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If you’d like to support and browse the website ad-free (and with no ad tracking), you now can! We have an ad-free subscription offering, with annual and monthly options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GamesIndustry.Biz Subscription?

With a GamesIndustry.Biz Subscription, you can support our Editorial Team and their work. You can also read GamesIndustry.Biz ad-free and without ad-tracking.

What does ad-free mean? And what about cookies?

Ad-free is just like it sounds. You can browse GamesIndustry.Biz without any ads appearing on the hompage, in articles or in front of videos. It doesn't mean no cookies or tracking at all - just no ad-tracking. Most cookies will be removed but some are still needed for the site to work properly. We use cookies to understand our traffic and better tailor our content to what suits you. We take data protection very seriously; your data will not be sold or anything similar.

How do I pay for a subscription?

You can pay with a credit/debit card via Stripe. All information is handled via Stripe and we don't store your payment info ourselves. You can pay monthly or yearly.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time on your account page. If you cancel whilst your subscription is still active, you'll still have the subscription benefits until the day the next payment would have occurred. There are no cancellation fees.

How do I change my card details?

Go to the subscription page and click the manage button. This will take you to Stripe, where you can change your payment details. If you have any problems with this, please contact us.

My question wasn't answered. What now?

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'd be glad to answer any questions or sort out any problems.

Need help deciding?

If there's anything you're unsure about with the subscription or want to discuss the benefits more, please contact our support team.