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August 2006 Archive

    1. Madden NFL 07 and Texas Hold 'em rock Xbox Live as online network surpasses 50 million downloads
    2. Nearly 20,000 Gaming Geeks Gather at Third Penny Arcade Expo
    3. EA spearheads in-game ads push with Battlefield title
    4. Blu-Ray shortage could halve PS3 shipments
    5. Jamster pushes into US with new vice president
    6. Gamarama releases community building tools
    7. ProStroke Golf PC Demo now Available to Download
    9. New G-Pad Pro Motion Sensing Gamepad Demo Video Now Available
    10. Codemasters joins forces with Spark Unlimited for 'Fall of Liberty'
    11. EA signs agreement to bring in-game dynamic advertising to select titles
    12. Launches
    13. 2007 Global Games Summit – A New Forum for the Worldwide Interactive Entertainment Industry
    14. Atari Europe And CD Projekt Sign Publishing Agreement For 'The Witcher'
    15. GameSide Network Launches Third Issue of "The Art of Gaming" Online Magazine, Features Mario
    16. Join Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin in their latest adventure, Bratz: Forever Diamondz!
    17. Robotube teams up with Getty Images
    18. Creativity Knows No Bounds: Microsoft Opens Access to Public to Create Windows and Xbox 360 Games
    19. Book of Games Vol. 1 by gameXplore to be released in November
    20. Alienware Notebooks Power-Up With Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo Processor Technology
    21. A New Perspective
    22. 'No 360 shortages this Xmas' - Lewis
    23. NCsoft rolls out new Auto Assault update
    24. Microsoft launches XNA Game Studio Express beta
    25. Tokyo Game Show and X06 content for Xbox Live
    26. Stick & Play! Talismoon 'In Touch' PSP Car Cradle Holder
    27. Announces Winner of CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment Online VIP Contest
    28. Gray Matter [working title]
    1. The skin in Spain falls mainly on Game
    2. Ubisoft and Gearbox Software announce Brothers in Arms® D-Day for PSP® System
    3. Perimeter: Emperor's Testament launches on Gamer's Gate
    4. Strategy First Announces A Space Empires Month!
    5. Gamer's Gate prepares for a Bad Day - New title released on platform
    6. Poor communication is holding back industry - Simons
    7. TwitchGuru Exposes Video Gaming's Dirty Secret: Narcotic Drug Use Among Players at Tournaments and LAN Parties on the Rise
    8. Majesco appoints Jesse Sutton as new interim CEO
    9. Xbox 360 Gamers Can Dog-Fight from the Turn of the Century to the Next Generation with Time Pilot on Xbox Live Arcade
    10. FLYBOYS Squadron Launches from iEntertainment Network!
    11. Dare to be Digital winners revealed
    12. Sennari Program Allows Anyone To Earn Cash By Offering Free Mobile Game Downloads
    13. Dead Rising ships 500,000 units in US
    14. Ben Sherman(R) Helps Test Drive Unlimited(TM) Create The Ultimate Lifestyle Gaming Experience
    15. Master Creating GmbH - Website relaunched
    16. Tetris tops the mobile charts once again
    17. Tetris tops the charts once again
    18. Majesco Entertainment Announces Changes In Management And Board Of Directors
    19. Eurocom strengthens project management with Hansoft Uppsala
    20. The Big Picture
    21. Codemasters revs up new PSP® exclusive with TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge, coming this winter
    22. No Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive for Asia - Microsoft Taiwan
    23. New from Xing Mobile: Fishing Bart
    24. iGames Buckles Up with Toyota for The Circuit Yaris
    25. Patch For 'Sword of the Stars' Available Now
    26. Activision's Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Scores Award-Winning Composers
    28. UK Charts: Cars keeps top ten in gridlock
    29. Hirai forecasts 10 year life cycle for PlayStation 3
    1. LucasArts boss confirmed as keynote speaker for GDC London
    2. Confusion reigns over PES exclusivity deal
    3. Eidos recalls Xbox version of Reservoir Dogs
    4. Anti-Bully protestors swarm Take-Two offices
    5. Fighting fire with fire
    6. New Communications Executive for Future
    7. FastFeet Media: Evolution Launches this Sunday on TSS NET
    8. Evergreen Events Unveils the 2007 Online Game Development Conference
    9. Codemasters to airdrop fun into the war zone as Cannon Fodder is announced for the PSP® system
    10. Philips reveals first integrated version of its electronic multi-touch tabletop gaming platform Entertaible at IFA 2006
    12. Square Enix Unveils PAL Release for DIRGE of CERBERUS -FINAL FANTASY VII-
    13. Black Hawk Down Choppers Into European Mobile Networks
    14. First big names sign up for GameCity event
    15. DS Lite Accessories + DS Lite Bundles
    16. World Online Premiere on Gamer's Gate: Darkstar One!
    17. The Chronicles of Spellborn
    18. ISM adds Nihilistic
    19. At 2 Million Strong, Nintendo's Wireless Gaming Community Grows Larger Than 15 U.S. States
    20. Atari Announces Second Test Drive Unlimited Demo
    21. Platform holders applaud success of Leipzig GC
    22. Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection service hits 2 million mark
    23. Space Renegades Finds Publisher
    24. Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment Licenses Epic's Unreal® Engine 3 Technology for Stargate Worlds Games
    25. Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball MAX'D for PlayStationÆ2 to Launch in Fall 2006
    26. Victoria - Revolution gets hot-fix
    27. Quake returns to the World Cyber Games
    28. Turbine And SAKURA Internet Launch DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE™: Stormreach™ in Japan
    29. Australian ratings board approves Bully for sale
    30. New from Xing Mobile: Bubu Kong's Bath Time
    31. Here we go, here we go, here we go!
    32. METRO 2033: The Last Refuge
    1. Gamebience Announces PC Game 'Cricket Life 2007'
    2. TFMX Bring Back XtremE Gaming
    3. NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. Announces Official Title for Mobile Suit Gundam(TM): Crossfire(TM) for the PlayStation(R)3 Computer Entertainment System
