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October 2011 Archive

    1. Heads You Win
    2. Minecraft awarded GameCity Prize
    3. Rovio "happy" with Chinese piracy of Angry Birds
    4. Battlefield 3 marches to top of the charts
    5. DeNA and Grasshopper Manufacture join forces
    6. 17 per cent of 5-8 year olds gaming every day
    7. Over 36,000 Indie Royale bundles sold
    8. Final version of Wii U for E3 2012
    9. Profits tumble at Sega Sammy
    10. Tapjoy launching app store tomorrow
    11. 6waves LolApps acquires Smartron5
    12. Saving APB
    1. Blizzard's Morhaime apologises for homophobic video
    2. Samsung overtakes Apple as global smartphone leader
    3. Motorola tablet fails to excite retailers
    4. New bundle site Indie Royale launches
    5. Sonic Generations sets franchise pre-order record
    6. New CMO for German InnoGames
    7. Square Enix and DeNA partner on Final Fantasy social game
    8. FUNimation CEO joins GameSamba board
    9. Nintendo promises "new genres" for 3DS
    10. Sony offering Vita a week early to pre-orders
    11. Australia's R18+ rating two years away
    12. EA adding third party games to Origin
    13. Corner Turned?
    1. EA's Q2 sales up to $715m, but records $340m loss overall
    2. Rockstar: Mobile developers put revenue before quality
    3. Epic calls for open pricing on next-gen consoles
    4. Games Media Awards soured by sponsors Grainger Games
    5. Gameloft developing proprietary gaming network
    6. hires former Gamelab president
    7. Bethesda's Fallout MMO appeal denied
    8. New CMO for Turtle Beach
    9. Namco Bandai doubles six month profit forecast
    10. Facebook and Google head up Evolve London line up
    11. Levine: I believe in editorship
    12. CEO and finance director leave Future Publishing
    13. Half-year losses of ¥70 billion for Nintendo
    14. Vita browser to support HTML5 but no Flash at launch
    15. Sony pays €1.05bn to buy out Ericsson
    16. Brave New World
    1. Stuart Galbraith appointed IGN UK head of games
    2. iPhone game raises £21,000 for sick child
    3. PapayaMobile's Social Game Engine now on iOS
    4. Amazon increases Kindle Fire production
    5. Harmonix working on "radical departure" for Rock Band
    6. Capcom's Ono and Kobayashi on Street Fighter and Dragon's Dogma
    7. Garriott awarded $32m in NCsoft contract dispute
    8. Nintendo to post recurring losses of ¥100 billion - report
    9. Sony: "Outage has woken up our dormant customers"
    10. 500,000 sign up for The Secret World beta
    11. Russia's "little Zynga" opens Pixonic US
    12. Battlefield 3 360 servers wavering under assault
    13. Bungie: AAA experience useful for mobile development
    14. GTA announcement bumps Take-Two stock
    15. Epic Games lead designer heads for Warner Bros
    16. PlayJam raises $5million in funding round
    17. SCEA appoints Guy Longworth to marketing role
    18. Smurfs' Village "driving force" in Capcom financial results
    19. Ubisoft opens new Abu Dhabi development studio
    20. Tech Focus: Data Streaming and the Future of the Optical Drive
    1. Critical Consensus: Battlefield 3
    2. Last chance for Develop Liverpool early bird passes
    3. Arkham City ships 4.6 million in week one
    4. The Numbers Game
    5. Rockstar formally announces GTA V
    6. Critical Consensus: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
    7. TIGA recognised at management awards ceremony
    8. Nexon Mobile licences Unreal Engine 3 for iOS
    9. Chartboost raises $2 million in funding
    10. Blizzard investigating mobile and free-to-play
    11. Computing pioneer and AI specialist John McCarthy dies
    12. Zynga IPO posited as pre-Thanksgiving
    13. Trion Worlds considering IPO
    14. Facebook credits now available outside social networking site
    15. Mark Of Quality
    1. Newell: Team Fortress 2 sees 20 per cent free to paid conversion
