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November 2018 Archive

    1. Farming Simulator 19 most-downloaded game on EMEAA charts this week
    2. Ubisoft acquires server company
    3. US game industry revenues up 24% in third quarter - NPD Group
    4. Bethesda issues permanent ban to Fallout 76 players involved in homophobic harassment
    5. Stardew Valley switches to self-publishing on most platforms
    6. Hard drive share as a strategic weapon for console publishers
    7. Rovio acquires Finnish mobile studio PlayRaven
    8. Mobvista aims to raise $208 million with Hong Kong Stock Exchange IPO
    9. Brenda Romero, Jade Raymond and Fumito Ueda to be honoured at Fun & Serious Festival 2018
    10. Console loot boxes haven't 'achieved the trust', says Gameloft
    11. Nintendo bets heavily on the holidays
    1. Strategy Analytics: Nintendo to take back console market leadership in 2019
    2. Pendula Swing developer launches indie branding service
    3. GameStop reports strong quarterly sales, $488.6 million loss
    4. Wayforward to join development of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
    5. Green Man Gaming software revenues up 100% with Black Friday
    6. IGDA calls for industry action on loot boxes
    7. US Army awards $480 million contract for Microsoft's Hololens
    8. Nintendo pulls plug on YouTube Creators Program
    9. Building EA's real-time esports strategy
    10. Government report values UK games industry at just over £1bn
    11. Bethesda responds to Fallout 76 collector's edition complaints
    12. Voice actors launch free initiative to help developers improve their scripts
    13. Microsoft publishes Xbox Family Guide to educate parents ahead of Christmas
    14. Games Done Quick bans two runners over sexist, transphobic remarks
    1. International mobile games revenue from Tencent and NetEase rose 382% in 2018
    2. How Hell Let Loose hopes to set itself apart from other WWII shooters
    3. Nintendo on track to miss two-year sales targets for Switch, say analysts
    4. Nintendo brings in $250 million in US over Black Friday weekend
    5. Jam City opens new Toronto studio for Bingo Pop acquisition
    6. THQ Nordic CEO responds to mixed Darksiders III reviews
    7. Australian government advised to review loot boxes after five-month inquiry
    8. EGX returns to London in October 2019
    9. The future of 2D gaming
    1. Federal Trade Commission will investigate video game loot boxes
    2. Reggie Fils-Aime: Nintendo US makes 60% of revenue during the holidays
    3. New publisher Nifty Games wants to “get back to the core spirit of sports games”
    4. Free-to-play console revenue triples over holiday period to reach $64m
    5. National Videogame Museum: Bringing the past, present, and future of games to the wider public
    6. Fortnite passes 200m registered users
    7. Orpheus sees a blue ocean in VR games for well-being
    8. Major League Gaming co-founder launches Electronic Sports Group
    9. Law firm investigates Bethesda over Fallout 76 refund policy
    10. UK games industry leaders reject Brexit deal
    11. Keywords Studios: “We are going to keep acquiring new companies”
    12. Wargaming UK acquires Edge Case Games
    13. Google Play removes games for installing malware
    14. Amplitude Studios co-founder opens new studio for tactical RPG
    1. IGDA appoints new board leadership
    2. Battlefield V struggles as Black Friday transforms UK Charts
    3. Starbreeze management ordered to cut costs after poor sales of Overkill's The Walking Dead
    4. What Brexit means for your recruiting efforts
    5. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sets record as best pre-selling game on Switch