    1. Dirty Sanchez from InfoSpace wins EIEF Edge Mobile Award
    2. RealArcade to launch new Trivial Pursuit game
    3. Introversion Software Announces DEFCON Launch
    4. Creative London adds weight to Games Festival
    5. MS drops price of Xbox 360 Core pack down to £199
    6. Broadsword and Conspiracy team for rally titles
    7. Telephia reports further growth in mobile game downloads
    9. Default Loss
    10. Cargo Pilot - Dedicated Website Now Live
    11. Enemy Coast Ahead!
    12. Pro-G to power ntl:Telewest's portal with video games content
    13. London Games Festival Fringe looks beyond the mainstream to new audiences and new content
    14. GC: “Xbox 360 is only option for next 12 months” - Lewis
    15. PS3 'training days' planned for UK retail
    16. Conspiracy Entertainment
    17. Glu targets mobile market leadership
    18. GC at half-way mark: ANACONDA enthusiastic about expo
    19. Glu Mobile's Greg Ballard
    20. Ruff Trigger blasts his way onto the PS2
    21. Eidos creative boss forms new studio
    22. Blizzard are leading the way in online gaming - Sams
    23. Nurikabe by Breakpoint
    24. GC: WOW Factor
    25. GCDC AchievesGlobal Distinction With Prominent Speakers, Top Themes And Record Attendance Numbers
    26. US to get Onyx and Pink DS Lite
    27. Capcom Unveils Lost Planet Multiplayer Mode At Leipzig Games Convention
    1. Mobile Alliance announces Constant Techno
    2. Cause mayhem to disrupt illegal downloads, says Introversion
    3. Lack of FIFA and PES won't harm PS3 sales, say retail
    4. Frictional Games announces "Penumbra - Overture"
    5. New World of Warcraft expansions every year - Blizzard
    6. Ex-Lionhead boss forms new QA company
    7. GI Podcasts: Special reports from GC and GCDC
    8. ArenaNet and NCsoft Announce 27 October as Global Release Date for Guild Wars Nightfall
    9. Just Cause Demo Goes Live Today
    10. Nintendo Launches New DS Lite Colors Amid Record-Breaking Game Sales
    11. Games Testing Gets A Shot Of Testosterone
    12. New G-Pad Pro Motion Sensing Gamepad Shows It's All in the Wrist
    13. New multi-level Tetris from Mobile Alliance: Constant techno-fun for your mobile
    14. Crystal Spheres
    15. 2K Announces Voice Talent for Family Guy Video Game
    16. Home PCs and laptops are on "death row" - Brown-Martin
    17. Gray Matter: Jane Jensen presents new adventure project at the Games Convention
    19. Microsoft Delivers More Fun, More Experiences and More Choices to Its Ever-Expanding Games Library
    20. Telling Tales
    21. ANNO-ther Incredible Game From Empire-Building Masters Sunflowers
    22. Analyst slashes PS3 shipment forecast
    23. Flight One Announces the Release of Ultimate Terrain Europe Boxed Edition
    24. Enlight secures in-game advertising deal
    25. NOE exec offers Wii price prediction
    26. LucasArts and Free Radical team up for next-gen project
    27. More than 25 PS3 games playable at TGS - Sony
    28. LucasArts Joins Forces With Free Radical Deisgn To Create New Next-Generation Entertainment Experience
    29. Ubisoft Announces Next Chapter in Silent Hunter Submarine Franchise
    30. GC: Next-gen race will end in a draw, says Midway exec
    31. GC: Rising From the Ashes
    32. Vivendi launches Black Hawk Down for mobiles
    33. Crimson Cow secures another adventure game highlight
    34. Experience Perimeter: Emperor's Testament first hand! - Demo Released
    35. 17,000+ Gamers Gather for Penny Arcade Expo Game Culture Fest
    36. Myelin Media Releases Third PC Update For STACKED(TM) With Daniel Negreanu
    37. Left Behind Games Announces August 29 As Release Date For Beta Demo Of LEFT BEHIND: Eternal Forces, The PC Game
    38. TrayGames Releases Multi-Player BigTwo
    39. SteelSeries And 4Kings At i28
    1. Luxology's modo Being Used by Massive Entertainment to Create "World in Conflict" Strategy Game
    2. Will you be able to beat the Emperor?
    3. New Screens for War Front: Turning Point
    4. Lineage® II gains a fifth huge free-to-subscribers update - Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood
    5. GameTap Announces Massive Milestone Of 600 Titles Including More Than 100 Of The Best Arcade Games Of All Time
    6. Xbox 360 To Launch In Eastern Europe This Autumn
    7. On The Move With Ford Street Racing: LA Duel
    8. GC: Microsoft expands in Europe, stands firmly behind Windows
    9. Record figures at Europe's leading electronic games exhibition
    10. Outstanding first day at Games Convention for ANACONDA: press and trade partners praise Sabotage
    11. Golden Is The Awakening!
    12. GCDC: InfoSpace announces new Tomb Raider title
    13. Warhammer® Makes Its Mark
    14. GC: FIFA and Pro Evo exclusive to Xbox 360
    15. Konami Announces New Details About Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol
    16. SimEmpire gets released
    17. Bomberman blasts on to new formats
    18. Castlevania comes to Games Convention
    19. Coded Arms storms Games Convention
    20. Return of the Young Reaper!
    21. Demon Chaos unleashes Hell on Earth
    22. Dancing Stage goes SuperNOVA!
    23. Hoppy 25th Birthday, Frogger
    24. Five of the Best from Gradius
    25. Second lap for Kaido Racer
    26. Marooned Again
    27. Konami announces Marvel Trading Card Game for PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable), Nintendo DS and PC
