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August 2016 Archive

    1. BT sues Valve for "willful" patent infringement
    2. Newzoo ups 2016's eSport revenues prediction to $493m
    3. Take-Two getting into VR
    4. Inside an indie cross-platform launch
    5. EA: "Our industry has become better at understanding what's going to work"
    1. Deus Ex tops the UK retail chart
    2. “We know how to talk about these games. All we need are talented developers”
    3. ModDB acquires Gamefront
    1. ESL signs deal with Yahoo Esports
    2. The NPD Group acquires EEDAR
    3. Neo, Scorpio "absolutely" good for the industry - Moore
    4. Renegade Kid calls it quits
    5. PlayStation games hit Humble Bundle
    6. Endemol Shine launches Good Catch
    7. Paranoid androids: Quantic Dream's Detroit
    1. Crystal Dynamics taps Ian Milham for Tomb Raider
    2. Kojima joins Prologue Immersive advisory board
    3. What Nintendo needs to do better with NX
    4. Ukie Careers Bar and Career Fair return to EGX
    5. 'Twas the week after Gamescom, and all through the house...
    6. Steam Spy will now refuse all requests for removal of data
    7. Mobile has become an indie-hostile market
    1. GameStop reports Q2 2016 results
    2. GREE International promotes Sheppard to CEO
    3. New VR studio Squanchtendo launches
    4. "Where are all the women at?"
    5. Wargaming cuts 64 jobs with WG Cells closure
    6. CtrlMovie - A film format for interactive storytelling
    1. Digital sales up 10% year-over-year in July - Superdata
    2. Friction between Riot and League of Legends team owners
    3. HTC Vive drawing more interest than Oculus from devs - VRDC survey
    1. PS Now expands to PC
    2. Remedy pushes for shorter dev cycles
    3. Sony raising PS Plus price
    4. Kabam's Next Wave: PS4 level graphics and $24 million launches
    5. ZeniMax raises the stakes in Oculus VR lawsuit
    1. Slow July sees US game sales dip 14% - NPD
    2. Mario closes out Rio Olympics
    3. PS4 Slim is real
    4. EA warms up to HD remasters
    5. Year of solid growth for UK industry sees employment and revenues rise
    6. Goodgame Studios redundancies could hit 200 people
    1. RPG, strategy are most lucrative mobile genres - SurveyMonkey
    2. Pressure Drop: From Grim Dawn to a Brighter Tomorrow
    3. BAFTA launching VR advisory group
    4. Facing Down the Online Mob
    5. Capy delays Below
    1. Unity and Facebook form new partnership
    2. castAR hires Darrell Rodriguez as CEO
    3. This is the last console generation - Greenberg
    4. VR/AR to reach $162 billion in worldwide revenues by 2020 - IDC
    5. Kabam: Look beyond whales, focus on your "regulars"
    1. Oculus Rift hitting retailers in Europe, Canada
    2. In Colombia's game market knowledge is power
    3. Hellion - Space for Survival?
    1. Twitch acquiring Curse
    2. Property owners sue over Pokemon Go
    3. Bossa returns to multiplayer roots
    4. Voting opens for GamesAid charity selection
    1. Final Fantasy XV delayed to November
    2. UK retail #1 for No Man's Sky
    1. Open Gaming Alliance and Unity launch WISER
    2. King's Z2 studio cuts support staff
    3. Riot sues League of Legends cheat-makers
    4. Firefly Games raises $10 million more
    5. Don't believe the hype
    6. Jobs roundup: The return of Shenmue's co-director
    7. Nordic rebrands as THQ Nordic
    8. No Man's Stream: Leaks Mar an Indie Milestone
    1. Microsoft acquires Beam
    2. "Premium is dead. That's a fact, so let's deal with it"
    3. New CEO for Remedy Entertainment
    4. GREE Inc. is back in the black after transitional year
    5. Pokémon Go sponsorships will ease "that pressure" to dial up IAP
    1. Hackers finally breach Denuvo's impenetrable defences
    2. PlayStation Neo to be unveiled on September 7 - report
    1. Nvidia aims to give indies more exposure
    2. Critical Consensus: No Man's Sky
    3. No Man's Sky could alter the relationship between indies and publishers
    4. Dota 2 eSports prize pool eclipses $20 million
    5. HelloVR's field of dreams
    1. Bossa nets $1.35 million for Worlds Adrift
    2. Kicking and Screaming: Leaks, Day 1 patches, and No Man's Sky
    3. Pokemon Go legislation puts ESA in a tight spot
    4. Pokémon Go blocks third-party services as global rollout continues
    5. YouTube is stepping up its investment in original content
    1. Relentless shutting down
    2. Deus Ex, Salt and Sanctuary, Pokemon Go - different shades of outrage
    3. VR's AAA wave is coming - First Contact Entertainment
    4. Beware the Pokemon Go Bandwagon
    5. SteamVR tracking technology to be free to developers
    1. Zynga posts another up-and-down quarter
    2. Take-Two financials endure Battleborn miss
    3. Activision enjoys record Q2 sales of $1.57 billion
    4. Zynga names Matt Bromberg COO
    5. Techland: 'Dead' Rising
    6. Ska Studios laments "toxic" trend in community attitudes
    7. Sony cancels PlayStation Plus TV series Powers
    8. Studio Wildcard: "We just aren't cut out for free-to-play mechanics"
    1. App Store devs have earned $50 billion
    2. New York bills target Pokemon Go, sex offenders
    3. Augs Lives Matter slogan an "unfortunate coincidence"
    4. Owlchemy raises $5m in Series A funding
    5. "Risk-takers are always sexy" - Yoot Saito
    1. EA grows digital revenue in Q1 with FIFA, Star Wars driving live services
    2. Gamescom, GDC Europe adopt new security measures
    3. GameStop acquires 507 AT&T mobile stores
    4. PC games revenue to hit $42 billion in 2020 - DFC
    5. Is your dev scene close-knit, or closed-minded?
    6. YouTubers walk away from G2A sponsorship revenue
    7. New York State bans sex offenders from any form of online gaming
    1. Submissions open for 2017 Independent Games Festival
    2. Amazon Game Studios signs Rich Hilleman
    3. No criminal charges in 38 Studios collapse
    4. Ubisoft: Our VR games will be profitable
    5. That time the industry almost killed E3
    6. Ghostbusters dev Fireforge files for Bankruptcy