    2. Mind Candy, Media Molecule, Nintendo up for Children's BAFTA
    3. TIGA calls on Scottish Government to create developer fund
    4. Scrolls will feature "aspects" of free-to-play
    5. Netflix to launch in UK and Ireland in early 2012
    6. Inafune: Japan must "recognise the talents of its creators"
    7. Modern Warfare, Battlefield to generate $1.4 billion in Q4
    8. Tiny Speck: Mobile dominance "happening right now"
    9. Batman flies straight to top of the charts
    10. WoW gets Annual Pass, Diablo III free to subscribers
    11. Eurogamer relaunches with new site design
    12. Acton Stations
    13. Mind Candy: "New projects bubbling away"
    1. Babaroga mobile studio opens London office
    2. Portal 2 voted GOTY at Golden Joysticks
    3. Hulu Plus for Wii and 3DS in US
    4. 100 players affected in Gameloft security breach
    5. New digital wallet for GAME customers
    6. CrowdStar begins global multi-platform push
    7. CCP CEO speaks out on redundancies
    8. Frogster to shut Mythos next week
    9. Free Realms hits 20 million registered users
    10. Social dev Nezal secures $1 million in funding
    11. Three game devs named as beneficiaries of DCM funding
    12. Sony Pictures closes in on Assassin's Creed - report
    13. Autodesk and OTOY team up for next gen tools
    14. Valve introduces Steam cash payments at Russian kiosks
    15. Mirror, Mirror
    1. Sales up, profits down for Microsoft games business
    2. New partnership for Ninja Metrics and Alchemic Dream
    3. West Pier Studio founded in Brighton
    4. Ex-Yahoo VP joins Tapjoy
    5. Mind Candy CEO: "I'm always up for a good battle"
    6. EA's Moore to receive PromaxBDA Lifetime Innovator award
    7. Bach: Xboxes without hard drives will get 'standard-def' BF3
    8. 50 million iPhone downloads for Miniclip Mobile
    9. US console DLC tops $875m in revenues, 20m consumers
    10. $8 million in funding for Bet Tycoon dev Crowdpark
    11. Ace Combat ousts PES 2012 for Japanese number 1
    12. Stock Ticker: Activision Blizzard
    1. Critical Consensus: Batman: Arkham City
    2. Last call for London Games Conference discount
    3. CCP to reduce headcount by 20% to concentrate on EVE
    4. G5 Entertainment and HipSoft join forces on mobile port
    5. Origin gets 5 million daily users
    6. Asiasoft takes Blizzard titles to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore
    7. Lawyers drop case against Google over SuperPoke Pets
    8. European consortium gets €2.8 million for GPU research
    9. Apple: Chinese sales growing at a "feverish pace"
    10. iOS 5 on 33 per cent of Apple devices
    11. Itagaki, Hilleman confirmed as first speakers for D.I.C.E. 2012
    12. Rovio: Angry birds has DAU of 30 million
    13. Sledgehammer: "We'll probably cancel third-person COD"
    14. Game acquisitions will "more than double" this year
    15. Vita Bioshock title at "paper design stage"
    16. Ballmer: Second generation Kinect content is here
    17. CyberConnect 2 CEO rails against social, mobile gaming
    18. Epic Games Korea signs licensing deal with Neowiz
    19. Tech Focus: Kinect - Year One
    20. PlayStation Vita to launch Feb 22 in Europe and US
    1. iPad sales, full year profits soar for Apple
    2. UKIE to lead Next Gen Skills coalition
    3. Unity predicts "diminishing returns" for mobile gaming tech
    4. Facebook refines MAU/DAU calculations
    5. Australian games industry has been "obliterated"
    6. Mojang wins interim injunction in Scrolls case
    7. State Of Play: Unity Technologies
    1. 4m sales in 3 days make 4S fastest selling phone ever
    2. Shanda offered share buyout by CEO's group
    3. Sony bosses to keynote Develop Liverpool
    4. Forza Motorsport 4 races into pole position
    5. Chinese social games firm Happy Elements nets $30m
    6. and ESL sign distribution deal
    7. Playdom co-founder leads new investment round for Idle Games