    28. Konami gets mobile at Leipzig
    29. Knight takes Queen on PSP™
    30. Konami readies Pro Evolution Soccer 6!
    31. Konami revs up Pocket Racers
    32. Return to Rengoku
    33. Silent Hill on the move…
    34. Konami looks to ship naval epic in November
    35. Konami eyes Street Supremacy
    36. Suikoden V casts its spell this September
    37. Konami rounds up first Wii™ title for Games Convention
    38. Winx spreads its wings
    39. The world of Ys in your hand
    40. GC: Tough times ahead as next-gen consoles arrive - Daglow
    41. BioWare/Pandemic appoints marketing VP
    43. Microsoft Offers More Ways to Play Games for Windows and Xbox 360 at German Games Convention
    44. Microsoft on Top of Its Game With Launch of Exciting New Gaming Peripherals
    45. GC: Nintendo reveals Pink DS Lite, new Wii titles
    46. EA acquires RTS development studio
    47. Future Publishing issues £3.5 million profit warning
    48. Excite Japan goes global with Ozura Mobile
    49. Nintendo Proves Its Promise And Continues To Redefine The Gaming Market
    50. Turning Autumn Pink!
    51. BWii - Battalion Wars 2
    52. Mario Strikers Charged™ (temporary name)
    53. Double Dribbling Action on the Nintendo DS
    54. Over 400 Sudoku Puzzles In The Palm Of Your Hand!
    55. It's DS Dino-Tastic Fun!
    56. Pirates Jailed For Selling Bootleg Games
    57. Meroncourt Picks Up Everglide Range
    58. PopCap Games on Valve's Steam service
    59. The Human Face of EA
    60. PSP GOES P!NK - In a Unique Collaboration with the Artist P!nk
    61. Ubisoft Hits the Gas with Asphalt: Urban GT 2
    62. SEGA Announce New Stars And Multi-Platform Release For Virtua Tennis 3!
    63. Ozura Mobile chosen as Excite Japan's first International Distribution Partner
    64. Strange Agency Reveals the Secrets of the 'Games Women Play'
    65. SEGA Announces 'Sonic Riders' For The PC
    66. Europa Universalis III - Religion feature and new screens
    67. Turn Up And Play At i28
    68. GCDC: Developers must focus on original IP - Roper
    69. GCDC: Global market still has room to grow - Buena Vista VP
    70. GCDC: Flagship CEO hints at Hellgate for mobiles
    1. Don L. Daglow at GCDC 2006: "It's a great honour to be invited here"
    2. Reveal you creativity with Maggie the Gardener - now on Mac and PC
    3. Midway presents interactive entertainment of the future at GC 2006
    4. Hands-On Mobile launches LEGO World Soccer
    5. GCDC: "Cross-platform floodgates will open in 2008" - MS
    7. Content update released for Ship Simulator 2006
    8. Codemasters signs Hospital Tycoon for PC
    9. Molyneux questions value of motion-sensing controllers
    10. ANACONDA confirms line-up for Games Convention 2006
    11. Microsoft confirms South African Xbox 360 launch
    13. Eidos' Games Convention line-up
    14. Sony clarifies PS3 launch plans
    15. In-house development will boost creativity - Vivendi
    16. Media giants are turning away from publisher acquisitions - Williams
    17. Imagine is Xbox 360 market leader
    18. Saint's Row demo downloaded 350,000 times in first week
    19. Microsoft denies Xbox 360 Core system price cut
    20. Pushing the Boundaries
    22. UK Charts: Heavy congestion keeps Cars in the lead
    23. EIEF Edge Awards Winners Revealed
    24. Long-Time Game Industry Veteran Randel Reiss Acquires Major Stake in Prairie Games, Inc.
    25. Cyber Square Alliance Expands Into Canada
    26. FIFA and ESPN titles to access broadcast TV content
    1. Techland release exclusive trailer to coincide with the games appearance at Games Convention in Leipzig Germany from 23rd to 27th August
    2. EA expects Wii to retail for $170
    3. GCDC: Software showcase
    4. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Announces New Price for PlayStation 2
    5. GCDC: Leipzig Goes Mobile
    6. Xbox 360 To Launch In South Africa This Autumn
    7. Want to play 'Doctors and Nurses?'
    8. New interactive media publishing company founded
    9. Rockpool Games Appoint Peppermint M To Handle All PR And Marketing Activities
    10. GCDC: Leipzig Goes Mobile
    11. The War Against The Terrorism Has Just Begun - The Mark
    12. GCDC: Sony unveils limited edition pink PS2 bundle
    13. THQ announces Company of Heroes
    14. Leipzig GCDC: Mobile games to outsell console titles during 2006 - I-play
    15. GCDC: Mobile games to outsell console titles during 2006 - I-play
    16. GC: PlayStation 2 price cut to GBP 94.99 as part of Leipzig offensive
    17. The Great Koei Giveaway
    18. GCDC: Developers must shape next-gen gaming - Daglow
    19. Real World Golf 2007 Television Broadcast Campaign
    20. The race for supremacy begins as ArchLord beta test goes live
    21. THQ Reveals Leipzig Games Conference Line-Up Featuring Leading Properties for All Next-Generation Platforms
    22. boosts editorial team with new appointments
    23. Imagine defends lack of ABC results for games magazines
    24. ParaWorld Goes Gold
    25. Co-Founder Of Toy:Lobster Simon Jones Quits Company To Start Marketing Agency, Peppermint M
    26. Undercover: Operation Wintersun – Beta Testing has begun
    27. The Rising Star Contest Final Countdown!
    28. Deep Silver brings chaos to Leipzig
    29. boosts editorial team with new appointments
    30. Sony claims PS3 shortages are inevitable
    31. Electronic Arts becomes the latest to sign Unreal Engine 3 technology
    32. John Terry signs Pro Evolution Soccer contract extension
    33. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Announces Introduction of Pink PlayStation 2 - To debut at Games Convention, Leipzig, 23-27 Aug 06
    34. boosts editorial team with new Editor and Deputy Editor
    36. Pounce on a copy now – the kids will have a wild time!
    37. iGames and CEVO Announce Remaining Events in 6-Month $40K National eSports Competitions, Presented by Intel
