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November 2016 Archive

    1. Riot Games is Inc's company of the year
    2. Pokémon Sun and Moon sales hit 1.5m in Europe
    3. Smaller company, higher stakes
    4. Unity 5.5 to support HoloLens
    5. Rovio spin-off Hatch aims to be the Netflix of mobile games
    6. 37% of Thanksgiving weekend online sales were made on mobile
    7. ASA rules No Man's Sky advertising did not mislead consumers
    8. Zynga sues two former employees over data theft
    9. Big Viking puts up $10 million for HTML5 Messenger publishing
    1. VR the biggest loser this holiday?
    2. Unity asset store launches affiliate program
    3. Peter Moore unconcerned about retail disappointments
    4. Facebook: "We've just unlocked a very, very big gaming platform"
    5. Nintendo coming to US-based Universal theme parks
    6. Tilting point launches $12m user acquisition fund for mobile devs
    7. “It made me feel less alone, realising other girls want to make video games”
    8. tinyBuild accuses N-Dream, iLogos of ripping off SpeedRunners
    9. "eSports is, for us, the wake of the boat" - Super Evil Megacorp
    10. “We need to make changes so that there can be a Dead Rising 5, 6 and 7”
    11. UKIE calls on Government to help Britain become an “eSports powerhouse”
    1. Was Black Friday in the UK all it was cracked up to be?
    2. Reboot InfoGamer attracts record numbers
    3. AIAS names Mike Fischer president
    4. “Virtual reality needs to find its own voice”
    5. Submissions open for the Leftfield Collection at Rezzed 2017
    6. Attention Seekers and Done + Dusted form new gaming live events business
    7. Sproing Interactive is restructuring
    8. “This is what we do, this is how we do it, this is what we need”
    9. Pokémon Sun and Moon is Nintendo's biggest ever UK launch
    10. King competition will take six devs to GDC 2017
    11. Ubisoft's developers "can't live with the threat" of Vivendi takeover
    12. Hello Games responds to "intense and dramatic" reaction to No Man's Sky
    1. The survival of the UK's independent games retailers
    2. Winter is Coming
    3. New study explores sexism among Twitch commenters
    4. Farming Simulator 17 hits 1 million sales in a month
    5. Weak AAA launches are a precursor to industry transition
    1. Post-Brexit skills gap concerns lead agenda at TIGA Education Summit
    2. HTC calls on co-operation with PlayStation and Oculus
    3. UK Study suggests personality differences in iPhone, Android owners
    4. Creative England: “The biggest challenge for indies today is not money, it's noise”
    1. Future's profits up, websites grow but magazines are down
    2. Games industry should do more for charity - Harris
    3. Altering open-world narrative for VR
    4. Xbox One games will soon stream to Oculus Rift
    5. GameStop forecasts bigger-than-expected holiday sales drop
    6. Will Luton joins Rovio Stockholm
    7. 115 developers unite for new charity games bundle
    8. “We just don't like having a boss” - The Outsiders
    1. Riot looks to finalize eSports streaming deal with MLB - report
    2. Pokemon Sun and Moon sell 1.9 million in Japan
    3. Chris Taylor goes indie
    4. Croteam and Binx: a very Croatian collaboration
    5. App Annie: Subscriptions model will bleed into mobile gaming
    6. "Mobile strategy games haven't really changed in ten years"
    7. "No more DLC that gamers have to buy for the full experience" - Ubisoft
    8. Amazon launches eSports tournament for casual mobile games
    1. Resident Evil director working on Monster Hunter movie
    2. "Nothing beats age old word-of-mouth between players"