    6. Founders of Goodgame Studios to leave operational positions
    7. Rockstar abandons Agent trademark
    8. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle wins Children's BAFTA
    9. Parental guidance site AskAboutGames gets new look, new editor
    10. Rebellion opens 220,000 sq ft film studio
    1. Fallout 76: Critical Consensus
    2. Promethean AI promises to unlock experimentation in AAA development
    3. Shenmue III crowdfunding totals $7.18 million
    4. Xbox Adaptive Controller Christmas ad furthers Microsoft's push for accessibility
    5. Zen and the art of development: Designing games for meditation
    6. When does an homage become a rip-off?
    1. Total War Arena going offline
    2. Concern growing about Activision's influence at Blizzard - Report
    3. Making Starlink soar on Switch
    4. UK Gambling Commission: No link between loot boxes and exposure to gambling
    5. The post-Telltale plans for Skybound Games
    6. Pokémon Let's Go smashes first-week Switch sales records at 3m units worldwide
    7. Dogs of Rare charity calendar to raise money for SpecialEffect
    8. Creative industries contribute almost £92bn to UK economy
    9. Furry erotica game data breach exposes 411,000 users
    1. Twitch announces TwitchCon Europe
    2. GameStop selling Spring Mobile business
    3. Call of Duty tops Red Dead Redemption 2 digital sales in October - Report
    4. On Ubisoft's pandering to unreasonable players
    5. Building Fort Stars from the rubble of SimCity
    6. The Podcast: Virtual Reality in 2018, with Resolution's Tommy Palm
    7. Unity wins its first Technology and Engineering Emmy Award
    8. launches investment initiative for developers using Unreal Engine
    1. NPD: Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption lead record October
    2. Tapjoy acquires Tapdaq
    3. High school esports platform PlayVS receives $30.5m investment
    4. VRFocus acquired by Admix
    5. Assassins Creed: An ancient world with a modern mood
    6. Fundraising begins for veteran developers who lost home in California wildfire
    7. Experience, knowledge, operation, and luck - how to tackle the crowded mobile market
    8. Niantic working with United Nations to promote tourism through its games
    9. “I'd rather have bad reviews than no reviews”
    10. Radiant Worlds relocates as Rebellion Warwick transition completes
    11. Strong Museum launches Women in Games exhibit
    1. Telltale's The Walking Dead back in development
    2. Turkish Ministry of Commerce investigating PlayStation over price increases
    3. H1Z1 Pro League shuts down - Report
    4. Activision on Spyro's missing subtitles: "there's no industry standard"
    5. Ex-Remedy CEO opens new Helsinki studio Redhill Games
    6. Battlefield V: Critical Consensus
    7. Microsoft acquisition gives inXile 'safe harbour' - Fargo
    8. 2 Milly, Scrubs' Donald Faison accuse Fortnite of stealing dance moves
    9. Dude, Where's My Money? Part Four: Localization
    10. Oculus now part of Facebook Technologies
    11. Star Citizen crowdfunding has passed $200m
    12. Unpacking: Turning stressful activities into a stressless game
    13. Valve under fire for 'greedy' Artifact monetisation system
    14. Paradox taking control of White Wolf after Vampire: The Masquerade LGBTQ+ controversy
    1. Pokémon and Spyro top hyper competitive week at UK games retail
    1. Adi Shankar's next video game animated series is Devil May Cry
    2. Microsoft reportedly planning release of digital-only Xbox One
    3. DayZ reaches 4 million units sold
    4. Nvidia stocks drop after Q3 guidance miss
    5. Discord Early Access launches with five titles
    6. "I am NEVER making another game" - Bleszinski
    7. Former Blizzard, Gazillion developers working on CCG as Rhino Games
    8. Bandai Namco Studios Vancouver shuts down
    9. One thing gaming could learn from Stan Lee
    10. Mythical Games will “usher in a shift in player behaviour” with blockchain platform
    11. Rovio quarterlies flying slightly higher
    12. 12th annual Desert Bus For Hope raises $730,000
    13. Supercell invests €5m in Apple Watch dev Everywear Games
    14. Battlefield V delay triggers EA share plummet, hedge fund exodus
    15. Steam adds Australian dollar pricing for Australian users
    16. Ubisoft: “Loot crates have been a huge boon for the gaming industry”
    17. ESA unconcerned by Sony abandoning E3
    18. EA, Take-Two and Ubisoft shrug off China games crisis
    19. Pokémon's strategy is cross-generational
    1. Jobs Roundup: Lee Skittrell joins Koei Tecmo as its new marketing manager
