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March 2018 Archive

    1. Big Fish Casino ruled illegal in Washington
    2. Everything you missed from GDC 2018
    3. GameStop annual income down by $300m due to fourth quarter "asset impairment"
    4. Blockchain is games' new tech obsession
    5. Nintendo Switch reaches four million sold in Japan - report
    6. Hitman Sniper passes 10m players
    7. Is GAME right to bank on Belong?
    8. StarVR files for $16.4m IPO in Taiwan
    9. Raw Fury receives $125,000 from Multiplay founder
    1. GDC 2018 breaks attendance record
    2. Sea of Thieves attracts two million players in first week
    3. Developers need a better advocate
    4. Games industry to benefit from UK government's £150m Creative Industires deal
    5. IGDA head on the problems with unions
    6. PlayStation VR receives $100 price cut
    7. Grainger Games closing a third of its shops
    8. Strong Museum reveals finalists for annual Hall of Fame spot
    9. Culturalisation, and why Microsoft rewrote history for Korea
    10. Fortnite dominates both Twitch and YouTube, according to latest figures
    11. Apple targets education with new iPad hardware
    12. Valve open sources GameNetworkingSockets tech
    13. Snap Inc acquires British VR and software startup PlayCanvas
    14. Robot Entertainment lays off 30 staff
    1. The decade-long journey of a single mother into the games industry
    2. Bethesda names Roy Campbell as new UK MD
    3. Final Fantasy XV team forms Square Enix's new studio Luminous Productions
    4. Monsters, mundanity, history, and high school
    5. Microsoft takes a stand against "offensive language" on Xbox Services
    6. Nintendo's advice for indies trying to get games on Switch
    7. Games Media Brit List finalists revealed
    8. Develop:Brighton 2018 reveals first official sessions
    9. Facebook cracks down on "platform abuse" following Cambridge Analytica debacle
    10. Rovio proposes pay cuts for chairman and owner amid financial worries
    11. GAME revenue up but profits tumble
    12. Unity releases C# source code
    13. Sadiq Khan aims to attract £30m for developers with new Games London investment
    14. WholesGame launches wholesaler price comparison site
    1. "Don't get cocky": The story of Ratchet and Clank's 15-year survival
    2. Far Cry 5: Critical Consensus
    3. MidBoss CEO accused of exploitative practices, sexual harassment
    4. Jobs Roundup: Gameloft names new marketing VP
    5. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon creative director announces departure from Ubisoft
    6. #ThirdWorldProblems: How to not get a visa for GDC
    7. #1ReasonToBe: "Listen to the people you do not hear, because they're not allowed to speak"
    8. System Shock remake back in development, due Q1 2020
    9. Google announces Africa Web and Android Scholarship program
    10. Live-action Street Fighter TV series in the works following Capcom and eOne deal
    11. Team17 plots £200m float
    12. Sea of Thieves sails to No.1 in UK charts
    1. Riot's recipe for "sportsmanship" in League of Legends
    2. Josef Fares hopes A Way Out inspires more risks in AAA games
    3. ASA upholds complaint levelled against Sony over misleading Gran Turismo ad
    4. EA's SEED builds AI capable of teaching itself to play Battlefield I
