July 2011 Archive

    1. Ubisoft commits 6 titles to Eurogamer Expo
    2. Losses climb to $50m for Sega's consumer business
    3. Iwata takes 50% pay cut and takes "responsibility" for 3DS
    4. New social game studio launches in Vancouver
    5. Analysts predict tough times ahead for Nintendo
    6. Nintendo stock plummets by 21% after financial results
    7. Riccitiello: 3D shows "very poor returns"
    8. GameStop opens dedicated UK retail site
    9. Creating A Monster
    10. Champion Rising
    11. Console returns not attractive for Moshi Monsters creator
    1. New indie dev Lightmare Studio launches
    2. New games rental service rolls out across Europe
    3. Zynga launches Game Cards in Middle East
    4. Sony reassesses cost of cyber attack
    5. Developer confirms PlayStation Vita RAM cut
    6. BT forced to block access to Newzbin2
    7. Half of Netflix users connecting through console
    8. Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, Lemarchand confirmed for Eurogamer Expo
    9. Ultimate Team to add $5 profit per boxed FIFA 12 sale
    10. Dstroyd and Rigonauts take Activision indie prizes
    11. Kixeye: Kabam copied our game
    12. Nintendo cuts full year profit forecasts by 82%
    13. Nintendo slashes around 40% from Japanese 3DS price
    14. EA blames Steam's "restrictive terms" for Dragon Age 2 disappearance
    15. Capcom sales drop, but profit up 58.2%
    16. PS3 sales drop in first quarter, Corp losses hit $191m
    17. THQ shelves Red Faction as losses increase to $38.4 million
    1. Critical Consensus: From Dust
    2. New software to predict MMO player behaviour
    3. ngmoco's Alan Yu
    4. Disney attempting acquisition of UTV
    5. Toronto initiative targets female game developers
    6. GAME rolls out digital titles to all stores
    7. Mobage network expands into English speaking countries
    8. Apple expands Mac and iOS App Store support to 33 new territories
    9. Over $400,000 already raised by Humble Bundle 3
    10. Disney cuts jobs at social dev Three Melons
    11. Riccitiello: Traditional development cycle "gone forever"
    12. Console games help EA profits more than double in Q1
    1. Tech Focus: The Rise of FXAA
    2. Mafia, Operation Flashpoint devs form new studio
    3. Report: Average spend on freemium mobile is $14
    4. Freemium: Is it evil?
    5. Microsoft must improve indie promotion says developer
    6. Zynga to launch Cityville in China
    7. Eurogamer Expo moves to Earls Court One
    8. PlayFirst pulling Diner Dash from Facebook
    9. Qualcomm acquires gesture control assets
    10. You Had Me At Hello
    11. Steam, XBLA, PSN key to indie success - Murray
    1. Jagex boss confirmed for Edinburgh Interactive
    2. comScore: Games Media UK Results, Q2 2011
    3. DeNA signs Inafune, Naka, Suda 51 for Mobage platform
    4. Zumba Fitness continues UK chart reign
    5. Capps: $60 SKUs under threat from mobile games
    6. Nexon's Kartrider Rush passes 3m downloads
    7. Google+ help page shows "Games stream"
    8. Unity continues Asian expansion with Seoul office
    9. Walmart lifts ban on sales data
    10. Sony opens PSN Store for Brazilian gamers
    11. Lodsys suing Rovio, EA, Take-Two, Atari, Square Enix
    12. The Secrets to Start-up Success
    1. Rise in XBLA prices bucking digital trend
    2. Why developers need to stop the "us and them" attitude
    3. Battlefield 3 sales estimates up to 11m for first year
    4. Bill Roper to head up Disney's Marvel franchise
    5. Irem pulling games from PSN
    6. 3DS retakes hardware top spot in Japan
    7. Codemasters: UK becoming a nation of iPhone developers
    8. Sony insurers suing for non-liability
    9. Over £6,300 raised for GamesAid at Develop Conference
    10. Australia introduces R18+ certificate for games
    11. 360 sales up 45%, 14 million units shipped
    12. Small but Incomplete
    1. Ubisoft details and prices Uplay passport
    2. Frustration at slow response to Livingstone Hope review
    3. Harrison: "Crunch is a relic of the 20th Century"
    4. Zynga's exclusivity deal with Facebook revealed
    5. Mojang, Rovio take Develop awards
    6. Ubisoft online sales up 45 per cent
    7. Unity nets $12 million for Asian expansion
    8. EA Sports' Andrew Wilson
    1. Iwata's views "no reflection of what consumers want"
    2. Alan Yu: Self-distribution is not self publishing
    3. UKIE initiates £100,000 fund for digital coalition
    4. Gaikai secures $30m extra funding
    5. LBP was almost a downloadable, free-to-play title
    6. PEGI app comes to Windows Phone 7
    7. PopCap titles come to Android phones in Europe
