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Arcen Games: Steam keeps us in business

"Players should always buy games in whatever way is most convenient for them"

Arcen Games' Chris Park has revealed the importance of digital distributor Steam to his company's survival.

"The Steam audience is massive, and quite frankly we wouldn't have been able to stay in business these last three years without them," the company founder Chris Park told Gamespy

He was answering concerns that Steam was monopolising the indie scene, but said consumers shouldn't worry.

"Players should always buy games in whatever way is most convenient for them.If we weren't happy with a way of selling our game, we wouldn't be selling it that way.

"Some players like to buy direct from developers because logically the developers get a larger cut of the revenue, and that's great.But when you buy through a distributor you increase our sales rank and visibility through that distributor, which is also valuable. No matter where you buy it from, everybody wins!"

Arcen Games' latest title is A Valley Without Wind.

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