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September 2011 Archive

    1. Sony braced for impact of weakening Euro
    2. Former Mythic CEO founds social developer
    3. Bigpoint, Recoil take Unity Award honours
    4. PapayaMobile: 69% of our whales are female
    5. Massive Damage secures $325,000 for location game
    6. Dark Souls and ICO/SotC HD top Japanese chart
    7. Xaitment nets €1.2 million investment
    8. Webzen and Red 5 end legal dispute
    9. Stock Ticker: GAME Group
    10. The Silent Canary
    1. Piracy helped Unity's expansion into China
    2. Ubisoft's troubled I Am Alive resurfaces on XBLA and PSN
    3. EA to launch advertising data service for marketeers
    4. Unity: Devs can "make a living" from Asset Store
    5. Over 3 million week one sales for Gears Of War 3
    6. Microsoft to build 17,000 Xboxes a week in Brazil
    7. Bigpoint hires Intergi for US expansion
    8. Publishers see OnLive as second only to Steam, claims Perlman
    9. Duke Nukem 3D fan project on hold
    10. Google opening London technology centre
    11. Halfbrick Studios wants 70 million downloads in China
    12. Massachusetts secures 5 year, $500K grant from US govt
    13. All The Rage
    14. id Software: "You need to make a franchise"
    1. Unity moves into Canada with start-up acquisition
    2. Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet to retail at $199
    3. Online developers warn against using inflated MAU stats
    4. Fight My Monster secures animation deal
    5. THQ increases credit limit to $75 million
    6. Apple iPhone event on October 4
    7. Infernum Productions appoints new CFO and COO
    8. EA Partners publishing Shank sequel
    9. Flickr founders reveal new game to public
    10. Future considers "wider strategic options" for US business
    11. New publisher Red Stallion targets Arabian Gulf market
    12. Peak Games raises $11.5 million in funding round
    13. OpenFeint appoints Glu's Thomson as director of dev relations
    14. OnLive: Assessing the UK Launch
    1. Epic Games: Next Unreal Engine in 2014
    2. Lionsgate acquires Dead Island film rights
    3. Zynga's new breed of hardcore gamer
    4. Notch's Bethesda case going to court
    5. Microsoft partners with Build-A-Bear Workshop
    6. Mind Candy appoints Kabillion exec as head of Moshi TV
    7. Bioware's Galway office creates 200 jobs
    8. Bioware: "You will die if you're not adaptable"
    9. GAME Group losses double in first half to £51m
    10. The Doctors Will See You Now
    1. Record numbers attend Eurogamer Expo
    2. University of Abertay faces merger proposal
    3. Zampella: You have to protect employees if you want them to invest
    4. Activision launches PepsiCo promotion for Modern Warfare
    5. Gears 3 becomes year's biggest launch so far
    6. Bigpoint CEO wins business award
    7. Bethesda denied in preliminary Fallout MMO ruling
    8. Gameloft supporting Sony tablets
    9. Breaking the Language Barrier
    1. Verizon asks US court to abandon Apple patent case
    2. Star Wars: The Old Republic to launch In December
    1. Zuckerberg: "Social games are killing it"
    2. Nvidia: PC revenue will surpass console in 2014
    3. Slightly Mad crowdsourcing new tech platform and games
    4. Zynga amends IPO to show falling profits
    5. Former Microsoft VP Taneja joins EA as CTO
    6. Niche Appeal
    1. Codemasters to use Exit's Photon for online titles
    2. M&A activity in games sector will continue - Merel
    3. AT&T ruling prompted Sony TOS changes - report
    4. Phil Harrison: The five trends developers should be watching
    5. Korean publishers block gambling investigation - report
    6. 3DS back on top in Japan
    7. 6waves Lolapps opens $10m dev fund
    8. OnLive launches in UK with GAME as retail partner
    1. Exec producer Dan Stahl exits Cryptic
    2. Apple thought to be planning 4th October press event
    3. SCEE adds 3D to university curriculum
    4. Future launches new PSN download Access
    5. Zynga, Playfish, Kabam sessions at f8 conference
    6. Mediatonic named "one to recognise" by Sunday Times
    7. In-app purchasing dominates App Store revenue
    8. Rakuten acquires for £25 million
    9. Frag Doll founder joins Red 5 Studios
    10. Adobe predicts 1 billion Flash-capable mobile devices by 2015
    11. Image Metrics brings avatar creation to social games
    12. NHL 12 makes $27 million in week one
    13. American Express takes control of Sometrics for $30m
