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February 2012 Archive

    1. Gamevil hits 100 million downloads
    2. Mojang acquires Minecraft mod developer team behind Bukkit
    3. Doom 4 not cancelled, says Bethesda
    4. Virtual goods market grows to $2.3 billion, says study
    5. Bungie co-founder would be surprised if Microsoft "whiffed" Halo 4
    6. Blizzard axing 600 staff worldwide
    7. GAME: EA problems "temporary", future launch discussions ongoing
    8. Last gasp for Black Prophecy developer Reakktor
    9. Gamania reports YTD growth of 20% for 2011
    10. Raspberry Pi sells out in hours
    11. UK PlayStation Vita launch sales stand at 45K - report
    12. EA pulls new releases from GAME shelves until further notice
    13. Game Insight expands with new San Francisco HQ
    14. Illyriad Games raises $1.75m in new funding
    15. Crytek leak suggests Microsoft holds new Xbox briefing
    16. Digital Capital funds Schreiber's new Irish games start-up
    17. Sega COO retires, Nagoshi promoted to CCO
    18. Alienware's X51: PC Gaming Invades the Living Room
    19. Pachter explains Wii U is "toast" comments
    1. Sony open to launching IP on social and mobile
    2. THQ's budget for Devil's Third outstrips Itagaki's previous work
    3. Kabam signs with CNET and Sweetlabs for desktop games
    4. PlayStation Vita hits global sales of 1.2 million
    5. How GameStop Could Save GAME
    6. OnLive hosts free IGF nominee demos
    7. Dark Energy Digital heading into administration
    8. EA's Hilleman says bad press hurts everybody
    9. Schafer: Publishers aren't quaking in their boots
    10. ConsolidationVille: Social Games M&A in 2012
    11. North American president Tinney leaves CCP
    12. Chime duo launch new music game developer Echo Peak
    13. Going Underground
    14. Zynga detractors are bad for industry, says EA's Hilleman
    1. Android hits 300 million devices
    2. Nintendo, Wii U are "toast," says Pachter
    3. Meteor Entertainment secures $10m to fund Hawken
    4. Vita developer tools for online coming from GameSpy
    5. Epic showing Unreal Engine 4 at GDC
    6. Ubisoft Vita titles arrive at GAME
    7. SpecialEffect sees rise in demand
    8. Violent games bill thrown out by Oklahoma subcommittee
    9. Uncharted and FIFA lead Vita to chart victory
    10. Growth of gaming on Facebook slows, stiff challenges ahead
    11. Team Meat frustrated by WiiWare 40MB limit
    12. Bigpoint: Facebook isn't the only platform
    13. Gameloft: Cash in the Attic
    1. Game Closure nets $12m in first round funding
    2. Apple acquires app search and discovery startup Chomp
    3. Criterion to hold student open day
    4. Killzone 3 multiplayer goes free in US
    5. Bigpoint and GamesAnalytics join forces
    6. DeNA ordered to pay GREE $2.9m in copyright case
    7. Android devices get new virtual currency
    8. Rovio CEO considering acquisitions
    9. GAME Changer: The Impact of the Collapsing High Street
    10. Has Facebook gaming peaked?
    11. Double Fine's Kickstarter program: The impact on iOS development
    1. Industry and comics vets found core mobile dev Industry Toys
    2. Technical director swaps Guerrilla for Visceral
    3. Kickstarting crowd-sourced funding
    4. Solari joins Jagex as CMO
    5. Z2Live acquires Big Sandwich Games
    6. Demand for jobs at Foxconn still huge, despite concerns
    7. GamesIndustry Fair announced as part of Eurogamer Expo
    8. Kim Dotcom granted bail by New Zealand judge
    9. Tiburon vets launch PixelFoundry Games
    10. 3DS takes number one in Japan as Vita continues to slip
    11. Facebook to establish gaming specific team in Europe
    12. With a price cut, PS Vita could hit 12.4m units in 2012
    13. CCP annual revenues hit $66m, considers IPO
    14. 5000 developers' licenses for HeroEngine
    15. Is The PS Vita a Viable Platform For Indies?
    1. Nexon acquires 20% stake in Moyasoft
    2. GAME: "We can't stock absolutely everything"
    3. Anger and threats following Spilt Milk fallout
