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January 2012 Archive

    1. Spil users spend up to €45 on free-to-play games
    2. Nintendo or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the internet
    3. THQ threatened with Nasdaq delisting
    4. Applications open to speak at Develop in Brighton
    5. Megaupload's frozen funds mean data loss for users
    6. Rovio: Piracy can generate business
    7. ARM sees pre-tax Q4 profits soar to £49.67 million
    8. Japanese schools using DSi to aid hearing impaired students
    9. WB Interactive: Subscription MMOs not dead yet
    10. 13 year old Everquest goes free-to-play
    11. In Theory: Can Wii U Offer Next-Gen Power?
    1. Microsoft: No new Xbox in 2012
    2. Report: Facebook IPO filing set for this week
    3. Eurogamer's unique traffic surges 10% to 5.7m monthly users
    4. Enslaved lead joins Splash Damage
    5. NCsoft says Bluehole Studio stole assets for TERA
    6. Microsoft names first Imagine Cup winners
    7. FIFA still top, but Resi in at 6
    8. Microsoft pursuing owners of Halo 4 beta 'phishing' site
    9. Buffalo Studios latest to accuse Zynga of copycat tactics
    10. 14 laid off at THQ Australia, Japanese office closing - report
    11. John Earner said to have left Playfish for Accel Partners
    12. Larian: Consoles must adapt to survive
    13. Susan Panico exits US PlayStation Network role
    14. Spry Fox files Federal copyright case against 6Waves Lolapps
    1. Going Solo
    1. and BAFTA to present Games Question Time
    2. Talking Loud, Saying Nothing
    3. Registration opens for GameHorizon 2012
    4. UKIE sponsors Blitz students
    5. Roblox sees 109 per cent increase in user generated content
    6. Fearless Studios acquired by Kabam
    7. ESA reimbursed for violent video game legal battle
    8. Price, Pearce, Capps added to D.I.C.E. Summit
    9. Virgin Gaming hits 1 million registered users
    10. Cuts at Future US and IGN sites
    11. New Nintendo Network may offer full game purchases
    12. Tagged to shut down Hi5's third-party dev platform
    13. Fragile Finances
    1. Valve releases beta Steam app for mobiles
    2. THQ lays off publishing and admin staff
    3. Apple "ignoring not solving" Chinese factory conditions - report
    4. UKIE: Digital chart can work without Steam
    5. Kim Dotcom denied bail before extradition hearing
    6. Art Of Crime partners with Habbo Hotel SVP
    7. Denki: Marketing behind Quarrel publisher struggle
    8. 3DS dominating Japanese top ten as release schedule picks up
    9. Worldwide launch for Wii U in 2012
    10. 130 apps helped by Tapjoy Android Fund
    11. Netflix drops games-by-mail ambitions
    12. 6waves Lolapps defends plagiarism accusations
    13. Red 5: Small studios "tired" of relying on publishers
    14. Rovio advertising SVP joins Big Fish
    15. Nintendo expects wider full-year loss of ¥65 billion
    16. Back From The Dead
    1. EA vet joins Splash Damage as head of production
    2. THQ focuses on core as pressure mounts on board
    3. No BlizzCon in 2012
    4. NimbleBit accuses Zynga of copying Tiny Tower
    5. Former PopCap dev launches mobile incentives start up
    6. Paradox: DRM "costs money and makes you lose money"
    7. Future US gets new VP to oversee games portfolio
    8. Apple doubles quarterly profit year on year to $13bn
    9. Inside Raspberry Pi
    10. Raspberry Pi beats iPhone 4S graphics performance
    1. UK PC download chart to debut in February
    2. Origin signs 11 more publishers
    3. Kristan Reed takes senior role at Pocket Gamer
    4. Marketing director exits Nintendo UK
    5. GameStop closes Northern Ireland stores
    6. CES: The future of the living room
    7. Playcast brings its cloud gaming to France
    8. Zynga hires charity veteran Ken Weber
    9. R18+ bill to go before Australian Government in February
    10. Nintendo's Nobuo Nagai passes away
    11. Temple Run makes 5 times more revenue as free-to-play
    12. Microsoft Points to be phased out by end of year
    13. Jagex wins landmark victory against bot programmers
    14. The Generation Gap
    1. Ofcom chastises ITV for ArmA II footage passed off as IRA film
    2. UKIE sells stake in Chart-Track
    3. Dare to be Digital 2012 applications open
    4. 4J Studios: Microsoft refining update procedures
    5. Megaupload founder pleads innocent, bail decision delayed
    6. Zynga making $30 per paying user, says Natural Motion CEO
    7. Key senators predict imminent return for SOPA, PIPA
    8. FIFA 12 still the chart champion
    9. TIGA identifies lack of funding as major UK industry issue
    10. Diablo III loses senior game producer
    11. AT&T tweaks US Vita data price plan
    12. Zynga in online gambling talks
    13. Microsoft: Exclusives have to have impact
    14. Travian acquires majority stake in Bright Future