    2. Sony will skip E3 2019
    3. Changyou receives license to develop Tetris mobile games for China
    4. PS4: Over 86.1 million sold
    5. Magic Leap announces Independent Creator Program
    6. Mujo Games wins £25,000 Tranzfuser competition
    7. Brexit draft agreement “not ideal” for UK games industry
    8. THQ Nordic acquires the Expeditions IP from Logic Artists
    9. GOG exclusivity hurt Thronebreaker sales, CD Projekt admits
    10. Gameloft: You don't have to be No.1 to be No.1 on mobile
    11. Bunch raises $3.8m in seed funding to bring group video chat to mobile games
    12. Publishers say early access is boosting sales of special edition games
    13. NetEase: Anti-addiction measures “should not only be focused on online games”
    14. Blizzard: 'We [are] now working on new mobile titles across all of our IPs'
    15. Telltale undergoing liquidation, removing games from Steam
    16. NetEase sees Q3 growth with mobile titles, Western partnerships
    1. EA partners with Petroglyph Games for Command & Conquer remasters
    2. Stardew Valley grosses $1 million in iOS debut
    3. The good and bad of making your side project a day job
    4. Age of Empires: Castle Siege to be taken offline next year
    5. US Army launching esports team as recruiting effort
    6. Cryptocurrency is “not for start-ups anymore”
    7. Tencent's revenues and profits up, but games division still suffering
    8. Pokémon Let's Go! Pikachu and Eevee: Critical Consensus
    9. Jam City secures multi-year deal with Disney
    10. THQ Nordic's net sales up 1,403% to $139.5m
    11. Twitch appoints Walker Jacobs as chief revenue officer
    12. Former Gameloft exec joins Rovio leadership team
    13. THQ Nordic acquires Bugbear Entertainment and Coffee Stain studios
    14. California man pleads guilty to fatal swatting charges
    1. Phil Spencer: Game Pass leads to more game sales
    2. Toronto Esports departs Overwatch Contenders over naming dispute
    3. 'We had the finished package, and they just took it from us'
    4. UK government responds to industry's Brexit fears
    5. £80m Creative Industries Clusters Programme launches to fund new R&D projects
    6. Dude, Where's My Money? Part Three: From Hunting To Gathering
    7. Capcom USA appoints Rob Dyer as COO
    8. Valve rewards man $20,000 for discovering unlimited free game codes bug
    9. Mobile game streaming platform Hatch releases in Nordic countries, UK and Ireland
    1. Nintendo reaches final judgment agreement with ROM site owners
    2. Stan Lee dies at 95
    3. Team Cherry, Skybound Games cancel physical edition of Hollow Knight
    4. Flaregames lays off 45, CEO steps down
    5. "I've always wanted to see a sneeze meter"
    6. Valve condemns racist behaviour of pro players during DOTA 2 matches
    7. The Podcast: Counting on cryptocurrency, with Reality Clash
    8. Red Dead Redemption 2 is still No. 1 at UK retail after three weeks
    9. Microsoft's two-hour Game Pass advert told us everything about the future of Xbox
    1. Microsoft to acquire RPG specialists Obsidian Entertainment and InXile
    2. Microsoft slashes $100 off Xbox One X for Black Friday
    3. Microsoft launches $1m #givewithXbox charity campaign
    1. Warframe reaches new record concurrent user peak on Steam
    2. Sony agrees to Chicago city tax on PlayStation Store purchases
    3. Video streaming support may fully end on the Wii next year
    4. Google announces Change the Game winners
    5. PlayStation Now brought in $143 million last quarter - Report
    6. Prima Games shutting down
    7. "The Chinese government just doesn't see games as a priority"
    8. $800,000 shared between 30 projects in latest Unreal Dev Grants
    9. YouTube backtracks ban on YouTuber who assaulted Red Dead suffragette
    10. GAME: “With so many games clustered together, there was going to be winners and losers"
    11. Activision Blizzard shares drop a further 11 per cent
    12. German government to establish €50 million game fund in 2019
    13. Blizzard acknowledges the mobile reality
    1. Activision Blizzard revenues, engagement dip
    2. Fortnite reaches 8.3 million concurrent players
    3. YouTube now available on Nintendo Switch
    4. BigBox VR secures $5 million in seed funding round
    5. Voodoo establishes new Berlin office
    6. Tencent undergoes marketing budget cuts as China's licensing freeze persists
    7. Streamlabs launches App Store focused on streamer support
    8. Newzoo: Top 25 public gaming companies are still growing, but slowly
    9. Meet the best places to work in Canada's games industry