    4. Peak acquires Saudi social company Kammelna Games
    5. Tech Focus: The Power of PlayStation Vita
    6. PS Vita UK Launch: A Sign Of The Times
    1. GAME not selling Ubisoft's Vita launch titles
    2. Developers question long-term viability of App Store
    3. Trion inks Southeast Asia deal for Rift
    4. Gree secures publishing deals with Gameloft and Ubisoft
    5. Remedy recoups Wake PC expenses in 48 hours
    6. Newell: "If we have to sell hardware we will"
    7. Showtime for PlayStation Vita
    1. Jagex: Physical games retail gone within 10 years
    2. Nintendo 3DS sells 5 million in Japan, sets record
    3. Activision: We don't blacklist journalists
    4. THQ secures timely UK no. 1 with UFC Undisputed 3
    5. Dashboard update gives XBLIG a boost
    6. Schafer: Microsoft platforms facing talent exodus
    7. Online games drive NetEase profits to $514 million
    8. Howard: Skyrim bug issue "not nearly as bad as it seems"
    9. IP Laws and the Games Industry: What Next?
    1. Hutch Games: App Store is a democratising situation
    2. New sales team for Thumbstar
    3. 25 jobs cut at Starbreeze following Syndicate completion
    4. Boost for GAME as it secures official Vita launch
    5. Unite 12 to be held in Amsterdam
    6. PlayStation business feels pressure to perform for Sony Corp
    7. Sony bringing Move SDK Move.Me to UK
    8. SOE launches fifth G.I.R.L. US design competition
    9. Linden Lab acquires LittleTextPeople
    10. NPD director joins EEDAR
    11. Drew Karpyshyn announces retirement from games writing
    12. Bobby Kotick joins board of directors at Coca-Cola
    13. New CEO, platform and IP for K2 Network
    14. Fight My Monster nets $2.1m seed funding
    15. UKIE calls for relaxation of crowd-funding regulations
    16. A Breakout Year for the Irish Games Industry
    17. Live Free: Freemium Thinking For Console Games
    1. Gamevil reports record profits and reveues for 2011
    2. Sony Ericsson now Sony Mobile Communications
    3. Magazine ABCs show a games press in decline
    4. The games media: manifestos, agendas and hot air
    5. Fargo: Kickstarter "means we don't have to do it like the publisher wants"
    6. Batman and LA Noire shine among BAFTA nominees
    7. Sony refutes claims of Vita devs jumping ship for 3DS
    8. Shanda Interactive Entertainment family buyout completed
    9. Virgin Media to sponsor Eurogamer Expo 2012
    10. University of Colorado gets $1.5m grant for educational games research
    11. Double Fine's Kickstarter makes a million in a day
    12. Report: THQ Japan closing at end of February
    13. EA: Origin needs two years to reach potential
    14. TIGA renews call for Games Tax Relief ahead of Budget
    15. Major Australian retailers won't stock Vita at launch
    16. Vita continues to struggle as 3DS tops Japanese charts
    17. New iOS and social studio Twiitch founded in Australia
    18. Reverb: Solving The Publisher Problem
    19. Mind Candy considering IPO in the "next few years"
    20. Just Dance, Assassin's Creed boost Ubisoft Q3 sales to €652m
    1. Dear Esther repays Indie Fund investment in 6 hours
    2. NCsoft acquires majority stake in casual dev Ntreev Soft
    3. Apple: Nobody is doing more to improve working conditions
    4. Sony Japan kills PSP comics
    5. Australia set to introduce R18+ rating in 2013
    6. Alliance Distributors continues to grow
    7. Tech Focus: What Next for Motion Control?
    8. GREE inks content deals with 11 developers
    9. Gazillion shuts free-to-play game Fortune Online
    10. Notch offers $13 million to make Psychonauts 2
    11. Layoffs at Brazilian social dev Vostu
    12. Zynga beats expectations in 1st public quarter with sales of $311m
    1. Important update for Unity
    2. Critical Consensus: Uncharted: Golden Abyss
    3. Serious Games Association membership opens
    4. Ubisoft Reflections nominated for Innovation award
    5. GAME looks mid to long-term with PwC assistance