    1. CDV and Monte Cristo Offer City Life through Digital Distribution
    2. Lexicon Announce PC product 'Daemon Vector' in Busy Acquisition Week for the newcomer
    3. Capture the Strategy in Pursuit of Power
    4. Deep Silver Announces Games Convention Lineup
    5. GAME WIRE: NAMCO BANDAI Games' "Eureka Seven Vol. 1: The New Wave" Highlights LFO
    6. SteelSeries Present New SteelSound 5H v2 Professional Gaming Headset
    7. GCDC 2006 Workshop "Triple Play & Games"
    8. T-Mobile UK Launches Sennari's PrizePlay Gaming Service
    9. ParaWorld invites the community to the multiplayer demo challenge
    10. Geometry Wars "clone" author claims he offered to change game
    11. GI Podcast: Looking ahead to Leipzig and Edinburgh
    12. Go Mad and Go Wild – Go KAZooK!
    13. GTR2 drops the hammer in Bella Italia
    14. VIA Launches "Get the Girls into the Game" Contest with Free Trip to Sweden
    15. Flagship announces digi distribution service
    16. GameStop reports Q2 sales surge
    18. New adult titles from Mobile Alliance: «Erotic Poker» and «Black Jack»
    19. Ryzom Ring at GC Leipzig 23rd - 27th August!
    20. New from Xing Mobile: Jewel Collection
    21. Techland, Poland best known games developer hires Frazer Nash Communications, a UK based PR Agency to handle global PR…
    22. John Terry extends Konami deal
    23. Stunning Warhammer®: Mark Of Chaos™ Trailer Highlights Empire Tactics
    24. UKEGI asks Government to recognise videogaming as a sport
    25. Paper Trails
    27. The Battle of Christmas
    28. London Games Festival's consumer calendar unveiled
    29. Bizarre Creations call for more originality amongst indies
    30. Buy them, train them, pick them… then turn them loose on your rivals! Take your perfect team to the top in LMA Manager 2007 coming September 22nd
    31. Lexicon Entertainment announce 'Chronos Twins' DS for Worldwide Release
    32. London Games Festival Consumer Events Calendar Announced
    33. Wave Generation's Artists Recognized In MTV Video Music Awards
    34. Phoenix Racing Light is now available for download
    35. Composers Sascha Dikiciyan & Cris Velaso Create Dynamic Main Theme For Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 4: Double Agent
    36. 2K Sports Introduces Cinemotion™ to NHL 2K7
    37. SIERRA ENTERTAINMENT'S F.E.A.R. COMBAT now available !
    38. Panzer Elite Action - Dunes Of War
    39. No HD-DVD games for Xbox 360, says MS exec
    2. Is VideoGaming A Sport? The UKEGI Likes To Think So….
    3. Game Writers Conference Announces Speakers and Sessions
    4. Official titles suffer as games magazine sales continue to decline
    5. Ubisoft Unveils Star Wars: Lethal Alliance™ – The Fate Of The Galaxy Is In Your Hands
    6. Hudson Entertainment Presents a True Legend in Music with Bob Marley's Burnin'
    7. NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. Announces "Tamagotchi(R) Connection(R): Corner Shop(TM) 2"
    8. PLAYSTATION®3 Owners To Experience F.E.A.R.™
    9. Player One ups its game with Pokermillion The Masters
    10. GameJump offers mobile games for free
    11. No 1080p games for PS3 this year, predicts Microsoft exec
    12. Rome: Total War(TM) - Alexander Advances Onto CD-ROM
    13. Animating Alice
    14. METRO 2033. The Last Refuge
    15. Major League Gaming's Orlando Competition Sets Record For Largest Console Gaming Competition Ever
    16. SteelSeries Signs New Sponsorship Agreement With Pentagram G-Shock
    17. The Revolution has begun
    18. Get in the ring: ANACONDA announces Boxing Manager
    19. Total Mobile Magazine Awards Three-In-A-Row Maximum Scores For Games Developed By Rockpool
    20. GC 2006 – sunflex presents FANATEC's Speedster Controller and Headshot Controller
    21. New Screens for Blitzkrieg 2: Fall of the Reich
    22. Encouraging next-generation signs for Future's games portfolio
    23. Analysts predict next-gen victory for Sony
    24. ENDOR AG and Porsche Design Group signed a cooperation contract
    25. Gamon at Relentless
    26. GameDaily to become "flagship videogames brand" for AOL
    27. Microsoft plans advanced Xbox Live Marketplace transactions
    28. New Warhammer®: Mark Of Chaos™ Screenshots And Artwork Now Available!
    29. More Than 100 Tracks From Top 1980s Music Artists Headline First Half Of Soundtrack For Scarface: The World Is Yours
    30. Expansive Marketing Campaign Drives Unprecedented Anticipation for Saints Row(TM) Release
    31. hires James Marlow to join their staff
    32. Sega unveils Leipzig Games Convention line-up
    33. Flagship Studios And HanbitSoft Announce PingO A Joint Venture To Support The Online Component For Hellgate™: London
    34. Glu Mobile Announces Plans to Launch Kasparov Chess
    36. Phantom games receiver evaporates
    37. Ubisoft Soars to New Heights with Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII for the PlayStation 3 System
    38. Prize Fight launches Quake 4 Mini Tournaments!
    39. Ozura Mobile & Coruscant sign Partnership deal
    40. Experience Revolutionary Gaming @ KODE5 USA
    41. HyperKat Releases SOF/Raiders: Operation Eagle Talon
    42. The Largest Dating Game In The History Of The World To Launch August 16
    43. Turbine Presents Litany Of The Dead Part One For DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE™: Stormreach™
