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February 2017 Archive

    1. Tips for writing better marginalized characters
    2. Rovio Games had its best year ever in 2016
    3. Unity's GDC 2017 keynote: Access to China, Artist in Residence and Power Rangers
    4. Ubisoft: Our VR games are not break-even and that's ok
    5. Xbox readies digital subscription service
    6. Google has shipped 10m Cardboard VR viewers
    7. "Don't rely on being featured by app stores"
    8. Conan Exiles hit 480k unit full-year target in 28 days
    9. Indies call for accessibility options from engine firms and platform holders
    10. Keywords appoints new audio manager in LA office
    11. Ark: Survival Evolved program will pay 15 modders $4k a month
    12. Where to watch Unity's GDC 2017 keynote livestream
    13. Khronos launches OpenXR VR standards working group
    14. Valve is adding SMI eye-tracking tech to OpenVR platform
    15. Pokémon Go downloads hit 650m
    1. How Thumper added VR late in the game
    2. EA's Peter Moore named CEO of Liverpool FC
    3. "Everything I said was wrong"
    4. Google Play: "We have a responsibility to shine a spotlight on high quality experiences"
    5. Klang, Spilt Milk in first wave of Improbable's Innovation Program
    6. "Mine asteroids, build space stations. This is the purpose of life"
    7. Minecraft sales jump to 122m with 55m monthly unique players
    8. Challengeme eSports acquires eSports Hero
    9. Twitch will take on Steam by selling PC games
    10. Next Games looks to €30 million IPO
    11. HTC Vive Tracker available to developers on March 27
    12. Ubisoft hires four from Telltale Games
    13. For Honor holds off Halo Wars 2 in UK charts
    14. Nexon makes strategic investment in IMC Games
    15. Oculus and Samsung will add a touchpad controller to new Gear VR
    16. How Cooperative Innovations is remaking social interaction in VR multiplayer games
    17. Pillars of Eternity II closes Fig campaign with $4.4 million
    18. House: PSVR has sold 915,000 units
    1. Coffee Stain invests in Ghost Ship Games
    2. "Fewer, bigger, better" a boon for one mid-sized publisher
    3. VR hardware to hit $3.6 billion in revenues in 2017 - SuperData
    4. "This year there will be longer and better VR games than Arizona Sunshine"
