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November 2013 Archive

    1. Rune Factory dev files for bankruptcy
    2. Sony: "£350 is not considered huge any more"
    3. Is this the start of the Paymium generation?
    4. What Price Victory: The Rising Cost of Console Gaming
    1. In Pictures: Sony's PlayStation 4 Launches in London
    2. 505 Games: Ashes Cricket 2013 "failed to deliver"
    3. Lead systems designer departs Blizzard
    1. Google Glass could have iPhone-like impact on gaming
    2. Lightning Returns takes Japanese #1
    3. How PS4 and Xbox One Will Yield Better Creativity
    4. Fallout: New Vegas writer joins Guerrilla Games
    5. O2 selling PlayStation 4 and Xperia bundles
    6. King opens new Berlin office
    7. Double Fine reacquires Costume Quest and Stacking rights
    1. Xbox One costs $471 to make - Report
    2. iOS cost per install to exceed $7 over holidays
    3. Hide & Seek shutting down
    4. Roundtable: What Will Be This Generation's Biggest Disruption?
    5. Square Enix seeking "formula that works" for Latin America
    6. Grab a ticket for the GamesAid King of Kong screening
    7. Take-Two buys out Icahn for $203.5m
    8. Perfect World gains in Q3 revenue and profits
    9. Relentless: "We have gone through profound change"
    10. Microsoft explains Halo launch absence
    11. Skylanders Giants wins BAFTA
    12. UK devs concerned over Cultural Test for tax breaks
    13. Valve launches Steam Reviews beta
    1. Console stock and Tinie Tempah on offer at UK PS4 launch
    2. Metanet's minimalist approach goes beyond art
    3. The Generation Gap
    4. FIFA Manager series cancelled
    5. Blizzard dev apologises for attitude to over-sexualised characters
    6. 10 years of Child's Play raises over $20 million
    7. UK Xbox One first week sales double Xbox 360
    8. Corrinne Yu swaps Halo for PS4
    9. Apple confirms acquisition of Kinect maker PrimeSense
    1. Xbox One sells through 1m units worldwide on day one
    1. John Carmack resigns from id Software
    2. Microsoft to sever all ties with KSI
    3. Sony looks to make $250m entertainment cuts
    4. Kabam COO to step down this year
    5. Blinking Lights of Death Herald The Next Gen
    6. NPD Group: $3.45 billion spent on games in Q3 2013
    1. Xbox servers temporarily down on eve of Xbox One launch
    2. Xbox One at Best Buy: "We feel very good about the supply"
    3. GameStop still has 2.3 million people waiting for next-gen
    4. Microsoft: We're working unbelievably hard to match demand
    5. OpenFeint founder raises $8.2m for MOBA title
    6. NCAA sues EA over settlement with former players
    7. GTA V, 2DS drive big numbers for GameStop
    8. Wii U to see lifetime sales of 25m or less - DFC
    9. Crytek's Ryse: Son of Rome bores reviewers
    10. Ninja Theory: Xbox One chose "completely the wrong direction"
    11. Insomniac Games teams up with Starlight Children's Foundation
    12. Kixeye opens customer support office in Portland
    13. Xbox One launch live from London and New York
    14. EA: Facebook is a "lifeline" for Battlefield 4 promotion
    1. Xbox One pad cost $100 million in R&D - Microsoft
    2. Sony revises PS4 defect rate
    3. The Next Generation Race is a Marathon, Not a Sprint
    4. Call of Duty best-selling PS4 game so far - Activision
    5. Xbox One Source promotion misleads, misfires
    6. Why can't anyone launch an online service without outages?
    7. iPhone gets its first officially licensed controller
    8. PS Vita TV scores #3 on Japanese charts
    9. Tesco stores offering Xbox One first come, first served
    10. Respawn Entertainment teams up with K'NEX
    11. EA claims one in three PS4 launch titles
    1. Sony promises "good supply" of PS4 at retail this holiday season
    2. Xbox One Twitch streaming coming in 2014
    3. Sony nearly breaking even on PS4 hardware - Report
    4. Xbox One, PS4 mark a "watershed event" for digital