    44. Playlogic Entertainment, Inc. Announces Half Year 2006 Financial Results
    46. Gamer's Gate announced today the world premiere of "Sword of the Stars"!
    47. "No final PS3 launch plans until mid-September" - Sony UK
    48. Interactive Selection flying the English flag at Nordic Games in Malmö, Sweden, 19-20 September.
    1. New from Xing Mobile: Xing Poker
    2. Art at the Leipzig Fair
    3. Win an Xbox 360 and Games in the Pro-G Prey Tournament
    4. Glu partners with chess champion
    5. CCP Launches German Version Of Eve Online(R) At Games Connection In Leipzig
    6. Down Hill And To The Limit
    7. Brain Workout - Brain Muscles And Little Fish!
    8. Family Guy content deal extended outside of the US
    9. Games Market Europe event "postponed" until 2007
    10. Xbox 360 camera to ship with free game
    11. Renowned adventure game designer commits to Leipzig
    12. Developer Chat Tomorrow....
    13. Planet Moon to develop Sega classic for PSP
    14. Maelstrom's destructive RTS gameplay unleashed in first demo – now available for download
    15. THQ's Company of Heroes(TM) Goes Gold
    16. RenChi & GoNintendo joint Wii Contest
    17. Why Pay for Mobile Games When Gives Them Away for Free?
    18. Pretty sharp at computer games? Think you could design one better?
    19. No Need for Gamers to go 'All In'; Full Version of 'Texas Hold 'em' on Xbox Live Arcade is a Free Download for First 48 Hours
    20. World premiere at the Games Convention: Jane Jensen to present new adventure game "Gray Matter" at dtp press conference
    21. Silicon Knights denies dropping Unreal Engine 3
    22. Microsoft boasts healthy attachment rates for Xbox 360
    23. Living Legend
    24. FISHLABS presents first Alpha of its 3D-Fantasy-MMORPG for Mobile Phones "Blades & Magic" at Games Convention
    25. ANACONDA announces new action game: Red Ocean coming 2007
    26. Billionaire 'investor activist' buys into Take-Two
    27. Pioneers of real time-roleplay games at the GCDC
    28. GameTap And Cyan Worlds Announce Closed Beta Testing For Upcoming Title - Myst Online: Uru Live
    29. CEA predicts healthy upturn for the US games market
    30. NaturalMotion Announces Major Funding from Benchmark Capital Europe
    31. WPP makes strategic investment in WildTangent, the leading Online Game Publisher
    32. Goozex - Online Video Game Trading Company Launches Military Promotion
    33. Maelstrom Troop Feature
    34. Dragon Ball Z® Budokai: Tenkaichi 2
    35. Earthworm Jim®
    36. Arthur and the Invisibles
    1. Juniper Games – Updated Demo and Free Development File
    2. Abandon Mobile Launches NBC Sports Real Golf Mobile Game On North American Wireless Networks
    3. Warner Bros. Digital Distribution And I-play Bring The Mob To Mobile
    4. TrayGames Announces Multi-Player Support for Microsoft XNA
    5. Trailer for The Exchange Student released
    6. TrayGames Announces Free Ride Poker, Releases Classic Chess
    7. SEGA Partners With Planet Moon Studios To Bring Classic Content To The PSP System
    8. CDV Announces Rider's World: I Want to Ride for PC
    9. M: Metrics reports continued growth in photo messaging
    10. HD DVD Drive under $200?
    11. American McGee backs Wii in next-gen race
    12. PARABELLUM®: ACONY hires the best to handle PARABELLUM®
    13. Penny Arcade touts unique gaming event
    14. FUN Technologies Acquires UK Casual Games Site, Teagames
    15. DarkStar One - DVD Routine & Game Sync Update
    16. NCsoft® Brings Nightfall To Leipzig
    17. Koch And Ball Story
    18. SEGA :: Yakuza :: Website Launch
    19. Shaq Returns As Cover Athlete For NBA 2K7
    20. Proto-game gurus anxiously await their fate
    21. Halcyon adds a personal touch to mobile gaming
    22. Bethesda unites five generations of Star Trek captains
    23. Livingstone predicts "much closer race" between next-gen consoles
    24. Australia Chart 06-08-06
    25. Changing Times
    26. UK Charts: Cars refuses to take a pit stop
    27. In2Games launches
    28. Take the Law Into Your Own Hands With Crackdown Fan Site Kit
    29. Wii will follow in DS's footsteps, says Fils-Aime
    30. Quest of Persia: ROG Trailer Released
    31. Eastern Front expansion for Down in Flames!
    32. Farlan Entertainment Acknowledges Dark and Light™ Performance Challenges, Announces Free Subscriptions As It Makes Improvements
    33. [XBLA] Load Inc attending Leipzig – you should care !
    34. Penny Arcade Comments on Evolving PAX Role In View of Mini E3
    35. Western Digital Raptor X Becomes Official Hard Drive of Reason Gaming
    1. DarkStar One Lifts Off and Heads to Retail
    2. Microsoft Invites the World to Create its own Xbox 360 Console Games for the First Time
    3. Gameloft bags cult TV licenses for mobile platform
    4. GarageGames Showcases Torque Game Engine for the XNA Platform
    6. Gameloft bags cult TV licenses for mobile platform
    7. Former EA exec joins Double Fusion
    8. Handheld boom aids Japanese market growth
    9. I-play tees off with NYC Urban Golf
    10. Head back to the Balearics with Kato studios
    11. All Five STAR TREK® Captains to Voice Bethesda Softworks Video Game Marking the First Time the Principal Stars of the Legendary Series Have Participated in a Single Star Trek Project Together
