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April 2018 Archive

    1. PUBG Corp. says 15 hackers arrested, fined $5.1 million
    2. Global games market to hit $137.9 billion this year - Newzoo
    3. The anti-Brexit game turning controversy into opportunity
    4. Call of Juarez publishing rights return to Techland following Ubisoft partnership
    5. Frostpunk sells 250,000 units in 66 hours
    6. GDPR prompts Super Monday Night Combat shutdown
    7. SteamSpy creator develops new algorithm to keep service alive
    8. UK Charts: Strong second week for God of War as Nintendo Labo debuts at No.3
    1. People have figured out premium mobile - Ken Wong
    2. Nintendo bringing new IP exclusively to mobile
    3. Blizzard now selling community-made maps for StarCraft II
    4. Arma 3 reaches 4 million registered players
    5. Self-regulate loot box mechanisms - while you still can
    6. PlayStation 4 sales pass 75m in another strong year for Sony
    7. Third-party sales boosted Microsoft Gaming revenue in Q3
    1. Fortnite earned $223 million in March - Superdata
    2. Nintendo profits spike as Switch approaches 18m sales
    3. Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima stepping down
    4. How to get to 'WOW!': The challenging road to marketing VR
    5. "If anybody is going to pick a fight with Steam or create an alternative, the time is now"
    6. Epic Games continues pursuing lawsuit against 14-year-old Fortnite player
    7. Microsoft shuts down popular Halo mod ElDewrito
    8. PC Building Simulator sells 100,000 copies in a month
    9. Roblox signs book publishing deal with Harper Collins
    10. WarpPortal blocks access to game catalogue in Europe
    11. Snapchat launches "Snappables" series of AR games
    1. EA, Activision Blizzard, and Valve found in breach of Belgian gambling laws
    2. The Red Flag of Passion
    3. A Whole New World (of Tanks)
    4. "We just want to keep the IP" - Why Swery is banking on crowd-funding
    5. Wolfenstein II has five nominations at the Nordic Game Awards 2018
    6. Unpatchable hardware exploit leaves Nintendo facing security nightmare
    7. Henchman & Goon secures $400,000 funding
    8. Strong first quarter Xbox One sales offset March hardware spending slump
    9. How Space Ape eschewed convention to make its most profitable game
    10. Kartridge offers developers 100% of revenue up to $10,000
    11. EA Maxis renames The Sims' "insane" character trait
    12. Turtle Beach regains compliance with Nasdaq listing standards
    1. Albert Penello leaving Microsoft
    2. Jobs roundup: Hearthstone game director Ben Brode parts ways with Blizzard
    3. Death Road to Canada delayed after Toronto tragedy
    4. The Sentinel stands alone
    5. EGX Rezzed 2018 posts record industry attendance
    6. Razer eyes SE Asia expansion with $61 million MOL Global buyout
    7. Microsoft accused of 'egregious and wilful' patent infringement
    8. Rooster Teeth expands into the UK with London office
    9. "What's your plan to not destroy yourself as you're stepping into this career path?"
