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May 2024 Archive

    1. Fragbite Group CEO Marcus Teilman steps down
    2. Lower-cost regions are key to the industry's rebuilding | Opinion
    3. Jobs Roundup: May 2024 | ESA Foundation names Sue Madden as executive director
    4. Devolver announces date for summer showcase | News-in-brief
    5. Lightspeed Studios appoints Sony veteran as vice president of PC and console publishing
    6. UK passes DMA-like bill that could force Apple to allow other games stores on iOS
    1. Sony shows off possible future PlayStation controller in prototyping exercise
    2. Relic Entertainment partners with investment firm
    3. Rolling Stone establishes new gaming vertical
    4. How the developers of Afterlove EP continued the game after its creator's death
    5. Atari acquires Intellivision brand and over 200 games
    6. Sega veterans form publisher-agency hybrid Alibi Games
    7. Fragbite declares bankruptcy for developer Fall Damage Studio seven months after acquisition
    8. Embracer Group full-year sales rise to $3.9bn, but $1.5bn debt remains
    9. Embracer CFO and deputy CEO Johan Ekström stepping down
    10. Report: Sony planning mobile games platform
    1. Twitch hours viewed drop to 1.64bn in quiet April
    2. Twitch adds ways for users to filter unwanted content
    3. Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead names Shams Jorjani as its new CEO
    4. Arrowhead Games: "We want to be the next From Software or Blizzard"
    5. Amazon opens new studio in Bucharest
    1. IGN Entertainment acquires Eurogamer, GI, VG247, Rock Paper Shotgun and more
    2. PlayStation's London Studio shuts down after over 20 years
    3. Devcom 2024 announces first 50 speakers
    4. Getting developers started with GameMaker
    5. New fund for Irish indies offering grants of up to £15,000
    6. Little Kitty Big City reaches 1m players on Game Pass | News-in-brief
    7. Report: Almost half of players use games as a form of self-expression
    8. HR Summit returns in September
    9. Nintendo acquires Switch port specialist Shiver Entertainment from Embracer
    1. Microsoft to integrate AI into games
    2. A new era for PlayStation | Microcast
    3. Larian to expand with Warsaw office
    4. Did video game investment hit rock bottom, and is it ready to go back up?
    5. Unity for Humanity Grant 2024 recipients announced
    6. Private equity firm in talks to buy Keywords Studios
    7. Bandai Namco reports record sales and rise in profits despite video game decline
    1. Report: Microsoft to add next Call of Duty title to Game Pass
    2. Disgraceful degradation | This Week in Business
    3. GameStop preliminary Q1 results have sales down at least 28%
    4. The biggest Serbia games firms amassed €175m in revenue during 2023
    5. Alan Wake 2 wins Game of the Year at Finnish Game Awards 2024
    6. Player1 reportedly lays off staff, closes down Insomnia Gaming Festival
    7. Sony's focus on engagement time over units sold makes sense for PlayStation | Opinion
    8. Summer Game Fest 2024 partner lineup revealed
    9. Zelnick on Roll7 and Intercept Games: "We didn't shutter those studios"
    10. Airship Syndicate's Wayfinder shifting from free-to-play online to premium single-player game
    11. GamesAid has raised £150,000 for charity in FY23/24 | News-in-brief
    12. Singularity 6 laying off 36 staff
    13. Phoenix Labs hit by another round of layoffs
    1. Take-Two confirms no Grand Theft Auto 6 in current fiscal year
    2. Bellwright sells more than 200,000 copies | News-in-brief
    3. GameSquare launches Faze Media
    4. Manor Lords moves 2m units | News-in-brief
    5. Activision opens new Polish studio Elsewhere Entertainment
    6. First speakers announced for next month’s GI Sprint editorial series
    7. ESA: 61% of Americans play games at least one hour a week
    8. Forever Entertainment on making what was old new again
    9. Owlchemy: Vision Pro is biggest step towards VR mainstream adoption
    10. Develop:Star Awards 2024 finalists announced
    11. Bandai Namco appoints Adrien Guerra as country manager for UK and Nordics
    1. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is April's best-selling game | Japan Monthly Charts
    2. Ubisoft reports record bookings for 2023
    3. Why Lego sees its gaming future in Fortnite
    4. Mats Juhl appointed as Starbreeze interim CEO
    5. PC and console game sales fall in Europe over April as major releases dry up | European Monthly Charts
    6. IO Interactive welcomes back Ulas Karademir as chief technology officer
    7. Former Bandai Namco worker arrested for suspected embezzlement
    8. UK government responds to Stop Killing Games campaign
    9. Polish regulators to investigate PS Store and Steam for anti-competitive practices
    1. Crystal Dynamics and Amazon team up to create more Tomb Raider film and streaming media
    2. VaultN secures $1.6m in seed funding round
    3. Two Joy-Con lawsuits against Nintendo are dismissed
    4. GameStop shares spike on return of meme stock poster
    5. Xbox players have issued 27.44m reports in H2
    6. Epic €1.1m fined for breaking EU consumer law in Netherlands
    7. The former Ubisoft dev who wants to bring back the golden age of JRPGs
    8. Marc Whitten to leave Unity
    9. Ex-XCOM creative director founds life sim maker Midsummer
    10. PlanetPlay parent acquires Playmob
    11. Report: Square Enix to lay off workers in European and American divisions
    12. PlayStation full-year revenues rise to $27.5 billion but narrowly misses PS5 sales target
