May 2020 Archive

    1. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition takes No.1 | UK Charts
    1. Bandai Namco cancels support for physical 2020 World Tour events
    2. Sonic the Hedgehog movie getting a sequel
    3. Sony's Jim Ryan: “We are going to launch PS5 this holiday and we're going to launch globally"
    4. PlayStation 5 games to be revealed on June 4th
    5. SockMonkey Studios wins GamesIndustry.quiz
    6. CS:GO tournament victors banned for cheating
    7. Denuvo security software removed from Doom Eternal and Metro Exodus
    8. Tips for pitching your game from the Investment Summit
    9. Dontnod Entertainment opens new Canadian studio
    10. Gaming's lost boys embrace their inner censor | Opinion
    11. Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz to step down
    1. The Witcher series surpasses 50m units sold
    2. If GTA5 keeps selling, would Take-Two wait to launch GTA6?
    3. EA renews NFL, NFLPA deal
    4. How is the pandemic changing games investment? | Investment Summit Online
    5. Indie publishing is dead - a talk by an indie publisher | Investment Summit Online
    6. Is your indie game viable? How to research the market | Investment Summit Online
    7. How to pitch your game | Investment Summit Online
    8. Successfully relaunching your Kickstarter campaign | Investment Summit Online
    9. Mobile gaming sees record weekly downloads amid COVID-19 lockdown
    10. Avakin Life reaches 1.4m daily active users
    11. By the numbers: Xsolla Funding Club | Investment Summit Online
    12. David Braben: "Physical games will go away in two to three years"
    13. HTC co-founder reveals new VR headset and social platform
    14. Xbox Series X backwards compatibility will double frame rate of some games
    15. LEGO Ventures: Digital play beyond the brick | Investment Summit Online
    16. How to get your game funded | Investment Summit Online
    17. Angel Investment: Are you investor-ready? | Investment Summit Online
    18. Nvidia launches opt-in process for GeForce Now
    19. Exit Strategy: Being acquired or selling your studio | Investment Summit Online
    20. African mobile startup Carry1st raises $2.5m
    21. Opportunities with ID@Xbox | Investment Summit Online
    22. New Frontiers: From self-published to third-party publisher | Investment Summit Online
    23. UK boxed games market delivers strongest April in five years
    24. The Investment Summit Online starts today -- watch it here
    1. A beginner's guide to performance capture by Epic Games
    2. BAFTA Breakthrough opens applications for UK and the US
    3. Slovakian games industry has nearly doubled in size since 2016
    4. How does a hit like Katana Zero change things for a creator?
    5. Xbox boosts responsible gaming strategy with Family Settings app
    6. Twitch signs three more exclusivity deals with top streamers
    7. Minecraft Dungeons | Critical Consensus
    8. Little Nightmares surpasses 2m units sold
    9. COVID-19: BlizzCon 2020 cancelled
    1. Analyst speculates on Grand Theft Auto release from Take-Two marketing spike
    2. League of Legends putting ads on the playfield
    3. Why games firms are ready to go back to the office | Podcast
    4. Spanish game devs to benefit from €20m in government finance
    5. Esports merchandise firm We Are Nations launches Nations Ventures
    6. The Last of Us Part 2 reportedly banned in the Middle East
    7. Don't believe the hype: a basic guide to engaging with your players
    8. EA and NFL to extend partnership until 2025
    9. Tencent takes 20% stake in Marvelous for $65m
    10. Why it took five years to build Lego Super Mario
    11. UK Charts: Maneater debuts at No.6 as Nintendo dominates
