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January 2017 Archive

    1. Battlefield 1 drives EA holiday quarter
    2. Disney shuts down Club Penguin
    3. The art of the surprise post-Christmas indie launch
    4. Gram Games launches workshops for young women
    5. Ex-FreeStyle founders: “The way games are made is broken”
    6. Nintendo's nine-month profits soar on Pokémon and Seattle Mariners sale
    7. SIDE hires three for new Los Angeles studio
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    9. “Immigration ban will harm us as a company” - Insomniac
    10. Razer acquires smartphone firm Nextbit
    1. Jordan Mechner, Mark DeLoura set for Game Developers Choice Awards
    2. ESA urges caution on US immigration policy
    3. "I spent years trying to find ways not to end up crunching"
    4. King on diversity: “No company will succeed on its own here.”
    5. Strong first week for Resident Evil 7 in UK boxed charts
    6. Remedy vets shift to VR with 3rd Eye Studios
    7. Namco founder Masaya Nakumura passes away
    8. FBI reveals 173-page Gamergate file
    9. HTC accepting developer applications for 1,000 Vive Trackers
    10. GDC responds to Trump's travel ban, refunds affected attendees
    11. Valve now begins crackdown on Team Fortress 2 gambling websites
    12. UX and UI : The Invisible Art
    13. Almost 87,000 Resident Evil 7 users have tried the game in PSVR
    1. Reigns picks up International Award at Ludicious 2017
    1. Pre-orders account for over 80% of Japanese Nintendo Switch launch shipment
    2. The Podcast: Mobile matters in 2017
    3. “What will gamers do when the eShop or PSN is shut down, and they want an old game?”
    4. Resident Evil series sales surpass 75m
    5. Games dip taints Microsoft's financial success
    6. Versus Evil hosts four-way Charity Clash fundraiser
    7. Mad Catz threatened with delisting from NYSE
    8. Global digital games revenue hit $7.6bn in December - SuperData
    9. Jagex names Phil Mansell as acting CEO following Rod Cousens departure
    10. Sony needs to show its commitment to PSVR
    11. Square Enix signs deal to create Marvel superhero games
    1. Leslie Benzies recruits former GTA veterans and teams up with Amazon
    2. EVE Online's foray into citizen science "the first of many"
    3. Two speed market drove over $30 billion in games deals in 2016
    4. First ever GamesIndustry.quiz to be hosted at EGX Rezzed
    5. Working with influencers: “The internet can smell disingenuity a mile off"
    6. IGDA calls on US developers to act on Obamacare repeal threat
    7. King acquires data company Omniata
    8. Rooster Teeth enters games publishing
    9. Google opens Daydream development to all
    1. How to secure a place in Epic and Wellcome's $500,000 development competition
    2. Why VR might be the next weapon in the war on dementia
    3. Microsoft whitepaper clarifies some specs for Scorpio
    4. Vertigo Games claims VR sales record with $1.4m Arizona Sunshine haul
    5. Conspexit hires ex-PlayStation production manager
    6. $500,000 year-long development competition launches next month
    7. Applications open for London Games Festival 2017 fringe events
    8. Classic FM launches video games music show hosted by Jessica Curry
    9. Why we need a Games Investment Fund
    10. Goodgame Studios laying off another 200 staff
    11. Warner Bros re-opens Avalanche Software to develop new Cars game
    1. Resident Evil 7: Critical Consensus
    2. Miniclip at one billion - where does it go now?
    3. £15.5m live-in games studio planned for Dundee
    4. Bite-sized Delights
    5. Has Capcom saved Resident Evil?
    6. Endemol's Good Catch hires Mark Oxenham as head of development
    7. Indiegogo appoints new head of gaming
    8. Starbound sales pass 2.5m
    9. Digital Bros acquires Assetto Corsa dev for €4.3 million in cash and stock
    10. Virginia honoured by the British Writer's Guild
    1. UK industry veterans call for government to form British Games Institute
    2. Kings of the Hill
    3. Former Harmonix COO becomes head of third party relations for PlayStation America
    4. Improbable expands to US with new San Francisco office
    5. "Notorious $5000 deals with YouTubers and streamers will fade. It's a matter of honesty"