    6. New equity based crowdfunding platform to launch
    7. Electronic Arts, Red Dead Redemption are 'most traded' online
    8. Nintendo 3DS DLC on sale
    9. AppMobi launches new HTML5 SDK
    10. GREE to open new office in Osaka
    11. Tencent takes Sims Social to China
    12. Zynga sued over patented tech
    13. ZeptoLab inks Cut The Rope merchandising deals
    1. Foxconn inspected at Apple's request
    2. Critical Consensus: Final Fantasy XIII-2
    3. Mobiclip acquired by Nintendo
    4. $50 million Vita platform launch is Sony's biggest yet
    5. Amalur beats Darkness II to number one
    6. Eyebrow Interactive wins Indie Games Challenge Grand Prize
    7. Downloadable titles get dedicated site
    8. Spacetime Studios registers 100 million play sessions
    9. GigaMedia details business changes
    10. Obituary: Bethesda concept artist Adam Adamowicz
    11. GREE to open new San Francisco studio
    12. Jaffe, Avellone ponder crowd-sourced funding
    13. Newell confirms Steam user details taken
    14. Activision's Billion Dollar Man
    15. Where does the GAME customer go if the High Street closes?
    16. Escaping the Asylum: Rocksteady's five designs to success
    1. Activision admits to bungled Call of Duty Elite launch
    2. Spark Capital signs up Zynga GM
    3. NPD study shows territory skews to different gaming habits
    4. Warhorse licenses CryEngine 3 for debut project
    5. Apps Genius signs Jersey Shore deal
    6. Google: Games can ruin online communities
    7. Namco Bandai founds new company to handle all development
    8. Sony credit downgraded by Standard and Poor's
    9. Zynga and Hasbro enter merchandising agreement
    10. Skyrim, Portal 2 and Uncharted dominate IAAs at DICE
    11. Crowded House
    12. Sweeney: There are too many platforms on the market
    1. US market sees almost 40 per cent fall in January
    2. Activision-Blizzard doubles annual profits to $1.1 billion
    3. Publisher dirty tricks inspired Itagaki to start-up Valhalla
    4. Jaffe: Games execs need to get a "bullshit filter"
    5. Big Fish Games to "break new ground" with cloud service
    6. Rocksteady: "There's a real talent drain"
    7. Shanda and Trion Worlds take Rift to China
    8. Mad Catz profits show $15m YoY fall in Q3
    9. Layoffs reported at ngmoco after DeNA restructuring
    10. Voting opens for BAFTA GAME Audience Award
    11. Digital Capital appoints new product development head
    12. Jetpack Joyride downloads increased 13x after going free
    13. Indie Fund updates investment model
    14. GameStop clears all debts, pays investors first dividend
    15. Double Fine launches Kickstarter campaign for new project
    16. EA's chief financial officer leaving February 17
    17. Games sales help to boost Warner Bros. Q4 and full-year results
    18. Indie Development: Not Just Fun And Games
    19. Cliff Harris: Middle-Aged Game Development
    20. Average Skyrim PC playtime clocks in at 75 hours
    21. Publisher model will rise again through mobile
    22. Inflated console prices are fuelling free-to-play growth
    1. Epic secures Fighting Fantasy titles for Unreal contest
    2. No UMD Passport programme for US Vitas
    3. French tax breaks under threat, Quantic Dream threatens to relocate
    4. Ex-Rare dev: Company is "a survivor"
    5. Gaikai realises streaming goals with Darkness 2 demo
    6. €1.75 million in new funding for BoosterMedia
    7. Simraceway dev raises another $5m in funding
    8. Nielsen: 56 per cent of US households own 7th-gen console
    9. D3Publisher signs game rights for next 3 Dreamworks films
    10. Seropian resigns from Disney role
    11. Disney's interactive media revenue down 20% to $279m
    12. Microsoft: "Together we can prevail over criminals"
    13. DeNA sales up Y-o-Y, profits and sales down from last Q
    14. Tech Focus: Next-Gen Cloud vs. Console
    1. New LG TVs to feature Unity games
    2. Splash Damage devs launch online gaming service
    3. Jaffe expected to leave Eat Sleep Play to pursue iOS development