    15. HMV renegotiates with banks to secure future
    16. Above the Clouds
    17. Full game streaming coming to Gaikai within months
    1. Senate Democratic leader Reid delays vote on PIPA
    2. Venture Time: What the VCs spent money on in 2011
    3. Square Enix appoints KooZac dev head of mobile
    4. Blizzard: No one will remember if Diablo III is late
    5. Zynga losing $150 on each new paying customer
    6. Paradox: Next generation probably the last
    7. Sulake's LaFontaine: Product integration key to cross-platform retention
    8. Google+ hits 90m global users
    9. €247 million loss for Sony Ericsson
    10. FBI closes Megaupload, extradites owners from NZ
    11. Xbox revenue up 15% in record quarter for Microsoft
    12. PlayStation Vita 3G teardown puts material costs at $159
    13. Intel records "exceptional" full-year sales of $54bn
    14. UKIE's Jo Twist - Part 2
    15. Yesterday's Future
    1. PopCap kills Baking Life
    2. Image Metrics launches spin-off company
    3. Rift maker Trion raises $85 million
    4. 40 per cent of lost UK game jobs relocate overseas
    5. Windows NT vet now working on Xbox multimedia strategy
    6. SOPA and PIPA co-sponsors withdraw support
    7. Study: games must properly engage players before offering in-app purchases
    8. Whale Trail Android release is "litmus test" for premium pricing
    9. Former GAME, Codemasters execs join Green Man Gaming
    10. UKIE to host debate on piracy prevention
    11. Zynga acquired four mobile devs in 2011
    12. UKIE's Jo Twist - Part 1
    13. comScore: Games Media UK Results, Q4 2011
    1. Nexon to adopt Unity platform
    2. Japanese hardware sales fall after holiday spike
    3. 6waves Lolapps acquires mobile dev
    4. Majesco's annual revenue up 66% to $125m, with profits of $6.8m
    5. Gazillion MMO licenses Unreal Engine 3
    6. New marketing VP for Gameforge
    7. New Zynga titles struggle
    8. Savtira appoints Xbox creator to advisory board
    9. ESA invested heavily in PIPA lobbying
    10. Konami to close Hudson Soft
    11. Xbox app use up 50% since dashboard redesign
    12. Ubisoft Vancouver closes doors
    13. In Theory: The Challenge of the Ten-Year Lifecycle
    1. Tencent signs CryEngine 3 deal
    2. Trion Worlds SVP joins CCP
    3. Take-Two expects net loss for 2012
    4. Gaikai ready to roll out to Facebook
    5. Indie Fund title repays investment in 4 days
    6. DeNA and NetDragon Websoft to form new company
    7. BF3's Alan Kertz moves on to new DICE project
    8. Square Enix: Cloud "instrumental" to next gen
    9. Technology Squared
    1. closes after 14 years
    2. No Steam sales of Mass Effect 3
    3. Update: GAME refutes hacking claims - says no breach took place
    4. Higher Learning
    5. Fourth week on top for FIFA 12
    6. Apple puts positive spin on worker conditions with Supplier Responsibility Report
    7. Digital Chocolate hires Habbo Hotel and Nokia executives
    8. Playdom to publish Triple Town on Facebook
    9. DNS blocking cut from SOPA
    10. Deus Ex tops digital sales for Amazon in 2011
    11. IGT buys DoubleDown for $500 million
    12. The Next Episode
    13. Telltale: Digital success is about revenue, not volume
    1. THQ shelves all titles slated for 2014 - rumour
    1. New editor-in-chief for GamesBeat
    2. Rockstar vet joins Jagex as chief creative officer
    3. Sony unconcerned by low Vita sales numbers
    4. Uncharted 3, Portal 2 lead AIAS Award nominations
    5. CD Projekt RED calls off legal campaign against pirates
    6. Future Publishing sells New York division for $3m
    7. Anti-SOPA movement gathering support from tech community
    8. Full-year US sales fall 8% following weak December
    9. EA's Barry Cottle quits for Zynga
    10. EA racks up 25 million Play4Free users
    11. Still "much work to be done" on skills, says Livingstone
    12. Rumour Mill
    1. STALKER dev needs funding to complete sequel
    2. Average UK industry salary rises to £33,123
    3. Green Man Gaming latest to join Gaikai
    4. Japanese 3DS sales up 20% in week of no new releases
    5. Shoot-'em-up specialist Cave refocusing on social
    6. Assassin's creative director exits Ubisoft
    7. Riot Games: SOPA "attacks our community"
    8. Gaikai's Reeves predicts one platform holder to quit at E3
    9. Hirai backs physical media until networks improve
    10. Games exec James Binns leaves Future Publishing
    11. Casting the Runes
    12. Jagex: We're not for sale
    13. Successful recruitment drive for Avalanche New York
    14. Microsoft puts 'Diamond' Live TV service on hold
    15. Google TV to come with OnLive as standard
    1. Ellis leaves HMV as games and tech buyers merge
    2. Vaizey: Gove's plans will help "transform education"
    3. The Open-Source Curriculum
    4. Modern Warfare 3 was UK's best-selling game in 2011
