    3. NPD: Publishers have overcome the "fear and trepidation" on digital data
    4. Future sees digital growth in 2013, but print shrinks further
    5. UKTI and TIGA offer Nordic Games Conference grants
    6. Dragon Quest Monsters 2 top of Japanese charts
    7. Owen Mahoney becomes new Nexon CEO as revenues rise 43%
    8. Job cuts at Turbine, Inc
    9. Microsoft confirms Holtman departure
    10. Netease posts FY2013 profit of $734.1m
    1. King accused of more trademark trolling
    2. Sony: "We really have to keep PS3 alive"
    3. Tech wars and talent shortages
    4. CCP, OnLive and Dlala Studios join GameHorizon line up
    5. Supercell reports GAAP revenues of $689m
    6. "Retention is not the same as happiness"
    7. Team 17 wins Great British Game Jam 2014
    8. BAFTA Games Awards nominees announced
    1. Games still present "a compelling investment opportunity" - Wedbush
    2. US spent $15.39 billion on games in 2013 - NPD
    3. Anita Sarkeesian, Riot Games cofounders receiving GDC Awards
    4. Clash of Clans daily revenue at $5.15 million - Hacker
    5. 48% of Vita game sales are digital
    6. PS4, Xbox One will both reach 100m units - DFC
    7. Turtle Rock: Working with Valve was kind of crazy
    8. Rodeo Games snaps up Unreal Engine 4 license
    9. Nguyen: Flappy Bird became an addictive product
    10. PopCap's Todd English joins GameDuell
    11. Molyneux: EA's Dungeon Keeper "crucifies my patience"
    12. Rust hits 1 million sales milestone
    1. Sony confirms PS Vita slim for US
    2. Bridging the console/tablet gap
    3. Ubisoft teams with Sony to make Rabbids film
    4. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag ships 10m as Ubi's Q3 sales dip 35%
    5. EA filtering out less than 5-star reviews of Dungeon Keeper on Android
    6. Game sales to dip 20% in January on current-gen weakness - Wedbush
    7. becomes Twitch Interactive
    8. FIFA 14 is UK #1 again
    9. Flappy Bird withdrawn from sale
    10. To Infinity and Beyond
    1. BAFTA Games Awards 2.0
    2. Stoic proceeding with The Banner Saga 2
    3. Gone Home sells 250K
    4. PC and digital now driving forces for Sega
    5. Capcom's mobile revenue falls 40 per cent
    6. Chris Remo leaves Double Fine
    7. EA's Dungeon Keeper is a real torture
    8. The Last of Us sweeps DICE Awards
    9. Activision expects Destiny to be best-selling new IP ever
    10. Activision sales slip in "transformational" year
    1. Oculus: VR "one of the most important technologies in the history of mankind”
    2. Games shouldn't be judged on sales - Inafune
    3. Cerny, Jarvis see a continued gaming "renaissance"
    4. Moshi TV's Brad Schultz heads up new Dubit office
    5. BAFTA launches new Inside Games showcase
    6. DeNA revenue and profits continue slide in Q3
    7. Creative Assembly's Talented Miss Ripley
    8. Line hits $70m game revenue in Q4
    9. Imran Yusuf is first GamesAid patron
    10. Witcher devs join 11 Bit Studios
    11. Twitch beats Facebook, Amazon in U.S. online traffic
    12. Team Lumo launches new micro-studio Lumo Developments
    13. PS4 boosts SCE op. profit 290 per cent in Q3
    14. Konami game revenues drop by 11%, operating income by 62%
    15. New Mobile Suit Gundam tops Japanese chart
    16. TIGA's Open Letter to the Chancellor, George Osborne
    17. Infinity leads Disney upswing as Iger confirms sequel
    18. Amazon acquires Double Helix
    19. Take-Two plays the waiting game with mobile
    20. Unknown creators need to be "more indie than indie" - Gaynor
    21. Oculus to co-publish EVE: Valkyrie
    1. The Saga of Ed Fries
    2. Insomniac's keys to success: Trust and Ballz
    3. Devs need to give back - Vlambeer
    4. Games still seen as "social ill" but there's opportunity in education - Hawkins
    5. Linden Lab appoints new CEO
    6. Square-Enix sales remain flat, but company back into black
    7. New creative director at Zindagi Games
    8. Avalanche founder: AAA business is unhealthy
    9. Ubisoft launches graduate programme
    10. Carmack: I left id because I couldn't work on VR
    1. Rockstar Games joins AIAS Hall Of Fame
    2. Microsoft names Satya Nadella as new CEO
    3. Cancer Research UK launches Play to Cure
    4. Watch Dogs trademark abandonment was fraudulent
    5. Codemasters Humble Sale raises $1 million
    1. Zynga vets form Boss Fight Entertainment
    2. GTA V tops 32m shipped as Take-Two's Q3 profits hit $578m
    3. Ubisoft Montreal veterans form PIXYUL studios
    4. Zynga feeling the Euphoria
    5. Nintendo's Yamauchi family has "desire to sell" shares
    6. Ankama: Transmedia is in our DNA
    7. Team17, Bossa Studios and Future Games join forces for Great British Game Jam
    8. The Last Of Us scores Writers Guild Award
    9. Lara Croft takes UK number 1
    10. Keyboards, Kickstarter and Copyright Law: Elite Systems under fire
    11. Minecraft has now sold 14 million on PC
    12. EA's Ghost Games in consultation period