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August 2014 Archive

    1. Trigger warnings: The GamePhobias database
    2. Blizzard hires Hearthstone pro
    3. Nintendo of Europe cutting 320 jobs
    4. Gamer loyalty plays into profits
    5. Nintendo announces New 3DS with C-stick, extra buttons and NFC
    6. New CEO for Rovio as Mikael Hed steps aside
    7. Castlevania producer Dave Cox leaves Konami
    8. Australian government to challenge Steam's no refunds policy
    9. Nintendo isn't hitting reset
    1. IGDA condemns recent "abhorrent behavior"
    2. Amazon's Twitch buyout may have little to do with its gaming ambitions
    3. Jagex gets a new head of PR
    4. Assassin's Creed Unity delayed by 2 weeks
    5. OnLive expands in Europe
    6. Riccitiello dismisses console/mobile divide
    7. Virtual world MovieStarPlanet partners with SuperAwesome
    8. Oculus VR: Finding the Holodeck Solution
    9. CCP closing San Francisco office
    10. KongZhong revenues rise on Guild Wars 2, World of Warplanes
    11. Threats against Sarkeesian and family force her to leave home
    1. League of Legends vets form Phoenix Labs
    2. Yokai Watch 2 proves unbeatable on Japanese chart
    3. Nintendo backs off pursuit of casual players
    4. First mobile MOBA adds Twitch tech
    5. Tech trainers Pluralsight raises $135m in Series B funding
    6. Standalone Kinect arrives Oct. 7
    7. GOG moves into movies
    8. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood dominates iOS in July
    9. UK studios will return to console development
    10. Rockstar: Lohan's GTA suit is "for publicity purposes"
    11. EA's annual DLC revenue on course to hit $1 billion
    1. Analysts applaud Twitch acquisition
    2. Diablo III Reaper Of Souls is UK #1
    3. Gamer Network and Gfinity bring eSports to EGX London
    4. Capcom suing Koei Tecmo
    5. Google-Twitch deal nixed by antitrust concerns - Report
    6. Tablet gaming revenues to reach $13.3 billion by 2019 - Juniper
    1. Third of PS4 owners switched from Wii or Xbox
    2. Gamefly selling digital download business
    3. Consoles "extremely rigid" for devs - Jarvilaehto
    4. Amazon acquires Twitch
    5. GaymerX to return as GX: Everyone Games
    6. Next Minecon planned for 2015
    7. Hearthstone and "white hat" free-to-play
    8. Bomb scare on SOE head's plane tied to DDOS attacks
    1. EA cracks down on FIFA virtual currency sales
    2. "We're very close to having the first death in VR"
    3. PlayStation Home to shut March 2015 in Japan and Asia
    4. Star Arcade execs complete management buyout
    5. Indie devs facing "mass extinction event" - Prince
    6. Ouya to bring its games to China
    7. First ever "Firaxicon" detailed
    8. Monument Valley and Hearthstone win at Unity awards
    9. Nintendo must find the Second Way
    10. Ubisoft: "Super Smash Bros. will increase the momentum of Wii U"
    1. GameStop global revenue up 25% YoY
    2. Xbox One 24-hour game demo "posted in error"
    3. Gumi opening four new studios
    4. GungHo sells Supercell stake
    5. High Moon Studios answers Call of Duty
    1. ESL One Cologne 2014 breaks viewer records
    2. Hyrule Warriors can't beat Yokai Watch 2 in Japan
    3. Steve Ballmer leaves Microsoft board of directors
    4. Unity starts open source initiative
    5. Unity acquires cloud development firm Tsugi
    6. New game development VP for 3BlackDot
    7. The method to Madden's ad madness
    8. Avalanche moves to larger studio
    9. Watch the Unity conference keynote here
    10. Sony confirms Sucker Punch layoffs
    11. Microsoft, Miniclip added to GameHorizon investment summit
    1. 335,000 attended this year's Gamescom
    2. Bungie has to return founders' shares to fired O'Donnell
    3. EA, Zynga veteran joins Yvolver
    4. SCEJ CEO Hiroshi Kawano to depart
    5. Outfit7 and SuperAwesome sponsor Future8 Awards
    6. EEDAR appoints new CEO
    7. Devs want to work for Valve more than themselves - Survey
    8. We don't know why PS4 is selling - Yoshida
    9. GameStop CEO recovering from brain tumor
    10. Rockstar Leeds co-founder joins GameDuell
    11. "It used to be all we had to do was make a game fun" - Gwertzman
    12. Guillemot: Wii U owners don't buy "mature" games
    13. New Dundee studio for Kobojo
    14. Reddit app coming to Xbox One
    15. Perfect World doubles profit in Q2
    1. Destiny writer joins Telltale Games
    2. Customers are worthless - Puppy Games
    3. Xbox exclusivity could elevate Tomb Raider - Spencer
    4. Industrial Toys and its "epic shooter in two apps"
    5. Star Citizen hits $50 million in funding
    6. Risen 3 is UK's only new top 20 entry at 12
    7. World of Warcraft gets a price hike in the UK
    8. Evolve picks up Best of Gamescom award
    9. EA: "We haven't always been great listeners, but we're getting better"
    1. Retailers to sell digital Xbox game codes
    2. Call of Duty's three-year cycle gives devs "freedom to fail" - Hirshberg
    3. Xbox, PlayStation, ESL Twitch accounts compromised
    4. Microsoft's chequebook warfare is bound to fail
    1. Consoles and accessories help July sales to modest growth - NPD
