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June 2024 Archive

    1. Supercell's Smash Bros: How "the stars aligned" for Squad Busters
    2. SAG-AFTRA: We want to exhaust every option "without having to pull the trigger on a strike"
    3. Epic Games Store and Fortnite coming to iOS in Japan next year
    4. V Rising tops UK charts in May | UK Monthly Charts
    5. Summer Game Fest will return to LA in June 2025 | News-in-brief
    6. Elden Ring ships 25m units worldwide | News-in-brief
    7. UK digital rights campaigner sues Valve for £656m over alleged anti-competitive practices
    8. Sumo Group closing Timbre Games
    1. Netflix moving games boss Mike Verdu to new role
    2. Jobs Roundup: June 2024 | Former Bossa exec Marina Mella leads BBC Studios' gaming efforts
    3. Which Xbox and Summer Game Fest games grabbed the most headlines?
    4. Astrocade AI secures $12m in seed funding round
    5. Voodoo acquires BeReal for €500m
    6. Mock reviews and game evaluations: what are they, and why are they useful for devs?
    7. League of Geeks goes into hibernation
    1. Sumo Group to reduce staff by up to 15%
    2. Lego Horizon Adventures shows even PlayStation knows growth lies beyond your own platform | Opinion
    3. CWA files Unfair Labor Practice charges against Microsoft supplier Lionbridge
    4. Not live from Los Angeles | Microcast
    5. Apple expands games line-up with new dev tool
    6. Resident Evil Village passes 10m sales | News-in-brief
    7. The spirit of E3 could be felt in LA – now let's bring it back | Opinion
    1. Aptoide becomes first non-Apple iOS store
    2. Content studio Offbrand launches games publishing label
    3. Supercell: "There's no reason" why there aren't more mobile games at Summer Game Fest
    4. GameStop revenue declines 26% to $882m
    5. The "wonderfully simple" winning recipe of Wholesome Direct
    6. Baldur's Gate 3 wins Nebula Award for Game Writing | News-in-brief
    7. Phil Spencer on studio closures: "I have to run a sustainable business"
    8. MyGames launches premium publishing label Knights Peak
    1. Call of Duty, new Gears of War and Doom headline Xbox Showcase 2024
    2. Digital-only Xbox Series X is one of three new models launching this holiday
    1. Among Us dev Innersloth starts new indie game fund Outersloth
    2. Remedy's "no holds barred" approach to Alan Wake 2 expansions
    3. Sony avoids F2P as its live service model takes shape | Opinion
    4. Mark Cerny: When making consoles, we're not trying to build low-cost PCs
    5. The Angry Birds Movie 3 is now in production | News-in-brief
    6. £2.3m programme funds new Games Innovation Zone in the UK
    1. What will Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 in Game Pass mean for Xbox and PlayStation?
    2. Insiders blame Suicide Squad's failings on changing vision and lack of live service skills
    3. TimeSplitters 2 | Why I Love
    4. The present and future of online toxicity management
    5. Mediatonic alumni form Kindred Spirit Games
    6. GAME drops Xbox All Access and reward scheme
    7. Asia and MENA games market expected to hit $100bn by 2028
    8. Concord store listings show Sony maintaining Helldivers-style lower price point for live service titles
    1. heads to IGN Live to discuss the future of games platforms
    2. The life and death of E3
    3. Squad Busters generates $1.1m at launch
    4. New publishing label Unikat launches
    5. Dressed for success: Inside the future of fashion and games | Playable Futures
    6. Mobile accounted for $90.4bn of global games revenue in 2023
    7. Ubisoft vet David Polfeldt opens new studio in Barcelona
    8. The Not E3 hype season begins | Microcast
    1. Behaviour to lay off up to 95 employees
    2. Laced Records: Games companies are "leaving money on the table" with their soundtracks
    3. Ex-Riot devs Believer seeks "a better way to develop video games" with open-source tool Friendshipper
    4. PSVR 2 PC adapter to launch on August 7
    5. Content Warning has sold 2.2 million units | News-in-brief
    6. Worldwalker Games goes into hibernation
    7. Live action Like A Dragon series coming to Amazon Prime video
    8. Avalanche closing Montreal and New York offices
    1. Why games consoles are holding back interactive storytelling
    2. Skybound CEO David Alpert to keynote Gamescom Latam
    3. Hypersonic Laboratories raises $7m for modding platform Helix
    4. Summer games showcases: What to watch and when
    5. Tomb Raider animated series dated for October 10 | News-in-brief
    6. John Romero's autobiography to get two adaptations
    7. Take-Two reportedly planning to close or sell Private Division
    8. UK games companies can now sign-up to this year's games industry salary benchmarking service