    8. Zeboyd sells more in a week on Steam than 18 months on XBLIG
    9. Apple posts record-breaking third quarter results
    10. Microsoft making Azure easy for social devs
    11. Windows 8: Game-Changer?
    1. Mind Candy: Games make millions, brands make billions
    2. Double Eleven signs Sony exclusivity deal
    3. Epic Games to present GDC Europe keynote
    4. The subscription model isn't dead - Parker
    5. Alienware to sponsor Eurogamer Expo
    6. Rolando dev: It's easier to stand out on console
    7. Dates set for Develop 2012
    8. EA: A year is too late to innovate
    9. Proposed Australian R18+ rating faces delays
    10. True Studios layoffs as UTV Ignition cuts more jobs
    11. IGN appoints Casey Lynch as editor in chief
    12. EA Sports confirms new Austin studio
    13. Playing Dead
    14. Playdead: We're trying to become more independent
    1. Ravenwood Fair developer LolApps to merge with 6waves
    2. RockYou launches indie publishing service
    3. Ian Stewart resurrects Gremlin brand
    4. UKIE, BAFTA, TIGA back GamesIndustry.biz Career Fair
    5. Valve announces major overhaul for Steam
    6. New Harry Potter stumbles in UK charts
    7. Gameloft Auckland accused of poor working conditions
    8. Analyst: GameStop to triple sales by 2014
    9. CrowdStar to invest $10m in social mobile gaming
    10. UK development: Where next?
    11. Publishers expect retail product for XBLA budgets - Zoe Mode
    1. DJ Hero developers form part of new mobile studio
    2. EA insiders on Popcap acquisition
    3. 100 jobs cut at Future UK
    4. GamesBeat 2011: Mobile goes social
    5. Future Publishing continues digital shift
    6. TIGA and UKT&I offering developer package for Gamescom
    7. EA to offer $550m in convertible stock options
    8. Just Dance 2 breaks Wii sales records
    9. New Xbox to support Windows 8 successor - rumour
    10. Silicon Knights to go self publishing
    11. Marginal increase for online gaming in Japan
    12. Once You Pop...
    13. US sales drop 10 per cent in June
    1. 1.5m daily Netflix users on Wii
    2. NBA Jam creator leaves EA Sports for Zynga
    3. Tapjoy criticises "terrible" Apple policy change
    4. Webzen sues Red 5 Studios over FireFall dispute
    5. Team Bondi: Ex-employees want to "destroy" the studio
    6. L.A. Noire tops Japanese charts
    7. Angry Birds maker Rovio values itself "north of PopCap"
    8. Zynga and TenCent bid for PopCap
    9. Apple bumps up UK app prices
    10. Going Coastal
    11. Last call for Developer's Question Time
    12. Editor's choice: The best of Develop in Brighton 2011
    1. Sony commits $20m to PSN exclusives
    2. GamesBeat 2011: The dark days will soon be over
    3. Guild Wars 2 playable at Eurogamer Expo 2011
    4. Blackberry execs criticised at annual meeting
    5. Tapjoy appoints new CFO
    6. Analyst questions high price of PopCap deal
    7. German censor passes uncut Gears 3
    8. Facebook launches Every Phone app
    9. Graduation Day
    10. Bioware designer joins Riot Games
    11. Future and Sony replace FirstPlay video magazine
    12. EA shuts down Battlefield, Army Of Two servers
    13. Battlefield vs. Modern Warfare: Does 60FPS Really Matter?
    14. PopCap acquisition accelerates EA's digital business to $1bn
    1. EA buys PopCap for $750 million
    2. Gamers return to PlayStation Store
    3. Ubisoft buys free-to-play developer Owlient
    4. Ignite Game Technologies secures $7.5m in funding
    5. SpecialEffect runners raise £11k for charity
    6. Ballmer: controllers "too complicated" for the average user
    7. Gamestop appoints Shane Kim to board
    8. Levine: "It’s a great year for the core coming back"
    9. Esri acquires CityEngine developer Procedural
    10. EA buys social gaming dev Ohai
    11. Riptide Games and Projkt Nine join forces
    12. Tablets whetting public appetite for gaming?
    13. New multiplayer studio opens in Sweden
    14. Steam is "essential" for indie developers - Mode 7
    15. Female designers "rarely in decision-making roles"
    16. Mode 7's Paul Taylor
    1. Key XCOM devs leave to form new studio
    2. Eidos exec producer joins Mediatonic
    3. $5.9 billion spent on games in US in Q1 2011
    4. Unity Award nominations now open
    5. EA omits Steam from list of Battlefield 3 retailers
    6. DUST 514 requires "cover charge" from PS3 players
    7. Zumba Fitness tops chart for fourth consecutive week
    8. Keita Takahashi joins social dev Tiny Speck
    9. HTC buys into console graphics manufacturer S3
    10. 500 million connected TVs to be sold by 2015
    11. Zynga forms Canadian mobile studio
    12. Digital Chocolate's Trip Hawkins