    1. Seven Deadly Sins push Netmarble Q1 revenues up
    2. Dread X Collection: Evoking Kojima's PT in context, not content
    1. Gamestream raises €3.5m to build up B2B cloud gaming technology
    2. Summer Game Fest partners with Day of the Devs for digital indie showcases
    3. Animal Crossing: New Horizons sold 3.6m digital units in April
    4. Manchester United sues Sega over Football Manager trademark use
    5. IGDA forms Indie Collective Special Interest Group
    6. IGDA: “We're not looking to call people out -- we're looking to improve the industry”
    7. NPD: US console sales in April up 163% to $420m
    8. Naughty Dog tests new Twitter feature to limit The Last of Us Part 2 spoilers
    9. How the Dauntless community taught Phoenix Labs about trust
    10. Magic Leap raises $350m after mass layoffs
    11. Tencent, Epic Games and Ustwo to speak at first online Nordic Game Conference
    12. Don't expect huge change in the post-COVID industry | Opinion
    1. PlatinumGames dispels rumors that Microsoft is buying it
    2. CD Projekt's market cap rivals Ubisoft -- but not for much longer | Opinion
    3. One week until our free online Investment Summit
    4. Italian government approves €4m fund for games developers
    5. Italian B2B games event First Playable will be digital this year
    6. New Game+ Expo will showcase upcoming games with digital event
    7. Don't expect next-gen console launches in China anytime soon | Opinion
    8. Stadia exclusivity pushes PS4, Xbox One versions of Serious Sam 4 into 2021
    9. UK Games Fund selects 38 studios for next round of investment
    10. EA releasing source code for Command & Conquer and Red Alert
    11. Nexon CEO: COVID-19 has spotlighted gaming's importance
    12. Tencent will be "taking the System Shock franchise forward"
    13. In-game ad firm AdInMo gets $500,000 investment
    1. Take-Two plans to release 93 full titles in the next five years
    2. Take-Two sets net bookings records as Q4 digital sales jump
    3. Planet Zoo has sold over 1m copies in under six months
    4. Scott Warner to lead Tencent's new TiMi Studios location in LA
    5. Amplifier Game Invest acquires DestinyBit
    6. How to use data to make a hit video game
    7. G2A and Wube Software settle $40,000 chargeback dispute
    8. Safe in Our World launches Level Up Mental Health campaign
    9. South Korean PC gaming cafes take a hit during COVID-19 peak
    10. Embracer Group's full-year games revenue rose 31%
    11. NetEase revenues rise to $2.4bn
    12. What the Age Appropriate Design Code means for video games
    1. Kwalee opens new studio in Bangalore
    2. PlayStation Plus reaches 41.5m subscribers
    3. Amazon throws itself into the Crucible of AAA at last
    4. PlayStation Now reaches 2.2m subscribers
    5. Rewriting the playbook: The independent studios making sports work
    6. Nintendo sues Switch hack resellers in ongoing fight against Team Xecutor
    7. Dark Souls series passes 27m lifetime sales
    8. King makes Defold engine open source
    9. Connecting through The Legend of Dragoon | Why I Love
    10. More than $100m has been spent on Oculus Quest content
    1. Epic Games store integrates keyless purchasing with third-party platforms
    2. UK Charts: Animal Crossing holds No.1 in another quiet week
    3. SuperHot VR sells over 2m copies
    4. Minecraft has sold over 200m copies to date
    5. Respawn marks its ten-year anniversary with a new Vancouver studio
    6. An Epic vision of the next generation | Podcast
    7. Gamescom: "We can seize the opportunity to prove how digital events can work"
    8. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sceptical about permanent remote working
