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February 2016 Archive

    1. ESL and Intel launch eSports diversity initiative
    2. Raspberry Pi 3 debuts with built-in WiFi, Bluetooth
    3. The stress of success
    4. HoloLens dev kit ships March 30
    5. Oculus hires Hulu exec to head video team
    6. Gameloft board advises against selling stock to Vivendi
    7. Far Cry Primal is the UK's number one game
    8. PlayStation TV discontinued in Japan
    9. Obituary: Fergus McGovern
    10. Valve axes Dota 2 eSports host and production company
    11. Candy Labs veterans found Fracture Games in Brighton
    12. Profit declines at Starbreeze ahead of pivotal 2016
    1. Layoffs at GamesRadar+
    2. "I think of that Sid Meier as being a different person"
    3. Ubisoft seeks investors to avoid Vivendi takeover
    4. Nintendo halves profit forecast, cuts 1m from expected 3DS sales
    5. There's still merit in console secrecy
    1. Niantic raises another $5m in Series A
    2. YouTube dominating Twitch in gaming videos - Newzoo
    3. Why Machine Zone still buys "overpriced" TV ads
    4. Digital sales up 8 percent in January - Superdata
    5. Giving Away the Keys
    6. Naughty Dog apologises for using AC Black Flag art in trailer
    7. Disgraced politician Leland Yee gets five years in prison
    8. FarmVille creator joins Indian studio Moonfrog Labs
    9. Keith Ramsdale joins Testronic
    1. New Fire Emblem Fates boasts best ever US launch
    2. All new top eight on Japanese charts
    3. From ink to app: Exploding Kittens
    4. PS4 to sell 100 million - DFC
    5. "More inclusive development is better for everybody" - Sledgehammer
    6. SNK Playmore establishes SNK Entertainment
    7. "Episodic is kind of a poisoned word right now"
    8. Firewatch out-sold Campo Santo's "wildest expectations"
    9. Moon Studios CEO calls out console firms for hardware secrecy
    10. Valve raises Counter-Strike eSports prize to $1 million
    11. Tinybuild harnesses Twitch to push Punch Club to success
    12. Double Fine appoints new Psychonauts 2 lead designer
    1. San Francisco's Magic Fuel Games scores $2.4m
    2. Failbetter Games launches Fundbetter
    3. Halo World Championship sports $2.5 million prize pool
    4. The joy of unretirement
    5. Activision Blizzard-King acquisition closes
    1. Kabam cuts 8% of staff
    2. 6.4m players join Division beta
    3. PlayStation VR: Is Sony willing to be a loss leader?
    4. Unity: "Drop the word virtual, it's going to be another reality"
    5. Amiga engineer Dave Needle dies
    6. Spector: "Thank god for the indie space"
    7. Black Ops III keeps Street Fighter V from UK #1
    8. Valve and HTC's Vive priced at $800
    9. Facebook starts its first dedicated Social VR team
    10. Samsung Gear VR will be free with Galaxy S7 pre-orders
    11. Gumi invests in The VR Fund
    12. Watch Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro's DICE keynote
    1. Kinect designer wants to be more patient with HoloLens
    2. Google Play rolling out Gamer IDs
    3. Bethesda is working on three new games
    4. Vivendi in process of mandatory takeover bid for Gameloft
    5. Fallout 4 named Game of the Year at DICE
    6. Smartphones that rival console performance are not a threat
    7. Kojima: "I feel extremely free right now"
    1. Rebellion CEO: "Leaks and rumours can actually affect a company's share price"
    2. InnoGames boasts 100% mobile revenue boost
    3. Percentage of women devs "not good enough" - ESA CEO
    4. Why Civilization never "crashed and burned"
    5. Pratchett pushes the importance of story
    6. Spyr creates new Finnish gaming subsidiary
    7. Industry has become less hit-driven, more dependable - Ubisoft
    8. "We were actually lucky to be neglected"
    9. "Reputation is now as important as the games"
    10. Goodgame Studios appoints new head of studio
    11. Twitch moves TwitchCon to San Diego
    12. "When you go to Brighton once, you just fall in love with the city"
    1. Nvidia sees record quarter
    2. Shin Megami Tensei IV is Japan's #1
    3. FunPlus announces $50m fund to "invest in the future of indie gaming"
    4. Epic hands out another $100,000 in educational grants
    5. Warren Spector joins OtherSide Entertainment
    6. Shahid Ahmad joins Double Eleven Board
    7. Nominations announced for IMGA 2016
    8. New Art Director for Spil Games
    9. Apple opposes FBI order to build iOS "backdoor"
    10. ARM: Mobiles will be graphically equivalent to PS4/Xbox One by 2017
    11. Watch DICE 2016 live, here
    1. New hires and user milestone for Fractured Space
    2. Rodeo denies closure reports
    3. PlayStation VR launching this fall - GameStop CEO
    4. GAME acquires eSports platform SocialNAT
    5. Notch and Tracy Fullerton honoured at Game Developers Choice Awards
    6. Layoffs at Activision Blizzard
    7. US game industry pulls in $23.5 billion in 2015
    8. ESA mourns Scalia
    9. Chris Schlerf confirms move from Bioware to Bungie
    1. How to prepare for unexpected success
    2. Made in India, made by indies
    3. Half-year revenues up at Frontier
    4. Rise of the Tomb Raider wins Writers Guild award
    5. Kongregate to aid experimental game development
    6. Push off Paxman
    1. Kickstarter "maturation means more money, but not for more people" - ICO
