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February 2015 Archive

    1. Creative England offers funds to West Midlands and South West
    2. Casey Lynch joins Square Enix
    3. Turtle Rock, Sony and Twitch collaborate on Chappie battle
    4. Humble Bundle updates Humble Widget
    5. Dota 2 impresses with super engaged player base - EEDAR
    6. Tencent makes minority investment in Robot Entertainment
    7. PlayFab raises another $7.4 million
    8. The MENA region prepares for its first developer focused conference
    9. Free-to-play hate threatens health of the industry at large
    1. Strong Q2 and new CFO for Starbreeze
    2. GameFounders accelerator launching Malaysian hub
    3. NPD now tracking mobile game and in-app purchases
    4. FCC sets net neutrality rules
    5. PopCap co-founder launches VR startup
    6. Indie devs get do-it-yourself contract creator
    7. Fuse Powered adds two new execs
    8. Ngmoco founders return to games
    9. "It's getting harder to be an indie"
    10. What's so casual about 'Casual' games?
    11. Fable goes free-to-play
    12. Top 10 digital titles generated almost twice as much revenue on PS than Xbox
    13. Minecraft has sold 500,000 on PlayStation in Japan
    1. Green Man Gaming: "Small developers have been cut adrift"
    2. Oculus VR launches Mobile VR Jam
    3. God Eater 2: Rage Burst is new #1 in Japan
    4. Can the guitar games market be resurrected?
    5. Twitch COO on eSports' growing pains
    6. "Not aggressive, not manipulative. It's a challenge we've set ourselves."
    7. PR veteran Simon Byron joins Curve Digital
    8. Massive Black gets a new president
    1. SpecialEffect's GameBlast marathon raises over £80,000
    2. Wargaming's Monroe joins Ninja Metrics
    3. Bigpoint appoints Korean GM
    4. GTA V for PC delayed again
    5. Lionsgate invests in Telltale
    6. Augmented reality facing a chicken-egg problem - Ellsworth
    7. NetEase opens new Western headquarters
    8. Crossy Road: The freemium game that really doesn't want more of your money
    9. Virtual Reality Bites
    1. Diablo gets microtransactions as Blizzard experiments
    2. Toy maker Spin Master enters toys-to-life fray
    3. Machinima cuts 13 staff, cancels Machinima Respawn
    4. SCEE president: Gamergate "absolutely horrible"
    5. Scopely appoints new general counsel
    6. Newzoo founds San Francisco office
    7. Is Sega the next Atari?
    8. The Order: 1886 is on top in the UK
    9. This is how Magic Leap actually works
    10. GDC 2015: No business like show business
    11. Heavenly Sword art director returns to Ninja Theory
    12. The Curation Question
    1. TwitchCon set for San Francisco
    2. Tri-Ace acquired by Nepro Japan
    3. Android CPI drops below iOS for first time in 12 months
    4. Creative Assembly GameJam returns to EGX Rezzed
    5. Death threats prompt PAX East exit for Brianna Wu's Giant Spacekat
    6. Machinima gets another $24 million in funding from Warner Bros.
    7. What do Exploding Kittens and Shadowrun teach us about Kickstarter?
    8. King reigns as Zynga slumps - but why?
    1. "AAA is the equivalent of the One Percent"
