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April 2012 Archive

    1. Plants vs. Zombies merchandise blowout
    2. Call of Duty Elite-like services are "becoming a necessity"
    3. Former BioShock devs create The Fullbright Company
    4. Battlestar Galactica Online approaches 10 million registered players
    5. Crytek developer backtracks on used-game blocking comments
    6. Shadowrun Kickstarter totals $1.89 million
    7. GREE partners with CrowdStar and iWin for mobile gaming platform expansion
    8. High Court rules Pirate Bay must be blocked
    9. 505 Games picks up Adidas fitness title
    10. Angry Birds Space quickly reaches 50m downloads
    11. Halo 4 to receive big live-action web series promotion
    12. Digital Capital: Mind on the Money
    13. Braben to present Raspberry Pi at Develop
    14. Foxconn profits hit amidst restructuring and media scrutiny
    15. Tribes: Ascend has over 800,000 users
    16. Prototype 2 attacks the top of the charts
    17. Wemade Entertainment on acquisition drive
    18. Australian parliament to investigate software pricing
    19. Richard Lemarchand to depart Naughty Dog
    20. Sega's Mike Hayes steps down
    21. Big Fish Games founder Paul Thelen returns to role of CEO
    22. DTP Files for bankruptcy in Germany
    23. How Eutechnyx Sealed the BMW Deal
    1. Why the AAA licensed game market is shrinking
    2. Brands increasingly looking at routes other than through publishers
    1. Trials Evolution dev credits competitive nature of gamers in success on XBLA
    2. AAA blockbusters keep 2011 sales from heavy declines
    3. Guild Wars 2 digital sales closed at ArenaNet
    4. Timesplitters 4 "not in development" at Crytek UK
    5. Wii U price reveal will not occur at E3, confirms Nintendo
    6. Ubisoft confirms Rayman Legends
    7. Stalker rights not sold to Bethesda Software
    8. Vivendi "vigorously denies" break-up rumours
    9. Rovio devs form new HTML5 studio
    10. Zynga: OMGPop acquisition was not a change in strategy
    11. 2012: The World According to Nintendo
    12. Nintendo adopts digital release for 3DS and Wii U titles
    13. 3DS Fire Emblem outsells rest of Japanese top 20 combined
    14. THQ's SVP of European publishing exits role
    15. Q1 revenues up 45 per cent to $160m
    16. Amazon reports climbing revenues, falling profits in Q1
    17. Skullgirls hits 50K milestone in 10 days
    18. How To Control Free-to-Play Spending?
    19. EA is now "a great acquisition target" says analyst
    1. iPad sees 25 percent of purchases by first-time Apple consumers
    2. Microsoft avoids digital downloads on retail release day
    3. Namco Bandai pushes digital downloads for its latest titles
    4. Super Smash Bros sequel to focus on Wii U and 3DS connectivity
    5. Sony Computer Entertainment America hires new head of publisher relations
    6. Zynga's Q1 shows revenues up but net loss totals $85m
    7. Korean games market projected to hit $5 billion by 2016
    8. EA to be bought by Nexon? Why the deal "cannot happen" according to Pachter
    9. Nordic Games announces new North American studio
    10. Dragonplay sees 1 million downloads for Slot City
    11. EA launching Star Wars: The Old Republic in 38 more countries
    12. Mario must be made playable on non-Nintendo devices says analyst
    13. Oxford United chairman named SpecialEffect honorary VP
    14. The Collapse of Free Radical Design
    15. GREE and DeNA limit teen spending
    16. commits to Kindle Fire
    17. US agency NEA awards major grants to game projects
    18. Nintendo records first annual loss: $531m in the red
    19. Beatshapers: Level skip DLC was "wrong decision"
    20. CrowdStar stops new social games, shifts to mobile
    21. Cryptic Studios hacked, warns users
    1. Rebel Entertainment: Disney veterans look to capitalize on Diablo III hype
    2. EA Montreal sees "small number" of layoffs in reorganization
    3. Microsoft planning to show Xbox music service at E3 - report
    4. Stalker 2 is dead, Survarium born from the ashes
    5. G4 TV and Adam Sessler part ways
    6. GameFly founder says publishers "don't want" more digital stores
    7. iPad to account for one third of all tablet sales by 2016, says research firm
    8. Friendster leveraging games in relaunch for Southeast Asia
    9. THQ sells its ValuSoft division to Cosmi
    10. Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami hints at new horror project