    5. Two Kabam studios form Aftershock following Netmarble acquisition
    6. Christmas will be the true test for Nintendo Switch
    7. Testology launches QA Academy to fix "high-quality tester shortage"
    8. Valve makes VR audio tools available for free
    9. IGN launches in China
    10. Overwatch named Game of the Year at the DICE Awards
    11. Horizon's success is Sony's next step on the long trek to 100 million
    12. Silicon Studio releasing Xenko Engine
    13. ZeniMax files for injunction over Oculus code
    1. Irrational Games has rebranded as Ghost Story
    2. Disney's Maker Studios lays off around 80
    3. Virtuos acquires Black Shamrock
    4. Maintaining Halo
    5. Switch launching without Virtual Console
    6. Coffee Stain Studios becomes a publisher
    7. Armada Interactive raises $10 million seed funding
    8. IO Interactive names new studio head
    9. The Podcast: When crowdfunding fails
    10. InnoGames picks up Warlords from Wooga
    11. Flaregames launches €20 million mobile game accelerator
    12. Swedish studio Gaming Corps secures 91m krona ahead of acquisitions
    13. CCP returns to Citizen Science in EVE Online
    14. Worldbuilding on a budget
    1. Oculus: Going all-in on VR not a good plan for most devs
    2. Blizzard: There is still room for inclusivity in the industry
    3. Bob Ross Bullet Hell
    4. XBLA creator to platform holders: "Don't be afraid to curate"
    5. Developer's lawsuit against games critic Jim Sterling is dismissed 'with prejudice'
    6. Amazon: Tutorials, social and exclusive IAP key to attracting big spenders
    7. Uncharted 4 wins at Writer's Guild Awards 2017
    8. Creative England awards £150,000 to Leeds studios
    9. Humble Freedom Bundle raised $6.73m
    10. Pillars of Eternity 2 becomes the most backed game on Fig
    11. Valve drops mandatory training for Steam VR Tracking
    12. The real cost of exhibiting at a game convention
    1. Horizon Zero Dawn may sell upwards of 8m units - SuperData
    2. Should GDC Move to Canada?
    3. Bad Piggies lead designer joins Two Men and a Dog
    4. Square Enix opens Tokyo studio for new RPG
    5. Careers Study closes this week
    6. Switch digital file sizes highlight need for external storage
    7. Gram Games to invest £4m as it moves headquarters to London
    8. “The one field in games that hasn't really been innovated upon is publishing”
    9. Industry veteran David Gardner named VP for games at BAFTA
    10. Hearts of Iron IV sells 500,000 copies - Paradox
    11. The Friendly Ghost in the Machine
    1. Toys to games: How Mattel brings its brands to mobile
    2. Horizon Zero Dawn: Critical Consensus
    3. Semi-finalists for $500,000 Developing Beyond competition revealed
    4. Nintendo Switch thieves fired after launch units appear online
    5. For Honor and Sniper Elite 4 top UK charts
    6. £900,000 investment enables US expansion for Dimensional Imaging
    7. Terraria passes 20 million sales
    1. Erik Wolpaw leaves Valve
    2. EA now offering Origin Access for $30 annually
    3. What developers can learn from PewDiePie
    4. BFI Certification Unit joins Game Republic
    5. Whatever happened to
    6. London Games Festival unveils events line-up
    7. Pokémon Go Valentine's event fails to match Halloween boost
    8. PewDiePie dropped by Maker & YouTube ad platform over antisemitic content
    9. New York High Court to hear Lindsay Lohan appeal against GTA V ruling
    10. Fig opens $500k "Finishing Fund" for successful campaigns
    11. Reigns wins first Google Indie Games Contest
    12. Mobile games firm Storm8 lays off 130
    13. Indie future is unclear as Greenlight goes dark
    14. Keywords Studios buys animation firm Spov for £1.2 million
    1. Resident Evil 7 drives US software spending up 14% - NPD
    2. Ark: Survival Evolved sells 1 million on PS4
    3. IMAX continues VR expansion, partners with HTC Vive and more
    4. secures $15m to grow games broadcasting platform
    5. Xsolla launches $30m investment fund for indies
    6. Snowprint picks up Black Anvil team
    7. Smilegate opens European office to push Crossfire
    8. So you want to leave the games industry?
    9. Apocalypse Now dev raises target after Kickstarter failure
    10. Dead by Daylight boosts Starbreeze revenue
    11. Dean Hall to Bring Latest RocketWerkz Game to EGX Rezzed
    12. Supercell revenues flat, but profits up to €917m as Royale soars
    13. NetEase game revenue topped $4 billion in 2016
    14. How to build a National Videogame Foundation
    1. Unreal Engine 4.15 adds native Switch support
    2. Microsoft moves E3 media briefing to Sunday
    3. Sony axes PS Now for PS3, Vita, more
    4. Amazon hires John Smedley to lead new San Diego studio
    5. Students of Many Forms
    6. ESA calls Trump's immigration stance "reckless and misinformed"
    7. HTC preparing to dive into mobile VR
    8. Leslie Benzies leads "significant six figure investment" in audio firm Krotos
    9. Why won't the games industry share its digital data?
    10. Konami's profits up 70% in nine-month financials
    1. Raw Fury will help devs pay Steam Direct fee
    2. US games industry adds $11.7 billion to GDP - ESA
    3. eSports market to hit $696 million this year - Report
    4. PS4, Overwatch absolutely dominated games media coverage in 2016
    5. Sony patents Vive-like tracking system, hints at wireless PSVR
    6. The Best Candidate is a Lie
    7. Develop:Brighton 2017 opens call for speakers
    8. Forza Horizon 3 has sold 2.5 million
    9. Nazara will invest $20 million in eSports for India
    10. Paradox profits up 27% year-on-year
    11. Humble's 'Freedom Bundle' generates over $2m for pro-immigration in less than a day
    1. Costume Quest animated series in the works at Amazon
    2. Rebellion to license 2000 AD comic brands
    3. EA fines Madden Bowl winner
    4. "By keeping it small I have the chance to be more hit-and-run"
