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May 2014 Archive

    1. Take-Two CEO skeptical of Oculus' broad appeal
    2. Zelnick: 2K Marin now "responsible for" Bioshock franchise
    3. Nix Hydra nets $5m to address young female market
    4. Sony doubles PS Plus free game entitlement
    5. A Tale of Two CEOs
    1. Mythic shut down
    2. Harmonix lays off 37
    3. MLG hires Zombie Studios' creative director
    4. The Astronauts: "In 2014, $60 for a game is a little insane"
    5. "Success buys freedom. It's really just as simple as that"
    6. Save 10% on early bird tickets for Develop 2014
    7. Nvidia responds to AMD's Watch Dogs claims
    8. Future Publishing reports £30m half-year loss
    9. Outplay raises $5 million
    10. Pro Evo World Cup game tops Japanese chart
    1. Sony E3 press conference to play at movie theaters
    2. Watch Dogs sets Ubisoft record for first day sales
    3. Jack Tretton joins Genotaur advisory board
    4. App Annie raises $17m, acquires Distimo
    5. CryEngine subscription launches on Steam
    6. When players speak, "sometimes you just have to eat that" - Capy Games
    7. Former CEO of Atlus parent arrested for fraud
    8. Wolfenstein: The New Order clocks up 100,000 illegal downloads
    9. Hines explains Elder Scrolls Online delay
    10. How to get big in Japan
    11. Valve pushes Steam Machines into 2015
    12. Nadella: No change to Xbox business
    13. thatgamecompany raises $7 million for new project
    1. E3 2014: Nintendo's Opportunity
    2. Rovio names new licensing team
    3. Nintendo to launch YouTube affiliate program
    4. The Order: 1886 delayed to 2015
    5. Critical Consensus: Watch Dogs is fun, but is it the future?
    6. Mission Improbable: Changing the online world
    7. TabTale acquires Coco Play
    8. Sony will "rigorously pursue" PS4 sales
    9. Kenwright seeks new horizons with Starship
    10. Wolfenstein takes number one in the UK
    11. Microsoft matches Sony on Xbox One Japanese pricing
    12. Kakao to buy Daum in $3 billion deal
    13. Sony readies PlayStation launch in China
    1. Half of PS4 owners are PS Plus subscribers
    2. Kickstarter not on the decline - Fargo
    3. TIGA and UCL partner for new professional course
    4. GAME: IPO will "normalise some things"
    5. Warner Bros. appoints David Haddad as VP of publishing
    6. Amplitude hits Kickstarter goal
    7. Scopely hires Disney biz dev executive
    8. Kickstarter can't just be funding for newcomers
    9. Hirai: PS4 can earn more profit than PS2
    1. PS4, Xbox One drive GameStop's Q1 income up almost 25%
    2. Samsung prepping VR headset - Report
    3. Housemarque's Resogun voted GOTY at Nordic Game Awards
    4. Apple pulls Weed Firm from App Store
    5. Vivendi sells another $850m in Activision Blizzard stock
    6. Spiderweb Software: Indie PC boom is "not sustainable"
    7. New Leamington Spa office for Radiant Worlds
    8. Blizzard suing StarCraft II hackers
    1. Why free-to-play won't eliminate paid games
    2. Oculus, Palmer Luckey sued by Zenimax
    3. US gaming spend down 1% in Q1 - NPD
    4. Dungeon Defenders studio lays off 20%
    5. Min Kim named AIAS chairman
    6. Why is the Nordic region so good at making games?
    7. Chuck E. Cheese tests out Oculus game
    8. The vagina that scared Apple
    9. The Idolmaster: One For All is Japan's #1
    10. Hidetaka Miyazaki named From Software president
    11. Palmer Luckey: "Really bad VR is the only thing that can kill off VR"
    12. Dota 2 tournament prize pool hits $6 million
    1. Steam Machine will be Alienware's least profitable PC ever
    2. Nintendo wins DS patent case
    3. Microsoft unveils Surface Pro 3
    4. The gamification of buying games
    5. Hex card game sued for infringing Magic IP
    6. Critical Consensus: Wolfenstein delights many, disappoints a few
    7. "It is complex, and that's really why we're here"
    1. Rigopulos: Don't blame Activision for rhythm bubble burst
    2. E3 2014: Sony's Challenges
    3. Job losses at Rare confirmed by Microsoft
    4. Far Cry 4 already playing with fire
    5. Square Enix's Collective launches first crowdfunding campaign
    6. Copenhagen to host Shayla Games event
    7. GAME to float on the London Stock Exchange
    8. Atari CEO: "I didn't buy the company to make T-shirts"
    9. FIFA 14 is #1, Minecraft PS3 enters at 3
    10. YouTube agrees $1 billion deal to buy Twitch - report
    11. Candy Crush and Rockstar make Times Rich List
    12. CD Projekt Red: Selling The Witcher 3
    13. Phil Harrison to keynote DICE Europe
    1. Halo 5: Guardians hits fall 2015
    2. Aardman and Nominet launch "kiddy-coder" contest
    3. Nordic Game sees strong UK delegation
    4. Women In Games International reveals new advisory board
    5. Puzzle & Dragons trounces Clash of Clans in mobile ARPU
    6. Halo art director joins Oculus VR
    7. Sony's still on track despite tough figures
    8. Steam inventory levels boom in 2014
    1. Titanfall, PS4 drive US game sales up 17% in April - NPD
    2. CVG to shut down in Future cuts
    3. Ubisoft full-year sales shrink 20%
    4. Watch Dogs becomes Ubisoft's most pre-ordered new IP
    5. NetEase sees revenue growth in Q1
