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November 2012 Archive

    1. iPad Mini and iPhone 5 coming to China in December
    2. 50 titles launched from Steam Greenlight
    3. THQ launches Humble Bundle
    4. GameStop DLC attach rates up to 50%
    5. Publisher 2.0 - The rise of content marketing
    6. GAME starts selling Steam Wallet codes in stores
    7. DAO Games signs first MMOs for Turkish, MENA markets
    8. Strauss Zelnick: Switching to next gen will cause casualties
    9. Baptism of fire: the knives come out for Wii U
    10. Zynga no longer leashed to Facebook
    11. Kojima wants to be more than “the Metal Gear guy”
    1. Microsoft Surface Pro coming Jan 2013, starting at $899
    2. Frima Studio among Canada's most admired companies
    3. Molyneux: Industry needs Wii U to be "great"
    4. Sony sells 525,000 PS3s, 160,000 Vitas during Black Friday week in US
    5. Guillermo del Toro's InSane finds new home
    6. Core Marketing: How Nintendo is Selling the Wii U in the UK
    7. Call of Duty: Black Ops II first-year sales could be down 15%
    8. Daglow: Consoles, big publishers not going anywhere
    9. Microsoft opens Black Tusk Studios in Vancouver
    10. Jailed Arma 3 devs thank supporters
    11. Iwata: "Very sorry" for Wii U network update
    12. Sony encouraged God of War screenwriters to make “dramatic shifts”
    13. Kongregate adds free-to-play downloadable games
    14. Amazon Appstore opens in Japan
    1. Oculus Rift delayed to March
    2. Ubisoft, Sony, NCsoft take home Game Connection Marketing Awards
    3. World's first online game jam gets big name judges
    4. Wii U shortage helping Xbox 360, PS3
    5. The State of Mobile Game Development
    6. Black Ops 2 a hit on Japanese charts
    7. Havok acquires specialist 3D studio Rocketbox
    8. Flying Blind: Dearth of digital data is harmful
    9. Bethesda: Dishonored clearly a new franchise
    10. Tapjoy CEO resigns, replaced by Disney exec
    11. Gamers refunded as End of Nations beta postponed
    12. Final call for GameHorizon launch event
    13. Chillingo: Ruthless mobile platform has "no room for anything except perfection"
    14. Habbo Hotel releases API for gaming platform launch
    15. Grand Theft Auto franchise hits 125 million shipped
    1. Windows 8 crosses 40 million licenses sold
    2. Xbox 360 sells 750,000 during Black Friday week
    3. Tadhg Kelly joins Jawfish Games
    4. Square Enix dev says Japanese industry is "pushing back"
    5. Haze and marketing blocked Timesplitters 4
    6. Ready to Rumble: The Reinvention of The Games Publisher
    7. Zynga Mobile UK general manager departs
    8. #1ReasonWhy - The night Twitter took on the industry's sexism
    9. Update: Nintendo confirms Wii Mini
    10. Ed Fries: Platform holders must follow Ouya's lead
    11. GigaMedia generates profit for first time in 10 quarters
    12. The Die is Cast: How Digital is Aiding a Cardboard Comeback
    1. Kabam to distribute Kingdoms of Camelot through Turkey's Mynet
    2. Don Daglow suspends Kickstarter campaign
    3. Japan slaps import ban on Nintendo DS flash carts
    4. announces Windows 8 support
    5. DoubleFine Humble Bundle titles chosen
    6. Ubisoft hopes for shorter console cycles
    7. Wii U sells 400,000 in US in first week
    8. Steam hits 6 million concurrent users
    9. Minecraft heading to Raspberry Pi
    10. Hitman can't kill COD in UK charts
    11. BAFTA Young Game Designers winners announced
    12. Finnish industry grew 57 per cent last year
    13. Ubisoft is top seller in Amazon Black Friday sales
    14. Bushnell doubts Wii U success
    1. The Crown of Command: Rebooting Talisman For a New Generation
    2. Mobile developer Hogrocket closed
    3. Eurocom forced to make large number of redundancies
    4. Skullgirls team launch Lab Zero Games
    5. Future swings to £1.1m profit after major restructuring
    6. Kickstarter: Funding revolution or digital panhandling?
    1. Retailer GAME partners with IGN
    2. SpecialEffect's Donegan named Digital Hero
    3. Tablet Wars and The Future of a Mass Market Games Platform
    4. New head of development for InnoGames
    5. Deadline nears for Music+Sound Awards
    6. Flashback designer Paul Cuisset signs new development deal
    7. Warface has 5m Russian users
    8. VCs passing on consoles in favor of mobile
    9. Sony stock downgraded to 'junk' by Fitch
    10. PS Vita sales jump up on Japanese charts
    11. Czech president joins ArmA 3 dev cause
    12. Ubisoft leads new video game marketing awards nominations