    12. Spellborn rocks the Games Convention!
    14. Undercover: Official Website Launched
    15. Design a BIONICLE™ mask for the new game
    17. SHMUP-DEV - Bringing shoot 'em up developers together.
    19. Axe Attacks in Edinburgh
    20. Actionloop launches across Europe on 27th October 2006
    21. Team tactics
    22. Wings Over Europe - Cold War: Soviet Invasion
    23. Sony dismisses PSP price cut rumours
    24. Earache Extreme Metal Racing
    27. Microsoft to "democratise game development" with new dev platform
    28. Europa Universalis III - Religion feature and new screens
    29. "Two Worlds": Developer gets more time
    31. EA extends FIFA deal for a further four years
    1. US Software sales continue to soar
    2. Disney launches mobile puzzle games bundle
    3. JOYTECH Unveils Leipzig Lineup
    4. Fathammer releases Toy Golf for Windows XP
    5. Terraplay nominated for Best Mobile Games Service Provider Award
    6. EA recrute les plus grands noms du football
    7. CEA considers bridging E3 gap
    8. Submissions required for GDC Mobile conference
    10. 'Games industry business model does not work' - Ward
    11. Driv3r was "a half-baked product", says Atari exec
    12. New from Xing Mobile: Bart's Beer Bar
    13. Capcom profits increase despite Q1 sales dip
    14. "ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007" Goes Gold
    15. Get Ready To Slug It Out...(Side)
    16. SUNFLOWERS signs contract with Aspyr Media – Aspyr to publish 1701 A. D. and ParaWorld in North America
    17. Ibiza nights are back!!
    18. "Age of Empires III: The Warchiefs" Fan Site Kit Set to Colonise Computer Desktops
    19. TrayGames Developer Challenge 2006 Update
    20. SOE acquires online trading card game developer
    21. Sense Rising?
    22. GCDC Offers Online Participant List
    23. CEA Forms Advisory Committee to Explore Gaming Event Options
    24. New attendee section opens on Leipzig GCDC website
    25. Torque Game Builder 1.1.1 Now Available!
    26. "Warhammer(R) Online: Age of Reckoning(TM)" Invades Penny Arcade Expo And Games Convention This Month
    27. Supreme Ruler 2010 Nominated for Awards
    28. Your World Games Announces Co-Publishing Deal With Sony BMG Music Entertainment For Groundbreaking Wireless Videogame 'The Shroud'
    29. Retro Fusion::A Weekend of Gaming!
    1. [Developer Chat] CDV to Host War Front Developer Chat
    2. Has video killed the terrestrial star?
    3. What's wrong with games TV?
    4. Justin Lee Collins to present the Golden Joystick Awards 2006
    5. Legendo Teams with to Launch The Three Musketeers in the US
    6. SEGA Announces 'Sega Genesis Collection' For The PlayStation(R)2 And PSP(R) System
    7. Cocoasoft launches Eon Domino Island
    8. Mad Tracks delayed to include Live multiplayer
    9. 500,000 Europeans train their brains
    10. RTZ sinks its teeth into mobile gaming
    12. World Premier of Xploder HDTV Player for PS2 at Games Convention (GC) 2006 in Leipzig, Germany
    13. "Barrow Hill: Curse of the Ancient Circle" Goes Gold
    14. More info on Undercover: Operation Wintersun story revealed
    15. Attendee registration opens for London Game Career Fair
    16. Ubisoft touts "100 per cent gaming" for Leipzig
    17. IP sales aid Atari in reducing Q1 loss
    18. Hoist the mainsail and saddle up those Dinos: ANNO 1701 and ParaWorld for the first time playable at the GC
    19. 'One Piece: Grand Adventure' For Europe
    20. SEC filing shows Activision paid $100m for RedOctane
    21. SingStar Legends lines up the world's greatest hits…
    22. Ubisoft Announces Lineup for Games Convention 2006 Leipzig
    23. Livingstone applauds evolution of E3
    24. BBFC defends decision to leave Dead Rising uncut
    25. Over half a million copies of Dr Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? sold in first 9 weeks
    26. Nintendo's Brain Age Sets New World Record, Training Millions Of Brains Each Day
    27. KODE5 Launches KODE5 USA
    28. Bohemia Interactive announces United States Marine Corps (USMC) VBS2 Enterprise License and development of the VBS2 Virtual Took Kit (VTK)
    29. Victoria: Revolutions, Feature #1 - Colonial System
    30. Vampire Story – Press report.
    31. Sennari Nominated As ME Award Finalist In The Best Games Service Provider Category
    32. Zero G Games Completes Development Of New Yahoo! Chess
    33. Trinigy @ GC Leipzig – Unveiling the next generation of Game Engine Technology
    34. Micro Application announces its presence at Leipzig Games Convention 2006
    35. Atari Reports Fiscal 2007 First Quarter Results
    36. Acclaim Announces New MMORPG Game - "2Moons" to be Directed by Game Development Veteran David Perry
    37. Aspharr
    1. Team 17 boss predicts bright future for UK development industry
    2. Specnaz: Project Wolf Goes Gold
    3. Revolution MD calls for more creativity at industry events
    4. SEGA's 'NHL™: Eastside Hockey Manager 2007' Faces Off For The New Hockey Season
    5. Sabotage: stealth-action highlight playable at GC
    6. Gothic 3 Camp enriches Games Convention
    7. Back To School With Shrapnel Games!
    9. ArchLord's magnificent mounts revealed
    10. JavArt sends a shockwave to the mobile gaming sector
    11. Bender/Helper Impact Partners with Embassy Multimedia Consultants
    12. Edinburgh Rolls out the Red Carpet for Video Game Stars
    13. Next Generation Control is Here Today with the New eDimensional G-Pad Pro Gyroscopic Gamepad for PCs and Consoles
    14. Spellbinding Bullet Witch(TM) to Descend Upon Gamers
    15. "No cuts" made to PAL version of ultraviolent Dead Rising - Capcom
    16. Atari and Pat Sajak Announce Interactive Publishing Partnership
    17. MobileDragon 1.0 beta1 released for PDAs and Smartphones!
    18. Quad NVIDIA(R) SLI(TM) Technology Makes Extreme HD Gaming A Reality For The Do-It-Yourself Crowd
    19. New from Xing Mobile: Backgammon Match
    20. Microsoft downplays Korean Xbox 360 piracy problem
    21. Tiga looks to the future
    22. Arcade nostalgia from Sweden
    23. Vue Entertainment promotes Cars film with interactive game
    24. Mobile Game and Content Public Relations Firm VSC Consulting Congratulates Four Mobile Technology Clients as Finalists for the 2006 ME Awards from Mobile Entertainment Magazine