    11. ngmoco to bring Kabam's games to Mobage platform
    12. Why Publisher 2.0 is M.I.A. - Part 2
    13. Crytek believes blocking used on next-gen "would be absolutely awesome"
    14. Tax credits for video games extended by EU
    15. Rare and Free Radical vets form Crash Lab
    16. Synthesis and Periscope open German studio in joint venture
    17. Apple reports three-fold increase in Chinese revenue
    18. GAME gets Square Enix exclusive
    19. TinyCo: Amazon App Store is a "gold mine"
    20. Diablo open beta sees 300K concurrent users
    21. Vancouver Film School awards 4th Women in Games Scholarship
    22. Tech Focus: Where Next for Intel?
    23. Tapjoy study finds consumers choosing ads with incentives
    1. Kickstarter: Should Publishers Be Nervous?
    2. iPad sales surge 151 percent as Apple Q2 earnings beat estimates
    3. Microsoft adds ESPN, CBS, to Xbox Live advertising roster
    4. Apple struck with touch-based patent lawsuit
    5. EA "definitely" looking into further acquisitions
    6. Google Android piracy rate 9:1 for Football Manager Handheld
    7. Uncharted franchise hits 17 million units sold
    8. SmileGate signs deal to use Unreal Engine 3 for two titles
    9. EA Sports president: People told us just to copy PES
    10. GameStop offers "massively expanded" in-store PC games selection
    11. Xbox violates Motorola Mobility patents says Judge
    12. BMW partners with Eutechnyx
    13. BioWare says that Star Wars: The Old Republic is not in decline
    14. PlayStation Vita gets Skype video calling
    15. Robert Bowling opens new studio, Robotoki
    16. Dead Space dev apologises for Gears Of War criticism
    17. Retailer plans to share 10% of pre-owned sales with publishers
    18. Zynga accounted for 15 per cent of Facebook's Q1 revenue
    19. Are Parents Getting the Message On Online Gaming?
    20. Namco Bandai brings Western teams under single leadership
    1. Valve confirms legitimacy of employee handbook
    2. Zynga CEO wants to create "a forever brand" like Google
    3. Intel expects 565 different Ivy Bridge PC designs this year
    4. Role-Playing: Nintendo's Satoru Iwata
    5. Guild Wars 2 dev has content plans for "years to come"
    6. Ken Levine on why games get "overexposed" before release
    7. Next-gen consoles may not sell as well as previous generation, says analyst
    8. Goodgame Studios aims to be "one of the world's largest game companies" by end of decade
    9. FIFA, Deus Ex, Sword and Sworcery take top honors at Canadian Videogame Awards
    10. NPD finds 40 percent of freemium players pay for in-game features
    11. Critical Consensus: Trials Evolution
    12. TIGA urges government to reconsider DCMS abolition
    13. The Witcher 2 seizes UK number one
    14. Splash Damage puts global Brink sales at 2.5m units
    15. Molyneux's 22 Cans receives 1000 job applications
    16. Newell: EA's Origin shouldn't be a "zero sum game"
    17. comScore: Games Media UK Results, Q1 2012
    18. Nintendo announces New Super Mario Bros 2 and Kirby's 20th Anniversary
    1. PlayScreen talks advertising as differentiator for apps
    1. PS3 "does not need a price drop" says EEDAR
    2. Games have finally moved beyond a "period of infantilization" says author David Kushner
    3. Kickstarter funding on pace to triple this year
    4. Xbox 360 GPU power coming to mobile by 2014, says NVidia
    5. US Playing Card Company partners with digi117 to form Zeniz Gaming Network
    6. Xbox Live's Trials Evolution records 100,000 downloads in one day
    7. Facebook faces lawsuit over virtual currency and underage gamers
    8. 6waves and the BBC form game publishing deal
    9. Game-specific Kickstarter alternative to launch at E3
    10. Sales and marketing roles to bear brunt of 1,000 Sony EU job cuts
    11. Report: Prey 2 delayed by contract dispute
    12. Skype recruiting London Xbox devs
    13. Activision wins big at MCV Awards
    14. Wii U: A Strategy For Success
    15. The Other Apple: Why Ignore Mac Gaming?
    16. Atlus taking over Dragon's Crown publishing duties
    17. Apple CEO never visited Valve, says Newell
    18. Mass Effect 3 Ending: Legal Experts Weigh In On "Deceptive Advertising"
    1. Acquisitions in the social market are picking up in 2012
    2. Xbox division sees 16 percent dip in sales for third quarter
    3. GREE improves mobile development with IUGO investment
    4. Prey 2 delayed, does not meet Bethesda's "quality standards"
    5. Star Wars: The Old Republic subscriptions could be declining already, says analyst
    6. OnLive breaks 200 games offered on service
    7. Konami bringing Dance Dance Revolution to classrooms across US
    8. Stryking Entertainment signs co-publishing agreement with Eutechnyx for Auto Club Revolution
    9. Jagex names new Brand Director
    10. Gamescom 2012 to add dedicated mobile gaming space
    11. God of War: Ascension unveiled for PS3
    12. Codemasters to focus purely on racing games
    13. Mind Candy, Spilt Milk, Turbulenz to present at Develop Brighton
    14. PlayStation Suite Open Beta now available
    15. Marvelous AQL founds European subsidiary in UK
    16. Splash Damage launches WarChest publishing arm
    17. Kixeye expects $100m in revenue in 2012 - report
    18. overtakes EA on Facebook
    19. Vita continues to shed sales in slow week for Japan
    20. Mobile platform D.CN scores $20m in second round funding
    21. Starbreeze set to acquire Overkill Software
    22. Skyrim and Batman: Arkham City: Inside The Marketing
    23. MoMinis raises $4.5 million in new funding
    24. Blue Tongue devs launch new iOS studio
    25. The HTML5 Age Is Upon Us
    26. Facebook targeting May 17 for IPO - report
    27. Microsoft not killing Games for Windows Live in Windows 8
    28. Microsoft/Intel looking to drop iPad market share under 50 percent
    29. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning sells 410,000 in US
    1. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D coming before Halloween 2012
