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April 2015 Archive

    1. Dead Island 2 delayed until 2016
    2. Glu adds Britney Spears to celebrity stable
    3. Mobile user acquisition cost exceeds $3 for first time - Fiksu
    4. Microsoft hoping devs will port to Windows Store
    5. Valve gives developers power to ban players
    6. Unreal Engine 4 launches SteamVR support
    7. ID@Xbox: "Our north star is 'make life easy for devs'"
    8. Revenues up 33% YoY for PlayStation
    9. What is happening at Konami?
    10. Unity extends support to HoloLens
    11. Tencent pays $126m for 15% of Glu Mobile
    1. Dean Hall: We get so obsessed with new trends
    2. Far Cry team start fund for Nepal
    3. VR can drive Iceland's growth in games - President Grimsson
    4. Bravely Second: End Layer is Japan's new #1
    5. PuzzleSocial builds exec team
    6. IGDA: Gender, GamerGate and the need for action
    7. Roundtable: Far from the modding crowd
    8. Rahul Sood's Unikrn is an eSports betting platform
    1. Facebook brings video ads to its desktop apps
    2. Gameloft sales grow 17% in Q1
    3. Report: Ouya for sale
    4. Vainglory dev appoints GM of Asia Pacific
    5. "For kids' games, I think it's out of the question"
    6. Avernum developer walks away from iOS
    1. Valve kills paid Skyrim mods feature
    2. Apple sold 61.2m iPhones in first 3 months of 2015
    3. Oculus VR adds two to exec team
    4. Star Wars, Mass Effect writers to pen episodic Kung-Fu game
    5. $1.5m funding for eSports broadcaster
    6. Konami delists self from New York Stock Exchange
    7. 10 years old and blind: A new type of protagonist
    8. Daybreak wakes up to life after Sony
    9. "Don't be afraid to set a base price that turns some people away"
    10. Bigpoint hires ESL veteran as software development head
    11. Silent Hill will continue, but is Silent Hills dead?
    12. Gabe Newell to the internet: "You need a more robust Valve-is-evil hypothesis"
    13. Warner Interactive: "Mobile is no longer winner take all"
    1. Warcraft movie delayed again
    2. New board member for European Gaming League
    3. Skyrim paid mod pulled from Steam
    4. "At that time I started making this terrible mistake"
    5. Watch with Apple: Developer perspectives
    6. Zynga appoints ex-Genentech CFO to the board
    7. Resident Evil HD has sold 1 million units
    8. Indies must learn to love marketing
    9. Telltale signs on to develop games with Marvel
    1. Clive Downie leaves Zynga for Unity
    2. Xbox revenues dip 24% thanks to price reduction
    3. Square Enix plans E3 media briefing
    4. Valve letting users sell Steam Workshop content
    5. Facebook: Too early to talk large-scale Oculus shipments
    6. China expected to soon pass Japan in digital gaming - Superdata
    7. Valve opens applications for HTC Vive Developer Edition
    8. Messing with success
    9. PlayStation Network grabbing bulk of publishers' ad dollars - EEDAR
    10. Spil Games offers $50k publishing deal for an Unsung Hero
    11. Hipster Whale, Nonstop Games to speak at Casual Connect Asia
    12. Patrice Desilets announces new game: Ancestors
    1. iOS CPI up 49% in March as Android declines - Fiksu
    2. GameStop launches employee scholarship scheme
    3. PlayStation pushes Sony's sales forecast up
    4. Girls Mode 3 beats Dying Light to Japanese #1
    5. Rob Pardo partners with Unity
    6. DICE Europe positioned as "leadership retreat"
    7. Gaming will hit $91.5 billion this year - Newzoo
    8. "Who the hell has time to do that?"