    14. Viacom wants $131m refund from Harmonix stockholders
    15. Playfish: Sims Social proves brand power
    16. Tech Focus: The Next-Gen Challenge
    1. PlayStation Network titles now available from GAME
    2. 20,000 retailers hold midnight opening for Gears Of War 3
    3. Samsung threatens iPhone 5 legal action - report
    4. The Sims Social passes 50 million MAUs
    5. Crytek teams with THQ for new Homefront title
    6. Epic UDK update includes Mac support
    7. Redundancies at social portal hi5
    8. Report: Rovio launching independent label
    9. Microsoft in partner talks to bring more cable TV to 360
    10. Publishers Versus The Economy
    11. Gamification start up scores $6 million in funding
    12. Inafune: Japanese and Western collaboration causes infighting
    13. Record attendance for TGS
    14. Aeria Games acquires staff from Punch Entertainment
    15. Talent agency DDM opens UK office in Manchester
    1. The Free Future
    2. Star Wars: The Old Republic can hit 2m subs - Smedley
    3. Starbreeze announces fresh IP in development
    4. DC Universe Online goes free-to-play
    5. Naughty Dog, Lionhead, Media Molecule for Career Fair
    6. Modern Warfare 3 confirmed for Eurogamer Expo
    7. Foldit players solve decade-old scientific problem
    8. Playstation Vita region free
    9. Dead Island retains UK number one for second week
    10. Digital Harmony accesses Tapjoy dev fund
    11. Netflix adds game rentals to newly formed Qwikster division
    12. SouthPeak delisted from NY stock exchange
    13. Report: 21 jobs lost at EA's Visceral Melbourne
    14. Stock Ticker: Nintendo
    1. Valve makes Portal free
    2. Sony's new PSN T&Cs unlikely to affect UK
    3. News Corp's Shine acquires Bossa Studios
    4. Digi-Capital, Octopus Investments join Games Invest 2011
    5. Gaikai's David Perry
    6. Gaikai targets 100 million users by 2012
    7. Itagaki: No young blood for Japan
    8. No Flash support for Metro style Internet Explorer 10
    9. Clone Wars Adventures hits 8m users one year after release
    10. Mobile developer Gamerizon nets $5m investment
    11. Vita Goes Mobile
    1. Indie dev releases game on torrent site
    2. Subscription revenue drops for online games
    3. Indie Dev Day set for Develop Liverpool
    4. GameCity launches "Turner Prize" of industry awards
    5. MindJolt: Virtual goods a third of total revenue
    6. Critical Consensus: Gears Of War 3
    7. Darling's new studio Kwalee plans developer collaborations
    8. GTA IV ships more than 22 million units
    9. CEO and co-founder Jason Citron exits OpenFeint
    10. Blizzard adopts PayPal for Diablo III
    11. Sony expands PlayStation Suite SDK to Vita, tablets, new hardware
    12. State Of Play: Crytek
    13. Crytek: Is the industry ready for cloud gaming?
    1. Red Robot Labs raises $8.5 million in funding
    2. Critical Consensus: The Gunstringer
    3. BAFTA launches Unity dev tool for kids
    4. Xbox hosts charity event for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
    5. Phone Story dev criticises App Store "regime of censorship"
    6. Hogrocket to headline GameCityNights
    7. Virtuos production studio acquires Sparx 3D animation team
    8. Tablets up, games down in Best Buy Q2 results
    9. Codemasters to close Guildford studio
    10. PC and freemium key to growth in emerging countries
    11. Bioware, Zynga and EA veterans launch freemium start up
    12. Slitherine loses "tens of thousands of dollars" in EA Battlefield dispute
    13. Zumba Fitness drives profit growth for Majesco
    14. PlayStation 3 global sales reach 51.8 million
    15. The Case for PlayStation Vita
    16. PlayStation Vita to launch December 17 in Japan
    1. ngmoco confirms Lionside acquisition - update
    2. Android Market hits 6 billion downloads
    3. Nintendo share price falls after 3DS conference
    4. Korea Telecom launching games-on-demand service
    5. Young males most likely to spend on Angry Birds
    6. Online sales to surpass physical retail by 2013
    7. Steam now supports Russian roubles
    8. American McGee predicts end for "bricks-and-mortar retailers"
    9. Nintendo releasing pink 3DS to chase flagging sales
    10. Mind Candy releases Moshi single
    11. The Revolution Will Be Televised
    1. Game Connection Europe opens 2011 awards
    2. GAME begins selling music and movies
    3. Microsoft adds Halo and Forza to Eurogamer Expo
    4. Disney's Sussman leaves for Zynga