    2. BAFTA & UKIE Careers Bar ready for EGX Rezzed
    3. Rovio sets sights on China with Kunlun partnership
    4. Critical Consensus: Little love for The Order: 1886
    5. How movies shaped Star Citizen's success
    6. Epic courting devs with $5m fund
    7. New CEO for Spil Games
    8. Greg Zeschuk gets back into games
    9. The Stomping Land stalls again, so why is it still available on Steam?
    10. Tencent takes majority stake in Miniclip
    11. Sega Networks purchases Demiurge Studios
    1. Project Cars gets second release delay
    2. Gamer Network launches new portal
    3. Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D is new Japanese #1
    4. PS4 to outsell Xbox One by 40% through 2018 - Report
    5. Mobile needs gamers "to pay big dollars for big games" - Morris
    6. Paradox passed on World of Tanks, Banner Saga
    7. Microsoft cuts ties to Phantom Dust dev Darkside
    8. Gfinity confirms UK's first dedicated eSports arena
    9. Z2 Live vets form new mobile consultancy
    10. Sony aiming at $4.20bn profit by end of FY 2017
    11. Mortal Kombat X and "casual versus core"
    12. Firefly Games eyes Western markets following $8m funding
    1. Validation critical for developer ecosystem - Romero
    2. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate ships 3m copies
    3. Bungie appoints new Destiny loremaster
    4. Report: eSports revenues to hit $465m in 2017
    5. Smartphone sales top 1.2 billion in 2014 - Report
    6. Rebellion: "Nobody here ever bothers with Metacritic"
    7. Bethesda triggers trademark dispute over Fortress Fallout
    1. YoYo Games sells to PlayTech for $16.4 million
    2. 35-person Tag games looking to double headcount
    3. Who won 2014's battle for the headlines?
    4. Montreal gets dedicated indie co-working with GamePlay Space
    5. Get 20 per cent off Quo Vadis tickets
    6. Evolve takes UK retail #1
    7. Obama: Coding should be taught alongside the ABCs
    8. Nintendo cancels TVii for Europe
    9. Arkham Origins' creative director joins DICE Stockholm
    10. 'Tokyo Indie Fest' to launch this year
    11. Yo-Kai Watch franchise to start worldwide expansion
    1. Sony launches PlayStation Heroes charity initiative
    2. Analyst calls for Zynga to fire Mattrick
    3. PlanetSide 2 creative director resigns
    4. Apple promotes "Pay Once & Play" games
    5. "I'm really interested in getting away from the box of space marines"
    6. "They've threatened me, they've threatened my family and it just cannot go on"
    7. App Store devs report crackdown on images of guns and violence
    8. Could Godus' failure fuel a crowdfunding backlash?
    1. Hardware sales down 23%, Dying Light top for software - NPD
    2. World Of Warcraft pet raises $1.9m for Ebola
    3. King revenues up 20% for full year
    4. Zynga loses $226m in 2014, shutters Zynga China
    5. Nexon year-end revenues up 25%
    6. Ubisoft holiday sales up 56%
    7. EA must lead on digital games transparency
    8. Borders between devs, players blurring - Raymond
    9. Creative England given £8 million for regional investment
    10. Bandai Namco had a bumper week in Japan
    11. Rising costs damage Sega's nine-month results
    1. Nvidia reports record Q4 revenue
    2. Layoffs at Daybreak Game Company
    3. "Everybody thinks they're a historian" - Alcorn
    4. Women in Games: Everyone needs a hero
    5. Designing for Virtual Reality
    6. Jason Citron's Hammer & Chisel raises funding from Tencent, Benchmark
    7. Rare veterans form Playtonic Games
    8. Molyneux on Godus: "I made some horrendous mistakes"
    1. Summoners War, Ace Fishing contribute to $73m in profit for Com2uS in 2014
    2. Proletariat Inc is $6 million richer
    3. British Academy Games Awards nominees revealed
    4. Minecraft dominates YouTube gaming views - Study
    5. Are review scores pointless?
    6. Bethesda to have E3 media briefing
    7. Valve "really uncomfortable" with devs giving away game keys
    8. GungHo's full-year results suggest larger problems for mobile majors
    9. Crash Override: "Our mission is to return control to the victim"
    10. China hits Qualcomm with record $975m antitrust fine
    11. Telltale's new chapter: Minecraft and a top secret original IP
    1. BioWare cancels Shadow Realms
    2. Zelda TV series in the works at Netflix - Report
    3. What drives a review score?
    4. €10m GameOn fund stalls
    5. Sega rounds out new look marketing team
    6. Streamer 'Swatted' mid-broadcast after being doxxed
    7. Profitable quarter shows ChangYou heading in the right direction
    8. I Fight For The Users
    9. Jon Blow has gone into debt to finish The Witness
    10. Casual Connect Indie Prize winners revealed
    1. EA confirms Montreal layoffs
    2. Twitter: "We suck at dealing with abuse"
    3. SEGA Europe appoints new Director of Brand Licensing
    4. Sledgehammer Games, Bioware and Ed Fries to speak at Quo Vadis
    5. Mad Catz swings back to profit for Q3 FY2015
    6. What does "core" even mean any more?
    7. Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor (almost) sweeps 2015 DICE Awards
    1. 20m matches played in Halo 5 multiplayer beta
    2. Hearthstone and Destiny pull in $850m revenue for Activision
    3. Blizzard: "We view eSports as a community builder"
    4. Bigpoint hires new director of games operations
    5. Roblox hires new CFO and CMO
    6. Reboot Develop 2015: Managing Director Damir Durovic
    7. Jon Rooke secures new role as SEGA Europe marketing director
    8. Eurogamer completes new video team with Johnny Chiodini & Chris Bratt
    9. Develop: Brighton 2015 opens speaker submissions
    10. Registration opens for Gamelab Mobile at MWC
    1. Monolith: Shadow Of Mordor's secret sauce
    2. Glu's Q4 shows impressive growth, makes 2014 a record year
    3. Brenda Romero: A great game is about how it makes you feel
    4. Treyarch: "Call Of Duty zombies shouldn't exist"
    5. Japanese charts: Far Cry 4 sells 55,000 on PS3 and PS4
    6. Watch DICE Summit 2015 sessions here
    7. Gree posts Q2 loss of ¥7.66bn on sales of ¥24.1bn
    8. "If we look at casual games in 2015 what's out there is mostly crap"
    9. PlayStation buoyant in mixed Sony quarter
    10. Good news for games at Disney, but still a tiny cog in the machine
    1. New hires for The NPD Group
    2. Take-Two's Q3 "exceedingly strong"
    3. Surgeon Simulator sells 2m copies
    4. Final Fantasy creator to receive Lifetime Achievement Award
    5. Jagex starts accepting Bitcoin
    6. Raspberry Pi is closing in on the UK sales record
    7. Where would Capcom be without Monster Hunter?
    8. DICE rolls with the changing industry
    1. Games are fine but the business isn't - Rami Ismail
    2. SOE acquired, becomes Daybreak Game Company
    3. Bungie jump to free-to-play: Midnight Star
    4. Scopely hires new GM of casual
    5. Raptr warns users of security breach
    6. Mayor of London & UKIE investigating digital skill shortfall
    7. Call of Duty makes it seven weeks as the UK's number one
    8. War Games: the link between gaming and military recruitment
    9. Left Behind Games revenue scheme hits $6 million in charges