    2. Hunting Whales and Golden Swans
    3. New Nordic MD for Koch Media
    4. Hitting reset: Dontnod's new episode
    5. Paradox teases "big" announcement for Gamescom conference
    6. Profits fall at Nexon despite strong FIFA Online performance
    7. NetEase sees 13% rise in games revenues on quarterly profit of $194m
    8. Sony: PS4 success is "important for the shape of the whole industry"
    9. Pollen: Helping mobile business to bloom
    1. Spencer: "I don't want the Rare brand to mean Kinect Sports"
    2. Former Activision exec becomes SomaTone COO
    3. Tencent sees 58% rise in profits YoY
    4. Yokai Watch 2 stays Japanese #1 with 2m sold
    5. Obsidian acquires Pathfinder rights
    6. Tomb Raider Xbox exclusivity for a limited time
    7. Roundtable: Xbox One vs. PS4 at Gamescom
    8. EA covers all bases with big name conference at Gamescom
    9. Kabam: Licensing to thrill
    1. King growth slows in second quarter
    2. Sony: "We said there'd be no complacency, we've demonstrated that"
    3. PS4 sales top 10 million
    4. Not just any port in a storm
    5. Sierra: "Quality and passion will always pay off"
    6. Sierra reborn: King's Quest and Geometry Wars revived
    7. Steady steps for MS at Gamescom press briefing
    8. Sony: Five guidelines for effective VR design
    9. Mastertronic signs deal with creditors to ensure survival
    10. Mattrick confident of long-term Zynga success
    11. SEGA looking to settle Aliens lawsuit with $1.25m payout
    12. EA's Gamescom presser live-stream, 9am BST Wednesday
    13. ID@Xbox devs can now get Unity for free
    1. GameStop to launch new trade-in scheme
    2. New head of games content and marketing for Future
    3. "If they let me change League of Legends I could double its revenue"
    4. Gambling on Road Not Taken
    5. Microsoft's Gamescom event live here from 1pm BST, Tuesday
    6. Watch Sony's Gamescom press conference live, right here
    7. No surprises as TLOU: Remastered retains UK number one
    1. Crytek USA CEO David Adams forms Gunfire Games
    2. Million dollar Egg Baby
    3. Cevat Yerli: Crytek is "absolutely" safe
    4. Tegra processors drive Nvidia profits in Q2
    5. iDreamSky floats on NASDAQ to raise $115 million
    6. Looking Back to Move Forward
    1. New CEO for Game Insight
    2. Zynga quarterly sales slide 34%
    3. Casey Hudson departs Bioware
    4. Zynga announces Sports 365 franchise and Looney Tunes deal
    5. Ex-EA Sports VP joins Trendy Entertainment
    6. Women spend the most time and money on mobile games
    7. Nexon strikes publishing deal with Envision
    8. Only 8% of China's mobile games make money - report
    9. Twitch begins scanning for audio copyrights
    10. Gone Home, Hearthstone, Device 6 up for top prize at Unity Awards
    11. Has Source Engine 2 been soft-launched in the latest DOTA 2 update?
    12. Big Fish accused of "unfair or deceptive" trade practices
    13. Apple claims $6.5 billion paid to EU app devs since 2008
    14. Early bird tickets and hotel discounts available for WGK conference
    15. How Google's Niantic Labs took over the world
    1. Yokai Watch 2 stays Japanese #1
    2. Sony faces Killzone: Shadowfall lawsuit over graphics
    3. IGF 2015 submissions now open
    4. Android developer Kiwi raises $15m
    5. SomaTone appoints new audio producer
    6. Nintendo sells product-tracking subsidiary
    7. Dan Adelman's advice for indies
    8. EA extends Premier League deal into 2019
    9. gamigo AG names co-CEOs
    10. Com2uS sees $13.5 million profit in Q2
    11. Sony drops support for PlayStation Mobile on Android
    12. Twitch closes one-time parent
    13. DeNA drops 31% revenue, 59% operating profit
    14. Square Enix enjoys strong Q1, raises six month forecast
    15. Tapjoy acquires 5Rocks
    16. Shovel Knight devs break down costs, sales
    17. Line launches $100m fund for Japanese mobile devs
    18. Disney Interactive revenue up 45 per cent in Q3
    19. Codemasters offers refunds for PC port of mobile Colin McRae
    1. Preorders declining industry-wide - Hirshberg
    2. Activision Blizzard leans heavily on digital
    3. Take-Two loses $35.4 million in first quarter
    4. Working for publishers "like slave labor" - Fargo
    5. Metal Gear Solid on PS4 triples Xbox One version sales
    6. GameStop to revamp trade-ins - report
    7. Epic Games UK founded, recruitment begins
    8. God of War devs leading UCLA course
    1. Legendary Entertainment acquires Felicia Day's Geek & Sundry
    2. Bomb Gaza pulled from Google Play
    3. IGN adds more international affiliates
    4. Blizzard veteran building cloud service for Stardock
    5. Kabam loses worldwide studios boss to Gree
    6. Work-for-hire hits the wrong notes
    7. Dan Adelman leaves Nintendo
    8. Gaming M&A deal value has doubled in the last five years
    9. Flappy Bird returns as Amazon Fire TV exclusive
    10. Last of Us Remastered storms UK chart
    11. The Executioner: Jason Della Rocca
    1. Two Naughty Dog leads jump to Infinity Ward
    2. Ultima Forever shutting down
    3. Sega's profits down 57 per cent in Q1
    4. Access Revoked: Sony's EA broadside