July 2013 Archive

    1. EA loses appeal on suit from ex-NCAA athletes
    2. Wii U R&D spend will hurt Nintendo for the next year - Analyst
    3. John Riccitiello slams "opportunists" who just want to profit from games
    4. Xbox One designed to stay on for 10 years
    5. Holodeck: Holy Grail or Hollow Promise? Part 1
    6. Sega financials improve with increased swing to digital
    7. Levine explains how abusive fans could damage games
    8. Capcom profits drop 37% to $8.4m in Q1
    9. Zynga sues Bang With Friends over copyright infringement
    10. Nintendo: 160,000 Wii Us sold globally in past three months
    11. Grand Theft Auto V sales estimated at 18-20 million in first year
    1. Riccitiello: "Precious little to indicate mobile is building long-term brands"
    2. XCOM proves $20 apps can work, says Take-Two CEO
    3. Nexon invests in Rumble Entertainment
    4. Take-Two quarterly sales down 37%
    5. Sony, Panasonic team up on 300GB discs
    6. Facebook moves into mobile publishing
    7. Trainspotting: Why Train Simulator is the Coca-Cola of games
    8. Xbox One can still win the next console war
    9. Phil Fish, Gamer Fury, and the awful price of progress
    10. New head of business development for Bytro Labs
    11. China: The gaming superpower continues to march West
    12. Grand Cru raises $11m for Supernauts
    13. Australian government report tears apart "unjustifiable" games pricing
    14. Unreal Engine to support U.S. Army Research training
    15. Two more games execs quit Zynga
    16. RedOctane founders launch interactive fitness company
    17. The Chinese Room: Balancing fun with terror in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
    1. Call of Duty, Watch Dogs lead holiday preorders - Analyst
    2. Activision's New Deal: The Good and the Bad
    3. Supermarket Asda no longer stocking Wii U
    4. GungHo sales up 945% in first half
    5. Little Loud shuts doors
    6. New Apple labour violations surface
    7. Notch: Xbox One dev capabilities "a wonderful idea"
    8. CocoaChina passes monthly sales of $12 million
    9. Saints Row IV denied R18+ rating in Australia
    10. Minecraft knocks Last Of Us off UK #1
    11. Chinese banks agree $97m loan for Black Gold Online
    12. Phil Fish quits development, cancels Fez II
    13. Apple's tech SVP departs executive team
    14. The Future of Games: We Need To Protect Our Past
    1. Lanning: "Nintendo is going to be here in 100 years"
    2. PS4 devs can only use 4.5GB of system's 8GB RAM - Report
    3. Zynga must change the fundamentals of its business
    4. Sword & Sworcery sales top 1.5 million
    5. Meteor not spending any money on advertising Hawken
    6. World of Warcraft drops to 7.7 million subscribers
    7. Industrial Toys "hell bent" on filling mobile gap for core gamers
    8. CS:GO maps net creators $150K
    9. Slitherine: The case is now made for premium pricing
    10. Torchlight 2 hits 2 million sales
    11. Play Nice event reveals gaming's social conscience
    12. Ouya expects first million-dollar devs by the year's end
    13. Zynga VP joins gambling start-up
    14. Self-publishing is the future, not an optional extra
    15. Activision Blizzard goes independent as Kotick leads $8.2 billion buyout
    1. Zynga backs away from US online gambling
    2. Call of Duty returns to Wii U
    3. Warner Bros bringing The Witcher 3 to North America
    4. Gameloft first-half sales up 15%
    5. Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter re-launched
    6. Xbox One: Microsoft must prove its indie commitment
    7. Platform holders and indies: Handy tips from the developers
    8. SpecialEffect joins forces with Heroes of Video Game Music project
    9. Bee Cave Games nets $1.3 million in funding
    10. 3DS back on top in Japan as Wii U fades
    11. PopCap: Arrogance is the enemy of a franchise
    1. Xbox One to allow indie self-publishing
    2. Sony gives green light to Gran Turismo movie
    3. Nvidia's Kepler to advance mobile graphics past PS3 next year
    4. SimCity sells 2 million
    5. Design for Marketing: A Manifesto
    6. Blizzard, SOE vets form Molten Games
    7. 408 Fruit Ninja clones: How does China deal with its mobile problems?