    2. Call of Duty "transcends entertainment in such a massive way"
    3. Zynga aims to reignite Draw Something interest with more social features
    4. flaregames and Keen Games partner for new mobile development studio
    5. Android version of Temple Run records 10 million downloads
    6. Tim Schafer offers top five tips for Kickstarter success
    7. Bethesda wins big at Game Marketing Awards 2012
    8. Darksiders II pushed back to August
    9. Sony's So-net division invests in Aeria Games
    10. Spry Fox, Triple Town and the Clone Wars
    11. Saints Row helps THQ trim loss expectations
    12. Ubisoft sued over Assassin's Creed copyright infringement
    13. Apple and Samsung CEOs to enter settlement talks
    14. Segerstrale: promoting monetisation in-game is key
    15. Intel reports flat revenues and profits for Q1
    16. Free-to-play Everquest log-ins up 150%
    17. In Theory: Valve's Wearable Computing Concept
    1. Wasteland 2 funding drive closes just over $3 million
    2. Nintendo policies not beneficial to developers says Baldur's Gate distributor
    3. TERA developers guilty of stealing Lineage III assets
    4. Prince of Persia source code retrieved and released
    5. Sony has "fallen blindly in love with its brand" says marketing expert
    6. Halo 4 to see worldwide launch on November 6
    7. Why Publisher 2.0 is M.I.A.
    8. Halo director on iOS core gaming: "Build it and they will come"
    9. Prototype 2 could see under 500k sales, says analyst
    10. Mass Effect 3's Ending Controversy Is Actually Good for the Industry
    11. CBS Interactive partners with TwitchTV and Major League Gaming
    12. Zynga execs anticipate more deals on the scale of OMGPop
    13. Rare appoints Sega, Headfirst vet as creative director
    14. Sony to launch "nasne" networked media device
    15. BitRhymes gets $1m for mobile and localisation
    16. Tickets go on sale for PC and indie show Rezzed
    17. Amazon increases maximum in-app purchase amount
    18. EA: Headcount will be higher by year's end
    19. Hawk: If you're not COD it's super tricky out there
    20. Apple in-app purchasing lawsuit gets the green-light
    21. Funzio wants $50m funding, $350m valuation
    22. Warballoon breaks down Kickstarter expenditure
    23. Who Dares Wins: How Swallowtail Took Home a BAFTA
    24. Ubisoft Toronto sets sights on more mature IP
    25. Namco leads Japanese sales in March
    26. Is Call of Duty Really in Decline?
    27. Halfbrick's Tony Takoushi creates Total ArKade Software
    28. Frima teams with concept artist Stephan Martiniere
    1. Wii U: "Nintendo will do just fine"
    2. Space Quest creators establish new adventure games studio
    3. Gabriel Knight's spiritual successor is Moebius
    4. Xbox Live to be "further monetized" - report
    5. Wii U Mario game will be revealed at E3
    6. PlayStation E3 press conference confirmed for June 4
    7. Critical Consensus: Fez
    8. Kabam's first mobile title crosses 1m downloads
    9. EA officially announces Crysis 3 for spring 2013
    10. Casual gaming company Zattikka goes public on AIM
    11. Commando Kiwi wins Make Something Unreal Live
    12. The Price is Wrong
    13. Google founder cites Apple, Facebook as threats to online freedom
    14. FIFA Street back on top
    15. Unity Technologies opens Shanghai office
    16. CryEngine 3 SDK Update now available
    17. Skullgirls: Developing a digital publishing model
    18. Grasshopper Manufacture: Packaged games won't die out
    19. EA responds to Command and Conquer plagiarism claims
    20. EA reviews Origin ban policy
    21. Report: EA facing up to 1000 job cuts
    1. Adapting to Kickstarter's learning curve