    10. Revealed: The best video games employers in Canada
    11. The many merchandising methods of Activision
    12. Square Enix files trademark dispute against Dorado Games over 'Conflict' branding
    13. Take-Two: Game streaming is a big opportunity for us
    14. Profits dip at GAME but cost savings reduce losses
    15. MapleStory drives revenue and profit growth for Nexon
    16. Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata leaves Square Enix
    17. Nexon makes big investment in Patrick Söderlund's ambitious new studio
    1. NBA 2K19 and GTA Online drive Take-Two results
    2. Red Dead Redemption 2 shipments reach 17 million
    3. Candy Crush Friends Saga surpasses $10 million
    4. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 sees 34m hours of Twitch viewership during launch week
    5. Nintendo apologizes for Native American caricature
    6. Three Square Enix mobile games stop operating in Belgium over loot boxes
    7. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age ships over 4 million
    8. The art of war: Defining the look of 11-11 Memories Retold
    9. Brevity is the soul of Minit
    10. Apptopia October report: Asian developers dominate the top new games on iOS and Android
    11. Dude, Where's My Money? Part Two: Divvying up the Loot
    12. DeNA bringing Tencent's Arena of Valor to Japan
    13. GamesAid Golf and Spa Day returns July 11th
    14. BAFTA announces Breakthrough Brits of 2018
    15. Overwolf closes $16m Series B funding round
    16. Square Enix reports $33m extraordinary loss as new AAA studio shifts focus
    17. Turtle Beach revenue up 107% to $74.4m in latest quarterly financials
    18. Record bookings drive Glu Mobile ever closer to profit in Q3
    19. Pokemon GO earned $73 million in October
    1. Riot Games faces class-action suit for discrimination, harassment
    2. Discord acquires Blitz Esports, closes content platform
    3. Square Enix buys 20% of Battalion 1944 developer Bulkhead
    4. Ubisoft reworking Just Dance kids mode after parental complaint over subscription ads
    5. Dude, Where's My Money? Part One: The Science of Steam
    6. Activision Blizzard stock tumbles following Diablo Immortal backlash
    7. Capcom considering more cloud games despite Resident Evil 7 shortcomings
    8. How to handle entitled gamers when announcing a mobile game
    9. Starbreeze Studios pre-tax loss triples to $11.3m in Q3 2018
    1. Ingress Prime launches today, first major live events imminent
    2. Hearthstone reaches 100 million players
    3. Old School RuneScape mobile debuts with over one million installs
    4. Tencent to run player ID checks across its entire portfolio in China
    5. Malaysian government pledges $2.4m for esports in 2019
    6. Danish prime minister opens Counter-Strike esports tournament
    7. How to design for coziness...and kindness
    8. Tech billionaire Tej Kohli launches €50 million European esports investment fund
    9. Blizzard's Diablo mobile game meets community backlash
    1. Red Dead Redemption 2 scores 2018's biggest second week at UK retail
    1. Blizzard offers Destiny 2 for free on PC
    2. Ubisoft removing references to gambling, skulls for global Rainbow Six Siege release
    3. World of Warcraft: Classic free to WoW subscribers
    4. Toby Fox to assemble team for Deltarune
    5. “Companies don't care about your games. People care about your games”
    6. Newzoo lowers global games forecast for 2018 to $134.9 Billion
    7. Back from the dead: The people keeping old MMOs alive
    8. The TIGA Games Industry Awards 2018 winners announced
    1. Junichi Masuda likely stepping away from director role on future Pokemon games
    2. Amazon Digital Games' Dan Winters dies at 55
    3. Kongregate launches Kartridge in open beta
    4. Take-Two, TrustedReviews reach legal settlement over Red Dead Redemption 2 leak
    5. DLC doubts and digital distress
    6. Bethesda extends Fallout 76 beta
    7. Dapper Labs secures $15 million investment
    8. Swiss studio wins Universal GameDev Contest
    9. Super Mario Party sells 1.5m units in release month
    10. DECA Games acquires Zombie Catchers
    11. Bringing feudal Japan to life in Ghost of Tsushima
    12. Brexit will cause 'serious harm' to the UK games industry
    13. Sega's H1 games results stagnate on lack of new releases
    14. Zynga enjoys best mobile performance in company history
    15. Fortnite has been downloaded by half of all Nintendo Switch owners
    16. Final Fantasy XV lead designer Wan Hazmer details new studio Metronomik