    13. Hawkins: Whatever the format, free-to-play is more lucrative
    14. Online games giants Bigpoint and Spil team up
    1. NCsoft in talks to acquire Ntreev Soft
    2. Zynga launches PrivacyVille to make policy fun
    3. Gravity Recruitment rebranded with games industry focus
    4. Bizarre Creations dev founds Totem Games
    5. Freemium games earning 65 per cent of App Store revenue
    6. Outspark launches free-to-play MMO platform
    7. TIGA named Trade Association of the Year
    8. Hocking's comments on gender "an aspect of the problem"
    9. Namco Bandai enters legal dispute with Witcher 2 dev
    10. Sony PSP drops digital comic service
    11. OpenFeint hires Facebook gaming expert
    12. Carmack: Mobile tech to surpass consoles in 2 years
    13. Nintendo targeted in 3DS patent action
    14. Mad Catz to publish Xbox games
    15. 3DS back on top in Japanese software and hardware charts
    16. Sony's Shuhei Yoshida
    17. Beachside Burnout
    1. Nexon to localise EVE Online client and services for Japan
    2. Levine: "We need to be on The Daily Show"
    3. Over 15 billion apps downloaded via Apple App Store
    4. Develop announces Indie Showcase finalists
    5. Gearbox: Wii U a "cool stop gap" console
    6. Paradox: "We don't really need retailers any more"
    7. Atari files $30 million lawsuit over bootleg console
    8. Zipline's Moai platform now in open beta
    9. EA: Origin could support other publishers
    10. PSN Pass confirmed by Sony
    11. CCP's Hilmar Veigar Pétursson
    12. Community aggression caused CCP staff to "buckle under pressure"
    1. Australia a "top-three territory" within five years
    2. Square Enix suing hackers
    3. Shield The Beat dev slams Xbox Indie Games marketplace
    4. Microsoft's Takashi Sensui now GM of Xbox division
    5. FF XIII-2 the latest playable game added to EG Expo
    6. Ubisoft: AI is the "real battleground" for new consoles
    7. Consoles missing out on free-to-play boom
    8. Hi-Rez Studios' Todd Harris
    9. Sony to launch PSN Pass?
    10. Ex-Fat Princess devs form Carbon Games
    11. Digital Extremes: iPad will encroach on console's territory
    12. Duke Nukem sales estimates lowered on poor reviews
    13. Hocking critcises "Viking" culture of dev studios
    14. Capcom signs game streaming deal with Gaikai
    15. Nintendo's Fils-Aime talks Wii U's online future
    16. The Big V: The Great Games Market Split
    17. Tech Focus: The battle against latency
    1. Zynga paid $53.3 million for Newtoy
    2. New managing director for Icon Games
    3. More than $74 billion will be spent on games in 2011
    4. Interaxon: The mind-control revolution
    5. Sony overhauling PlayStation Network
    6. Channel 5 reprimanded for PlayStation 3 adverts
    7. Crowdfunding designed for the games industry
    8. Smurfs' Village, not Angry Birds, is changing mobile landscape
    9. Former Tom Clancy developers set up new mobile studio
    10. Ex-Eden Games staff form Blossom Minds
    11. Sega and EA sign Japanese distribution deal
    12. Rockstar "will not publish Team Bondi's next game"
    13. The Emails Behind The Whistle Blowing at Team Bondi
    1. Transgaming: OnLive business model is not sustainable
    2. Mass Effect 3 and NFS: The Run at Eurogamer Expo
    3. Crytek and Microsoft had first-party talks
    4. Industry features in BAFTA's Brits to Watch
    5. Eurogamer and GI.biz announce Develop Awards After-Party details
    6. Media Molecule to headline Develop
    7. Japanese PSN back on Wednesday
    8. Zumba Fitness retains UK number one
    9. Gove: Games offer "huge potential for maths and science teaching"
    10. Lay offs at Zoo Tycoon developer Blue Fang
    11. Kojima: Creation is making the impossible, possible
    12. Zynga files for $1 billion IPO
    1. WoW Starter Edition a "brilliant strategic move"
    2. Nintendo to invest £127.5 million in R&D facility
    3. id Software's RAGE playable at Eurogamer Expo
    4. Red Fly Studio lays off 30 employees
    5. Red 5 taking Webzen to court
    6. Valve's Source SDK now available for free
    7. IUGO: "play it safe" with game content on iOS
    8. Blade Runner game would have destroyed Gearbox says Pitchford
    9. Respawn staff includes 40 Infinity Ward vets
    10. Updated: Black Rock Studios closing
    11. Hirai and Stringer take pay cuts
    12. PapayaMobile launches Gateway To China program
    13. PlayStation Home users "the most hardcore gamers"
    14. Bing Gordon: online gamers should generate $3 per hour
    15. Lolapps acquires Fliso Engine from Sean Cooper
    16. Kotick: Vita is “really something incredible”
    17. Pre-Owned Mercenary