    10. Tencent will invest $15 million in Fortnite's rollout in China
    11. First major PUBG tournament launches this summer with $2m prize pool on the line
    12. Twitch starts beta for new monetisation system
    13. GOG storefront adds social features with User Profiles
    1. Quantic Dream sues press over reports of toxic workplace - Report
    2. Buried Signal: "Every piece of Gorogoa was a new problem"
    3. The Careers Survey 2018: Your insights needed
    4. Fortnite streamer peaks at 667,000 concurrent viewers, breaking own record
    5. The Podcast: Voice acting, with OMUK
    6. British Games Institute announces 20 new board members
    7. Darwin Project goes free-to-play after six weeks in Early Access
    8. Rovio and Sony confirm a new Angry Birds movie for 2019
    9. Hearthstone game director leaves Blizzard
    10. Capcom sunsets Puzzle Fighter after eight months
    1. UK God of War launch is the biggest in the series history
    2. Firewatch studio Campo Santo is now part of Valve
    1. How indie publishers stand out - and why they need your game to help them
    2. Netherlands pushes for EU-wide loot box legislation
    3. Steam sales, store pages and the art of selling games
    4. Dontnod plotting IPO on Euronext Growth
    5. Ubisoft launches second season of start-up incubator program
    6. Italian games market hits $1.8 billion in 2017
    7. Valve fined $3m over breach in Australian law with misleading Steam refund policy
    8. Watch Reboot Develop highlight sessions live on
    9. Sony's studios continue their winning streak
    1. Studio apologizes for delay by pledging 90+-hour work weeks
    2. Vavra: "There is no propaganda" in Kingdom Come: Deliverance
    3. Tencent dominates $22 billion games deals market over last 12 months
    4. Loot boxes in leading games violate Dutch gambling legislation
    5. GDPR: Frequently Asked Questions
    6. Fortnite breaks $25 million in first month on mobile
    7. Reboot Develop expands with Canada conference in 2019
    8. Smilegate to close Berlin office just over a year after it opened
    9. Nintendo Labo belongs in the classroom
    10. Nordcurrent acquires Ukrainian developer Blam! Games Studio
    1. Planning a Remedy Dev Day
    2. Twitch signs multi-year deal with NBA 2K League
    3. Twitch takes 82% of viewership hours for the top streaming titles in Q1
    4. Pro Evolution Soccer loses UEFA Champions League license
    5. How Dlala survived the loss of a $3m Disney deal
    6. Counter-Strike pro player suspended over racist comment
    7. YouTube tackling creator monetisation issues new pilot scheme
    8. What does GDPR mean for digital entertainment businesses?
    9. Spending on games up by 13% among US iPhone users
    10. Hellblade on Xbox One hits 50,000 sales
    1. Indie sequels not such a bad idea - Hand of Fate dev
    2. Loot boxes, skins gambling to hit $50 billion by 2022 - Report
    3. Unpublished Gary Gygax work headed to Fig
    4. V&A Museum: Video games are approaching a cultural tipping point
    5. The accidental relevance of Wolfenstein: The New Colossus
    6. What does GDPR do?
    7. Unikrn sets up cryptocurrency esports betting platform with acquisition of
    8. BetaDwarf receives investment of undisclosed amount from London Venture Partners
    9. Vive Pro adds AR functionality
    10. Ex-EA, Walking Dead developers form new mobile studio Ordinal Games
    11. Iron Harvest most successful video game Kickstarter in nearly a year
    12. Former Tomb Raider boss joins Xbox leadership team
    13. Google Play faces allegations of market abuse in South Korea
    1. Activision Blizzard enlists Nielsen for esports valuation
    2. Valve's move against SteamSpy isn't such a big deal, says No More Robots founder
    3. Discord: 90 million PC gamers can't be wrong
    4. Patrick Soderlund: EA "can't afford" another loot box controversy with Anthem
    5. Sega reveals Mega Drive Mini
    6. Terraria: Otherworld cancelled after more than three years in development
    7. Cliff Bleszinski accuses Epic Games of stealing staff
    8. UK Charts: Far Cry 5 is No.1 again, as games drought continues
    1. A Way Out sells 1 million in two weeks
    2. Yoko Taro: We don't need to think globally to sell globally
    3. Firing the middlemen: How blockchain can reshape digital distribution
    4. Meet the 100 rising stars of the UK games industry
    5. Meet the 100 rising stars of the UK games industry
    6. Revealed: The 100 Future Talent (UK)
    7. Rainbow Six Siege reaches 30 million registered players
    8. FTC warns about illegal warranties, likely including Nintendo and Sony
    9. Nintendo seeking startups to improve Switch hardware
    10. What Remains of Edith Finch beats out AAA giants to win the BAFTA for Best Game
    11. Campo Santo, Buried Signal and Stoic open Nordic Game Conference line-up
    12. Battle Royale threatens a repeat of the MOBA bloodbath
    1. EA changes executive titles
    2. Graceful Explosion Machine sells 50,000 on Switch
    3. Eugen Systems developers call an end to strike
    4. God of War: Critical Consensus
    5. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 reaches one million sold
    6. Eight Rezzed sessions you won't want to miss
    7. SteamSpy creator warns PC market is once again open to abuse
    8. Patent lawsuit against Microsoft, EA, and Nintendo quashed at appeal
    9. Shovel Knight earns more revenue from Switch sales than any other platform
    10. Do gamers really care about cross-platform play?
    11. Valve's SteamSpy snub will only hurt smaller developers
    12. Ex-PlayStation boss points to streaming as gaming's next "inflection point"
    13. EGX Rezzed: What's going on for the industry?
    14. VR social platform vTime raises $7.6 million Series A
    15. Augmented and virtual reality consumer content market hits $3.2bn
    16. Tencent opens up WeChat to external game developers - report
    1. Chris Hecker finally throws his SpyParty
    2. "Most developers think of funding as fixing their problem"