    2. Victor Ireland talks benefits of crowd-funded JRPGs
    3. Valve's secret hardware project is "wearable computing"
    4. Apple in legal trouble over free-to-play apps aimed at kids
    1. Mass Effect 3 sells 1.3 million in US
    2. PS3 needs a price cut to "remain competitive"
    3. Apple CEO seen at Valve HQ
    4. Gears of War designer wants "face-melting graphics" from next-gen consoles
    5. Cherrilux Investments takes control of GAME's Iberian assets
    6. PlayStation Network's free service could be stripped down, says Pachter
    7. Valve job posting confirms hardware development
    8. New CEO for indie app store GetJar
    9. Starbreeze: More To Life Than AAA
    10. DICE appoints Bach as temporary CEO
    11. Pitbull Studio: Tax breaks could come back to bite us
    12. Google founders protect long-term influence with stock-split
    13. New CTO for Zen Entertainment
    14. Hirai's First Test
    15. Need for Speed movie being pitched
    1. PlayStation response to NPD: "PS Vita continues to grow"
    2. Xbox 360 is #1 in March with 371,000 units sold
    3. Mass Effect 3 can't offset 25% sales decline in US during March - NPD
    4. God of War believed to be subject of PlayStation Facebook tease
    5. Nintendo registers Super Mario 4 domain
    6. Google platforms see simultaneous launch of mobile and desktop MMO
    7. World of Tanks celebrates 24 million users
    8. Italy law proposal bringing tax benefits for game development
    9. Skyrim getting Kinect support
    10. Witcher 2 artist wants 'real-life animations' for next-gen consoles
    11. Nintendo's Miyamoto wishes he had designed Angry Birds
    12. The Real Cost of Used Games
    13. Wii U not at Gamescom this year
    14. EA partners with Tencent to bring The Sims Social to China
    15. Inafune: The Western audience is turning its back on us
    16. Develop 2012 opens registration
    17. Analyst: Call of Duty suffering a case of "shortened tail"
    18. Better Business Bureau downgrades Capcom over on-disc DLC
    19. Zenimax trademarks dragon shout
    20. Huge sales "damage the long-term value of your brand"
    21. Hirai refocuses Sony on games and mobile
    22. PSP title tops Japanese chart again as Vita sales drop
    23. BBC Worldwide invests in HTML5 development platform
    24. Game Trailers, Spike TV announce Top 100 Games
    25. Tech Focus: The New iPad and the Evolution of iOS Gaming
    26. PlayStation Vita joins the free-to-play party with Montezuma Blitz
    27. Fight My Monster reaches one million players
    28. Aksys to distribute Rising Star titles in US
    1. Bigpoint working on Ice Age Online
    2. Zynga: Social games are still not truly social
    3. Mass Effect 3 may have been "falsely advertised" says Better Business Bureau
    4. Halo 4, Assassins Creed 3 are most anticipated in 2012 says Nielsen
    5. iPad to lead 98 percent growth for tablets market this year
    6. Gaikai launches Facebook app beta
    7. TIGA Games Contest winners announced
    8. Snail Games CEO joins Techtonic Games
    9. Amazon App Store rolls out in-app purchases
    10. Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn resigns
    11. Tut-Tut: What's Wrong with Maxim's Gamer Girl?
    12. PlayJam signs Miniclip deal for smart TV content
    13. US Government amends proposed cybersecurity bill
    14. Sony kills off Qore
    15. Bilson: Laying off developers is the worst part of my job
    16. Halo, Infamous and Metal Gear vets join Kickstarter gold rush
    17. The Peter Molyneux Principle
    18. GameStop settles Californian class action lawsuit over used games
    1. Bob Bates: Being at Zynga "Like drinking from a firehose"
    2. Lost Planet 3 development handed off to Spark Unlimited