    5. PS4 biggest launch in Canadian gaming history, says Sony
    6. Dates set for re-branded Eurogamer events
    7. Sony to make $100m in cuts - report
    8. Oculus and Unity to speak at Steam Developer Days
    1. Charles Bellfield passes away
    2. Ubisoft explains why launch games underwhelm
    3. Life getting harder for indies
    4. Ziff Davis launches IGN Africa
    5. Ex-gen: PS3 and Xbox 360's highs and lows over 8 years
    6. Blockbuster UK closing 72 stores
    7. Exclusive games decide console purchase for UK consumers
    8. Call of Duty holds on to UK number one
    9. Sony's Koller: PS4 reminds me a lot of the PS2 launch
    10. Raspberry Pi reaches 2 million sold
    11. GungHo considers moving HQ to Finland
    12. Suda51: What matters is the game, not the platform
    13. PlayStation 4 US sales cross 1 million units in 24 hours
    1. EA blames PS4 game crashes on Sony
    2. Minecraft annual beats One Direction in book charts
    3. Downloadable Xbox One games to have full 1000 gamerscore
    4. Candy Crush Saga hits half a billion downloads
    5. PSN having outages as new PS4 owners log on
    6. TinyCo secures $20m funding
    7. Nintendo stock rises after mobile investment
    8. In defence of data-driven design
    9. New Uncharted game coming to PlayStation 4
    1. GTA V, Pokemon keep software sales growing in October
    2. Sony's Jack Tretton downplays idea of "the last console generation"
    3. PS4 defects are isolated incidents, says Sony
    4. PS4 beating Xbox One on purchase interest worldwide
    5. Roundtable: The Games That Defined This Generation
    6. CastAR's narrow window of opportunity
    7. PS4 Launch Live from New York, San Francisco and Toronto
    8. Once More, With Feeling: The Ongoing Quest for Emotional Games
    9. Nokia Growth Partners makes $6m investment in MAG Interactive
    10. Battlefield 4 conquers Japan
    11. PS4: "The beginning of a new era of PlayStation"
    12. PlayStation 4 interest ahead in survey, Wii U trailing behind
    1. Nintendo Network and Miiverse coming to 3DS
    2. Sony launching PlayStation 4 with New York event
    3. Splinter Cell: Blacklist sells 2 million
    4. PS4 launch exclusives largely underwhelm reviewers
    5. Helsinki: Picking the Right Acorns
    6. Team 17 returns to third-party publishing
    7. Xbox One and PS4 "too limited" for Oculus Rift creator
    8. Amazon begins selling PSN content and credit
    9. Octodad dev: People won't take you seriously until you're on console
    10. Gamevil posts record overseas sales, turning profit of $1.7m
    11. PlayStation Plus has seen "significant growth" says Sony
    12. Candy Crush's recipe for success
    1. Battlefield's big competitor no longer Call of Duty
    2. Ubisoft posts half-year sales of €293m, net loss of €62.1m
    3. Publishers convinced by Kickstarter, says Avellone
    4. Sony donates ¥15m to Philippines typhoon relief
    5. Record Student Competition entries for IGF
    6. Charity SpecialEffect launches gaming marathon
    7. Humble Bundle extends offering with permanent online store
    8. Devs shouldn't dismiss complainers despite what metrics say
    1. The Massive Nintendo Paradigm Shift
    2. Which next-gen features matter?
    3. Disney consolidating games business, John Pleasants out
    4. Devs can't "create magic" with a spreadsheet in front of them
    5. Warren Spector named director of Denius-Sams Gaming Academy
    6. BioWare co-founder: "It's easier to be a half-assed or outright bad leader"
    7. Can PS4 and Xbox One save console gaming?
    8. Third of console game spend will be digital by 2017
    9. Square Enix: 'Games as a service' doesn't resonate with players
    10. Brasil Game Show attracts over 150,000 visitors
    11. Gamestick delayed again, this time until November 15
    12. Call of Duty tops list of familiar names in UK chart
    13. A Civilized Man: Soren Johnson's Life After Zynga
    1. Moshi Monsters publisher: US is "definitely a focus"