    6. Square Roots: The man in charge of Square Enix's Western future
    7. Critical Consensus: Mario Kart 8 is a triumph of familiarity
    8. Submissions now open for Unity Awards 2014
    9. Philips alleges Nintendo patent infringement
    10. Yokai Watch holds Japanese #1
    1. Tencent banks $1 billion in Q1
    2. Microsoft offering refunds on Xbox Live Gold
    3. Take-Two CEO open to buying more studios
    4. Three out of four US gamers prefer physical games - NPD
    5. Final Nordic Game line-up confirmed
    6. Roundtable: Disconnecting Kinect
    7. Sony's Game division reports full year loss
    1. GTA V ships 33 million, boosts Take-Two's income to a record $361m
    2. Xbox One to overtake PS4 in US by 2015, says analyst
    3. Australian Interactive Games Fund killed
    4. Tracy Fullerton to direct USC games program
    5. Nintendo two years away from redefining video game platform - Iwata
    6. Xbox One to be sold without Kinect for $399
    7. New executive producer for Star Citizen
    8. Cloud services to be adopted by 3.6 billion by 2018 - Juniper
    9. Paids apps' days are numbered, packaged goods will endure - EA CFO
    10. Sony executives to return bonuses
    11. 4A Games opens new Malta studio
    12. Epic: New Unreal Tournament model "fundamentally generous"
    13. Nexon promises focus on quality after Q1 results
    1. E3 2014: Microsoft's Big Choices
    2. EA execs sell shares
    3. EA confirms 50 games going offline
    4. Eidos Montreal founder: I was tired of building Ferraris
    5. Square Enix back in the black
    6. SCEA: We have to do something different to get AAA on Vita
    7. Andrew House and Mark Cerny will head up Develop 2014
    8. Fireproof: Free-to-play isn't giving players 'what they want'
    9. Titanfall is UK #1 again
    10. Developer asks GLAAD Awards to recognise games
    11. The Sims 4 rated 18+ in Russia for same-sex relationships
    12. Three Fields Entertainment hires Criterion CTO
    1. Nintendo apologizes for Tomodachi Life
    2. DeNA sales, profits take double-digit dips
    3. Microsoft: Xbox Live is bigger than DirecTV
    4. Sega's gaming business rebounds
    5. Square-Enix revises forecasts upwards in advance of quarterlies
    6. Mayor Boris could bring back London Games Festival
    7. Team 17 opens Midlands office
    8. SuperAwesome launches Future8 Awards
    9. 3DS XL tops Japanese hardware chart
    10. Budget inflation threatens AAA
    1. Epic crowdsourcing Unreal Tournament
    2. Nintendo runs afoul of GLAAD
    3. Konami's gaming business continues slide
    4. Namco Bandai game sales flat
    5. Are PC and mobile unfriendly to indies?
    6. Capcom profit grows as Monster Hunter sells over 4 million
    7. X-Com's Julian Gollop on the difficulties of Kickstarter
    8. Elder Scrolls Online for console delayed by six months - report
    9. 140 jobs lost in ProSieben's Aeria Games takeover
    10. Nintendo to launch NFC products for Wii U and 3DS
    1. Unreal Engine 4 roadmap made public
    2. GamesIndustry Innovation Awards winners revealed
    3. China's mobile market to surpass US in size - Report
    4. EA, Activision see shares climb following earnings report
    5. Infinity drives Disney Interactive growth
    6. King's profit jumps 142% in first quarter
    7. Nintendo misses forecast, posts $230 million loss
    1. EA sales dip as year ends
    2. Activision sees record digital sales but income remains flat in Q1
    3. Rovio sets up LVL11 brand for non-Angry Birds games
    4. PS4 to lead all consoles with 51 million sold by 2016 - IDC
    5. Valve refunding Earth: Year 2066 customers
    6. Preorders open for $500 NES
    7. Boomlagoon soaks up $3.6 million in funding
    8. Spider-Man topples Titanfall in the UK
    9. GameHorizon opens in Newcastle
    10. Oculus CEO: "We want to put a billion people in VR"
    11. Activision backs Destiny with $500m launch investment
    12. Neversoft folded into Infinity Ward
    1. Harmonix Kickstarting next game
    2. Gates would support Microsoft spinning off Xbox biz
    3. Nuclear Division counting on "tectonic shifts" in mobile
    4. Halo live-action TV series coming to Showtime - report
    5. Oculus "disappointed, but not surprised" by Zenimax claims
    1. EA nearing deal to stream games via Comcast - report
    1. Nintendo: No new hardware at E3
    2. Kevin Spacey to star in Sledgehammer's Call of Duty
    3. Indies, don't make multiplayer games - Dan Marshall
    4. CodeClub: 30,000 kids and counting
    5. UK games industry salaries outpace national average
    6. Future Publishing prepares for total restructure, widespread redundancies
    7. Turtle Rock community manager fired for Twitter comments
    8. Kamcord raises $7.1 million
    9. China: The next frontier for consoles?
    10. DayZ hits 2 million sales
    1. Massachusetts town lifts arcade game ban
    2. 38 Studios debt starts to hit Rhode Island coffers
    3. Defiance switching to free-to-play
    4. ZeniMax claims Oculus uses its IP
    5. Glu returns to profit in strong Q1
    6. American McGee: "Xbox One will fail in China"
    7. Sony adds $200m in expected losses
    8. Glu Mobile acquires PlayFirst
    9. 3DS XL doubles sales in stagnant Japanese market