    6. Viking Squad dev Slick now part of Klei Entertainment
    7. GTA V tops UK boxed chart again - what does that tell us?
    8. Leslie Benzies incorporates five new studios amid Rockstar legal dispute
    9. How will Brexit affect your business?
    1. Tim Sweeney to receive Lifetime Achievement Award at GDC
    2. Outfit7 purchased by Asian consortium for $1 billion
    3. Nintendo Switch to sell 40m units by 2020 - DFC
    4. Bandai Namco teams up with London boys school on games education project
    5. How to handle a data hack
    6. Bigger brands, subscriptions and eSports: What to expect on mobile in 2017
    7. UK games industry survives Brexit threat - but for how long?
    8. The Games Industry Reacts: Should we be doing more to solve real world issues?
    9. The Podcast: First impressions of Nintendo Switch
    10. Tehran to host Iran's first industry B2B conference
    11. Switch's challenge is unique software, not PS4 competition
    1. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Battlefield 1 lead 2016 US game sales - NPD
    2. Portal designer Kim Swift hired as design director at EA's Motive Studios
    3. Did Nintendo download a Mario ROM and sell it back to us?
    4. Valve, CCP and Team17 add core slant to Casual Connect Europe
    5. Unity Hires Dave Rhodes as Chief Revenue Officer
    6. A whole new battlefield: Why Creative Assembly wanted to make Halo Wars 2
    7. Fig secures $7.84m in Series A financing
    8. Fox creates new video games division: FoxNext
    9. Details emerge of Playdead split
    10. “The Global Game Jam is a counter-movement to increased nationalistic tendencies”
    11. HTC Vive pledges $10m to VR projects that “create positive impact and change”
    12. What Theresa May's Brexit speech means for the UK games industry
    13. Russian publishing giant acquires Warface from Crytek
    14. Raw Data devs see arcades playing critical role in VR biz
    1. EA confirms that it will not have an E3 booth again
    2. Ubisoft picks up Guitar Hero Live studio FreeStyleGames
    3. PlayStation VR Worlds creative director joins Conspexit
    4. “Making a world-class game, but from India - that's the number one goal”
    5. Ex-Techland COO founds Strange New Things in Wroclaw, Poland
    6. Indie publisher IMGN.Pro offering $50k Publishing contract in mod competition
    7. Ubisoft: “We're confident Nintendo can create a bridge between mobile and TV”
    8. Why Rovio London won't release a game until 2019
    9. Oculus moving to IARC age ratings
    10. Facebook could invest another $3 billion in VR over the next decade
    11. Unity hires Bungie veteran as new graphics director
    12. GAME Christmas sales dip due to 'lower than expected' demand for Q4 game launches
    13. Wizards of the Coast opens Digital Games Studio
    1. Microsoft buys Simplygon
    2. Brexit leads to iOS App Store price jump
    3. The Podcast returns, first episode available now
    4. Reboot Develop details biggest ever show for 2017
    5. "I'd puke if I had to work on an empire-building game or another infinite runner"
    6. What does a mature market look like in mobile?
    7. Nintendo sets a high price for Switch peripherals
    8. Oculus VR destroyed evidence regarding Rift's creation, ZeniMax claims
    9. "I'm tired of shooting people for no reason other than not getting killed"
    1. CCP, Colossal Order and Square Enix to speak at Ludicious 2017
    2. Lack of Switch pack-in game down to hitting $299 price-point
    3. GTA V secures 10th UK #1 - 174 weeks after release
    4. “Some think live ops is a sweatshop churning out content. It doesn't have to be that way.”
    5. Rovio opens new studio in London
    6. Respawn cancels Titanfall mobile game
    7. Awesome Games Done Quick raised $2.2 million for charity
    8. Swery returns to the industry with new indie studio
    1. GameStop's holiday sales fall more than 16%
    2. "Nintendo needs to show consumers why they need a hybrid console"
    3. Hands-on with Nintendo Switch
    4. Roundtable: The Switch Pitch
    5. Where are the Xbox One's exclusives?
    6. The Games Industry Reacts: Your stance on Switch
    7. Nintendo to launch Switch for $299 on March 3
    1. Uncharted 4, Inside lead DICE Award nominees
    2. 50% of devs think Switch can beat Wii U - Survey
    3. Microsoft, Epic sued over Gears of War character
    4. Watch the Nintendo Switch and Treehouse streams right here
    5. "Moonfrog will be an overnight success that took a decade to happen"