    1. World of Warcraft's next expansion is Warlords of Draenor
    2. GDC Next and App Developers Conference brings in 4,000 attendees
    3. Microsoft CEO candidate would consider selling Xbox
    4. Xbox One won't play games on day one without mandatory update
    5. Netflix, Lovefilm, Twitch confirmed as launch apps for Xbox One
    6. Growth in Japan and Korea leads to strong Q3 for Nexon
    7. London Games Conference: Get your discount code here
    8. $12 million raised for educational app studio TabTale
    9. Sony Corp. appoints new chief strategy officer
    10. The difference between a crash and an explosion
    1. Puzzle & Dragons passes 2 million downloads in North America
    2. Disney Infinity tops 1 million starter packs sold
    3. Huge Xbox losses hidden by patent royalties, says analyst
    4. SuperAwesome network outpacing online virtual worlds
    5. Call of Duty: No, it's not "review proof"
    6. Next-gen consoles don't offer "anything that new" - Kixeye CEO
    7. Don't think of going indie as romantic, says Outlast dev
    8. CEO joins Bigpoint board
    9. Blockbuster U.S. leaves physical retail, 2800 jobs lost
    1. PS4, Xbox One prices could be cut sooner in cycle, says Activision
    2. Activision quarterly sales drop 18%
    3. Microsoft: We should have been building something like Steam
    4. Xbox One will last "conservatively 10 years" says Microsoft
    5. Wii U sees Japanese chart boost
    6. Call of Duty: Ghosts sales pass $1 billion worldwide
    7. Nintendo: No financial incentives for third-party Wii U support
    8. Square Enix back in the black as a new era dawns
    9. Extra Life fundraising total hits $3.8m
    10. Microsoft narrows CEO search to four candidates
    11. Alpha of Prison Architect raises almost $8m in sales
    12. Rovio execs raise $2.35m for new casual dev
    13. Civilization devs form Mohawk Games
    14. PlayStation 3 passes 80 million sales
    15. Call of Duty franchise is "review-proof"
    16. Square Enix tries cloud gaming with Project Flare
    1. Wargaming funds mobile studio in Seattle
    2. Foxconn developing mobile games
    3. Need for Speed shifts to EA Sports leadership
    4. Square Enix raises outlook thanks to FFXIV: A Realm Reborn
    5. Ubisoft Montreal: Convincing a AAA studio to try "indie" games
    6. Xbox One to provide ID@Xbox devs with free Unity kit
    7. Simogo on course to double revenue in 2013
    8. EA Phenomic veterans form Envision Entertainment
    9. Trials and Error: How RedLynx is Building a Hardcore Brand
    10. Critical Consensus: Call of Duty is treading water with Ghosts
    11. No Valve exclusives on SteamOS
    12. MediaSpike raises $5.2m for in-game product placement
    1. Gameloft posts record third-quarter sales of $83.4 million
    2. Twitch and Machinima partner up for content
    3. Wii mini headed to US
    4. Sparking a generation of game designers
    5. PlayStation Access moves to Yogscast
    6. EA: "We don't want to be viewed as the worst company in America"
    7. Escaping The Shooter Mold: How Oxide Plans to Revive The RTS
    8. Blizzard, Riot vet founds Octopus 8 Studios
    9. Peggle 2 no longer available at Xbox One launch
    10. God of War: Ascension director quits Sony Santa Monica
    11. Black Flag beats Battlefield 4 to top of UK charts
    12. Zynga triumphs in Scramble With Friends lawsuit
    1. Google Play has half the revenue of App Store with more downloads
    1. Minecraft adding Twitch broadcasting soon
    1. People Can Fly renamed Epic Poland
    2. Dead Rising 3 projected to sell 1.2 million
    3. Extra Life to raise money for children's hospitals this Saturday
    4. Mobile evolution will make today's market irrelevant
    5. SpecialEffect extends race places following overwhelming demand
    6. Nintendo disables Swapnote/Letter Box over "offensive material"
    7. Ubisoft drops Uplay Passport from future games
    8. Xbox One, PS4 and the elusive dream of "good enough"