    13. Rockstar's Houser: Hot Coffee was “draining and upsetting”
    14. Steam still at 50 million users, 500,000 use Big Picture
    1. Molyneux Kickstarting Populous successor
    2. Microsoft reportedly prepping 'Xbox TV'
    3. Microsoft: "We're no longer just competing with console companies"
    4. DDM Agency: "The midcore market has been really brutal"
    5. Wii U has "a horrible, slow CPU" says Metro: Last Light dev
    6. Reggie: It only takes one game sale to make a Wii U profitable
    7. Tolkien estate suing Warner Bros over online slot machines
    8. Telltale Games expands offices to add new projects
    9. Zynga promotes LeTourneau to chief creative officer
    1. THQ CFO resigns as company negotiates financing alternatives
    2. Perfect World revenue and profit down year-over-year
    3. Windows Phone gamers monetizing at "significantly higher rate"
    4. 3DS sales near 6 million in US
    5. Nielsen: Kids want iOS and Wii U for the holidays
    6. Hitman marketer doesn't want to "exploit" controversy
    7. Nintendo not making any Wii games
    8. Zynga exodus continues: biz dev VP resigns
    9. Critical Consensus: ZombiU, Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U
    10. Nintendo Wii U review
    11. Natural Motion, TT Games, Jonathan Ross in for BAFTA Games Question Time
    12. PlayStation Mobile SDK goes public
    13. Star Citizen funding total over $6 million
    14. Double Fine prototypes become Humble Bundle
    15. Wii U launch: Reactions mixed, software already discounted
    16. Grand Theft Auto V on Wii U and PC “up for consideration”
    17. Don Daglow teams with Tony La Russa for another baseball game
    1. Nintendo Wii U offers indie-friendly eShop, says Frozenbyte
    2. Blizzard CEO wins entrepreneur of the year award
    3. Role-Playing: THQ's Brian Farrell
    4. Gree shutting down OpenFeint on December 14
    5. Nintendo allays Wii U 'hacking' fears
    6. Large Wii U firmware update reportedly bricking consoles
    7. Black Ops 2 rules UK chart with 4th biggest launch of all time
    8. Nintendo Network accounts currently tied to single Wii U
    9. GameFlavor Network up for sale
    10. Star Citizen crosses $5 million in pledged funding
    1. Apple and Google looking to settle patent war
    1. Nintendo delays Nintendo TVii
    2. Xbox, PS3, PS Vita: Holiday hardware sale
    3. Mobile revenue start up scores $1.25m in funding
    4. Black Ops 2 sales top $500m in 24 hours
    5. EA and Microsoft recognised as "Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality"
    6. 40% of UK games companies back a free-to-play future
    7. Nintendo launches first paid-for iOS app
    8. GameStop: Trying to change faster than the market declines
    9. 70 million PS3 units shipped worldwide
    10. A decade on, Xbox Live must face its biggest challenge
    11. Irish games industry jobs up 91% since 2009
    12. The Escapist acquired by Alloy Digital
    13. Wargaming sets up shop in Southeast Asia
    14. Zynga CEO near tears over company's dive
    1. Glu Mobile closes Brazil office in restructuring
    2. OnLive launches on LG's Google TVs
    3. Digital sales totaled $1.4 billion in US during Q3 - NPD
    4. Epic Games hires Paul Meegan to lead product development
    5. Zynga loses its treasurer to Twitter
    6. Wii U attach rate strong says GameStop
    7. EA CEO wants universal game ratings across the globe
    8. GameStop loses $624 million in Q3
    9. Nintendo: "Gamers have been hungry for new and better ways to play"
    10. Gabe Newell to keynote DICE 2013
    11. Punch Quest: Too generous to be free-to-play?
    12. Eurogamer preparing launch of USgamer
    13. BAFTA Young Game Designers competition finalists revealed
    14. Xbox Live Turns 10: Reflecting On An Online Revolution
    15. New publisher for Future's CVG and GamesRadar
    16. New CEO for mobile dev Pocket Gems
    17. GameStop shifts 1m Black Ops 2 units on launch night
    18. PlayStation Vita sales hit new low in Japan
    19. Tiny Speck's Glitch MMO to close
    20. Splinter Cell movie to star Tom Hardy
    21. Gree reports revenue up 25%, profits down
    22. EA's Gothenburg studio is now Ghost Games
    1. Molyneux: Games have failed to become another true entertainment form
    2. Gamevil's revenue up 66 percent in Q3
    3. Kixeye: "Zynga is manipulating the legal process"
    4. Activision under fire: stock hits its lowest point in a year
    5. Wii U Deluxe Set "selling out incredibly quickly"
    6. Next-gen consoles need next-gen business models
    7. Nosebleed Interactive wins £25,000 in pilot funding