    2. Unraveling Coldwood's change in design philosophy
    3. Mattel gets Halo master license
    4. Quantum Break cross-buy offer angers Xbox One owners
    5. Call of Duty tops declining US software market
    6. Activision Blizzard gunning for NFL-scale eSports revenue
    7. Apple's Binding of Creativity
    1. Black Ops III drives mixed Activision Blizzard results
    2. King's profit and sales fall in 2015
    3. Ubisoft sales tumble in Q3
    4. Wargaming, Etermax, Super Evil Megacorp to speak at Gamelab Mobile
    5. Inaugural Vision VR/AR Awards doled out
    6. Rogue Initiative launches in LA
    7. IO: New Hitman game is a solution to AAA accessibility
    8. Speaker submissions open for Develop in Brighton
    9. Tickets on sale now for EGX 2016
    10. Study: As gamers age, their competitive instincts wane
    11. Battlefront licensing revenue a bright spot in Disney's Q1
    12. Ukie Careers Bar returns to EGX Rezzed
    13. FanDuel to lay off 55 people at Florida office
    14. Nordic Game 2016 tickets available now
    1. Zynga posts $117 million full-year loss
    2. Vision Summit Keynote: Big plans and free Vives
    3. China's mobile market shifts toward hardcore gaming - Report
    4. Mobile app store revenues to pass $100 billion in 2020 - Report
    5. Magic Leap, Virtuix become ESA members
    6. Watch Gabe Newell, Palmer Luckey and more talk VR
    7. Sonic the Hedgehog headed for Hollywood
    8. "Console games can be for Christmas, but free-to-play is for life"
    9. Parallax founders reunite for Descent successor
    10. SMITE developer opens new Brighton, UK office
    11. Screen Yorkshire awarded lottery funding by BFI
    12. Solid year for Nexon sees net income up by 88%
    13. Sweden's Stugan accelerator publishes first mobile title
    14. Sony's Dr Dave Ranyard leaving to independently pursue VR
    1. Motiga temporarily lays off staff
    2. Mad Catz axing 37% of staff as Q3 profit dips 10%
    3. David Gaider joins Beamdog as creative director
    4. ESA: SuperData's critique on us "gratuitous, misinformed"
    5. Com2us posts record sales in 2015
    6. Bandai Namco sees growth in video games arm
    7. Rovio spins off book publishing arm
    8. 20% reader discount on Gaming Analytics Summit tickets
    9. Amazon launches free AAA game engine
    10. Hex: Cryptozoic's cards of fate
    11. Gametrailers site shuts down
    1. Morhaime: "You can't really distinguish eSports from game development"
    2. Industrial Toys team launch new studio
    3. Mad Catz chairman, CEO, general counsel all resign
    4. Titanfall branching out to single-player, TV
    5. Just Cause 3 prompts despair among Chinese pirates
    6. Playdek puts crowdfunded Unsung Story on hold
    7. Tickets on sale for Reboot Develop 2016
    8. Humble Bundle now developing original content
    9. Niko Partners: Chinese mobile market has hit peak growth
    10. Black Ops III back on top in the UK
    11. Report: Google to release Cardboard successor this year
    12. Apple rejects iOS version of The Binding of Isaac
    1. Scrap Mechanic sells 100,000 on Early Access
    1. Wevr raises $25m for Transport platform
    2. VTech to acquire LeapFrog
    3. H1Z1 becomes two games, neither free-to-play
    4. Todd Howard to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award
    5. Ian Livingstone opening two Livingstone Academies
    6. The ESA must adapt or die
    7. Puzzle & Trivia games dominate Windows IAP revenue
    8. Nintendo puts "Quality of Life" sleep monitor to bed
    9. Sega's games revenue in decline after nine months
    10. No, Nintendo isn't going to make VR games
    11. 22cans makes changes to Godus Wars following DLC complaints
    1. Gameloft and GungHo gang up
    2. Glu's celebrity strategy faltered on Katy Perry, James Bond games
    3. SpecialEffect aims to raise £150,000 with GameBlast weekend
    4. 237 games certified for Video Games Tax Relief in 2015
    5. Glu Mobile shows revenue and profit decline in 2015
    6. Just Cause and Tomb Raider boost Square Enix profits
    7. Electronic Arts UK has new head of media
    8. Autodesk restructuring, 925 lay offs planned
    9. Batman: Arkham Knight Linux and Mac ports cancelled
    1. Glu's next celebrity star is Taylor Swift
    2. CCP's Dust 514 shutting down in May
    3. Take-Two declines not as bad as feared
    4. My Nintendo program aims for 100 million members
    5. Dragon Quest Builders is Japanese #1
    6. We don't even have a language for VR - Rebellion CEO
    7. Does GameStop's future lie in publishing?
    8. Studio Wildcard wants PS4 owners to ask for early access
    9. What small teams can learn from AAA communication tactics
    10. Take-Two sued over 2K16 tattoos
    11. Twitch expands into exclusive movie trailers
    1. Witness sells over 100,000 copies in first week
    2. New HR director for Innogames
    3. Magic Leap confirms additional $794 million in funding
    4. 10 Years Ago This Month - February 2006
    5. Mind Candy names Ian Chambers as new CEO
    6. Nintendo's profits drop 30% year-on-year
    1. Linekong Interactive opens US office
    2. Ubisoft and EA tussle over Ghost trademark
    3. Bethesda plans a second E3 presser
    4. Games deals down 81 per cent in 2015
    5. Gameloft will have to return $3 million New Zealand grant