    3. Zynga spends $1.37 million on CEO's security
    4. Mass Effect 3 estimated at 1.5 million sold by analyst
    5. Sony expects record $6.4 billion loss
    6. iPad "not far at all" from AAA console quality gaming, says Remedy
    7. Ubisoft accused of patent infringement over Rocksmith
    8. Cellufun rebrands as Tylted
    9. Resident Evil 6 now coming October 2
    10. PlayStation Orbis and Next Xbox: Why Used Games Aren't Going Away
    11. Activision delays court date with West and Zampella
    12. New Xfire CEO sets sights on China
    13. Star Wars becomes UK's first #1 Kinect title
    14. Commodore founder Jack Tramiel dies aged 83
    15. How seriously does the UK Government take child safety?
    1. Unity Technologies hits 1 million registered users
    2. Bleszinski: On-disc DLC an "unfortunate reality" for industry
    3. Sony axing 10,000 jobs
    4. Gears of War for Kinect cancelled, Epic working on new PC title
    5. Kinect technology may sense tone of voice, body posture in future
    6. US Navy paying for hacking attempts on foreign consoles
    7. Max Payne 3 is "f***ing brilliant" says Remedy CEO
    8. PS3 sales "continue to lag" Xbox, price cut "likely" by E3 says Pachter
    9. GTA V October launch hinted at by Rockstar North employee
    10. Wii U may retail for $300
    11. Vox Games becomes Polygon
    1. Idle Games says you can't have a social game without real-time play
    1. Doom's John Romero to develop new PC shooter
    2. Activision Blizzard sued for patent infringement of virtual worlds usage
    3. Rockstar to bring Max Payne to iOS and Android
    4. Take-Two CEO: "THQ won't be around in six months"
    5. Rumour Control
    1. Wii U "competitive position has deteriorated"
    2. Valve and Nexon reveal Counter-Strike Online sequel
    3. The Creative Assembly: Beating The Brain Drain
    4. Shadowrun Kickstarter reaches funding goal in less than 24 hours
    5. Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC announced to offer "closure"
    6. Fable franchise getting book publishing deal
    7. GameStop becomes exclusive retail partner for Stardock titles
    8. PopCap co-founder addresses EA "worst company" award
    9. Sex offenders "purged" from video game platforms in New York
    10. Howsen takes new role as SCEE commercial development director
    11. GAME gift and reward cards reinstated
    12. Jane Jensen forms new studio devoted to adventure games
    13. Ubisoft: "Retailers can participate in the digital market"
    14. New partnership for Bigpoint and Square Enix
    15. Kaz Hirai to head Sony strategy meeting
    16. Google unveils augmented reality headset "Project Glass"
    17. 3DS accounts for 65 per cent of Japanese hardware sales
    18. Grantoo launches grants for gaming scheme
    19. IndiePub announces Propeller Awards finalists
    20. Inside Zynga Headquarters
    21. Entropia Universe hosts $2.5 million land deal
    22. EA signs branding deal for Sims Social
    23. Skylanders invade iOS platforms
    24. iPad, iPhone app revenue overwhelms Android app revenue
    25. Economy driving consumers to online casual play
    26. Frima Studio first to receive Quebec's Work-Family Balance Certification
    27. Bigpoint chooses Mazooma for US online bank transfers
    28. Disney's Epic Mickey comes to 3DS with Sega Genesis follow-up
    1. Zynga hires former RockYou exec Julie Shumaker
    2. Sonic co-creator joins Nintendo
    3. EA defends itself against thousands of anti-gay letters
    4. Zynga-owned Draw Something hits 50 million downloads
    5. Minecraft creator unveils 0x10c, entertains subscription fee
    6. Grasshopper Manufacture announces next title, Killer is Dead