    25. I-Play Catches Big Air As FMX Franchise Hits 1 Million
    26. LucasArts teams up with Day 1 Studios for next-gen games
    27. Sierra Announces F.E.A.R. Combat
    28. F.E.A.R. Combat
    29. DreamCatcher Games to Publish Neverend
    30. "Mobile Suit Gundam" Gets Ready For War On PlayStation(R)3 System
    1. LucasArts Announces Agreement with Day 1 Studios to Create New Next-Generation Entertainment Franchise
    2. Cryptic Studios Selects Kohnke Commnications To Manage Corporate Messaging
    3. Microjocs launch San Fermines 2006
    4. Break the sound barrier with the GEAR4 SonicBoom™
    5. Pirates Count Cost Of Crime
    6. Glu Mobile launches new adventure game
    7. New season, new website for Premier Manager
    8. Wrapstar launches four 'skins' for the Nintendo DS.
    9. JoWooD Productions and Deep Silver Have Fixed Gothic 3 Release Date
    10. Breaking new ground
    11. Lighthouse and Vstep to offer free, new location for Ship Simulator 2006
    12. Microsoft demonstrates HD DVD drive
    13. Greenstreet set to challenge the nation with their new Japanese Puzzler
    14. Tiga boss predicts shift towards regional industry events
    15. Glu Announces the Launch of Stranded for Mobile Phones
    16. igLoader secures the client and extends streaming capabilities
    17. Sony unveils "mylo" personal communicator
    18. IMC coordinates the press coverage of Game Factory Interactive's military actions in Leipzig
    19. IGA Worldwide appoints former THQ exec
    20. Tetris Mania tumbles into Europe
    21. SEC targets THQ over stock option grants
    22. Touch-Screen Internet In The Palm Of Your Hand
    23. DIRT - Origin of the Species Bosses on Parade
    24. Jurassic Realm- So Easy Even a Cave Man Can Do It
    25. Blitzkrieg War in Europe 1939 - 1945 Released!
    26. Myelin Media Announces Details And Schedule For MTV STACKED Masters Season #1 Beginning Sunday August 13
    27. Its Time To Think Inside the Box!
    28. Atari, Inc.'s "TestDrive Unlimited - Build An Official Trailer" Contest Going Strong With 500 Entries Created During First Week
    29. Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - Cheat Codes Ahoy!
    30. Squenix president hints at hardware plans
    31. NaturalMotion Announces morpheme Animation Engine and Tool Chain
    32. Hudson Entertainment Establishes New North American Headquarters In Redwood Shores
    33. Ubisoft to breed All-New Pack Of Petz®
    34. UK Charts: THQ goes full throttle to keep pole position
    35. Rockpool Get Another 10 Out Of 10 Review Score, This Time For Rogue Trooper
    36. CiCi's Offers Fun and Education!
    1. Sony exec hints at disc-free future for consoles
    2. Game budgets are getting too big, says Broken Sword creator
    3. Goozex – Online Video Game Trading Platform Continues Rapid Growth.
    4. IGA Worldwide appoints media heavyweight from THQ to accelerate global revenues
    5. NCsoft posts 2nd quarter loss
    6. Duel Between Friends
    7. Edinburgh is the gateway to Middle-earth™ as The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar gets exclusive premiere at EIEF06
    8. The Countdown To Stardom Is On!
    9. Games Gone Mobile Tour announced
    10. Legendo at GC 2006
    11. Tough times ahead for retailers and publishers, says Denki MD
    12. The dawning of the age of development
    13. Immersion lowers net loss on higher Q2 revenues
    14. CityScape Battle Teaser Trailer
    15. Street Fighter II is fastest-selling Live Arcade game yet - Capcom
    16. Downloadable Call of Duty 2 content generates $1m for Activision
    17. Japanese Game Guru to Speak at Nordic Game Conference
    18. Game Audio: Access All Areas
    19. Valve to make big showing at Leipzig Games Convention
    21. US legislation puts ESRB under pressure
    22. Ubisoft closes acquisition of the Driver® franchise and the majority of the assets of Reflections Interactive Limited studio
