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November 2011 Archive

    1. Sony planning "more tailored approach" to Vita software pricing
    2. Frozen Synapse makes over $300,000 in direct sales alone
    3. GameSetWatch blog closes
    4. Xbox 360 has biggest sales week ever
    5. Maltese games push to create 100 new jobs
    6. CD Projekt RED: Witcher 2 piracy estimated at 4.5m copies
    7. iOS price slashing prompts indies to move to freemium
    8. Battlefield 3 sells 8 million, ships 12
    9. Take-Two CEO: Zynga metrics "are sketchy"
    10. Next Gen Skills campaign isn't TIGA's "strategic priority"
    11. Short Fuse
    1. 15 unsigned games shortlisted for Game Connection award
    2. Sojo Studios launches "social good" game
    3. Unity passes 750,000 registered users
    4. Kotick: Lucas, not EA, will benefit from Star Wars MMO
    5. Facebook IPO set to raise $10 billion
    6. Japanese Kinect sales at 114,000 after first year
    7. Zynga DAUs drop despite 5 launches in as many months
    8. Record US Zelda, Mario 3DS sales over Thanksgiving
    9. Robomodo crowdfunding XBLA title
    1. Livingstone hails "quantum shift" in Government thinking on computer skills
    2. SNS+ raises $12.5 million in funding
    3. Modern Warfare 3 tops UK charts for third week
    4. Govt "acutely aware that skills development is crucial"
    5. EA: Zynga will lose staff following IPO
    6. LEGO Pirates and Just Dance 2 win at Children's BAFTAs
    7. Valve: Piracy a "non-issue" for Steam
    8. Livingstone: UK risks creating "digital illiterates"
    9. 5th Cell criticises "broken" retail model
    10. GameStop releases Vita memory card prices for US
    11. Whore Of The Orient to be McNamara's next game
    12. 13 million players compromised in Nexon hack
    13. UKIE launches cross-industry Next Gen Skills campaign
    14. Creating a COD Killer
    15. Welch ready to "dethrone" Call Of Duty
    1. CryEngine 3 to power Crystal CG
    2. Gameloft supplies games for inflight iPad rental
    3. SpecialEffect launches iPhone app
    4. Building Bridges
    1. Modern Warfare 3 takes number one in Japan
    2. Ubisoft: ShootMania will allow FPS community to build their own games
    3. Bigpoint nets €2 million from virtual drone
    4. Microsoft acquires VideoSurf to bolster Xbox Live search
    5. Ryan: Sony has "unfinished business on PS3"
    6. Apple pulls Big Fish subscription app
    7. Gears, F.E.A.R., Condemned devs form new studio
    8. Watson defends Modern Warfare 3
    9. Future goes from profit to loss in full-year results
    10. Digital Watch
    1. Critical Consensus: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
    2. GTA V and the American Experience
    3. EB Games abolishes used games section - report
    4. id Software releases Doom 3 source code
    5. Martin and Gareth Edmondson take senior roles at Thumbstar
    6. CCP's Dancey launches Goblinworks studio
    7. New Kinect hardware for PC allows "close ups"
    8. Big Fish Games pioneers iPad subs service
    9. Rocket Ninja secures $7.5m funding
    10. DeNA partners with Vietnamese dev VNG Corp
    11. PlayStation Vita EU launch line up revealed
    12. Shanda goes private with family buyout
    13. Can Microsoft Launch the Next Xbox in 2012?
    1. Samsung in "final talks" on Google TV
    2. More than 1 million pay for Call of Duty Elite
    3. Playfish: Brands "extremely important" to social success
    4. Facebook partners with HTC on smartphone - report
    5. Bethesda to patch Skyrim PS3 problem
    6. Southeast Asian online market to hit $1bn by 2015
    7. Ste Pickford: Radical rethink of game BAFTAs needed
    8. Profits fall at Perfect World
    9. Spinale leaves OnLive for Disney's Playdom
    10. Gameforge closes free-to-play title Katsuro
    11. Too Big To Fail
    1. Square Enix to create 150 jobs with new Montreal studio
    2. Gree suing DeNA over unfair business practices
    3. [a]list Games secures $9.3 million investment
    4. Sony partners with Vodafone for Vita
    5. Square Enix opening Android marketplace
    6. Kinect Accelerator offers $20,000 investment to devs
    7. League Of Legends hits 30 million players
    8. Mindshapes: "We're competing with dumb media"