    5. Xbox, Twitch, Blizzard, Riot and more form Fair Play Alliance to combat toxic players
    6. SteamSpy: The top 100 games on Steam accounted for 50% of sales revenue last year
    7. Stardock responds to Star Control designers' settlement offer claims
    8. For Ubisoft it's goodbye Vivendi, hello Tencent
    1. Splatoon creator: “Fan art and live events are part of the world of the game”
    2. Ubisoft opens new studios in India and Ukraine
    3. Google Play announces Change the Game Design Challenge
    4. Square Enix kills unsanctioned Tomb Raider remakes
    5. Night in the Woods wins Independent Games Festival grand prize
    6. Zelda: Breath of the Wild triumphs at Game Developers Choice Awards
    7. EGX 2018 tickets now on sale
    8. King hires BBC diversity director
    9. Elements of games industry "fundamentally broken" says IGDA president
    10. Nolan Bushnell movie to be funded by cryptocurrency
    11. Star Control legal battle intensifies as alleged settlement offer surfaces
    12. PlayFusion partnership brings augmented reality capabilities to CryEngine
    13. Building PUBG hype on a $0 marketing budget
    1. Behaviour Interactive buys Dead by Daylight publishing rights
    2. How they got Ark: Survival Evolved working on Switch
    3. Epic: The barrier between Xbox and PlayStation "will inevitably come down"
    4. Epic Games shows off lifelike "digital humans" with Star Wars and Andy Serkis demos
    5. THQ Nordic revives 16 Nickelodeon games as part of "asset care" strategy
    6. International Mobile Games Awards winners announced
    7. China-exclusive Vive Focus coming to Western markets this year
    8. Tencent's Q4 profit doubles
    9. Vermintide II outperforms lifetime revenue of first game in just two weeks
    10. Former Telltale developers accuse studio of breeding toxicity
    11. Ubisoft and Tencent form 'strategic agreement' to bring games to China
    12. Nintendo reveals best-selling indie Switch games
    13. The Ataribox becomes the Atari VCS
    14. Real stupid questions about artificial intelligence
    15. Arma 3 DLC raises $177,000 for charity
    16. Third time's a charm: Victory Lap Games' mission to bring a mobile game to console
    17. Nintendo Switch breaks records for first-year US sales
    1. Crytek adopts royalties model as CryEngine 5.5 arrives
    2. Grainger Games future in doubt amid UK retail turmoil
    3. CD Projekt Red opens new studio in Wroclaw
    4. Vivendi sells its entire stake in Ubisoft
    5. Xbox adds almost 300 indie games in a year
    6. What can games developers learn from a social casino firm?
    7. EA's secretive SEED team shows off first demo, Project Pica Pica
    8. The Witness studio offering $20,000 grants to underrepresented developers
    9. Lockwood Publishing opens first international office
    10. Google doubles down on mobile games with new store Google Play Instant
    11. Will Wright returns to game development with mobile title Proxi
    12. Microsoft announces DirectX ray tracing
    13. Unity 2018 detailed in GDC keynote
    14. Facebook reveals new SDK for PC game development
    15. Magic Leap now open to developers through Creator Portal preview
    16. Why Unity and Universal are giving indies access to Hollywood IP
    1. "Innovation is not the only path"