    9. Sunday Times Rich List features nine video games multi-millionaires
    10. Disney shuts down Club Penguin copy over abusive messages and "e-sex"
    11. Ubisoft sues Apple, Google over Alibaba's "near carbon copy" of Rainbow Six: Siege
    12. Anthem is being worked on by a 30-person "incubation team"
    13. How the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the mobile games market
    1. Game spending in the US reached a record quarterly high in Q1 2020
    2. Frontier, LEGO, Team17 and Xbox join Investment Summit Online speaker line-up
    3. A game developer's guide to Steam wishlists
    4. Nintendo warns of potential software delays due to remote working
    5. Epic denies disguising load times in Unreal Engine 5 demo
    6. Nintendo confirms 50% digital sales for Animal Crossing: New Horizons
    7. Get your art career questions answered in a live Q&A with Creative Assembly today
    8. Valve adds Play Next feature to Steam
    9. Free Grand Theft Auto 5 crashes Epic Games Store
    10. Humble's publishing arm rebrands as Humble Games
    11. Keywords to raise £100m for acquisition of pandemic-hit companies
    12. Sony's PS5 reveal will be all about the software | Opinion
    13. Sumo Digital acquires Lab42
    1. Fortnite surpasses $1b in lifetime spending on App Store alone
    2. Twitch unveils new Safety Advisory Council
    3. Ubisoft offers Assassin's Creed: Discovery Tour modes for free for one week
    4. Ubisoft prepares for rebound with five AAA titles planned this fiscal year
    5. Xbox co-founder J Allard heads up Intellivision
    6. EGX Berlin cancelled
    7. Mojang returns to its indie roots with Minecraft Dungeons
    8. Game of War developer Machine Zone acquired by AppLovin
    9. AccessJam announced to support Global Accessibility Awareness Day
    10. Arcades vs COVID-19: How communities can save small businesses
    11. Remedy's Control helps Digital Bros to double its revenue
    12. Epic Games confirms Fortnite as launch title for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
    13. Top mobile trends (and some surprises) during COVID-19 lockdown
    14. Tencent expects revenues to "normalise" after strong Q1
    1. Scavengers Studio to cease development on Darwin Project
    2. Twitch viewers watched 334m hours of Valorant in April
    3. Playrix sees best month ever as Gardenscapes lifetime revenue nears $2b
    4. Nexon's Q1 takes a hit from closure of PC gaming cafes in China
    5. Epic's next-gen bid to knock down the walled garden
    6. Epic Games announces Unreal Engine 5 with first PS5 footage
    7. Why localisation is a vital part of games writing
    8. Maze Theory raises £1.4m for Doctor Who VR trilogy
    9. Lack of big releases sees Square Enix sales drop to $2.4bn
    10. Surge in packaged games drive Sega's full-year sales to $3.4bn
    11. Finding humanity in An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs
    12. Animal Crossing is now the best-selling Switch game of all time in Japan
    13. Fantasy sports firm Sleeper turns to esports after $20m round
    14. Sony's games business declines as new generation looms
    1. Riot Games' Social Impact Fund has raised $10m so far
    2. The Resident Evil series has sold 98m units to date
    3. Avalanche pushes in a new direction with Systemic Reaction
    4. Polystream receives $100,000 Epic MegaGrant
    5. Streaming startup Parsec raises $7m in funding
    6. PlayStation Studios brand will launch alongside PS5
    7. Growing mobile games through user acquisition
    8. Stellaris reaches 3m sales after four years
    9. ChinaJoy still taking place despite pandemic
    10. Starbreeze cuts losses to $9.9m
    11. Tokyo Game Show 2020 cancelled
    12. Star Wars Episode I: Racer delayed due to COVID-19 lockdown
    1. Sledgehammer COO: "We're ready and prepared to work this way indefinitely"
    2. Media Indie Exchange, Kinda Funny partner with publishers for June event
    3. Ubisoft announces Ubisoft Forward on July 12
    4. Meet the indie publisher that offers Diablo's creator as an executive producer
    5. Respawn leaders launch a AAA studio without an office
    6. Xbox Series X showcase redefines "gameplay" | Podcast
    7. UK Charts: Animal Crossing: New Horizons sales surge 135%
    8. PlatinumGames apologises for blank Switch codes following The Wonderful 101 delay
