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Peter Molyneux sees Wii U as "lackluster" and E3 as possibly "outdated"

The former Lionhead boss will offer an insider's view of E3 for Spike TV this year

In an interesting "get" for Spike TV, the network has announced that it's secured the services of Peter Molyneux as an on-air analyst for its E3 2012 coverage. The former Lionhead boss will provide an insider's view of key E3 topics such as the Wii U's chances for success and whether or not E3 itself is even all that relevant anymore.

Judging by emails shared with Kotaku's Stephen Totilo (Kotaku editors will be on Spike's E3 panel too), Molyneux appears hugely excited to be given the chance to talk about the industry without any public relations personnel to hold him back.

Look at what's already on his mind - here's the key part from his email:

This E3 is going to be fascinating. Thoughts:

Sony and Msft are holding their breath on next gen interesting to see how they pad out another year. Price cuts, form factors?

Nintendo's slightly lack lustre Wii U is going to have to blow us away with better specs and great 1st party line up.

The real challenge is how the players are going to adapt to the mounting pressure of Facebook, Apple, Social, Cloud, Multi-Gaming.

Is the biggest news that E3 itself runs the risk of being outdated, or perhaps it already is?

I guess I am excited about GTA V, but only in a mildly curious way.

I am excited, as always, to hear from Valve.

I would expect some announcement from Bungie.

God only knows what COD will have to destroy in the Press briefing demo, after last year's destruction of NY.

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