    3. Australian college offering $500,000 in game and film scholarships
    4. What's going wrong at UK games retail?
    5. Call of Duty holds No.1 as Watch Dogs 2 launch sales fall 80% over the original
    6. Desert Bus For Hope raises $700,000 for charity
    7. Josh Holmes moves on from 343i to pursue indie dream
    8. Vicarious Visions founders form new game developer Velan Studios
    9. UK government's school 'Behaviour Czar' slams use of Minecraft
    1. A recipe for "Special Team Magic"
    2. Unity Certification now available from external trainers and partners
    3. Is honesty the best policy?
    4. Zelnick: Annual releases burn out franchises
    5. “A lot of people say the mobile market is impossible, but you just have to be smart”
    6. PlayStation Vue now available via Apple TV
    7. Hideo Kojima to pick up Industry Icon prize at The Game Awards 2016
    8. Nintendo's plan to overturn mobile gaming
    9. FIFA coin hacker convicted of wire fraud
    1. Battlefield 1, Mafia 3 and Gears 4 drive US October game sales
    2. Warner Bros. to acquire Machinima
    3. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided wins GotY at Canadian Video Game Awards
    4. id veteran Steve Nix starts VR/AR studio
    5. 5 things devs should know before trying a narrative exploration game
    6. Ubisoft expands in Eastern Europe with Serbian studio
    7. GAME to outsource sales function for smaller titles
    8. Nintendo ships 10m units of Pokemon Sun and Moon
    9. Ubisoft moving away from scripted narrative
    10. Australian Competition Commission wants to fine Valve $3m
    11. Creating a culture of analytics is key to your game's success
    12. "Without a healthy dose of denial to go with all the hardships, we'd never get anything done"
    13. The Game Awards promises greater transparency after No Man's Sky complaints
    14. Keywords acquires Enzyme Testing Labs for $3.7m
    15. The rebirth of the Australian Games industry
    1. EA wants to ensure that streamers disclose sponsorships
    2. nDreams raises £2 million
    3. How Watch Dogs 2 brought its virtual San Francisco to life
    4. EA CEO stresses diversity and representation in games
    5. Flying solo: Surviving as a one-person indie
    6. PS4 Pro sells over 65K in first Japanese weekend
    7. Critical Consensus: Pokemon Sun and Moon
    8. Indiegogo adds equity crowdfunding with Microventures partnership
    9. EA cautious over Nintendo Switch potential
    1. Ubisoft apologizes for and will remove genitalia from Watch Dogs 2
    2. Trust Games
    3. "We like being answerable to our players first and foremost"
    4. Super Mario Run has a $10 price tag
    5. "I am sure that someday someone will create a GTA with no guns" - Ubisoft's Tommy Francois
    6. Sviper completes second funding round
    7. The eyes have it: The future of VR input
    1. Amazon ordered to issue refunds for children's IAP
    2. None of us really knows what we're doing - Boyes
    3. Unity licences now free to all levels of education
    4. Wargaming launches free-to-play publishing label and signs Total War: Arena
    5. Batman is Europe's most popular digital PlayStation VR game
    6. Making better matches between graduates and games studios
    7. 110,000 PS4 and Xbox One machines sold in the UK last week
    8. Update: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare UK physical sales drop just 55% in Week Two
    9. Is HoloLens a consumer gaming device yet?
    1. 14% of Americans over 13 follow eSports - Nielsen
    2. The Rhetorical Effects of System Design, And Toilets
    3. Jason Avent joins Trailerfarm as investor and MD
    4. HTC announces wireless adaptor for Vive
    5. NPD: Xbox One is top US games console for fourth consecutive month
    6. "It's going to be physics-based and it's going to be stupid"
    7. Square Enix and Capcom march towards contrasting futures
    8. Video games Trump hate
    9. GAME UK to open concession stores in WHSmith
    1. CD Projekt wants to safeguard against potential hostile takeover
    2. VR awaits its Michael Jordan
    3. IO Interactive rebuilds studio for new era of digital games development
    4. Life after Pokémon Go: Niantic's next evolution
    5. Wooga restructuring continues with Tokyo office closure
    1. Steve Meretzky joins King
    2. Should you go PS4 Pro? It depends
    3. Epic CEO donates $15m to conserve North Carolina wilderness
    4. Fulfilling the Kool-Aid Man fantasy
    5. "Steam's new discoverability system has already had a huge impact"
