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March 2016 Archive

    1. Unity valuation of $1.5bn seems "appropriate" - SuperData
    2. Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide sells 500K
    3. Reboot Develop expands line up
    4. Indie acclaim is "like a drug"
    5. Twitch investing millions into Vainglory eSports
    6. Garena raises $170 million series D round
    7. Square Enix backs Final Fantasy XV with feature-length movie
    1. N-Space closes after 21 years
    2. Dragon Quest Monsters is Japan's new #1
    3. Microsoft Build 2016: Yes, your Xbox One is a dev kit
    4. US public university to offer eSports scholarships
    5. GameDuell pivots, cuts 25 per cent of staff
    6. Nintendo UK expands marketing and comms team
    7. "I want to go back to the thing I was born to do”
    8. Jamchester pro game jam set for May
    9. Spicy Horse cuts staff in move away from "brutal" F2P market
    1. Starbreeze invests $750K in VR/AR studio
    2. Blizzard signs children's book deal
    3. Layoffs at The Escapist
    4. New EVP of marketing for Green Man Gaming
    5. Valve misled Australian consumers, says court
    6. Shifting from AAA to Early Access
    7. Sony open to PSVR on PC
    8. Blizzard pulls "sexualised" victory pose from Overwatch
    9. Oculus VR: Touch games "need more time"
    10. Data analytics in a small team: is it worth your time and investment?
    11. Ubisoft opening production studio in Philippines
    1. That Dragon, Cancer dev says Let's Play videos took away sales
    2. Sony to announce PS4.5 before PSVR launch - Report
    3. Pratchett: AAA becoming braver at tackling serious subjects
    1. Leaked NX controller is indeed fake
    2. Wii U won't make it to Christmas, so what's next?
    1. GameStop reports Q4 and 2015 earnings
    2. SOMA has sold 250K, needs to sell 30K more to be profitable
    3. Keiichi Yano, Chris Esaki form Jumo
    4. EA announces new EVP of Global Publishing
    5. Digital revenues up 10% in February - Superdata
    6. Daybreak hires former EA VP Larry LaPierre
    7. "Crunch is bullshit"