    5. Ukie and open call for speakers ahead of Careers Fair at Rezzed 2017
    6. Help us unlock the jobs market in the Careers Survey
    7. Yet another No.1 for GTA V in UK retail charts
    8. takes over Armored Warfare development from Obsidian
    9. Conan Exiles points to brighter future for Funcom
    1. Activision Publishing cuts staff
    2. Steam kills Greenlight
    3. "Any pressure on visas getting into the US is worrisome" - Valve
    4. The Podcast: Motorsports and Motörhead
    5. Valve is making three "full" VR games - and not a moment too soon
    6. Resident Evil 7 ships 3 million
    7. Glu's 2016 revenues just surpass $200m
    8. Political chaos threatens the whole games business
    9. Humble Bundle launches multiplatform publishing business
    10. Nexon's profits tumble on Gloops impairment
    11. Chinese mobile publisher Skymoons opens Edinburgh studio
    1. Activision stumbles offset by booming Blizzard business
    2. Zynga ends 2016 with little improvement
    3. Kabam cuts Beijing team
    4. NBA and Take-Two launch NBA 2K eLeague
    5. Watch Dogs 2 launch "not as dynamic as expected"
    6. Is it time to overhaul how consumers pre-order games?
    7. "This move is long overdue" - Industry responds to E3 going public
    8. Vainglory signs up another five esports outfits to competitor roster
    9. BAFTA looking for industry applications for Guru Labs
    10. Roundtable: E3 for Everyone?
    11. Steam's Discovery 2.0 has seen 46% more games showcased on the homepage
    12. Kalle Kaivola joins Remote Control Productions as COO
    13. Facebook removing 200 Oculus Rift demo units from Best Buy stores
    1. TT Games acquires Playdemic
    2. Xbox promotes Mike Ybarra and Kareem Choudhry
    3. Leslie Benzies opens Budapest studio and recruits former Crytek Hungary boss
    4. Warner Bros. sees full-year game sales dip
    5. E3 2017 will be open to 15,000 fans
    6. Does VR need a Killer App?
    7. Applications open for BAFTA Crew programme
    8. Releasing your first game at 12 years old
    9. Sony VR leader unveils Dream Reality Interactive
    10. Nordic Game Conference unveils Discovery Day
    11. DeNA financials in line with expectations, level year-on-year
    12. Unity takes stand against Trumpian immigration ban
    1. GameStop, Target deny cancelled Switch reservations
    2. Take-Two pushes sales up, misses bottom line guidance
    3. YouTuber behind FIFA gambling site avoids jail time
    4. Nintendo open to more mobile partnerships
    5. Biometrics, Gaming & Privacy Laws
    6. “You can't just slap on an IP and cross your fingers”
    7. Milestone secures distribution deal with Koch Media
    8. Nearly 300 European companies are dedicated to VR
    9. Playground Games opening second studio for open world game
    10. Milwaukee County requires parks permit for Pokémon Go
    11. InnoGames revenues rise to €130m in 2016
    1. Adam Orth takes his VR skills to First Contact
    2. Tech and gaming giants challenge Trump's immigration order
    3. Salvaging Sony
    4. PS4 Pro 'boost mode' runs unpatched PS4 games more smoothly
    5. Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider boost game revenues for Square Enix
    6. Splash Damage buys Dirty Bomb publishing rights from Nexon
    7. Blizzard and Harmonix joins studios opposing Trump immigration ban
    8. Resident Evil VII maintains its monstrous grip on UK charts
    9. Telltale Games has hired Leah Hoyer as VP of creative
    10. Perfect World lays off less than 30 staff
    11. Starbreeze invests $8 million in Double Fine's Psychonauts 2
    12. Sega's games revenue up 13% after nine months
    1. 159 finalists for the International Mobile Gaming Awards
    1. SNJV takes issue with Steam investigation
    2. Mad Catz investors pour water on strategy to avoid delisting
    3. Rec Room VR studio Against Gravity raises $5 million
    4. “There's room for high-quality mobile games, and they don't need to be free-to-play”
    5. The Portable Paradox
    6. GameStop employees report harmful 'Circle of Life' policies
    7. Risky Nintendo spooks the markets
    1. Disruptor Beam raises $8.5m
    2. John Carmack refutes "misdirection" of ZeniMax lawyers
    3. Rocket League gets its own toy line
    4. Netflix renews Skylanders Academy for third season
    5. Valve under investigation by European Commission for Steam geo-blocking
    6. Games Finance Market deadline is tomorrow
    7. The Light ahead: PlayStation's UK boss on why PS4 hasn't peaked
    8. Against Worldbuilding
    9. Hutch secures $5.5m investment
    10. Nintendo plans to add VR to Switch, online service price revealed
    11. Sony's Q3 game profits up 24% on strong Network sales
    1. Oculus verdict: Judge awards ZeniMax $500 million
    2. Blazing Griffin raises £5 million
    3. Ubisoft: “Viewing habits change, marketing should too”
    4. Nintendo addresses "weak" Switch launch lineup
    5. Crytek sees yet more layoffs as it scales down
    6. ZeniMax acquires VR specialists Escalation Studios
    7. “It's better than it's ever been at Codemasters”
    8. Activision launches Consumer Products division
    9. Trump is bad for the US games industry
    10. New investment scheme PlayFund launches
    11. Fumito Ueda to keynote Nordic Game Conference 2017
    12. Take-Two acquires mobile developer Social Point for $250m
    13. FreeStyle co-founders praise Ubisoft acquisition
    14. Resident Evil 7 tops UK January charts after less than a week on sale
    15. Wii U lifetime sales stand at 13.5m
    16. Simplygon co-founder Martin Ekdal departs
    17. Monster Hunter absence and Street Fighter V disappointment hurt Capcom's financials
    18. Virtuos opens mobile games studio in Paris
    19. eSports: The missed billion-dollar opportunity for publishers and platforms