    9. 1000 logins per hour for Minecraft
    10. New releases flood top 40 but Modern Warfare 3 reigns
    11. Beachhead confirms date for COD Elite fix
    12. Gearbox invests in new Dallas HQ
    13. GameStop's 'game slinging' service ramps up
    14. Telltale responds to Metacritic drama
    15. Namco Bandai to absorb Tales Studio
    16. School of Thought
    1. Nintendo 3DS gets paid DLC
    2. Zynga snaps up two unnamed companies
    3. Bohemia Interactive: 100 pirates for every 3 legitimate buyers
    4. Profits up over 18% for Shanda Games
    5. Van Natta exits Zynga exec role
    6. CoD Elite sells 600k at GameStop, becomes top 10 title
    7. Call Of Duty vets launch social start up
    8. Game Plan
    1. Sega acquires Spiral Knights dev Three Rings
    2. looking to sign new releases in 2012
    3. Critical Consensus: Assassin's Creed: Revelations
    4. Casual gamers leaving dedicated handheld market
    5. 3DS holds the top spot in Japan
    6. Are core gamers still the route to financial success?
    7. Digital sales up 59% at GameStop
    8. Square Enix to use Unreal Engine 3 for multiple titles
    9. Modern Warfare 3 grosses $775m in 5 days
    10. Capcom expands social focus company-wide
    11. "Manufacturing hardware is a mug's game" - Livingstone
    12. PapayaMobile and Tapjoy launch new Android marketplace
    13. New Zealand industry grows 46 per cent in 12 months
    14. Wright unveils new "personal gaming" start up
    15. NetEase continues growth with $307m sales, profits of $128m
    16. Stardock shares games with Steam
    17. ngmoco grabs more Crytek staff for Swedish studio
    18. Sony founds Play Community social network
    19. Glitch dev warns against social "scorched earth policy"
    1. Dream On
    2. Skyrim: 3.5 million sold in just 48 hours
    3. Disney's Robert Iger joins Apple board
    4. Developers wanted for new Library of Birmingham project
    5. Grasshopper Manufacture launches Game Campus Festa
    6. Capcom games appear on Origin for first time
    7. GAME: Total group sales down ten percent
    8. Tech Focus: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    1. Frustration as PEGI ratings delayed again
    2. GameStop eyes lucrative 18 month hardware cycle
    3. Vivendi sells 35m Activision shares
    4. Gareth Edmondson leaves Reflections after ten years
    5. Korean MMO deleted during server repairs
    6. Epic Game Jam winners selected
    7. Call of Duty Elite still down as high load sees servers struggle
    8. Razer CEO calls for return of stolen prototypes
    9. Humble Voxatron Bundle raises $900k
    10. Live Gamer raises $8.5 million in funding
    11. Facebook: We're offering 100 million niche audiences
    12. Helgason: Windows Phone 7 too closed for Unity
    13. A Face in the Crowd
    1. Livingstone: Govt response to Skills Review delayed for "good reason"
    2. Search for a Star 2012 goes live
    3. MW3 takes #1, helps UK industry to record sales week
    4. Yahoo Japan opens Android storefront
    5. Capy Games: Niche focus key to iOS success
    6. Microsoft: Onlive and Gaikai point the way forward
    7. Learning To Fly
    8. Low October sales for games in US
    1. GAME's long-term vision is to sell contracts, not hardware
    2. Modern Warfare 3 sells 6.5 million day one in UK/US alone
    3. "High-end" games drive profit growth for Nvidia
    4. Sony charging £4-£12 to play UMD games on Vita
    5. Mac version and a million sold for Limbo
    6. Zynga CEO responds to "false" Wall Street Journal article
    7. Sony begins open beta for PS Suite SDK
    8. Full year losses increase at Disney Interactive
    9. Activision shares drop in response to Warcraft subs
    10. Steam forums and database hacked
    11. "Your customers hate DRM" - Rambourg
    12. Internal Warfare
    13. Industry doesn't expect THQ to survive transition to digital
    1. Wedbush: T2 could be readying a social/mobile acquisition
    2. Social analytics firm Kontagent raises $12 million
    3. 3.8 million shipped day one for Uncharted: Drake's Deception
    4. Critical Consensus: Super Mario 3D Land
    5. Critical Consensus: The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim
    6. Mad Catz sees 31% drop in Q2 sales, $480K net loss