    8. Killspace COO joins Digital Development Management
    9. Project Zomboid suffers new setback after robbery
    10. Zynga IPO headed for NASDAQ
    11. Xbox Live Indie Games: How To Survive
    1. Koster: It's All Games Now
    2. Creative director exits Kuju
    3. GI Career Fair: Meet the Recruiters
    4. GI Career Fair: Meet the Recruiters
    5. Greenfield: Games are damaging children's brains
    6. NFTS now offers Games Design and Development MA
    7. EA proposes shuttering of Bright Light Guildford
    8. Lucky Numbers
    9. Blizzard Entertainment launches World Of Warcraft charity auctions
    10. Final Fantasy XIV subscription to be reinstated
    11. OpenFeint's Game Channel arrives on Android
    12. Price cut sees US 3DS sales up 10% in September
    13. Team Fortress 2 community earns $2 million from items
    14. GameFly launches Android social network for gamers
    15. CCP offering discount subscriptions to fleeing EVE vets
    16. Vesterbacka: Rovio's IPO may happen in 2012
    17. Mind Candy defeated in Lady Gaga court battle
    18. Open and Shut
    1. Big releases can't stop US sales decline
    2. Ngmoco appoints new chief marketeer
    3. CCP, Pixar, Naughty Dog for Game Connection Europe
    4. Ubisoft: Assassin's annual production cycle is "ideal"
    5. Rare veterans launch new studio's first title
    6. GI Career Fair: Careers & Education Pt 2
    7. Creator of C and Unix dies at 70
    8. GTA III gets 10th anniversary tablet release
    9. Google engineer calls Google+ a "knee jerk reaction"
    10. The rise and rise of Sims Social
    11. GI Career Fair Keynote Panel: Games Careers & Education
    12. TwitchTV grows executive team
    13. Rift and Minecraft big winners at GDC Online Awards
    14. Dundee and Abertay join forces to welcome MIT Pune delegates
    15. PES 2012 and AKB1/48 dominate Japanese chart
    16. Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle earns $1.1 million
    17. Vita game downloads day-and-date with retail
    18. Trokia co-founder joins Obsidian
    19. Virtual Reality
    20. EA: Sports games "leading the industry" online
    1. OG International sues Ubisoft over copyright claims
    2. GI Career Fair: Search for a Star
    3. FuturLab announces focus on new IP development
    4. Rise in US gamers aged 2-17 outstrips population growth in same group
    5. Microsoft acquires Splosion Man developer Twisted Pixel
    6. GI Career Fair: Search for a Star
    7. Call for submissions for Independent Propeller Awards 2012
    8. Abertay Open Day today
    9. Garage Games makes two new management hires
    10. Destroy All Humans vet launches mobile studio
    11. Pipeworks head quits over exaggerated military background
    12. Gaelic Games
    13. Newell: Rise of closed platforms is "ominous"
    14. Zynga: Project Z game hub and 5 new titles revealed
    15. Slightly Mad's crowdsourced racing project goes live
    16. New sellable WoW pet tacitly condones gold trading
    17. Sony under fire again as 93,000 accounts attacked
    18. Tech Focus: The Legacy of id Software
    1. Android to overtake iOS monthly downloads in 2012
    2. iPad accounts for 97 per cent of US tablet traffic
    3. Ireland lays out its five year plan for video game growth
    4. Brevik: "MMOs are in a rut"
    5. New hires for HMV games team
    6. Vaizey supports new IT curriculum
    7. Facebook's Gareth Davis to keynote Evolve London
    8. Revenue from non-Facebook social games $5.6bn by 2014
    9. GI Career Fair: QA and Production
    10. Dates set for Blitz Games Studios' 2012 Open Days
    11. Crowdstar invests $1.5m in six mobile devs
    12. Game Maniacs
    13. "Australian gamers are parents and grandparents"
    14. GI Career Fair: QA and Production
    15. Uncharted Vita cheaper as a download
    16. Facebook reveals extended iOS support
    17. Iorio takes COO role at Gameforge