    6. Bring back the '90s: Ron Gilbert and the return of the 8-bit adventure game
    7. Studios team up for War Child fundraiser
    8. Xbox Preview Program is opening up to everyone
    1. Call of Duty Steam player base down sharply
    2. Ubisoft in talks for Netflix series
    3. Why branding matters for mobile game developers
    4. Facebook Live eyes deeper move into eSports
    5. Vivendi increases Ubisoft stake to 24%
    6. Is the industry's obsession with Day One coming to an end?
    7. Deus Ex helps push Square Enix sales up 23%
    8. IO Interactive is chasing the most elusive target of all
    1. Machine Zone making a mobile Final Fantasy MMO
    2. Capcom expects Resident Evil 7 to sell 4 million
    3. Patrick Bach leaving DICE - Report
    4. Develop:VR changes date to Thursday 1st December
    5. Connecting analytics to the boardroom
    6. Video Games Are Boring
    7. Blizzard co-founder Allen Adham returns after 12 year absence
    8. Blizzard's Overwatch eSports league to emphasise financial stability
    9. Call of Duty UK sales fall 48.4% over Black Ops III
    10. Games Industry post-Brexit: Who Will Profit?
    11. Starbreeze launches indie publishing division
    1. DeNA reallocating resources to Nintendo titles
    2. Glu acquires Crowdstar
    3. Jobs roundup: Glu names Nick Earl CEO
    4. Uncharted 4 is not as scripted as you might think
    5. Forget Day One, it's the long-tail that determines triple-A success
    6. Fargo: “If you don't reach 20% of your goal in two days, you'll almost certainly fail”
    7. Titanfall is a victim of chest-beating pride
    1. Blizzard powers Activision Blizzard results
    2. Zynga CEO: I'll never go back to console and PC
    3. Preorders not as important as they once were - Ubisoft
    4. Hunicke comes to grips with VR
    5. First eSports arbitration court opens
    6. Viveport Arcade could be a $100m opportunity for devs - HTC
    7. 167 games received tax relief from UK Government last year
    8. Adventures in Virtual Reality
    9. 'We simply need to learn, grow and improve as developers more quickly' - Bohemia
    10. SAG-AFTRA calls second protest outside Warner Bros. L.A. offices
    11. Why Amplitude gave up its independence and joined Sega
    12. NBA 2K17, Mafia III break 2K launch records
    1. Sega's games revenue up 9% to $65 million in Q2
    2. Zynga posts Q3 loss of $41m but beats guidance
    3. EA plans for longer tails, marketing cycles
    4. Inside wins top honors at Unity Awards
    5. Big Viking Games lands $21.75 million investment
    6. Games to control over $100 billion of mobile app market in 2020 - App Annie
    7. Three key essentials to advance the future of VR
    8. October's big new releases disappoint - GameStop
    9. CastAR hires entire Eat Sleep Play dev team
    10. Breaking down the Billion
    11. Mobile and VR specialist Playsnak secures $1.3m in funding
    12. Respawn and EA dismiss release date problems for Titanfall 2
    13. Unity names Tony Parisi as head of VR and AR
    14. Metal Gear composer Rika Muranaka moves into VR development
    15. "Please show customers what your game is actually like to play”
    16. Bethesda: "You can't spend any time thinking about your game as a franchise"
    17. $2m funding for AR start-up GoMeta
    1. EA raises guidance off "excellent" Q2
    2. Unity making its VR dev tool open source
    3. Google Daydream View hits November 10
    4. Wii U production halts this week
    5. Most VR games feel like demos - Spencer
    6. Wii and PS3 launches a study in contrasts
    7. Mobile gaming isn't so mobile
    8. 5 Practical tips for improving store conversion
    9. Latin America will generate $4.1bn in game revenues this year - Newzoo
    10. AESVI Research maps out a nascent, but growing Italian industry
    11. DDM hires former Apple, Marmalade exec Steph Jorgl
    12. 'Attacking someone's family over a video game is not acceptable' - Miles Jacobson
    13. Spencer: “Beyond generations” doesn't mean a new console every two years
    14. Volvo, the military and game design: A small town in three parts
    15. Sony's Q2 earnings show impact of PS4's falling price