    8. The Future of Data Analysis
    9. John Carmack to receive BAFTA Fellowship
    10. Sony plans to bring PlayStation IP to mobile
    1. King makes Defold game engine free
    2. GAME sees profit and revenue fall in half-year results
    3. Visionary VR raises $6m in Series A
    4. Japanese chart: Pokken Tournament is number one
    5. NYC's eSports Hero raises $1m
    6. The biggest non-VR stories at GDC 2016
    7. Muslim fighter given Christian celebration in UFC 2
    8. PS4 and Xbox One have sold 5.1 million units in the UK
    9. Fove VR raises $11 million from Colopl, Hon Hai
    10. Oculus: "We don't believe the consumer has space" for room-scale VR
    11. VMC Expands Quebec Operation
    12. Bigpoint to be acquired by Youzu
    1. Roundtable: What we learned about VR at GDC
    2. Nintendo halting Wii U production this year - Report
    3. Relentless opening Wales studio
    4. PlayStation VR standalone headset preorders start March 29
    5. PlayStation VR preorders hit US, Canada
    6. Sony confirms closure of Evolution Studios
    7. What Miitomo really means to Nintendo
    8. Testronic opens dedicated VR testing lab
    9. Scribblenauts studio 5th Cell lays off 45 people
    10. Keywords Studios expands to Philippines
    1. Gameloft reports sales up 13% in 2015
    2. Localizing pays off… in some places - Tiny Build CEO
    3. Apple announces smaller iPhone SE and iPad Pro
    4. GDC 2016 attracts 27,000 attendees
    5. Supreme Court rejects EA defense in Madden suit
    6. GDC panel says that, in games, "Muslim blood is cheap"
    7. Valhalla moves HQ to Vancouver
    8. What every indie needs to know about PR
    9. Survey: PlayStation/Xbox gamers more interested in VR than PC players
    10. The Division beats EA UFC 2 to hold UK #1
    11. Develop in Brighton speaker submissions close today
    12. Spencer: tone of Microsoft's GDC party was "unequivocally wrong"
    13. Firewatch has sold 500,000 units since launch
    14. Xbox Survey asks users if they want to sell back digital content
    15. Tencent cleared $3 billion smartphone game revenue in 2015
    16. Ryan Barnard, Director of The Division, joins IO Interactive
    17. Creative Assembly Game Jam to return to EGX Rezzed
    1. Rumor: Sony working on more powerful PlayStation 4
    2. ex-Konami producer Dave Cox teams up with MercurySteam
    3. Halo vets team with Jeff Hilbert to form First Strike Games
    4. PlayStation VR $500 bundle pre-orders start March 22
    5. Gone Home Dev: Look past "the best person for the job"
    6. Robert Yang: "The game industry needs to get laid"
    7. Why VR is not the most important trend at GDC
    1. Recollections of Rez
    2. Epic awards another $500,000 in Unreal Dev Grants
    3. Pokemon franchise crosses 200 million units sold
    4. Beyond ageism: Industry must think about older gamers
    5. Venture Reality Fund secures $50m for early investments
    6. What do Chivalry and Rocket League have in common?
    7. Her Story dominates GDC, IGF Awards
    8. Luckey urges VR devs to be realistic about success
    9. Watch the GDC Awards here
    10. Drinkbox's 10 biggest f---ups
    11. Kickstarter payment problem holds up indie adventure game pledges
    12. Encore Publishing Group launches Octopus Tree
    1. Tequila Works reacquires Rime rights from Sony
    2. The Division takes Japanese number one
    3. PlayStation VR: Sony is "probably going to reject" games under 60 fps
    4. Ubi's The Division makes $330m in five days
    5. Microsoft, ESL, and FaceIt partner to bring tournaments to Xbox Live
    6. Her Story wins big at IMGA awards
    7. IGDA to name best companies for crunch
    8. VR: The time for tech demos is over
    9. Amazon selling out of PSVR across Europe
    10. Dan Pinchbeck to keynote Games Finance Market
    11. Oculus reveals launch line up and prices
    12. PlayStation VR to sell 8m units in 24 months - analyst
    13. iWin to acquire website Gamezebo
    14. Sony responds to Microsoft's cross-platform play announcement
    15. AMD technology powers Sulon Q VR headset
    1. "Success should always surprise you. Failure should never surprise you"
    2. "Our brains essentially are always screwing with us"
    3. PlayStation VR surprises with $399 price point
    4. eSports pros need to think about their personal brands - Dennis Fong
    5. GDC 2016: Unity Conference highlights
    6. Crytek announces CryEngine 5, adopts "pay what you want" model
    7. Jagex negotiating acquisition with Chinese mining company
    8. Her Story's Sam Barlow joins Interlude
    9. Ubisoft continues to back VR with new IP Werewolves Within
    10. Forge Inc. raises $4.5 million seed round
    11. InnoGames adds Funatics to its Dusseldorf studio
    12. Constructing a "Tower of Want"
    1. VR devs call for restraint on horror games and jump scares
    2. Schell: Nintendo probably working on VR gaming device
    3. Twitch wants to help developers build "Stream First" games
    4. "Payers are the most insanely engaged people you can imagine"
    5. "Some people want to see the slaughterhouse" - Gordon Walton
    6. Xbox Live adds cross-network multiplayer
    7. Can we please make sure that mobile VR won't suck?
    8. PC to dominate $100bn games market in 2019 - DFC
    9. App Annie buys AppScotch
    10. Tom Clancy's The Division claims #1 in the UK
    11. MaxPlay's engine tech is a modern solution to modern problems
    1. NCsoft confirms layoffs at Carbine
    2. Daybreak cancels EverQuest Next
    3. Next Games: Right license, right partner, right result
    4. Steam Early Access is hitting its stride - EEDAR
    5. VR early mover advantage already fading?
    6. ESL teams with Azubu
    7. Virtuix pursuing "mini-IPO" for general public
    8. CD Projekt made a $90 million profit in 2015
    9. Microsoft needs to clearly articulate its vision for PC gaming
    10. Cities: Skylines has sold 2 million units
    11. Studio Two Tribes says Rive is its last game
    1. NPD: Hardware and software spending down 12%
    2. New CTO for Gameforge
    3. Wooga launches new indie studio
    4. Colopl aims to publish multiple high quality VR titles annually
    5. 10 Years Ago This Month - March 2006
    6. Penrose Studios lands $8.5 million seed round
    7. Kneel before Todd: Bethesda's Howard on a lifetime of achievement
    8. Nexon to acquire Big Huge Games
    9. Legend of Mir is making $100 million a month in China - report
    10. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture picks up ten BAFTA nominations
    11. Why Gary The Gull is the future of VR
    12. Sumo Digital takes the reigns on Dead Island 2
    13. Stardew Valley has sold 425,000 copies
    1. Ubisoft calls The Division a record breaker
    2. Gundam Breaker 3 is Japanese #1
    3. Twitter's Fabric now fully supports Unity
    4. Paradox-Ruffian partnership "amicably terminated"
    5. How free-to-play has evolved game marketing
    6. Gearbox thinking beyond games
    7. SuperData and Gfk to unify physical and digital console data
    8. Ukie and TIGA call for more investment ahead of UK Budget
    9. Supercell books record sales of over €2bn for 2015
    10. Kim Kardashian banks $80 million from Glu Mobile's game
    11. Stainless Games appoints Jan Lindner as new CEO
    1. Skillz and iWin form eSports partnership
    2. Riot acquires Radiant
    3. Rovio Stockholm GM departs
    4. Paradox aiming for an IPO this year
    5. Superdata cuts VR forecast by 30%
    6. Amazon: Community building will drive the industry
    7. Dontnod, Ubisoft Montreal and EA Ghost among Quo Vadis speakers
    8. “Are you just looking to make a living? Then China has plenty of opportunity”