    4. Critical Consensus: Catherine
    5. Critical Consensus: Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning
    6. 46 Jobs to go in GAME head office restructure
    7. Apple warns developers not to manipulate App Store charts
    8. ChangYou reports 2011 net income of $245.5 million
    9. Gaikai: Microsoft will have to enter TV market
    10. 37 job losses at Sega Australia
    11. Schafer: Publishers are scared of new IP
    12. Jesse Schell: Top Of The Class
    1. prepares for international relaunch
    2. Fun Infused Games: Xbox Live dash burying indie
    3. Torrent site BTJunkie shuts down
    4. Report: Ex-Zynga engineer makes cloning and contractor accusations
    5. Konami doubles nine-month profits to ¥17 billion
    6. EU asks Google to delay rollout of new privacy policy
    7. Kabam moves HQ to San Francisco
    8. Final Fantasy XIII-2 topples FIFA
    9. NPD retail reports to include Walmart data
    10. Apple removes cloned games from App Store
    11. New £15m fund for Yorkshire and Humber developers
    12. Gree posts Q2 sales of £342.7m, profits of £104.9m
    13. Xbox Live policy and enforcement director departs
    14. Job losses at EA Canada and Black Box
    15. PSN to be rebranded as Sony Entertainment Network
    16. The UK Indie Developer Survey 2012
    17. Saving Education Through Games Addiction
    1. Viacom earnings fall, Harmonix dispute blamed
    2. SEGA 9 month profit down 6.6% YoY as games buoyed by Pachinko
    3. Eutechnyx signs Brain in a Jar for latest racing game
    4. Nippon Ichi increases net income forecast to ¥203m
    5. Zynga designer and Nexon exec join AIAS board
    6. Seamus Blackley: iOS is the "new arcade", 99c the "new quarter"
    7. Xbox marketing head joins Apple
    8. 6Waves Lolapps denies breaching NDA with Spry Fox
    9. GFACE launches Crytek backed freemium service
    10. DDM appoints new director of business development
    11. Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada founds new studio
    12. DeNA Studios Canada opens in Vancouver
    13. GAME Group agrees new financing terms, predicts £18m loss for year
    14. Hirai Ascendant
    15. THQ needs partner to bring Warhammer MMO to market
    1. THQ losses widen to $56m for Q3
    2. Q3 profits of $14m for Take-Two, sales of $236m
    3. Star Wars: The Old Republic paid subs estimated at 1.3m
    4. Public game companies by the (really big) numbers
    5. Oklahoma proposes new games tax
    6. Kinect for Windows commercial license launches
    7. Capcom sees profits more than halved, sales down by 29%
    8. Tomoyuki Tsuboi now president of Konami Digital Entertainment
    9. Flaregames raises €6m in investment round
    10. New chief strategy and talent officer for Activision
    11. GAME confirms renegotiations underway with lenders
    12. Gameloft projects 17% revenue rise year-on-year
    13. Disney snaps up Ignition in UTV acquisition
    14. Bossa: Social games "will be like the Atari Eighties crash"
    15. EA expresses concern over "major European retail partner"
    16. Bossa Studios: Anti-Social Gaming
    17. Zynga accounted for 12% of Facebook sales in 2011
    18. Sony expects full-year losses to reach ¥220 billion
    1. THQ cuts 240 staff as CEO halves salary
    2. Origin generates $100m for EA, SWTOR subs hit 1.7m
    3. Digital Capital ready to fund digital games
    4. DeNA joins forces with Chinese internet service provider
    5. Channel 4 Education launches Sims 3 show
    6. Nexon and Nexon Mobile to merge
    7. Bungie hands over Halo to 343 Industries
    8. Zynga: We define innovation differently
    9. GAME: We have no immediate stock problems, staff are being paid
    10. Konami Europe gets new president
    11. More than 170 jobs axed at THQ - rumour
    12. Kixeye: "You can't do game design through data exclusively"
    13. Sony names Hirai as CEO and president in waiting
    14. Bigpoint passes 250m registered users
    15. Vita download codes to cost less than boxed games
    16. Kixeye's War Commander