    7. Super Mario 3D Land boosts 3DS sales in Japan
    8. UKIE founds new developer group, receives UKTI contract
    9. Games drive revenue growth for Tencent
    10. Smartphones take 58 per cent of portable gaming revenue
    11. McNamara: Bad press stopped us getting another deal
    12. Zynga, PopCap, Rovio games for Kindle Fire at launch
    13. New partnership for Nexon and Perfect World
    14. Microsoft appoints new head of marketing for Xbox
    15. Gamigo buys 20% stake in Korean developer OnsOn Soft
    16. Dangerous Game
    1. GameHorizon dates set for June 2012
    2. Zuckerberg: "Google trying to build their own Facebook"
    3. Adobe drops Flash for mobile browsers, cuts 750 employees
    4. WildTangent Android games service launches
    5. Warcraft subscriptions fall by 800,000
    6. Guillemot: Software key to 3DS success
    7. Madden: Why Such a Big Deal?
    8. Tech Focus: Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3
    1. Sales down as Take-Two sees $47m Q2 loss
    2. Digital sales drive record Q3 for Activision
    3. Black Ops leads 2010/11 US sales with 15m units
    4. Ubisoft sales exceed targets as losses trimmed to €37.1m
    5. Critical Consensus: Modern Warfare 3
    6. Nexon poised for $1.3 billion IPO
    7. Ubisoft: Wii still 45 per cent of our business
    8. Best Buy UK stores to close by end of the year
    9. 1000 per cent increase in concurrent users for DCU Online
    10. Funzio appoints former EA Partners exec
    11. AutoDesk acquires staff, technology from GRIP Entertainment
    12. UK vets open casual studio
    13. Standard and Poor's downgrades Sony credit rating
    14. Something Special
    1. Square Enix logs 6 month profit of ¥3.7bn
    2. Warner Bros. confirms job losses from Seattle studios
    3. Uncharted fails to unseat Battlefield from UK No.1
    4. Zynga filing shows shrinking profits, climbing revenues
    5. Glu Mobile quarterly losses more than triple to $6.2m
    6. Konami's half-year profits up to ¥11.5 billion
    7. Stock Ticker: Sony
    1. 115 jobs lost as LEGO Universe closes
    1. UKIE signs up 100th member
    2. GamesAid names 6 charities to receive £29k each
    3. GamesAid names 6 charities to receive £29k each
    4. Hello Games: Porting Joe Danger to XBLA was "cathartic"
    5. Modern Warfare 3 expected to hit $1.1bn in six weeks
    6. DC Universe picks up 120,000 new users
    7. Ex Cryptic staff form crowdsourcing studio Mob Rules
    8. Ascended Souls
    1. Gameforge lays off 100 employees
    2. Korean publisher Nowcom acquired by ex-Wemade CEO
    3. Final Fantasy Type-0 takes number one in Japan
    4. THQ plans "flexible" business model for Warhammer MMO
    5. RockYou axes 50% of staff
    6. Gameloft sales up 21% in Q3
    7. Android gaming network Mobage completes beta
    8. THQ records quarterly loss of $92.4m, sales of $146m
    9. Nexon sales up 29% on Dragon Nest launch
    1. Ubisoft acquires Trials developer RedLynx
    2. Building Better Worlds
    3. Namco Bandai games sales at ¥28bn for half year
    4. Spil Games scores North Bridge Growth Equity funding
    5. Steve Jobs voted industry's most influential figure
    6. TIGA launches new education matching service
    7. GameStop Android tablets on-sale in US
    8. GREE to launch new mobile gaming platform by mid 2012
    9. Insomniac: Social games influencing our AAA products
    10. Dark Souls: 1.5 million shipped worldwide
    11. Smule secures $12 million in venture capital
    12. Socialspiel launches new Facebook game
    13. Square Enix more than doubles profit forecast
    14. Building Uncharted 3
    15. Price cuts hit PlayStation profits
    1. Eutechnyx targets 190 new jobs with £1.8m funding
    2. Retail model is "broken" for developers, says Playdead
    3. Skyrim awareness week
    4. Mindshapes secures $5 million investment
    5. Epic UDK updated with iOS Facebook support
    6. Mobage drives revenue and profit growth for DeNA
    7. Outfit7 and its Talking Friends hit 225 million downloads
    8. Microsoft targets big business with Kinect
    9. ChangYou beats expectations with $119m sales
    10. Zipline: "HTML5 games are hype"
    11. 5 million sold for Battlefield 3
    12. Silicon Knights confirms layoffs