    5. DeNA in talks to acquire Punch Entertainment Vietnam
    6. GameStop chooses Android for own-brand gaming tablet
    7. Bigpoint buys 49Games dev team
    8. Dead Island tops UK chart
    9. Codemasters founder Darling returns with new studio
    10. Why friction is the biggest obstacle to a mainstream audience
    11. Fingerprint Digital launches with THQ funding
    12. Flurry: Gen X pays, Gen Y plays
    13. EA bears brunt of scathing NYT tax breaks report
    14. Date set for West and Zampella court case
    15. EA wins dismissal in NCAA lawsuit
    16. Quantic Dream lost €10m on second hand Heavy Rain sales
    17. Quantic Dream
    18. Wada and Kimura exit Grasshopper Manufacture
    19. Gaikai receives new investment from Intel
    1. Newcastle's Mere Mortals retires from games
    2. Naughty Dog's Lemarchand headlines IndieCade Conference
    3. ThinkOptical sues Nintendo over Wii Remote
    4. GameStop's plans to stream console games via the cloud
    5. HMV suffers 22 per cent retail sales fall
    6. Eurogamer partners with Nintendo Life in ad deal
    7. Sony extends partnership with Nanyang Polytechnic
    8. Ubisoft and Eidos veterans launch Tribute Games
    9. THQ: Closed studios didn't fit our new strategy
    10. 3DS sales spike as US market slumps
    11. Venture capitalist Hoag joins EA board
    12. All Guns Blazing
    1. THQ: Future consoles will drop discs for cloud gaming
    2. Battlestar Galactica Online hits 5 million registered users
    3. Bushnell: Cloud computing will improve education
    4. Cut-price 3DS dominates Japanese hardware chart
    5. Labour launches new Creative Industries Network
    6. Activision triumphs in dispute
    7. EA: Online Pass has raised $15-$20 million
    8. BigDoor acquires OneTrueFan
    9. Facebook's 6 month revenue said to be $1.6 bn
    10. Guillemot: Casual could overtake hardcore
    11. DFC predicts market growth, digital prominence
    12. State of Play: Ubisoft
    1. Playdom and Ngmoco investor joins Mayfield Fund
    2. Disney confirms Utah studio layoffs
    3. Tapjoy appoints Sony's Peter Dille as CMO
    4. Games Invest's Jamie Sefton
    5. Steam Trading leaves Beta
    6. SCE UK appoints Fergal Gara as new MD
    7. Critical Consensus: Resistance 3
    8. Steam gets "incorrect version" of Dead Island
    9. Bigpoint: EA doesn't understand monetising content
    10. Tech Focus: Olde Worlde Rendering
    1. Sony appoints ex-Homeland Security chief
    2. Speakers wanted for Develop Liverpool and Evolve London
    3. Creative director quits 343 Industries
    4. Update: 3 million Dirt 3 codes stolen
    5. DQ X announcement sees Square Enix stock drop
    6. RuneScape developer hires new COO and CMO
    7. Antoniades: AAA retail model is "crushing innovation"
    8. Perfect World creates $100 million investment fund
    1. Playing With Fire
    2. Game ends pre owned sales of Xbox 360
    3. Exozet Games founder makes move to Spellbound
    4. Deus Ex holds off Driver to retain UK top spot
    5. Konami: UK games pricing is poor
    6. Sony: Microsoft policies "dumbing down" game content
    7. Activision prices Call Of Duty Elite
    8. ChinaJoy generates $100m worth of business deals
    9. Shanghai Surprise
    1. Zoo Entertainment threatened with Nasdaq delisting
    2. Black Rock now officially closed
    3. Square Enix appoints new COO
    4. We R Interactive, Sheridans confirmed for Games Invest 2011
    5. UK indie nDreams named in Smarta 100 list
    6. Activision twelve-month digital revenues $1.7 billion
    7. Bioware, id Software, Ubisoft dev sessions at EG Expo
    8. Black Ops sells 18m map packs, $76 average spend
    9. Eidos Montreal to double headcount to 680
    10. Pre-Order Penance
    1. Stringer: 3m new PSN users since outtage
    2. Game Closure completes seed funding round
    3. Staff cuts hit 2K Czech
    4. Eurogamer to provide content for MSN games channel
    5. Senta Jakobsen joins ngmoco Sweden
    6. Capcom "aggressively" seeking overseas partnerships
    7. Star Trek Online going free to play
    8. Tencent drives growth in Chinese online gaming
    9. 70,000 visitors for latest PAX Prime
    10. Team Bondi enters administration
    11. Sony sets price and release date for Tablet S
    12. PlayStation Vita makes UK debut at Eurogamer Expo
    13. Take-Two QA "wage abuse" case seeking more plaintiffs
    14. PSN, Qriocity move under new 'Sony Entertainment Network' umbrella
    15. Bethesda's Pete Hines
    16. Confident Bethesda not interested in social trends