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August 2021 Archive

    1. Fortnite disables dance moves in Martin Luther King, Jr. tribute
    2. New studio Clockwork Labs raises $4.3m for upcoming MMORPG
    3. NetEase reportedly to hire Yakuza creator Toshihiro Nagoshi
    4. South Korea bans Apple, Google from blocking third-party payments
    5. Nifty Games raises $38m in Series B funding round
    6. Deep dive: How went from web game to $1 million Steam hit
    7. Hades cleans up at inaugural IGDA Global Game Industry Awards
    8. Studio Sirah raises $830k in seed funding to fuel debut mobile game
    9. Digital-only Gamescom attracted 13 million viewers
    1. Naughty Dog co-presidents on crunch, unionization
    2. No More Heroes 3 | Critical Consensus
    3. The Captain leads Tomorrow Corporation into publishing
    4. "It's made of details": Staying focused as a hobbyist game developer
    5. China bans minors from playing games during the week
    6. Aliens: Fireteam Elite shoots to No.1 | UK Boxed Charts
    7. Xbox sponsors the England Football Team to promote inclusivity and accessibility
    1. ITN Productions: "We set out on a mission to dispel the myths about the industry"
    2. EA wants to once again Challenge Everything (almost) | This Week in Business
    3. Bandai Namco sweeps 2021 Gamescom Awards
    4. Netflix testing first mobile games integration in Poland
    5. South Korea plans to abolish gaming curfew
    6. The industry should follow EA in using patents to defend accessibility | Opinion
    7. Apple will allow developers to promote alternative payments outside of their apps
    1. Overwatch will re-name McCree after dismissal of namesake
    2. Cloud gaming forecasted to generate $6.5 bn in 2024 - Newzoo
    3. Azerion acquires mobile advertising company Keymobile
    4. Gearbox opening Montreal studio
    5. EA's efforts to catch up to its responsibility
    6. Will Twitch do better? | Podcast
    7. Niantic reinstates 80 metre interaction distance in Pokémon Go
    8. WePlay Ventures invests $170k in Turkish studio Apphic Games
    9. How to make bundles work on Steam
    10. NES and SNES designer Lance Barr retires from Nintendo after 38 years
    1. Saints Row, Marvel's Midnight Suns lead Gamescom Opening Night Live
    2. Taking Gamescom everywhere (when it can't be somewhere)
    3. Infinite Canvas raises $2.8m to fund user-generated content
    4. Gardenscapes passes $3bn on mobile
    5. Submissions open for Best Places To Work Awards Canada
    6. Mobile firms Vungle and Liftoff to merge into new company
    7. European games market generated €23.3 billion in 2020
    8. What you need to know to ensure your ad creatives are successful in China
    9. Activision Blizzard lawsuit expanded to include contractors, claims publisher shredded documents
    1. IGN re-publishes Palestinian aid post with edits
    2. Microsoft adding cloud gaming to Xbox One and Series X|S this holiday
    3. More than £180m claimed in UK games tax relief last year
    4. Unity acquires voice intelligence company OTO
    5. Psychonauts 2 is vintage Double Fine in strengths and flaws | Critical Consensus
    6. Inside the mind of Tim Schafer
    7. Amiqus to promote diversity and inclusivity at UK Best Places To Work Awards
    8. Love Island developer Fusebox Games accused of ignoring LGBT+ staff concerns with sexist content
    9. Facebook reopens applications for Black Creator Program
    10. PS5 dominates boxed charts led by Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut | UK Charts
    11. Report: Unity's transparency with its military work causes employee concerns
    12. EA shares five innovations via Accessibility Patent Pledge, wants other devs to do the same
    1. Gamasutra rebranding as Game Developer
    2. POC in Play highlights South Asian talent with SAHM 100 list
    3. Building Everdale, Supercell's "peaceful" multiplayer mobile game
    4. How to take full advantage of Steam Festivals
    5. Streamers protest hate raids with #ADayOffTwitch
    6. Omission of Activision from Call of Duty: Vanguard trailer was a "creative choice"
    7. 38 Studios staff receiving final paycheck nine years after closure
    1. Roblox business model criticized as exploiting children
    2. Ashley Maidy joins Riot as head of global consumer products | Jobs Roundup
    3. Imitation is the sincerest form of robbery | This Week in Business
    4. What is the metaverse, and why is it worth so much money?
    5. Former Jagex employee Ian Taylor imprisoned for sexually assaulting a minor
    6. New court documents suggest Google sought to take over Epic
    7. Former Aeon Must Die developers claim legal dispute unresolved, but publisher says accusations were unconfirmed
    8. Lopsided contracts remain a fact of life for developers | Opinion
    1. German game companies increase by 20% - Report
    2. Netmarble Q2 sales down 16%, publisher optimistic ahead of new Marvel launch
    3. Seven steps for a winning hypercasual prototype
    4. Ex-Riot Games and Stunlock Studios devs form studio Box Dragon
    5. TinyBuild acquires Animal
    6. Roblox responds to complaints over recreations of mass shootings
    7. Five reasons why game localization matters
    8. Boyfriend Dungeon content warning updated following concerns over triggering topics
    9. Singapore mobile games firm Storms opens development studio
    10. Forevr Games raises $8.5m to make VR social experiences
    11. Epic Games Store begins closed beta for self-publishing
    1. Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle reaches $3bn in player revenue - Report