    8. New hires join Mike Hayes at Serious Games International
    9. Rockstar: Best console games come at the end of the lifecycle
    10. Newell: Kickstarter is great, Greenlight needs work
    11. Giant continues growth with more players, better ARPU
    12. Eagle is Xbox UK's new marketing director
    13. Rift: Storm Legion early sales "beyond expectations" says Trion
    1. Rumble Entertainment hires Zynga vets
    2. Zynga CFO jumps ship for Facebook as management reshuffles
    3. Epic expects next-gen dev costs to double
    4. New SVP for Perfect World
    5. Ubisoft's Guillemot on evolving audiences, Wii U, and possibly buying THQ
    6. Ziff Davis acquired by j2 Global for $167 million
    7. Critical Consensus: Wonderbook: Book Of Spells
    8. Black Ops 2 and the future of Call of Duty
    9. Future shuts Xbox World and PSM3 magazines
    10. Critical Consensus: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
    11. New studio Storm Cloud launches in Scotland
    12. Dragon Quest studio Heartbeat to relaunch
    13. Windows president Sinofsky leaves Microsoft
    1. Ubisoft CEO on Wii U price: "I can't say I'm happy"
    2. Swrve raises $6.25 million in funding
    3. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online crosses 4 million players
    4. Minecraft passes 8 million in sales on PC
    5. Direct X 11.1 exclusive to Windows 8
    6. Halo 4 amasses $220 million in 24 hours
    7. BioWare Montreal working on next Mass Effect
    8. Valve working on new Source engine
    9. Wii U to sell 3.5 million units globally this holiday - IHS
    10. Crytek: CryEngine has nearly closed gap with Unreal in West
    11. Games retail in decline: Can industry recover this holiday?
    12. Adam Sessler to lead games content at Revision3
    13. GAME CEO: "I have all the cash I need"
    14. London Games Festival auctions art for SpecialEffect
    15. Halo 4 tops chart, but can't beat Halo 3 or Reach
    16. THQ defaults on $50m Wells Fargo loan
    17. 22 Cans: "We now offer the option for kind people to donate"
    18. Marketing murder: The secrets of selling Assassin's Creed 3
    19. Blizzard says class-action suit filled with "patently false information"
    1. iPad mini review
    2. Molyneux skeptical about tablet/TV gaming
    1. Zynga: We define innovation differently
    2. Russia reviewing violent PC game restrictions
    3. 7 Navy SEALs disciplined for working on Medal of Honor: Warfighter
    4. Foxconn rumored to be planning US plants
    5. Zynga continues mid-core mobile push with Battlestone
    6. Blizzard sued over security of player info
    7. EA: Building a bridge between data miners and designers
    8. Sony debt rating lowered near junk
    9. New Guildford office for Pitbull Studio
    10. MOH: Warfighter sells 300k in US debut week
    11. Silicon Knights ordered to destroy all Unreal code and products
    12. Natural Selection 2 sells 144,000 in 7 days
    13. LifeStreet Media has paid $125 million to game clients
    14. DeNA and Yahoo extend partnership to mobile
    15. Icahn raises stake in Take-Two above 10%
    16. Gree: Japanese install worth three times a US one
    17. Records tumble in strong Q3 for Nvidia
    18. THQ and Activision: A Tale of Two Publishers
    1. US game sales drop 25% in October
    2. Xbox 360 sells 270,000 units in US during October
    3. Nintendo exec calls the rise of tablet gaming “undeniable”
    4. Sony Network boss retiring, SCEI president taking over
    5. Valve and Nexon launching DOTA 2 in Korea and Japan
    6. OMGPOP CEO on post-acquisition challenges
    7. EA no longer sees new IP as priority, says former BioWare producer
    8. Molyneux only making one more game
    9. Origin partners with for live broadcasts
    10. BioWare Mythic changes name to "Mythic"
    11. Indie incubator raises $1.4 million
    12. New director for Lincoln Beasley PR & Marketing
    13. Black Ops II embraces esports with live YouTube streaming
    14. Bohemia Interactive looking to shutdown DayZ Bounty mod
    15. Blizzard helps Sandy relief with WoW pet
    16. InnoGames ready to hit 100m players
    17. Gears of War franchise passes 19 million sales
    18. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom faces rights lapse
    19. Content is king: the growing pains of free-to-play
    20. Matsuno retires from Level-5
    21. Activision: big fish in a shrinking pond
    1. WoW, Skylanders drive strong Q3 for Activision
    2. Splinter Cell dev: Industry must offer more than violence
    3. Take-Two moving QA studio to Nevada