    2. Weta Workshop opens new specialist mixed reality development studio
    3. Jobs roundup: Harry Potter mobile dev secures Machine Zone talent
    4. Facebook Instant Games platform opens up to all developers
    5. Sonic Mania finally scheduled for physical release
    6. $12m of Epic Games' Paragon assets now free to all developers
    7. HTC Vive announces price of Vive Pro at £799; cuts price of existing headset
    8. Amazon's new GameOn tech enables devs to offer real-world prizes in games
    9. Testronic opens first Asia office
    10. "We will invest in all of Koch Media," vows THQ Nordic
    11. Valve quietly cracks down on Steam hate groups
    12. Former Hitman, The Division devs form new studio Sharkmob
    13. Klang secures $5m investment to develop AI-driven MMO Seed
    14. UK Charts: Burnout Paradise is back at No.1 after 10 years
    1. Representing blindness through art in Another Sight
    2. How Kongregate plans to rival Steam with new store Kartridge
    3. Fig turns a profit for some investors
    4. EA drops paid loot boxes from Star Wars Battlefront II
    5. BitGuild raises $20 million in under six hours through ICO
    6. Omega Labyrinth Z the first game to be banned in the UK since Manhunt 2
    7. Creative Assembly to help students and job seekers at EGX Rezzed
    8. Subway Surfers becomes first Android game to pass 1bn downloads
    9. NFL and NBA veterans among key hires at Activision Blizzard's new esports division
    10. Lockwood Publishing opens new UK studio in Newcastle
    11. Is a degree in games the best way into the industry?
    12. French games industry hits $5.3bn in 2017
    1. PlayerUnknnown's Battlegrounds hits 5 million on Xbox One
    2. Toys R Us Canada may have a buyer
    3. Drake, Ninja light up Twitch with Fortnite stream
    4. How to pitch to publishers at GDC
    5. Microsoft: 'We're growing our gaming business beyond the console'
    6. Jack Tretton launches indie investment fund
    7. Hellblade leads with nine nominations at this year's BAFTAs
    8. 4J Studios invests 'six-figure sum' in Scottish indie dev Puny Astronaut
    9. Virtuos planning $30m investment in new studios by 2020
    10. Google opens up Maps data for developers to build mixed reality games
    11. Xbox moves venue at E3 2018
    12. Video games will take over Trafalgar Square during London Games Festival
    1. Toys R Us closing all UK, US stores
    2. Re:Legend - the story behind Southeast Asia's biggest ever Kickstarter
    3. Mobile increasing its share of the games industry - Report
    4. Dotemu assembling The Arcade Crew
    5. Fears of Bethesda legal action prompts cancellation of Fallout 3 remake
    6. Jam City acquires Columbia-based mobile dev Brainz and its award-winning strategy IP
    7. Twitch Prime kicks off monthly free games bundle with Superhot, Shadow Tactics
    8. Can Facebook catch up to Twitch and YouTube?
    9. Google Cloud teams with Ubisoft for open-source game server project Agones
    10. Court documents reveal 238 gender discrimination and harassment complaints filed against Microsoft
    11. Game design student figures skyrocket
    1. GAIN to connect game arts programs worldwide
    2. UK charts: GTA V beats TT: Isle of Man racing game to No.1
    3. Red Bull announces UK's largest public esports studio
    4. Halo, Farmville vets form Midwinter Entertainment
    5. Dune II and the three rules of a good licensed game
    6. The Princeton Review reveals the best schools in the world for game design
    7. Why you should (and shouldn't) port your mobile game to the Switch
    8. Female Overwatch League host receives death threats over Women's Day tweet
    9. President Trump blocks $117 billion Qualcomm takeover
    10. PlayStation and Classic FM team up for orchestral concert
    11. Could games development transition to a complete outsource model?
    12. Organisational restructure at Streamline Media Group
    13. Watch the industry's response to Trump's violent video games reel
    14. Alibaba to focus on non-violent games for Olympic esports bid
    15. Halfbrick reportedly lays off more than half its staff
    16. Valve introduces subscription model to Dota 2
    1. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 sells 500,000 units in four days
    2. Overwatch League team releases twice-banned player
    3. Tencent invests up to $1bn into streaming services within 24 hours
    4. Blast seeks to gamify savings
    5. Kixeye secures $20m funding for machine learning platform
    6. PUBG Corp acquires MadGlory to enable community developer tools
    7. GDC: An old timer's survival guide
    8. GDC: A first timer's survival guide
    9. Jobs Roundup: Drew Karpyshyn leaves BioWare (again)
    10. War Child's Armistice raised $260,000
    11. Fully restored GameFront relaunches
    12. Gfinity signs Facebook exclusivity deal
    13. Fortnite's cross-platform play will not work between Xbox and PlayStation
    14. Sony delays Days Gone to 2019
    15. What's the story at Wooga?
    16. Major game developers will review your portfolio at EGX Rezzed 2018
    17. Jason Rohrer's "off-Steam" gamble paid off
    1. Overwatch League hands down fines, bans
    2. Toys R Us planning to liquidate US operation - Report
    3. Neil Druckmann named VP of Naughty Dog
    4. Devs of violent games in White House reel "should be ashamed" - Spector
    5. Fortnite Battle Royale is coming to mobile
    6. Outpost wants to mix games with reality TV
    7. "I'm never going to take your booby games away from you"