    23. Video Arcade Extreme Exhibit
    24. Microsoft, Nintendo sued over alleged patent infringement
    25. Lux updates, education program and more
    26. Games for Health 2006 Announces Conference Content & Early Registration
    27. Bethesda Softworks Announces Involvement of Famed STAR TREK® Writer D.C. Fontana for Upcoming Games
    28. New from Xing Interactive/Mobile: Quan Yin Sudoku
    29. Title: Kuju Announces Rail Simulator support for PI Engineering 'RailDriver™' peripheral.
    30. Experience Dylo's Adventure on Mac and PC
    1. O~3 Entertainment Launches Website For Konductra For The Nintendo DS(TM)
    2. Nikitova LLC Expands Presence in Ukraine with Four New Offices.
    3. Activision losses beat expectations; upbeat on future prospects
    4. PopCap Games® Launches Talismania™ For PC
    5. Rockpool Become 'Best Developer' Finalists In The First Annual Mobile Entertainment Awards
    6. Xfire AND Blizzard EntertainmentÆ Announce New World of WarcraftÆ Contest
    7. Eurogamer to launch German site later this month
    8. Paid to Play
    9. Codes & Cheats Vol. 4
    11. Eurogamer to launch in Germany at Games Convention 2006
    12. EIEF06 Hosts First Ever Edge Mobile Award
    13. Cuban Brothers Burn Rubber On Game With Fame
    14. Xploder HDTV Game Player & DVD Movie Player combined to create the ultimate Playstation 2 upgrade
    15. ATARI scoops DOUBLE nomination at 2006 mtv video music awards
    17. Written Off?
    18. Ubisoft aims to be top third-party for Wii
    19. Golden Joystick Awards 2006 Shortlists Announced
    20. "More than 100" PS3 titles in development - Harrison
    21. Inside the Captain's Quarters
    22. NCsoft Announces 2006 Second Quarter Financial Results
    23. Five New Exclusive Alten8 Phone Games Released
    24. New Growth, New Deals & New Staff For Kiloo
    25. Ubisoft Expands Support for Nintendo's Wii with Seven Titles Available at Launch
    26. Ubisoft takes a Ride on the Wii Side with GT Pro Series
    27. Legend of Zelda Fierce Deity Link Collectible Statue From First 4 Figures
    28. For Liberty! Patch v1.51 released
    29. Codemasters Online Gaming to introduce new MMO subscription solution for ArchLord™.
    30. Oskar the Lover - another TOP 10 title from Impossible!
    31. Revolution closing in
    32. Gamers Storm Dallas For QuakeCon 2006
    33. New "Warhammer Online(R): Age of Reckoning(TM)" Career Details And Assets Available
    34. Activision Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2007 Results
    35. Q & A - The Rock
    1. GI Podcast: First in a regular series launched
    2. Sony condemns Gangs of London leak
    3. GDC boss pledges to retain creative focus
    4. Bill Roper confirmed for Leipzig keynote
    5. Microsoft attacks PlayStation 3 launch with Gears of War
    7. TransGaming Fills Mac Gaming Void With Cider
    8. Veteran Palm Inc. Executive Joins July Systems as Vice President of Product Management
    9. Atari announces Games Convention line-up
    10. Penny Arcade Expo to Host First Guild Wars® Live Event
    11. Embassy Multimedia Consultants Debuts Gaming's First Global Consultancy
    12. Emergence Day Revealed: Critically Acclaimed Xbox 360 Title "Gears of War" to Surface 17th November, 2006
    14. Buka Entertainment at GC 2006
    15. Honky Tonk® Music festival meets GC (Games Convention)
    16. Bill Roper is keynote speaker at GCDC 2006
    17. GIGA is media partner of the Games Convention 2006
    18. GC (Games Convention) launches official newsletter
    19. new media partner of GC
    20. The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ Reaches Alpha
    21. Games for Health 2006 Announces Conference Content & Early Registration
    22. Guild Wars Online Store Goes Live
    23. What's Next for GDC?
    24. Capcom launches Super Puzzle Fighter 2
    25. Former iFone exec joins Telcogames
    26. New Barrow Hill screenshots released
    27. More Tiger Woods games on the way as EA extends PGA dealMore Tiger Woods games on the way as EA extends PGA deal
    28. 1C Company and Cenega PUBLISHING reveal games Convention 2006 lineup
    29. Rockstar wins latest GTA: San Andreas court case
    30. Former iFone Executive Joins Telcogames As Chief Marketing Officer
    31. Superstar DJ's Line Up For Game With Fame
    32. America's VideoGame Expo Offers High-Value Direct-to-Consumer Event
    33. Wild Hare Entertainment
    34. Capcom® Interactive, Inc. Unleashes Super Puzzle Fighter(TM) 2: Network Battle Onto The Mobile Phone Platform
    1. British education crisis will cost country dear - Philip Oliver
    2. Namco Bandai Games America Inc. Announces "NARUTO(TM): Uzumaki Chronicles(TM)" For PlayStation(R)2 System
    3. Atari to hold off on PS3 titles until 2007
    4. Farewell E3
    5. [NEW SCREENS] From Russia with Love - The Ice Spitter Tank
    6. DreamCatcher Games to Publish Ship Simulator
    7. ELSPA welcomes focus on local events in wake of E3
    8. Rouge Trooper Statue From First 4 Figures
    9. Book your (UK) review copies for War Front: Turning Point
    10. Huge rise in revenues for EA's mobile division
    11. 2K Sports Announces Diverse Music Lineup from Sub Pop Records for NHL 2K7 Video Game
    12. Eidos considers legal options over Lava Kroft game
    13. Broken Sword(R): Shadow of the Templars comes to Windows Mobile(R) for Pocket PC devices.
    14. MiST land - South changes name to GFI Russia.
    15. Eidos considers legal options over Lava Kroft game
    16. Atari signs UK distribution deal with Ignition Entertainment
    17. Wii software pricing will be "broadly in line" with current-gen - Nintendo
    18. Michiru Yamane to play Castlevania track at Games Convention Symphony Concert
    19. SNK to hold off on PS3 development until 2009
    20. Game Contractor launches jobs rescue for UK Game Developers…
    21. JoWooD Productions presents "Gothic 3" and "The Guild 2" at this years Games Convention in Leipzig plus new games
    22. Enemy Coast Ahead!
    23. F-117A Stealth Fighter
    24. Frazer Nash Communications bags dtp Entertainment - Games Convention in Leipzig, German first on the agenda...
    25. Electronic Arts posts higher net loss despite bigger revenues
    26. Player X goes global with exclusive Miami Vice mobile game
    27. Indiagames Launches NBC's The Office Series of Mobile Phone Games based on the Hit Comedy
    28. VunderLAN 2.0 LAN Party Details Revealed
    29. 2K Sports Names J.J. Redick College Hoops 2K7 Cover Athlete
    30. World Cyber Games Announces Aladdin Resort in Las Vegas as Host Venue for USA Championship Final
    31. KODE5 Launches KODE5 South Korea
    1. 'Dreamfall: The Longest Journey' Nominated for MTV Video Music Award
    2. Electronic Arts comes out in support of new plan for E3
    3. Confusion reigns at UK publishers over new format E3
    4. NCSoft boss backs new format for E3
    5. Platform holders give first reaction to new format E3
    6. Last Stop, E3
    7. A Positive Move
    9. ArenaNet Announces Prerelease Bonus Pack for Guild Wars Nightfall
    10. Funstage Launches – the UK´s Newest Gaming Website
    11. Prepare to Save the World, But Not Your Time with Meteor Mayhem!
    12. HDTV DVD Movie Upgrade for Playstation 2
    13. UK charts: Cars roars into first place
    14. The Ultimate Warriors Game Explodes Onto Xbox 360(TM) & PlayStation®2
    15. DropTeam - MAJOR updates!
    16. Lowenstein reveals name, date and venue change for E3
    17. Entertainment Software Association Announces Evolution of E3Expo for 2007
    18. Ubisoft Shifts Into High Gear With Import Tuner Challenge(TM)
    19. Blitz Open Days A Huge Success
    20. Imagine launches Next3 for PS3
    21. Action Replay DS Arrives!
    22. iGames and CEVO Present the Intel 5K Call of Duty® 2 Open
    23. Ozura Mobile Presents Lava Kroft
    24. Siggraph's Sandbox Symposium Success
    25. KODE5 China Rescheduled
    26. Lowenstein reveals name, date and venue change for E3
    27. Double Fusion And Vykarian Partner To Enable Turnkey 3D In-Game Ad Solution
    28. Build and Run Your Business Empire with IndustryPlayer
    29. Saints Row™ Redefines Open World Gaming With Explosive Xbox Live Demo
    30. working-title announces Three Warriors
    31. Pre-Registration for Penny Arcade Expo Extended to August 3, 2006
    32. Germany's HandyGames™ Inks Deal with Greystripe's AdWRAP Mobile In-Game Advertising Network to Distribute 28 Award-Winning Titles Games Free of Charge to Consumers
    33. Niko Partners Issues Report on Outsourced Game Development in China in 2006
    34. New DIRT - Origin of the Species Trailer and Expected Launch Date
    35. CCP Becomes A Contributing Sponsor Of Gen Con - $10K Eve CCG Tournament To Be Held At Show
    36. FlatOut™ 2 CRASHES INTO STORES
    37. End of era as ESA confirms collapse of E3