    6. Twitch hires 343's Matt McCloskey
    7. Guerrila Cambridge to close
    8. Team17 targets US developers with major hires
    9. How well did UK games retail perform in 2016?
    1. British Council appoints programme manager for games
    2. “The world we thought we were building this game for is not the world we are currently in”
    3. Glu restructure will close two studios, cut 100+ jobs
    4. Oculus VR condemns "wasteful litigation" as ZeniMax lawsuit begins
    5. Here is your chance to Meet the Indies at EGX Rezzed
    6. Games for Change design competition to raise awareness on migration
    7. Azubu plans new eSports streaming platform following Hitbox acquisition
    8. Seven Role Models for Game Developers
    9. Lionsgate invests in eSports team Immortals
    10. Ed Vaizey to chair eSports advisory board
    11. Disney intros Kids TV streaming box
    1. partners with Nordic Game Conference
    2. “We need to reverse the way the media thinks about eSports”
    3. No half-measures in VR
    4. Roblox gets a line of toys
    5. Square Enix moves 6 million units of Final Fantasy XV
    6. Pokémon Go's road to China blocked over safety and security concerns
    7. Coconut Lizard hires six Epic developers
    8. Counter-Strike eSports league held to ransom over data stolen from 1.5m users
    9. Certain Affinity's narrative director leaves for 2K Games
    10. Zynga, EEDAR vets launch VR studio focused on tabletop games
    1. Microsoft kills Scalebound
    2. Inside, Virginia, Hyper Light Drifter lead 2017 IGF awards finalists
    3. “We set out to make this trilogy. We can't leave the story unfinished”
    4. 2017: A reason to be cheerful
    5. Sweeney: VR platforms must stay open, Oculus following “the wrong model”
    6. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare scores eighth UK No.1
    7. Rocket League topped PlayStation Store's download charts in 2016
    8. Pole To Win opens new Malaysia studio
    9. Yogscast raises $2.5m in festive charity drive
    10. Steam hits all-time high of 14 million concurrent users
    1. Counter-Strike league shuts down after player revolt
    2. Job Simulator tops $3 million in sales
    3. VR's Minority Report moment is almost here
    4. Daybreak to shut Landmark MMO in February
    5. "Mobile multiplayer isn't stagnating. It's evolving behind the scenes."
    6. GMO Cloud takes over Marmalade SDK, plans to continue development
    7. A Family Business
    8. PlayStation reorganises European senior management team
    9. Steam paid revenue flat in 2016 despite escalating releases - Steam Spy
    10. Gaming's big trends to keep an eye on in 2017
    1. Apple: App store devs earned $20 billion in 2016
    2. Why developers should design for streamers as well as players
    3. Summing up Windows Vista in a single word
    4. How PewDiePie and Skate inspired Ubisoft's Steep
    5. Games London launches Pitch Bootcamp training event for developers
    6. Vive unveils subscription service, new app stores and accessories
    7. Global PlayStation 4 sales pass 53m
    8. Ladykiller in a Bind to launch "fully unedited and uncensored" on Steam
    9. 5m Gear VR headsets sold worldwide
    10. Nvidia announces new Shield TV
    11. ERA: Digital games generated £2.2bn in the UK last year and offset physical decline
    1. Inside, Firewatch, Overwatch and Uncharted 4 lead GDC Awards noms
    2. Super Mario Run's missed opportunity
    3. Six games in six weeks: Why Nitro Games has dedicated itself to 'super fast failing'
    4. Gamevil Europe moves into new Berlin office, hires Chinh Vu
    5. is looking for the 100 most influential people working in the UK games industry
    6. Kings of the Jungle
    7. EA and Call of Duty top UK December physical charts
    8. Pixelmage Games closes before completion of Hero's Song
    9. Hearthstone devs reluctant to make community videos for fear of harassment
    10. Super Mario Run generates $30m in two weeks - Newzoo
    11. Rhianna Pratchett parts ways with Tomb Raider
    12. Firewatch passes 1 million units sold
    1. Mobile gaming and the toilet question
    2. Wargaming: A world beyond World of Tanks
    3. Frontier suing Atari over RollerCoaster Tycoon royalties
    4. Former Project IGI devs buy IP back from Square Enix
    5. UK physical games sales dropped 13.4% in 2016
    6. Oculus buys eye-tracking firm The Eye Tribe
    7. 92% of UK games firms expect a profitable 2017
    8. Iranian government blocks access to Clash of Clans
    1. GTA V, Civ VI among top grossing Steam titles in 2016