    8. Supercell: "You have to do what's right for players"
    9. VSC: Half of games released in UK are family friendly
    10. Shanghai looks to Silicon Valley for mobile gaming growth
    11. Gearbox talks Homeworld acquisition
    12. FIFA Online 3 leading revenue and traffic in Korea
    13. Robin Antonick wins Madden lawsuit
    1. Apple: iPhones up, iPads down
    2. EA earnings flat in Q1 as digital sales continue to rise
    3. Valve: "We are failing" devs with Steam
    4. Eidos Montreal GM resigns
    5. Xbox One could outship PS4 3-to-1 this year
    6. Roundtable: Nintendo's Handheld Revival
    7. Critical Consensus: Pikmin 3
    8. Zattikka struggles to meet loan payments
    9. Hasbro grows game business
    1. Xbox One, PS4 expected to face shortages
    2. Apple dev site hacked
    3. Ouya devs reveal sales figures
    4. GameStop exploiting devs and consumers, says Ready at Dawn boss
    5. 6 weeks on top for The Last Of Us
    6. Vivendi in talks to raise $3b dividend from Activision-Blizzard - report
    7. First LGBT focused games conference set for August
    8. Dynasty Warriors dev calls for simultaneous Japanese Xbox launch
    9. Guerilla Tea creates cancer research title
    10. Atlus parent company seeking buyer - report
    11. Wargaming, Stardock among bidders at Atari auction
    12. Ratchet & Clank writer: "I'm leaving Insomniac… sort of"
    1. EA locks down college football deal
    2. Game consoles' sluggish sales demand a price cut
    3. Game Developers' New Covenant
    4. KLab raises $9.3 million from new investors
    5. Minor layoffs at Jagex as publisher refocuses on Runescape, Transformers
    6. Microsoft: "We know we have to do better"
    7. In defence of the Steam sale
    1. Nintendo 3DS tops systems as June game retail sales drop 15% in US - NPD
    2. CBS Interactive "Playing Aggressively" in eSports
    3. Xbox Live helps boost Xbox division revenues 8% in Q4
    4. Next-gen preorders doubling those from current consoles
    5. Ubisoft sales down 42% on tough comp
    6. Oculus Rift could be coming to smartphones
    7. Smartphone shipments to reach 1.5 billion by 2017 - report
    8. Siobhan Reddy to keynote European Women In Games conference
    9. More job cuts expected at Future - report
    10. Ouya to match Kickstarter funds for timed-exclusives
    11. Patrice Desilets: Lessons from 15 years in AAA
    12. Working at the Candy Store
    13. Delaware Supreme Court backs Harmonix in Viacom dispute
    14. Pikmin 3 boosts Wii U sales in Japan
    1. NCAA confirms end of EA partnership
    2. Japanese devs react to E3, next-gen
    3. How World of Tanks Is Revolutionizing Xbox
    4. PS4, Xbox One and the Quest to Escape The Uncanny Valley
    5. Michel Ancel: Connect, Share, Create
    6. Digi-Capital: Disruptive mobile and a growing market
    7. Media Molecule's Reddy: "It takes women working on games for games to change"
    8. THQ bankruptcy brought to a close
    9. KakaoTalk posts six-month game revenue of $300m
    10. Nexon partner with Zynga designer's SecretNewCo
    11. The Psychology Behind Steam Trading Cards
    12. SimCity vets form new mobile studio
    1. Shadowrun dev prepping return to Kickstarter
    2. Angry Birds Star Wars II intros Skylanders-like toys
    3. Games vs. Guns: How the ESA outspends the NRA on lobbying
    4. European devs cool on Xbox One
    5. Monaco dev: "360 delay unquestionably hurt our sales"
    6. Oculus VR wants Rift to be free
    7. Complexity and Copenhagen Wolves win first UK Gfinity tournament
    8. Rock Band designer launches No Goblin indie studio
    1. GamesAnalytics secures $1.3m series A equity funding
    2. Fez sells 105,000 in Steam sale
    3. Microsoft: Xbox One policy reversals not a shift away from digital
    4. American McGee kills Ozombie Kickstarter
    5. Ubisoft: "We won't even start" a game if it can't be a franchise
    6. The Last Of Us makes it 5 weeks at #1
    7. Kinect costs "almost as much" as Xbox One to make, says dev
    8. League Of Legends players recognised as pro-athletes in the U.S.
    9. Riot Games scores high in tech employer survey
    10. Peace Games initiative seeking developers
    11. Kabam valued at $700 million
    1. Shadow of the Eternals restarting Kickstarter
    2. Xbox One: Julie Larson-Green May Fit In Just Fine
    3. PS4, Xbox One shortages: The real deal or marketing ploy?
    4. EA Phenomic closed
    5. Android co-founder calls fragmentation issue "overblown"
    6. Deus Ex: The Fall penalises jailbroken devices
    7. Bohemia Interactive website hacked
    8. SuperAwesome launches Kids Mobile Network
    9. Ubisoft: Services are key to next-gen market growth
    10. GamesIndustry Summer Party photos are live
    11. Free-to-play: Shut up about money, talk about games
    1. PS4 indies won't be segregated from publishers
    2. Game Pricing Under Fire
    3. Capcom reorganization underway, Christian Svensson departs
    4. Thomas Was Alone most successful on PS Plus
    5. Former Activision exec Robin Kaminsky joins Trion
    6. Xbox One being pitched to small businesses
    7. iPhone to EyePhone: The Next Gaming Frontier?