    13. You can now enter the 2024 UK Best Places To Work Awards
    14. How the Best Places To Work Awards are judged
    15. How to win a Best Places To Work Award
    1. PlayStation names Hermen Hulst and Hideaki Nishino as its new CEOs
    2. Marvel Rivals publisher walks back negative review clause for previews
    3. Let's talk about those Xbox studio closures... | Microcast
    4. How ex-Blizzard devs Frost Giant got players to invest nearly $1m into the studio
    5. Warner Bros. transferring ownership of titles under Adult Swim Games label back to some devs
    6. Steel City Interactive raises £15m in funding
    7. Mighty Kingdom lays off 28% of staff
    8. Why Sweden's games industry is still growing
    9. Square Enix embarking on "aggressive multiplatform strategy" as profits drop 70%
    10. Report: Sony forms new studio with ex-Deviation Games devs
    11. Little Kitty Big City sells 100,000 units in 48 hours | News-in-brief
    1. Pentiment and We Are OFK win Peabody Awards
    2. Steam currently banned in Vietnam
    3. Sega's full-year sales jump 20% as Persona and Like a Dragon sales surge
    4. Playtika cuts two executive roles amid leadership restructure
    5. Warner Bros. CEO cites Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice sales performance for Q1 losses
    6. Microsoft's mystifying mismanagement | This Week in Business
    7. Xbox president: "Our commitment [is] to make sure that the business is healthy for the long term"
    8. Around 30 people laid off in CI Games' final round of job cuts
    9. Xbox mobile store to launch this summer
    10. Sony’s PC learning curve hits an incline | Opinion
    11. Lightforge Games lays off "majority" of workforce
    12. Unity restructuring increases losses to $291m in Q1 2024
    13. Fallout 4 rules the roost in April | UK Monthly Charts
    14. Capcom reports record profits for seventh year running
    15. Japanese indie publishers steer Tokyo Indie Games Summit: "Companies are paying attention"
    1. Yellow raises $5m in seed funding round
    2. Overwolf acquires Nitropay
    3. Meet Amir Satvat, the man leading efforts to find laid-off developers new jobs
    4. Nintendo forecast doesn't include Switch 2 before April 2025
    5. Roblox revenues increase to $801m in Q1
    6. London Games Festival 2024 gathered over 100,000 people
    7. Study finds YouTube is the most popular and trusted platform for game discovery
    8. Nintendo also dropping Twitter integration on June 10 | News-in-brief
    9. Altera raises $9m in seed round to fund AI software
    10. Dead Island 2 reaches 7m players | News-in-brief
    11. Report - ZeniMax on studio closures: "I think we were about to topple over"
    12. From The Last of Us to Baldur's Gate 3: The success of the Game Music Festival
    1. Krafton sees a 24% sales increase for Q1
    2. What do studio closures mean for Xbox strategy? | Opinion
    3. SXSW announces London edition set for 2025 | News-in-brief
    4. Mike Wilson leaves DeepWell
    5. PTW opens new motion capture studio in partnership with Imaginarium Studios
    6. Devolver co-founder says large-scale game dev "crushing under its own weight a little bit"
    7. EA believes over 50% of its development processes will be "positively impacted" by gen AI
    1. TikTok files challenge against US ban
    2. EA Sports FC, Madden have EA posting full-year growth despite sleepy Q4
    3. Activision to pay $23.4m for patent infringement
    4. Take-Two's troubles and why Xbox console sales don't matter | GI Microcast
    5. Xbox shutting down four Bethesda studios
    6. Nintendo profits rise to $6.2bn ahead of quiet year
    7. Brazil adopts breakthrough Legal Framework for Games
    8. Nintendo breaks silence on Switch 2, promises announcement by April 2025
    9. Remedy cancels multiplayer project Kestrel
    1. Palestinian Relief Bundle raises $578,517 | News-in-brief
    2. Sony backtracks on Helldivers 2 PSN log-in requirement
    1. Hasbro-barians at the gates | This Week in Business
    2. welcomes Hannah Potter as senior account manager
    3. Nintendo issues DMCA takedown notice against over 8,500 Yuzu emulator repositories
    4. Gray Zone Warfare sells 400,000 copies in two days | News-in-brief
    5. Google objects to Epic's proposed changes to Play Store policy
    6. The app store standoff is a chance to reshape mobile game discovery | Opinion
    1. Paladin Studios shuts down after nearly 19 years
    2. The new ratings system evaluating online toxicity in games
    3. Less than half of devs say their employers "adequately enforce" harassment and anti-discrimination policies
    4. Rusty's Retirement sells over 100,000 copies in five days | News-in-brief
    5. Take-Two reportedly shuts down Roll7 and Intercept Games, Private Division suffers layoffs
    6. Matthew Bromberg appointed CEO of Unity
    1. Game Workers Unite Montreal and CSN join together to improve labor practices
    2. LinkedIn launches games on its platform
    3. DDM: Gaming investments reached $2.2bn during Q1
    4. IGDA: "We need leadership to step up and speak out against hate"
    5. Fortnite, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto dominate March playtime in the US
    6. Monopoly Go helps push March sales up 4% | US Monthly Charts
    7. PlayStation's Shuhei Yoshida and Greg Rice to keynote Develop:Brighton 2024
    8. Belka Games reduces staffers by 20%
    9. Take-Two reportedly closing its Seattle office
    10. Korea plans to grow console industry in the next five years
    11. Live service, subscriptions and F2P: A new reality for console gaming