    18. Moai adds Google Native Client support
    19. New creative team for casual dev iWin
    20. Ireland woos industry with new games incentive packages
    1. Critical Consensus: Forza Motorsport 4
    2. Ofcom investigating ITV's use of Arma 2 footage
    3. Tap.Me appoints new CEO
    4. Netflix abandons Qwikster, games on hold
    5. UK starts 4G trials
    6. Five games included in British design exhibition
    7. XMG Studio supports Great Canadian Appathon2
    8. Jacobson: DRM is here to stay
    9. Nexon game offline over real-money trading
    10. Xenonauts Paypal dispute halts pre-orders
    11. Harmonix: gimmicks essential to innovation
    12. FIFA 12 stays top of the league
    13. Unity: iPhone 4S "perfect for developers"
    14. UKIE: It's a myth that creative industries are risky investments
    15. A Gazillion Little Pieces
    1. GamesAid charity vote open
    2. Boston Celtics star sues EA
    3. Mobile Pie inks Tapjoy Android deal
    4. Labour cabinet reshuffle sees Harman take DCMS role
    5. TIGA survey: A nation of iPhone developers
    6. iOS publishers "buying their way up the charts"
    7. 3DS holds top spot in Japan
    8. Bethesda: Mojang's comments haven't given a complete picture
    9. GI Career Fair: Art & Animation
    10. Team Bondi staff amongst creditors owed more than $1.4m
    11. UK to get world exclusive MW3 trailer tonight
    12. Ubisoft Motion Pictures partners with France Televisions
    13. Eufloria dev: Self-publishing on XBLA "impossible" for small devs
    14. Sony expected to buy out Ericsson from handset partnership
    15. Xfire: $4 million in funding and new exec team
    16. Hiring Freeze
    1. BAFTA names four new games awards
    2. Trion Worlds launching publishing and development platform
    3. GI Career Fair: Art & Animation
    4. Disney to acquire Indiagames - report
    5. Windows Phone app offers Xbox Live control
    6. BT rolls out FTTP network in UK
    7. Microsoft reveals list of video partners for LIVE
    8. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dies
    9. London Calling
    1. US games spending hits $4.5 billion in Q2
    2. iPhone 4S: (Augmented) Reality check
    3. GI Career Fair: Games Design
    4. Team Bondi to be wound up at creditors' request
    5. Mojang: Bethesda refused Scrolls name change
    6. Study: UK games industry struggling to find staff
    7. Sega Sammy lowers revenue forecast
    8. GI Career Fair: Game Design
    9. Proun dev frustrated by pay what you want model
    10. Bioware: Mobile "right up there" with console
    11. Zune hardware ceases production
    12. Native Unreal Engine 3 support in Flash 11
    13. FIFA 12 sells through 3.2 million units
    14. Tech Focus: The Fight Against Console Piracy
    1. Apple demos iPhone 4S capability with Infinity Blade 2
    2. iPod touch "most popular portable game player in the world"
    3. iPhone 4S leaked on Apple Japan website
    4. Critical Consensus: Rage
    5. Future Games of London hits 25m users
    6. Kids' spend on digital games increases by 17% in two years
    7. GI Career Fair: Programming
    8. GI Career Fair: Programming
    9. Ron Carmel: XBLA is losing "star talent"
    10. DeNA makes Latin American acquisition
    11. Nintendo praises French piracy ruling
    12. Capcom promotes Michael Auer to EMEA sales director
    13. Former THQ exec launches marketing agency for indies
    14. Old Dog, New Tricks
    1. Career Fair Keynote: Careers and Education
    2. GI Career Fair: Careers & Education
    3. Japanese PS Vita downloads limited to 20mb over 3G
    4. Games Invest 2011 - Making a difference
    5. becomes media partner for London Games Conference
    6. FIFA 12 dislodges Gears 3 from first place
    7. Australian commissioner clears Sony of privacy charges
    8. RockYou loses Knight to Zynga
    9. State of Play: Electronic Arts
    10. EA: There's no strain on our relationship with Valve