    9. Sony temporarily closes PlayStation Store in China
    10. Jobs roundup: Melissa Phillips hired as head of studio at Silver Rain Games
    11. Xbox "set some wrong expectations" for next-gen livestream
    12. Another round of pet pics to make your day better
    1. Rogue Games raises $2m toward expanding its publishing business
    2. GungHo's Ninjala delayed to June 24 due to COVID-19
    3. Capcom posts record profits on sharply down sales
    4. Nintendo forecasts down year amid COVID-19 uncertainty
    5. Mobile games to see the least negative impact from COVID-19
    6. Top five tips for creating an effective pitch deck
    7. VR could seize its moment -- if the big players would cooperate | Opinion
    1. Zynga COO: We could work from home forever if needed
    2. Activision Blizzard brings in betting monitoring firm to observe its esports leagues
    3. Nathan Vella joins Annapurna
    4. New IP dominates first Xbox Series X game reveals
    5. Can video games depict war responsibly?
    6. Bungie on settling into the pandemic's new normal
    7. NME launches dedicated games channel
    8. How Necrosoft's flat pay structure led to better publishing deals
    9. Watch the first footage of Xbox Series X games in today's Inside Xbox here
    10. A year of Riot's diversity and inclusivity efforts mean it now employs 1% more women
    11. Riot "can't solve society" but commits to combatting player abuse in Valorant
    12. Switch passes 55m lifetime sales in a strong year for Nintendo
    13. Animal Crossing: New Horizons hits 13.4m sales
    1. Fortnite now has over 350m registered players
    2. Zynga continues to post soaring revenues and deepening losses
    3. NBA 2K League to air live on ESPN2
    4. Slitherine introduces new indie label and fund: K-Project
    5. More than 70 publishers and investors join Investment Summit Online
    6. Are bootleg game soundtracks damaging the industry?
    7. A crash course in live service games
    8. Hong Kong will re-open arcades this week
    9. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp enjoys halo effect from New Horizons
    10. The resurrection of MicroProse and return of "Wild Bill" Stealey
    11. Multiple EA titles are headed to Nintendo Switch this year
    1. Live services drive fiscal 2020 rebound for EA
    2. Activision Blizzard bookings up 21% amid pandemic
    3. Epic updates Unreal Engine to support next-gen development
    4. Stay in the Game fund raises money for COVID-19 relief
    5. THQ Nordic and Koch Media trade IPs
    6. RektGlobal launches talent agency for esports athletes and influencers
    7. How is the pandemic impacting venture capital?
    8. MicroProse returns after two decade absence
    9. Dazzle Rocks raises $6.8m for new social sandbox game
    10. Billy Mitchell suing Twin Galaxies over disqualified Donkey Kong scores
    11. AppLovin invests in Redemption Games
    12. Creative Assembly boss: "This is not how I imagined my first month as studio director"
    1. Japanese ratings board to reopen this week
    2. Gaming viewership, playtime surged in China under lockdown
    3. Valve ends SteamVR support for Mac
    4. EA goes forward with digital event in early June
    5. PewDiePie signs exclusivity deal with YouTube
    6. Sensor Tower receives $45m investment
    7. The Podcast: Spencer, subscriptions and spoilers
    8. No time to fail: How to stop databases from damaging your game launch
    9. The "COVID bounce" in games shouldn't obscure what lies ahead | Opinion
    10. Screen Queensland announces $1m industry relief fund
    11. Half-Life: Alyx triggers surge in new VR users on Steam
    1. UK Charts: FIFA 20 reclaims No.1 from Animal Crossing: New Horizons
    1. Evo 2020 cancelled
    2. The Last of Us Part 2 leaked online
    3. Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest is his latest push to rally the industry
    4. GameStop trades in its future for insultingly low amount
    5. Roblox initiative could raise $2m for COVID-19 relief
    6. Indivisible launches on Nintendo Switch without developer's knowledge
    7. Platinum Games delays retail release of The Wonderful 101 Remastered
    8. Fortnite World Cup and Dota 2 International cancelled
    9. How big is too big for a popular game? | Opinion