    4. Square Enix merger a "complete failure" says former Square boss
    5. PlayStation titles dominate Japanese software chart
    6. The indie behind Halo 4 and Black Ops
    7. Jordan Mechner, Karateka and the gaming renaissance
    8. Q-Games: 'Q is jumping ship' is nonsense
    9. Lady Shotgun: taking on childcare and capitalism
    10. Up to 20 more jobs go at Gameforge Berlin
    11. Yoshida: Last Guardian still has "nothing concrete" to show
    12. DeNA buys 20% stake in Rage of Bahamut developer
    13. Curiosity attracts 158,000 tappers on day one
    14. Future US closes PlayStation: The Official Magazine
    1. Valve opens Steam up to Brazilian payments
    2. Steam for Linux beta goes live
    3. Miyamoto talking with developers for Wii U support
    4. Assassin's Creed III sells 3.5 million
    5. Xbox gaming tablet to debut before next console - report
    6. Wii U allocation tilted to US
    7. Microsoft applies for pay-per-viewer patent
    8. THQ stands over the abyss as stock nosedives nearly 50%
    9. Guitar Hero co-creator sees mobile replacing consoles
    10. Sleeping Dogs ships 1.5 million
    11. Acer Iconia Tab A700 review
    12. EA Sports supports Movember with in-game ads
    13. DeNA sees Q2 revenue of $627 million
    14. No IPO or equity funding for Kickstarter
    15. Fez dev joins Capybara Games
    16. Carl Icahn increases investment in Take-Two
    17. Capcom adding 1000 new devs by 2023
    18. Microsoft launches Win8 games competition
    19. THQ faces bleak future of sale or bankruptcy
    20. Braben launches Elite Kickstarter
    21. Hitman dev: It's difficult to educate players about choices
    22. Verizon closing app store in Jan 2013
    23. Microsoft CEO expects Windows Phone 8 to “ramp quickly”
    1. THQ pushes back South Park as it loses another $21 million
    2. Sony's Yoshida: "It's too early to talk about the end of this gen"
    3. Gameloft sales in Q3 grow 37% on freemium success
    4. Nintendo accelerates Wii U push with 5,000 kiosks at US retail
    5. CEO: "Hit-proofing" a hit-driven business
    6. Xbox 360 the only console to "defy gravity" says Microsoft
    7. Apple sells 3m iPads in 3 days
    8. UK sees its first female only game jam
    9. Assassin's Creed slays chart rivals
    10. Zynga begins game closures with FishVille and Treasure Isle
    11. Over 50% of Massachusetts studios mobile focused
    12. ChangYou reports record Q3 revenues
    13. Dontnod: Kick ass doesn't have to mean ultraviolent
    14. Wildfire Worlds: A Very Civil Disobedience
    1. AAA not the future, says Splinter Cell: Blacklist director
    1. GameStop's former PR head admits to stealing $2 million from company
    1. 75% of phones shipped last quarter run Android
    2. Rockstar wins GTA: San Andreas suit
    3. Hotline Miami dev: "I'm not making games to make money"
    4. Wargaming CEO on the "beauty and the curse" of free-to-play
    5. PlayStation 3 certified for Chinese release
    6. Wreck-It Ralph projected for $50 million opening
    7. Roundtable: Use The Force, Disney
    8. BAFTA "Ones To Watch" launch new company
    9. Microsoft is developing its own smartphone - report
    10. Take-Two doesn't expect higher dev costs with new consoles
    11. Ragnar Tørnquist: Dreamfall sequel will be crowd-funded
    12. Will Wright settles Hive Mind suit
    13. Sega's revenues slide amidst restructuring
    14. Report: Take-Two opening Las Vegas office
    15. Namco sees 15% revenue rise YoY
    16. The Games Media Must Renew the Trust of its Audience
    17. Ninja Kiwi acquires Digital Goldfish
    18. BAFTA highlights career advice issues
    1. Rhode Island files suit over 38 Studios
    2. Activision selling Call of Duty dog tags for charity
    3. New PS4 dev kits reportedly shipping
    4. Konami's first-half sales slip 13%
    5. DeNA: "Coming out of hibernation"
    6. EA responds to BBC Watchdog report
    7. Slant Six Games: Vancouver industry "in a bit of peril"
    8. Ragnar Tørnquist founds Red Thread Games
    9. Pitchford gushes over Wii U Game Pad
    10. Critical Consensus: Halo 4
    11. 6000 jobs at risk as Comet nears administration - report
    12. Marvelous sued for attempting hostile takeover
    13. PlayStation revenues fall in Q2, Sony cuts handheld forecast
    14. New entries take Japanese top 5 as 3DS continues dominance
    15. Careers in Games: PR and Journalism
    16. The Creative Assembly: Losing The Race To The Bottom
    17. Ouya hammers out details, upgrades to Android 4.2
    18. Google Nexus 7 sales nearing 1 million units a month
    19. Wikipad launch delayed due to updates