    3. Rovio investor relations boss leaves after seven months
    4. Making narrative choices meaningful
    5. Oregon passes its own net neutrality laws, but not for home users
    6. Netmarble moving US office to Los Angeles
    7. Creative Assembly, Bossa and Jagex headline EGX Rezzed Career Bar
    8. SteamSpy shutting down after Steam privacy update
    1. Location, locomotion, morality, and imagination
    2. Altered Ventures fund has $36m to invest in projects for emerging markets
    3. Trade marks: How much do you really need to protect?
    4. Nexon and Netmarble fined for loot box practices
    5. Former games publishing leaders form new VR studio
    6. Boss Key follows LawBreakers with entry into battle royale
    7. Leap Motion to open source North Star AR platform
    8. Thekla doubles grant money for underrepresented devs to $100k
    1. Overwatch League team drops player
    2. Jobs roundup: Dave Haynes installed as director at Vive X Europe
    3. Wadjet Eye: Streamers "pushed me to make the game that I've always wanted to play"
    4. Former GTA producer suffers setback in $150m lawsuit against Take Two
    5. Resident Evil VII sales pass five million
    6. GTA V is the most profitable entertainment product of all time
    7. I got occupational burnout - and you might, too
    8. UK games retail market struggles in March
    9. Keywords Studios acquire multiple audio service firms
    10. Far Cry 5 secures second week at No.1 in UK charts
    1. MidBoss names Cade Peterson interim CEO
    2. Brian Crecente joins Variety
    3. GaymerX cuts all ties to MidBoss
    4. Ubisoft opening Winnipeg studio
    5. Exploring the pay gap: What does the data really say about the industry's gender imbalance?
    6. ESA joins battle for net neutrality
    7. PUBG Corp. files lawsuit against NetEase for alleged copyright infringement
    8. Razer launches digital games store
    9. Video Games: Design/Play/Disrupt arrives at Victoria and Albert Museum this autumn
    10. Fortnite mobile daily revenue peaks at $1.8m since lifting invite-only requirement
    11. Gender pay gaps: Here's how we fix them
    12. Finding the PC game consumers of tomorrow
    1. Boss Key stops work on LawBreakers
    2. Brandon Boyer dismissed from Juegos Rancheros
    3. Surviving a decade in indie dev
    4. Indie comics platform Tapas Media embarks on major games push
    5. Apple's clones crackdown leads to App Store shrinking
    6. Ubisoft's plans to tackle toxicity in Rainbow Six: Siege
    7. Phoenix Point “is doing $100,000 a month on pre-orders”
    8. Steam Spy: $20 games took biggest share of Steam's total revenue in 2017
    9. 69% of large UK games firms have bigger gender pay gap than national average
    10. Reboot Develop closes speaker line-up with Paradox, Housemarque, IGDA head
    11. Netmarble invests $190m in label behind K-pop group BTS
    12. Skybound launches dedicated games publishing division
    1. Baba Is You clone hits App Store
    2. Far Cry 5 doubles Far Cry 4 launch-week sales
    3. Genvid Technologies raises $6 million
    4. Warner Bros. picks up Hitman publishing contract
    5. The Podcast: Making virtual reality mainstream, with Terra Virtua
    6. Ageism: The issue never gets old
    7. Meet The Indies will return at EGX Rezzed
    8. Research reveals most popular esports on Twitch
    9. Skillz doubles revenue run-rate up to $200m in nine months
    10. Valve hasn't given up on Steam Machines
    11. New Vive Pro bundle cuts headset price by $100
    12. Virtual reality could encourage pro-social behaviour and empathy in children
    13. GDPR-K: How the kids data privacy law affects games publishers everywhere
    14. Asymmetric smashed West of Loathing sales target by halving launch price
    15. Future acquires MCV owner Newbay Media
    1. Why is early stage funding tough to find for game start-ups?
    2. Banning cryptocurrency ads is "short-sighted"
    3. Fluffy Fairy Games: "People from the industry told us it doesn't work this way"
    4. World's largest esports organisations sign up for Clash Royale League
    5. Monolith removes loot boxes from Middle-earth: Shadow of War
    6. Record-breaking VR/AR start-ups raised over $3.6bn in last 12 months
    7. Superdata: Fortnite has more monthly active users than GTA Online
    1. Niantic settling Pokemon Go Fest lawsuit for $1.6 million - Report
    2. Amazon officially benches Breakaway
    3. Eugen Systems striking devs going to labour court
    4. "I'm not sure that games like this one can continue to be made…"
    5. An industry boom leaves mid-size studios behind
    6. Twitch undergoes layoffs
    1. Far Cry 5 UK launch is the biggest in Far Cry history