    5. Livingstone "amazed and delighted" by Govt shift on computer science
    6. 2012 IGF finalists announced
    7. Riot Games launching Russian version of League of Legends
    8. Raspberry Pi begins manufacture in Asia
    9. Razer working on high-performance gaming tablet
    10. Government to scrap "harmful and dull" ICT classes
    11. 300 per cent player increase for free-to-play Everquest II
    12. Ubisoft raises full-year targets following strong third quarter
    13. EA opens Worldwide Customer Experience office in Austin
    14. Sony denies E3 hardware reveal
    15. Tech Focus: Game Graphics vs. Movies
    1. Bethesda confirms redundancies at id Software
    2. Gaikai partners with LG for cloud gaming TVs
    3. Sony closing BigBig Studios, restructuring Cambridge
    4. Jagex: UK investors "painfully shy and risk averse"
    5. Foxconn workers at 360 plant threaten mass suicide
    6. OnLive launches Windows Desktop app
    7. Rekoo acquires HappySNS for $20 million
    8. TeePee Games partners with OK! Magazine
    9. Can social superheroes save Playdom?
    10. ZeptoLab appoints merchandising head
    11. US AT&T Vita data plans detailed
    12. Sony: 6.5m PlayStation products sold this Christmas
    13. Gamigo: Free-to-play on console key to UK resurgence
    14. Monumental Games goes into administration
    15. Ex-Kuma developer sentenced to death in Iran
    16. Microsoft: 66m Xbox 360s sold, 18m Kinects shipped
    17. Fallout MMO rights surrendered to Bethesda
    18. HMV may cut back video game sales
    19. GAME holiday sales drop 15%
    1. Jagex sells majority stake to VC firm
    2. Magazines and MMOs
    3. Software sales up 10 per cent for GameStop
    4. UK launch for Netflix film service
    5. FIFA starts 2012 at number one
    6. Best Buy sees "double digit declines" for games
    7. Sony board denies decision to promote Hirai to president
    8. Steam sales grow for seventh year running
    9. HMV holiday sales down 16%
    10. Media Molecule spent £4.1m on R&D in 2010
    11. EA claims First Amendment protection for Battlefield 3
    12. Mobile developer Moblyng closed
    13. Stock Ticker: 2011 In Review
    14. TIGA's 5 Point Plan
    1. Fraudulent Xbox Live accounts for sale
    2. Talking A Good Game
    3. LoveFilm signs BBC and ITV deals
    4. Could rental give high-priced consoles a running start?
    5. New customer insights VP for Kixeye
    6. Icon Games forbidden from publishing own Wii Ware sales numbers
    7. Silicon Knights: We'll expose "misconduct" of Epic in court
    8. EA loses battle
    9. Zynga stock falls following game launches
    10. A SOPA Mess
    1. EA confirms end to Bright Light consultation
    2. Infinity Blade franchise breaks $30m barrier
    3. $1.1M for developer service Playerize
    4. Aeria Games acquires ijji Games portal
    5. Total UK boxed game sales down 13% in 2011
    6. Fourth place for Vita in Japanese charts
    7. Big franchises debut in top grossing iPhone charts
    8. Nintendo on top as Japanese market declines
    9. Top 3 Facebook publishers see declines in December
    10. Diablo III battles South Korean ratings board
    11. Microsoft and Datel settle lawsuits
    12. Free-to-play is "new frontier" of Western game development
    13. $3.5M for Child's Play charity in 2011
    14. Microsoft loosens XBLIG restrictions
    15. 2012: We Only Do Everything
    16. One month later, OnLive iOS app still unavailable
    17. Arkadium signs multi-game casual deal with Microsoft
    18. Epic: "We do not support the current version of SOPA"
    1. Roku to launch plug-in Smart TV device
    2. Transgaming acquires Oberon Smart TV division
    3. iPhone 4S hits China January 13
    4. Gaikai expands customer base with BestBuy, YouTube, more
    5. Pandemic founder launches new social studio
    6. Seismic Waves
    7. Vox Media unveils high-profile new hires for gaming project
    8. Buffy MMO dev closes its doors
    9. Harmonix shareholders owed $383M in Viacom row
    10. ESA bucks industry trend with SOPA support
    11. Rovio leads record-breaking holiday downloads
    12. 2012: The Year Ahead in Tech
    1. Sony cuts price of PlayStation tablet
    2. Brian Crecente, Joel Johnson moving on from Kotaku
    3. 4 million sold for Nintendo 3DS
    4. Bastion and Super Meat Boy hit sales milestones
    5. Critical Consensus: Star Wars: The Old Republic
    6. FIFA 12 dominates Xmas domestic charts
    7. Crysis 2, Gears and Mario are 2011's Most Pirated
    8. Anonymous to "destroy" Sony network
    9. Atari applying legal strong arm to developers
    10. All eyes on PlayStation Vita sales ahead of Western launch
    11. Social Shenmue game folds after 1 year
    12. Early Star Wars success points to healthy MMO market
    13. EA DICE staff leave for ngmoco Sweden
    14. Andy Payne awarded OBE in New Year's List