    2. World of Warships contributors quit game over loot boxes
    3. Sea of Thieves Pirate's Life expansion spells record-breaking month for Rare
    4. R.I.P. single-player games and dedicated handhelds | 10 Years Ago This Month
    5. Women in Games Awards to be broadcast by GINX Esports TV
    6. Nacon acquires Session developer Crea-Ture Studios
    7. Mountaintop raises $30m in Series A funding
    8. Starbreeze net sales up in Q2, but losses increase 832% year-over-year
    9. Biomutant's 1m sales and Gearbox, Easybrain acquisitions drive Embracer sales to $389m
    10. Zelda, F1 and PS5 can't prevent July sales slump | UK Monthly Charts
    11. Yogscast Games hires Curve's Simon Byron as new director of publishing
    12. Embracer's next three acquisitions are Demiurge Studios, Fractured Byte and SmartPhone Labs
    1. Chivalry 2 sells over 1 million units
    2. Steven Spohn raises $1m for AbleGamers
    3. Improve your user experience with passwordless authentication
    4. Riot Games reportedly delaying procedure in discrimination and harassment investigation
    5. Zynga on impact of pandemic re-opening, Apple privacy changes
    6. Orthrus Studios shuts down
    7. Singapore labor rights agency investigating Ubisoft
    8. Making sure Pride Month isn't just a moment
    9. EA will consider "player perspective" when delisting titles after GOG misstep
    10. Jagex hires former Codemasters CFO Rashid Varachia
    11. People Can Fly suggests Outriders hasn't made a profit
    12. Games London to tackle climate change at Best Places To Work Awards UK
    13. Growing customisable first-party data analytics for mobile games
    1. Roblox acquires chat platform Guilded
    2. Nintendo gets permanent injunction against RomUniverse owner
    3. Estimating Steam and console sales: Two battletested methods
    4. Altor acquires majority stake in Raw Fury
    5. EA threatens to ban Battlefield tech test leakers from final game
    6. Rolocule Games acquired by sports tech firm Dream Sports
    7. XR Games raises £1.5 million
    8. TinyBuild: We're just not seeing a post-lockdown slump
    9. Control continues boosting Remedy's financials
    10. Starform game studio raises $5m to launch debut game
    1. Mario Kart 8, Grand Theft Auto 5 and Minecraft return to the top | UK Boxed Charts
    1. No More Robots brings in $12 million in revenue in its fourth year
    2. US consumer game spending up 10% to $4.6b for July | US Monthly Charts
    3. Getting impatient for next-gen | This Week in Business
    4. What to do if you are harassed in the workplace
    5. Amazon Games drops guidelines that laid claim to employees' personal projects
    6. Rovio acquires hypercasual studio Ruby Games
    7. FFXIV shows a toxic community isn't an inevitability | Opinion
    1. Twitch sees viewership increase of 23% for July
    2. British Esports Association launches Parent and Carer guide
    3. Raccoon Logic's approach to diversity and culture | DLC
    4. Spec Ops: The Line director launches studio with Nine Inch Nails guitarist
    5. Keywords acquires art studio AMC
    6. How did the pandemic impact diversity, equity, and inclusion in the industry?
    7. Glu CEO and COO departing later this month following EA acquisition
    8. Twitch promises more action over 'hate raids' against marginalised streamers
    9. It's fun when Spelunky kicks you down the stairs | Why I Love
    10. Apex Legends lead game designer fired amid controversy over sexist and racist comments
    11. Activision Blizzard lets go Diablo 4, World of Warcraft developers
    1. UKIE, ISFE, and Playing for the Planet to launch Green Games Summit
    2. Mobile gamers spend $1.7bn every week - App Annie
    3. Nexon misses profit projection after bitcoin drop
    4. What do the post-lockdown financials really say? | Podcast
    5. An introduction to games user research
    6. Life after Stadia: Raccoon Logic picks up where Typhoon Studios left off
    7. Unity revenues rise to $274m but losses remain high
    8. Niantic acquires 3D mobile scanning app Scaniverse
    9. Download this free guide on how games companies can help tackle climate change
    10. Unity acquires Parsec for $320m
    1. Krafton stock stumbles on IPO
    2. Activision Blizzard investor says publisher's promises are "inadequate"
    3. Xbox announces Gamescom 2021 stream
    4. Amiga gets a miniconsole with The A500 Mini
    5. Edge Gaming raises $2m in pre-seed funding round
    6. YoYo Games streamlines GameMaker licenses, offers new free version
    7. How Australia is creating a sustainable video game development ecosystem
    8. Official Olympics video game jumps to No.3 | UK Boxed Charts