    8. BattleCry Studios becomes third Bethesda Game Studios office
    9. Call of Duty goes early to avoid Red Dead clash
    10. DoubleJump Games acquires Tiny Mob
    11. Subscription-based virtual reality platform Terra Virtua launching this September
    12. 3DS lifecycle extends to 2019 with Nintendo Direct surprise announcements
    13. Super Seducer blocked from release on PlayStation 4
    14. PUBG is third highest-earning Steam game of all time, according to Gabe Newell
    15. Catalis Group to expand into Asia with £2.96m funding package
    16. GameMaker Studio 2 adds Nintendo Switch support
    17. What would Trump's trade war mean for the games business?
    18. Dota 2 card game "the first of several games" coming from Valve
    19. Spil Games breaks 300 million downloads
    1. Trump meeting with game execs yields "significant progress" - Legislator
    2. EA adds WBIE to Origin Access
    3. Aftershock SF re-emerges as Fogbank Entertainment
    4. Sold Out rebrands, launches new website
    5. How Brass Tactics makes VR real-time strategy accessible to core and casual gamers
    6. Randy Pitchford joins Fig advisory board
    7. Cities: Skylines hits 5 million sold on PC
    8. V2 Games' Future Fund invests in WWE Champions dev Kung Fu Factory
    9. BitGuild announces blockchain platform for online games
    10. Here's how the games industry is honouring International Women's Day
    11. Nintendo rescues quiet February for UK games retail
    12. HQ Trivia raises $15 million in funding
    13. PopCap co-founder forms new tabletop firm
    14. Jagex GameBlast18 raised £100,000 for SpecialEffect
    15. ZeniMax, Take Two CEOs to meet with President Trump - report
    16. Unlocking the secrets of a successful licensed game
    1. Oculus Rifts stop working
    2. Free-to-play and back again for Trion Worlds
    3. Dare Academy 2018 adds GDC trip for winners
    4. Magic Leap adds another $461 million in funding
    5. Nintendo expected to overtake Microsoft in 2018
    6. Streamline Studios: "In five to ten years you will need to be in SE Asia"
    7. The Podcast: Following Florence
    8. UK Data: Over 20% of Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed and Battlefront II sales were digital
    9. Inkle Studios release UI animation system SLayout to the public
    10. NetEase cracks Japanese mobile market with Knives Out
    11. New Mobcrush streaming platform allows brands to "test the waters" with influencers
    12. FarmVille co-creator announces departure from Moonfrog Labs
    1. Washington state passes net neutrality
    2. Gameloft closes Madrid studio - report
    3. Kongregate launching new download games store Kartridge this summer
    4. The quiet need for Chinese indie games
    5. Managing your stakeholders: A game developer's guide
    6. Playsaurus targeted by "patent trolls" over Clicker Heroes virtual currency
    7. Mobile interactive story games generated $14m last month
    8. Trump to meet with gaming execs - report
    9. YoYo Games: Which PC storefronts appeal most to indie developers?
    10. Microsoft revives Inside Xbox as monthly streaming show
    11. Former King SVP appointed president of mobile developer Dots
    1. Ex-GameStop CEO J. Paul Raines passes away
    2. Jobs roundup: Horizon Zero Dawn producer moves to work on unannounced Ubisoft title
    3. Ubisoft's sharing imperative
    4. Buy One Get One Free on EGX Rezzed screens for Unreal developers
    5. Boutique publishers are the future of the indie games market
    6. Oculus Rift becomes leading VR headset on Steam
    7. Online retail now accounts for over 40% of UK boxed game sales
    8. Starbreeze partners with Emaar Entertainment VR Park
    9. UK Charts: No new games as FIFA 18 takes No.1 yet again
    10. Learning Curve: where next for the Human: Fall Flat publisher?
    11. Monster Hunter: World is the best-selling game in Capcom's history
    1. Metal Gear Survive: Critical Consensus
    2. Unhappy Rovio says 2017 was its 'best ever year'
    3. Rovio's head of Games steps down
    4. Rovio closes London studio after one year
    5. Argos named exclusive retail partner for EGX and EGX Rezzed
    6. Unreal Fest Europe to debut in Berlin next month
    7. Indie Megabooth doubles number of games for GDC 2018
    8. Ubisoft acquires Blue Mammoth Games
    9. Ninja Theory, Warhorse and composer Austin Wintory join Reboot Develop line-up
    10. Customer information compromised following NIS America storefront breach
    11. Largest charity tournament in mobile esports history kicks off on March 3
    12. Can Metal Gear survive?
    13. Tom Clancy's The Division hits 20 million players
    14. UK enjoys record-breaking year with £5.11bn spent on video games in 2017
    1. No Switch hardware revision this year - Report
    2. Optimism at Atari?
    3. PlayStation to undergo worldwide organisational reshuffle this April
    4. Six things you need to know about Messenger Games
    5. Space Ape teams with London universities on free games masterclasses
    6. Finger Punch opens new headquarters in Singapore
    7. Judge bans 16-year-old from violent video games over school shooting threat
    8. New indie publisher Graffiti Games announces three titles for 2018
    9. Seriously's four-year quest to become Finland's next breakout hit
    10. Pokémon toys and trading card sales spike in Europe
    11. New report questions World Heath Organisation's proposed 'gaming disorder' classification
    12. Video games graduates have more than doubled in five years