    9. University of Leeds pioneers new games degrees
    10. Tandem Events announces Develop:VR for November
    11. Karl Hilton appointed head of new Sumo offices
    12. Riot closing Brighton offices
    13. Is Amazon building a VR content platform?
    14. Lionhead shutdown shines a light on Microsoft Studios
    15. Bioware senior editor departs industry
    1. PDP is new co-publisher of Rock Band 4
    2. Owlchemy Labs: VR is "too big to fail"
    3. Execution Labs ends startup accelerator program
    4. SEC brings fraud charges for 38 Studios collapse
    5. Supercell boasts 100m daily active users
    6. Lionhead closing, Fable Legends cancelled
    7. 2016 investments in AR/VR already $1.1 billion - Report
    8. MAME completes open source transition
    9. Tranzfuser initiative offers funding to graduate devs in the UK
    10. Far Cry Primal beats Zelda to stay UK #1
    11. Far Cry Primal: Selling the Stone Age
    12. Kickstarter funded Bear Simulator abandoned by its creator
    13. Mindful parents, Minecraft kids & squiffy millennials
    14. Rocket League has 1 million unique players on Xbox One
    1. Sega Networks cuts staff amid "hyper-competitive" market conditions
    2. No E3 booths for Disney, Wargaming
    3. Jump Ramp Games adds to advisory board
    4. Coconut Lizard expands programming team
    5. N3twork appoints new chief revenue officer
    6. Twitch and ESL renew partnership
    7. Stick to your guns, says Avalanche co-founder
    8. Playing with Firewatch
    9. Tim Sweeney blasts Microsoft's "aggressive UWP initiative"
    10. Romero, Avellone, Wester to speak at Digital Dragons
    11. Oculus VR: Mac support for Rift is "up to Apple"
    12. Expectations mount for NX in 2016
    1. McDonald Sweden intros VR Happy Meals
    2. Publisher Hachette launches gamebook format
    3. Ex-Halo devs find fault with big studio practices
    4. Activision, Riot among Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For"
    5. eSports league Eleague hires new GM and commissioner
    6. Asian companies dominate App Annie's top publishers of 2015
    7. WG Labs is offering $10,000 to multiplayer devs
    8. Sony drops PlayStation Vue price, adds Disney and ESPN
    9. Nintendo fights off patent suit appeal
    1. Uncharted 4 faces another delay
    2. Psyonix launching Rocket League eSports tourney
    3. Steam user reviews can be bought for $5 - Report
    4. Kamen Rider takes over Japanese charts
    5. Smartphone sales hit 1.3 billion in 2015 - Report
    6. Yahoo launches eSports site
    7. Microsoft hints at its Xbox endgame
    8. EA's Ultimate Team earning around $650 million a year
    9. "There's no reason why console can't ride that same curve"
    10. Kopla Games raises €700,000 seed funding
    11. Jagex raised £100,000 for SpecialEffect's GameBlast 16
    12. Dean Hall: Sees VR as "a very expensive Wii"
    1. Zynga's recipe for a turnaround
    2. Activision won't have an E3 booth this year
    3. Zynga appoints Frank Gibeau new CEO
    4. No Disney Infinity 4.0 this year
    5. Most gamers not interested in VR in 2016 - report
    6. Getting the Band Back Together
    7. VR could make games a political scapegoat again - Capps
    8. Sony closing North American PSP store
    9. Oculus Rift: Launch stations
    10. Microsoft: MAU is the health metric of any service
    11. Vive pre-orders open today, international prices confirmed
    12. Natural Motion's head of art leaves for Nordeus
    13. NetEase posts $2.7 billion games revenue for 2015
    14. NativeX acquired by China's leading mobile ad firm
    15. EA abandons "ghost" trademark application