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November 2014 Archive

    1. This War of Mine covered its costs in two days
    2. Report: CVG, 33 years old, to be shut down by Future
    3. Xbox Japan boss resigns his post after 8 years
    4. Is F2P at a turning point?
    1. France's Health and Safety body says kids shouldn't use 3D
    2. Leftfield Collection submissions open for EGX Rezzed 2015
    3. King's chairman steps down, citing personal reasons
    1. Marketing Black Friday
    2. Apple and apps partner for World AIDS Day
    3. Ubisoft apologises for Assassin's Creed issues with free DLC
    4. Ubisoft Toronto becoming key partner for other Ubi studios
    5. Pokemon claim top spot on Japanese charts
    6. EA named one of the best places for LGBT equality
    7. "I don't want it to be like, 'Oh, here come the Christians, it's going to suck again.'"
    8. Breaking Away: Brazil's indie developers are thinking globally
    9. Inzen raises $750k to tackle Chinese mobile market
    10. US operations drag on Perfect World's Q3 performance
    11. Sony banking on PlayStation to boost profits
    12. Bungie: "The launch of Destiny was the starting line"
    1. Sony settles over misleading Vita ads
    2. Obituary: Tony Bourne
    3. Game industry coming around on story - Hoyer
    4. Activision squashing Call of Duty glitch videos
    5. Super Smash Bros. becomes fastest-selling Wii U game in US
    6. Pennsylvania colleges net $750k to nurture state game development
    7. Gamevil acquires Waplesoft
    8. Ex-Microsoft GM Rahul Sood's Unikrn raises $2.5m
    9. KongZhong buoyed by Western titles in Q3
    10. Girls Make Games: Educating the developers of tomorrow
    1. Indies, don't sell shares in your company - Jon Hare
    2. Mario Kart 8 wins British Academy Children's Award
    3. SCEA CEO defends Driveclub's online performance
    4. Cloud Gaming to hit inflection point in 2015 - Report
    5. GameStop concerned about digital price erosion
    6. Premium mobile games have yet to find breakout success - EEDAR
    7. Jagex's wild child: Alex Horton
    8. Report: iPhone 6 pushed app downloads to record levels in October
    9. CCP Games shuts down Vampire The Masquerade fan remake
    10. Nordic Games opens new Munich studio
    11. GTA V passes Black Ops as the best-selling game in UK history
    12. Sony denies group's claims that PSN was hacked
    1. Double Fine loses 12 staff
    2. Mattel apologises for sexist developer Barbie book
    3. New Game Awards reveal first nominees
    4. Free-to-play has reached its limits - Analyst
    5. GameStop revenue falls for Q3
    6. Flow State Media raises $1 million
    7. Hackers claim to have raided PSN, 2K, Origin, Windows Live mail
    8. $1.6m fund now open to Indian mobile developers
    9. Valve tightens rules on Early Access
    10. Sony needs to stay humble and focused
    1. Nimble Sense: Hands on with virtual reality
    2. Child of Light turns a profit
    3. Ubisoft wants to expand Assassin's Creed audience to kids
    4. Call of Duty series tops $10 billion in revenue
    5. Free-to-play stigma unlikely to fade away soon - Celtic Heroes dev
    6. Chinese devs can now sell through Google Play
    7. Overdog matchmaking service raises $1.8 million funding
    8. Take-Two CEO has doubts over mass appeal of VR gaming
    9. App Store removes "Free" from game descriptions
    10. Activision Blizzard settles buyout lawsuit
    1. Warlords of Draenor pushes WoW subscriber numbers to 10 million
    2. MIGS sets attendance record
    3. Solving The AAA Crisis
    4. Call Of Duty storms Japanese charts
    5. Nick Baynes heads up new Gunjin Games
    6. Phéromone launches sports game studio
    7. Marketers and developers a "necessary union"
    8. Critical Consensus: LittleBigPlanet 3 plays to the series' strengths