    7. EA DICE offering leases for private Battlefield 3 console servers
    8. xaitment moves Smart AI to mobile devices
    9. Teenagers more into social/mobile gaming than console gaming
    10. EA responds to "worst company" label from Consumerist
    11. Ubisoft taps Romero's Loot Drop for Ghost Recon Facebook game
    12. Digital Chocolate signs Spil Games deal
    13. £15000 worth of prizes available for TIGA Hack Day in April
    14. GameGenetics raises "seven figures" in series-A funding
    15. Infernum builds new advisory board
    16. The Tap Lab raises 550k to develop location-based games
    17. Flaregames secures EUR 2m in funds from Deutsche Telekom
    18. UK teachers call for "stringent legislation" on violent video games
    19. GREE making moves for global domination
    20. Orbis: The Next-Gen PlayStation Takes Shape
    21. Apple stock could hit $1,000 by 2014
    22. Amazon Instant Video streaming comes to PlayStation 3
    1. Amazon looks to add in-app purchases
    2. The Nuclear Option on Used Games
    3. Hardcore gamers not looking to abandon physical product
    4. Just Cause "perfect" for next-gen consoles, asserts Avalanche
    5. Gamr7 to close, liquidation of all assets to begin
    6. EVE Online comes to Japan courtesy of Nexon
    7. China sees majority of 180m gamers paying for games every month
    8. GamesIndustry International off to strong start in relaunch month
    9. Words On Play Episode 1
    10. Words on Play: Episode 1
    11. Charles Tigges joins PlayJam as CCO
    12. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Dark Edition sells out in US
    13. Codemasters hiring 100 new Midlands staff
    14. Critical Consensus: Kinect Star Wars
    15. Jagex experiments with microtransactions
    16. Nival MMO offering discounts to female players
    17. Microsoft picks Kinect Accelerator winners
    18. GAME stock formally delisted by the FSA
    19. 48 Hours That Saved GAME
    20. Games Fund or Publisher 2.0?
    21. "Next generation of freemium games will be indistinguishable from AAA"
    22. iPad to get physical controller?
    23. Next-gen consoles mean increased development costs
    24. Game Industry Salary Survey shows indie salaries doubled in 2011
    25. Wii U's release date leaked by retailer - rumor
    26. Dragonplay secures $14 million in funding
    1. Leisure Suit Larry looks to Kickstarter for new life
    2. Sony pulls Pain studio Idol Minds off Warrior's Lair project
    3. Draw Something's daily active users dip down
    4. Capcom finds "no distinction" between on-disc and downloadable content
    5. Wii U less powerful than PS3, Xbox 360, developers say
    6. Angry Birds cartoon coming to "all possible platforms"
    7. Super Meat Boy launching iOS version
    8. How PopCap Nearly Went Public
    9. PlayStation Orbis "has the jump" on next Xbox - rumor
    10. Mediatonic planning to double headcount
    11. Report: Next Xbox will have Blu-ray, always online DRM
    12. Amazon trounces Google Play in Android app revenue
    13. Wooga's Diamond Dash hits 11m iOS downloads
    14. Nyko: "Most first parties see us as a threat to their business"
    15. Worms creator Andy Davidson returns to Team 17
    16. OMGPOP boosts Zynga DAUs by 25%
    17. Gibbs returns to GAME as chief exec
    18. FIFA Street stays top for EA
    19. Foxconn opening new plant in Hainan, expanding operations in Brazil
    20. RIM posts Q4 net loss of $125 million
    21. New CEO for Hangame
    22. Sony confirms Zipper Interactive closure
    1. New GAME owner confirms no more store closures
    2. OpCapita to buy GAME's UK business
    3. Rift marketer says there is still room for MMOs with subscriptions