    9. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice hits 6.3 million players
    10. Turkey games studio Hero Concept receives $3m from WePlay Ventures
    11. PAX Australia 2021 cancelled
    12. Electronic Arts opens new energy efficient Vancouver office
    13. Thunderful acquires To The Sky games studio
    1. Oculus double storage on $300 Quest 2 headset
    2. Nika Nour to step down as IGDA Foundation executive director
    3. Monster Closet getting back to roots it never had
    4. Microsoft joins USC Games' Gerald A. Lawson Endowment Fund
    5. Optimizing for the first 24 hours: Conversion values and iOS 14.5+
    6. Are Nintendo's shareholders right to be nervous? | Opinion
    7. Niantic responds to Pokémon Go fan pushback over rollback of COVID updates
    8. Intellivision Amico delayed again
    9. Xsolla reportedly lays off up to 150 people based on big data
    1. Report: Morhaime, other Blizzard execs were informed of rampant misconduct
    2. Sponsors drop Overwatch League after harassment lawsuit
    3. Football Manager to no longer use Manchester United name
    4. Resources for victims of sexual harassment in the workplace
    5. Tips from the Games and Online Harassment Hotline on stamping out toxicity in the workplace
    6. Phantasy Star Online 2 expansion drives Sega Sammy Q1 revenues
    7. Bobby Kotick in the bigger picture | This Week in Business
    8. “Spiritual Opium”: China's stroke-of-pen risks continue to grow | Opinion
    1. Zynga acquires StarLark, posts record Q2 revenues
    2. Focus Home Interactive acquires Dotemu for €38.5m
    3. Check out Improbable's White Paper on giving game developers 'freedom to create'
    4. IGDA: "Too many studios grow without investing in a positive work culture"
    5. Square Enix sales are up in Q1, but revenues in games categories are down
    6. DigixArt's Yoan Fanise has the "best of both worlds" after Koch acquisition
    7. Embracer acquires eight studios, including Crazy Labs, Ghost Ship Games, DigixArt
    8. Steve Gaynor apologises for "hurtful leadership style" having stepped back as Open Roads lead
    9. Nintendo Switch posts strong Q1 results, but sales and profit falls
    10. Unity update to Pro licence changes console release options
    1. EA Q1 better than expected but bookings down 4%
    2. The Ascent generates $5m in first week
    3. GIA and indie publishers launch African Game Dev Prototype Fund
    4. UnusuAll raises €3m in seed funding
    5. CrazyLabs acquires hypercasual studio Firescore Interactive
    6. Lessons learnt from launching a studio while at university
    7. Nintendo gets $30m from Colopl in patent suit settlement
    8. How to deal with discrimination and harassment | Podcast
    9. Blizzard HR executive leaves company amid harassment lawsuit
    10. PlayStation, Xbox, Mario and FIFA dominate EMEAA games markets in H1 2021
    11. Second Life to ban gacha mechanics
    12. PlayStation's Q1 sales rise to $5.6bn but operating income down 40%
    13. Activision Blizzard faces new lawsuit, this time from its investors
    14. Ex-Codemasters CEO Frank Sagnier resurfaces at NDreams
    1. Bobby Kotick expects Activision Blizzard to become “the very best example for other companies to emulate”
    2. Abuse allegations overshadow Activision Blizzard second quarter results
    3. Activision Blizzard staff reject company's choice of law firm
    4. Best Places To Work Awards Winner: Phoenix Labs
    5. Skillz invests $50m in Exit Games
    6. The mobile board game market is growing, and ripe for disruption | Opinion
    7. President J. Allen Brack leaves Blizzard
    8. Playdate sells out 2021 stock supply in less than 20 minutes
    9. F1 2021 holds No.1 spot as PS5 titles dwindle | UK Boxed Charts
    10. EA and Internet Matters launch Play Together/Play Smart campaign
    11. Belong to open first gaming arena in the US
    12. Microsoft expands Azure Gaming team to UK
    13. Amber hires Keywords, EA veteran as CEO
    1. Netmarble to acquire SpinX Games for $2.19bn
    2. Take-Two sales dip in first quarter
    3. Plarium to acquire Futureplay Studios
    4. Best Places To Work Awards Winner: Schell Games
    5. Riot Games to open new studio in China
    6. China anti-trust regulators reportedly delay Nvidia's Arm acquisition
    7. Get a Job in Games month: The full guide to finding your place in the industry
    8. Winning the business development game (without feeling like a sell-out)
    9. Bungie and Ubisoft file joint lawsuit over subscription cheat website
    10. Undead Labs founder and ex-Blizzard dev Jeff Strain calls for unionisation