    1. Disney Interactive confirms "targeted reduction in workforce"
    2. Only 2.4% of gaming views on YouTube come from official channels
    3. Is the US gov't finally over video game violence?
    4. Mad Catz, Harmonix co-publishing Rock Band 4
    5. Kabam targets "$1 billion annual mobile game franchises"
    6. Strong year sees Sony climb above Microsoft in revenue rankings
    7. Gears of War cinematics director leaves Epic for Black Tusk
    8. Meet Blizzard's eSports boss
    1. It's harder to release a game now - Cliff Harris
    2. Playing The App Store Blues
    3. Microsoft to focus E3 on first-party games
    4. Jack Attridge departs 22 Cans
    5. Steam functionality now limited until you spend $5
    6. Mortal Kombat secures UK #1
    7. Borderlands creator Matthew Armstrong leaves Gearbox
    8. Phil Harrison's new company: Alloy Platform Industries
    1. Ron Moravek leaves Nexon XP
    2. Microsoft confirms Harrison's departure
    3. Will eSports thrive on mobile?
    4. Channel 4 to open a mobile games publisher
    5. Plans crystallising for Nordic Game Conference 2015
    6. AMD lost $180 million and GPU market share in Q1
    7. Between a Rock Band and a Guitar Place
    1. NPD: Console sales plunge 21% in March
    2. Anita Sarkeesian named to Time 100
    3. Apps are the most competitive market ever - Rovio exec
    4. March sees social games in free fall - Superdata
    5. Linda "Brasse" Carlson joins Trion Worlds
    6. Codemasters to renew F1 license
    7. DFC: Will Sony, Microsoft remain relevant in games by 2019?
    8. Quo Vadis 2015: From regional to global
    9. Sulake: 15 years of Habbo Hotel
    10. EA is closing two-thirds of its core free-to-play games
    11. 2K Australia closed down, all jobs lost
    1. Dark Souls II remaster is Japanese #1
    2. GameStop testing retro console business
    3. Report: South East Asia is the world's fastest growing games market
    4. 10% Discount on passes for Develop: Brighton for GI readers
    5. "If you're not a player in Asia you are by definition a regional player"
    6. AAA should invest in indies - Ori dev
    7. China is now the world's biggest market for iOS downloads
    8. Report: Packaged games still account for majority of EU revenues
    9. GTA V steals Skyrim's concurrent players record on Steam
    1. Cities: Skylines sells over 1 million
    2. Digital game sales in US have climbed 23% since 2010
    3. Bloodborne sales top 1 million
    4. Monster Hunter 4 ships 1 million in the West
    5. Kritical Konsensus: Mortal Kombat X marks the spot
    6. Guitar Hero is back for an encore
    7. Crysis, X-Wing devs form Impeller Studios
    8. Frenzoo raises $1 million to expand Me Girl lifestyle IP
    9. Maximum sentence for internet trolls raised to 2 years in the UK
    10. New 3DS and New 3DS XL get Unity support
    11. Slush PLAY: Start-Up Festival Turns its Lens on Gaming
    12. Keywords Studios doubled revenue and profit in 2014
    1. Ex-Sony Europe VP to lead GameGenetics
    2. Apple Watch US preorders near 1M on first day - Report
    3. Xbox One now priced at £300 in the UK
    4. What does it take to become an expert?
    5. Rami Ismail named as Indie Day Keynote for Develop: Brighton
    6. Phantom Dust dev collapsed under Microsoft's demands - report
    1. BAFTA Scotland New Talent Award winner announced
    2. DeNA lays off devs at Vancouver studio
    3. Tel Aviv's TabTale acquires Sunstorm Games
    4. Going indie? Have enough runway to fail once
    5. Valiant Hearts dev wants "games with something to say"
    6. Can Zynga be saved?
    1. Don Mattrick leaves Zynga, stock tanking
    2. NCsoft lays off customer support team
    3. More exec hires for Fuse Powered
    4. ad revenues up 482%
    5. Ori and the Blind Forest profitable after one week
    6. Ubi's Reflections and Sega become Dare to be Digital mentors
    7. NCSoft invests $5m in mobile start-up
    8. promotes three
    9. "I don't think VR is a now thing" - Spencer
    10. Rovio looks to Asia with new Chief Commercial Officer
    11. LEGO goes up against Skylanders and Infinity with Dimensions
    12. Larian Studios: "Failure is important for creativity"
    13. "I had my first build in a few hours, so why not share it?"
    1. Visceral Games GM leaves EA
    2. Need for Speed 2 film planned
    3. 3rd Super Robot Wars Z takes Japanese #1 and #2
    4. Star Wars, Dragon Age and Diablo designers lead new RPG for Kabam
    5. Report: Firmware update sets Chinese Xbox Ones region free
    6. WearVR app store raises $1.5 million ahead of VR explosion
    7. Zombies he wrote: The game novelisation
    1. World Of Warcraft tokens go live
    2. New partnership for Little Orbit and COKeM
    3. Nintendo launching Yo-Kai Watch worldwide
    4. Capcom Europe sees second new CEO in 4 months
    5. EA signs multi-game Minions deal
    6. Rovio awarded $2.7 million in copyright case
    7. Innovation: Doing Things the Hard Way
    8. Amazon licensing deal may have saved Crytek - report
    1. Tripwire: "Second golden age for PC gaming"
    2. AR/VR to hit $150 billion by 2020 - Report
    3. Fixing free-to-play's image problem
    4. Tomb Raider reboot has sold 8.5 million
    5. Nobody's figured out how to market mobile - Bing Gordon
    6. Microsoft halts Kinect for Windows production
    7. FTC approves Sony PS Vita settlement
    1. OnLive shutting down, Sony snaps up patents
    2. App Annie hires new SVP Research and Analysis
    3. AIAS Foundation opens submissions for scholarships
    4. GREE appoints new VP of marketing
    5. Wii U Virtual Console gets N64, DS games
    6. "Be ruthless with your own ideas" - Bossa
    7. Quantum Break pushed to 2016
    8. Exclusive: Rod Cousens leaves Codemasters to become new Jagex CEO
    9. Gary Dunn's Indigo Directory
    10. Square Enix Collective expands to direct investment
    11. Nexon to acquire Boolean Games
    12. Line's new CEO restarts IPO prep after a strong 2014
    13. Publishers must stop marketing adult games to kids
    1. Bloodborne takes Japanese #1
    2. DeNA: We want Nintendo titles to surpass $25m a month
    3. Midcore mobile competition as fierce as casual?
    4. Tax breaks and Talent: 5 years with the coalition
    5. Devolver: Steam could be "incredibly important" for indie cinema
    6. Julia Hardy's Misogyny Monday