    9. Game of Thrones Ascent dev raises $3.2 million
    10. EA CFO says Xbox One is "catching up quickly" to PS4
    11. Adjust opens offices in Shanghai and Tokyo
    1. 11 Bit Studios fights pirates with free Steam codes
    2. Sony: Wii "a shadow of its former self"
    3. When a AAA studio makes the jump to mobile
    4. Telltale, LucasArts vet joins Reactive Studios
    5. No Dragon Age: Inquisition for India as EA pulls RPG
    6. Fiksu analysis shows Android and iOS CPI still converging
    1. Sony's Layden: Harassment "completely unacceptable"
    2. Elite: Dangerous drops offline mode
    3. GTA V wins Scottish BAFTA
    4. Nordeus opens London office
    5. New Seattle studio for Gameloft
    6. Sweden launching games accelerator program for aspiring devs
    7. Mobile shifting away from consumables - X-Men dev
    8. Majesco's future in doubt
    9. Critical Consensus: Far Cry 4 lives in its predecessor's shadow
    10. Release season takes hold with slew of top ten new entries
    11. The Demo is Dead, Long Live the Demo
    12. Miyamoto: Other games companies are "boring"
    13. If Music be the Food of Games, Play On
    1. Up to 25% of PS4, Xbox One game sales are digital - Analyst
    2. Reliance looking to buy Western game studios
    3. Nexon and Robotoki end publishing agreement
    4. Intel resumes advertising with Gamasutra
    5. Mike Maulbeck returns to Code Avarice
    6. Cubic Motion makes Wood executive chairman
    7. Gumi to file IPO at $890 million valuation
    8. Sweden looking to label games that promote gender equality
    9. Early Access popularity growing, but only 25% have released as a full game
    10. 1 in 5 copies of Destiny sold digitally, says study
    11. Mind Candy swung to £2.8m pre-tax losses in 2013
    12. Former Snail Games USA exec alleges racism and unfair dismissal
    13. Chinese PC manufacturer Ngame secures $10m Series A
    14. Super Smash Bros. tops 1.2 million in the US
    15. Empowerment through development: The Pixelles Game Incubator
    16. Overpricing the Digital Future
    1. NPD: NBA 2K15 is #1, hardware and accessory sales up
    2. Zero Dark Thirty writer working on Uncharted movie
    3. Ustwo fights back against unfair reviews
    4. Tango fund has first six developers
    5. COD takes 2014 console launch week record on Twitch
    6. It's tougher to develop for kids than core gamers
    7. UKIE issues 4-point proposal to government
    8. Tencent and Line make joint $110m investment in Korean dev
    9. Scopely closes $35M Series A round
    10. Nexon exceeds revenue and profit forecasts in Q3
    11. deltaDNA releases free, unlimited academic licence
    12. Big Fish Games to be acquired for $485 million
    13. Stock Ticker: Sony, Nintendo, EA show their strength
    14. PlayStation Vue TV service to launch in Q1 2015
    1. Oculus VR makes mobile SDK available
    2. Xbox One sales triple following $349 promotion
    3. Patrice Desilets launches Panache Digital Games
    4. Monster Hunter still Japan #1 with 2m sold
    5. TinyLoot grabs funding ahead of Series A
    6. Smash Bros. could double Wii U sales - Nintendo
    7. Bloodborne delayed a month
    8. Ex-Oculus attorney launches new games law firm, investment company
    9. October brings record traffic for VG247
    10. Carbine: Redundancies are "part of game development"
    11. PlayStation's Shu Yoshida to be interviewed by Lorne Lanning at DICE
    12. Games drive 28% YoY revenue jump for Tencent
    13. Study reveals digital console customers paying well over odds in EU
    14. VR needs a killer app, not games, to become mainstream
    15. Hibernum Créations takes $5m in funding
    16. From Bit-part to Big League
    1. Halfbrick veterans launch new studio
    2. OnLive expands to Benelux territories