    8. One Microsoft restructuring plan detailed
    9. Epic's Tim Sweeney on the problem with photo-realism
    10. Earth Defense Force 2025 is Japan's #1
    11. Wonderland team launch JiggeryPokery
    1. In-game purchases on tablets nearly tripling sales on smartphones
    2. PlayStation boss: Spielbergs of gaming will come from indies
    3. China may relax console bans
    4. Linden Labs acquires Desura
    5. Sega claiming nearly $1M from Company of Heroes 2 preorders
    6. GTA V: Will gamers hold off on next-gen consoles to play it?
    7. Future Publishing sees game division reshuffle
    8. Xbox One preorders sell out at some stores
    9. Warren Spector: Where's Gaming's Roger Ebert?
    10. EA's Andy Tomkins is new marketing director for Northern region
    11. Boss Alien predicts $10 million-a-day freemium games
    12. Marmalade offering incentives to WP8 developers
    13. Elite developer Frontier joins AIM with market cap of £39.4m
    1. Microsoft restructuring set for Thursday - Report
    2. IGDA Summit gets keynotes from Ed Fries, Jen MacLean
    3. World of Warcraft opening in-game microtransaction store
    4. Saints Row 4 dev unconcerned with next-gen competition
    5. PS4 preorders halted at GameStop
    6. Unity engine hits 2 million users worldwide
    7. The Last of Us sells over 3.4 million copies
    8. Amiga Games acquired for $500,000
    9. Counter Strike, free-to-play and the future of the FPS
    1. Hasbro buys majority stake in Backflip
    2. Merely Wires and Lights in a Box
    3. Games journalist Ryan Davis passes away
    4. Valve's flat structure leads to cliques, says ex-employee
    5. Does Nintendo stand a chance this holiday?
    6. Activision rejoins ESA
    7. Creative England offering £20,000 prize at GameHorizon Investment Summit
    8. Gree closes London offices, focuses on US for Western development
    9. The Last Of Us is UK #1 again
    10. Channel 4's Topping joins Xbox's Soho Productions
    11. Mattrick prepped Zynga buyout while at Microsoft - report
    12. Interview at Gunpoint
    1. Miyamoto: We underestimated cost of HD development
    2. Starr Long joins Garriott's Shroud of the Avatar
    3. Sky's NOW TV headed for PS3
    4. Club Nintendo hacked in Japan
    5. Phil Fish confirms XBLA patch for Fez
    6. Charging more for games won't rescue triple-A
    1. EA's Hilleman: Triple-A console studios reduced to 25 worldwide
    2. Channel 4 puts up £25,000 prize for Dare to be Digital
    3. Toukiden and Vita take second place in Japan
    4. New XBL reputation system will keep trolls under the bridge
    5. American McGee defends Double Fine's bid for more funding
    6. Android security hole could endanger 99% of devices
    7. Mattrick's $50 million welcome from Zynga laid bare
    8. Remedy: Bringing the box set binge to Xbox One
    1. Rhode Island budget includes 38 Studios debt payments
    2. PlayStation 4 takes Sony back to its "original roots"
    3. Why Mattrick was right to join Zynga
    4. Windows boss taking over Mattrick's duties - Report
    5. Sony brings mobile top-ups to PlayStation wallets
    6. Bushnell: Atari abused by shareholders
    7. Titanfall sweeps E3 Game Critics Awards
    8. Double Fine needs more money to complete Broken Age
    9. Japanese Xbox One launch will be 2014, Microsoft confirms
    10. Fishlabs' Michael Schade: "Eventually, you have to go free"
    1. EA CEO search back to "square one" - Pachter
    2. NPD preparing to track digital sales this year
    3. Gears of War Judgment dev jumps to BioWare
    4. Ubisoft security compromised
    5. Zynga's new CEO paid mostly in stock
    6. Ubisoft "convinced" second-screen gaming is "the future"
    7. Decker swaps EA for CCP
    8. Support SpecialEffect's Team Fortress 2 items
    9. Dwarf Fortress creators were offered "6 figures" by a publisher
    10. Mattrick: "Zynga has yet to realize its full potential"
    11. Kongregate names $10m mobile fund developers
    12. Mattrick's departure will be Xbox One's pivot point
    13. UK Games Tax Relief Passes Another Milestone
    1. Xbox One: "The buck stopped with Mattrick"
    2. BioShock 2 creative director leaves Take-Two
    3. Xbox chief Don Mattrick jumps to Zynga
    4. Xbox SmartGlass downloaded 17 million times
    5. Western devs "working harder," taking more risks - Mikami
    6. Consoles must offer self-publishing to attract indies, says Jackbox
    7. Xbox One devs can get a "head start" with Windows 8
    8. Jagex lays off Transformers team members
    9. Edge publisher Richard Keith departs Future
    10. Makoto Asada leaves Cave
    11. Third week on top for The Last Of Us
    12. Precursor co-founder, ex-Silicon Knights director arrested for child pornography
    13. Patrice Desilets: "We can be pioneers"
    14. Red 5 Studios CEO: I think WoW killed a genre
    15. Nintendo loses battle over WiiU domain