    3. Metacritic "all but obsolete" - Double Fine
    4. Game industry growing four times faster than US economy - ESA
    5. Critical Consensus: Inquisition scores high to revitalise Dragon Age
    6. Sumo exec team completes management buyout
    1. Finalists revealed for Canadian Videogame Awards
    2. Geoff Keighley launches new awards show
    3. Jagex confirms possible layoffs
    4. Two new additions to Bigpoint's board
    5. Rooster Teeth acquired by Fullscreen
    6. Nintendo: Consumers "voting with their dollars in favor of digital content in a big, big way"
    7. CoD: Advanced Warfare outsells Ghosts in the UK
    8. Riot's secret sauce: People
    9. Execution Labs raises $6 million
    10. Critical Consensus: The Master Chief Collection is a slice of gaming history
    11. Day For Night's Black Glove falls short on Kickstarter
    1. Direct2Drive returning this weekend
    2. Blizzard announces Overwatch
    3. Blizzard: "Let's take a stand to reject hate and harassment"
    4. Building community during game development "very smart" - Pardo
    5. BioWare introduces new Mass Effect leads
    6. Bungie exec swatted
    7. PlayStation Home is dead, now what?
    8. Report: Just 6% of US mobile gamers provide 51% of revenue
    9. Psyop Games hires Activision Blizzard, Rockstar veterans
    10. Nvidia enjoys record revenue in Q3
    11. Where next for CoD?
    1. Disney Interactive posts first annual profit
    2. Candy Crush Saga weighs down King results
    3. Mark Pincus forms Superlabs
    4. Rev3Games shutting down
    5. Zynga loses another $57 million in Q3
    6. Gamevil grows Q3 profit 449% to nearly $9 million
    7. Sleepy Giant becomes
    8. Nintendo seeing digital shift
    9. Gameloft's sales flat, promises to release games at "more regular pace"
    10. gumi expands into Canada with new Vancouver office
    11. Hotline São Paulo: Meet the indies taking aim at Brazil
    12. Don't romanticize poverty - Dibble
    13. TapJoy vets launch investment program for mobile studios
    14. Square Enix raises forecast after a solid six months
    15. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate hits 2 million sales in Japan
    16. Russia & F2P MMOs dominate eastern European digital market
    17. Glu Mobile sues Hothead over "rip off" Kill Shot
    1. Com2uS summons nearly $40 million in profit in Q3
    2. TIGA calls for tax relief on UK exports
    3. WB layoffs incoming - Report
    4. Atari gets into real-money gaming
    5. Bad Juju buys Desura from Linden Lab
    6. Wakfu publisher Ankama acquires Wizcorp
    7. Mobile gaming exits hit $18 billion in 12 months
    8. FusePowered acquires Corona Labs
    1. Destiny, Hearthstone, WoW push Activision Blizzard to record Q3
    2. EA pulls plug on Dawngate
    3. Future8 award winners announced
    4. EFF wants copyright exemption for abandoned games
    5. Oculus launch still "many months" away, but not years
    6. Rahul Sood resigns as GM of Microsoft Ventures
    7. deltaDNA banks another $3m in Series A funding
    1. GAME loses £3 million rent appeal
    2. Call of Duty purchase intent "well above last year" - Hirshberg
    3. Wu offers $11K for harassment conviction
    4. Why Licensed Games Are Finally Hot
    5. Astronauts' Ethan Carter sells 60K in first month
    6. Critical Consensus: Call of Duty finds its feet with Advanced Warfare
    7. Don't design games for YouTube - Bossa
    8. Michael Condrey: "I certainly wouldn't characterise the community as toxic or misogynistic"
    9. What to expect from the Inquisition?
    10. Women In Games Jobs appoints new CEO
    11. China to establish first ever IP court
    12. ChangYou sees revenues drop as mobile costs escalate
    13. Sunset Overdrive's strong start not enough to topple FIFA
    14. EA's Nick Earl now boss of worldwide studios at Kabam