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Microsoft goes all-in on the 'evergreen platform'

Bowing out of launch exclusives for Xbox Series X means Microsoft is now fully committed to the bold vision it's talked about for so many years

By Rob Fahey

What is the best game engine: is GameMaker right for you?

An in-depth guide to YoYo Games' GameMaker, one of the best game engines for aspiring developers without technical skills

By Marie Dealessandri

How to get a job in game design

The Academy looks into how to get a job as a game designer

By Marie Dealessandri

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Remote Control Productions opens Dundee outpost

Production house appoints Rockstar Lincoln veteran Mark Lloyd as managing director

By Rebekah Valentine

Ubisoft is restructuring its editorial team

Publisher expands, reorganizes Paris-based group in an effort to make its games stand out

By Rebekah Valentine

Introducing the Academy

Marie Dealessandri joins the team to lead a brand new section

By Christopher Dring

Why the traditional product lifecycle “maybe doesn't apply” to League of Legends

After ten years, League of Legends is still one of the most popular games on earth and Riot Games is riding that wave into new spaces

By Haydn Taylor

How to get a job in the games industry

The Academy guides to finding games industry jobs in all sectors, from game design to journalism to games PR and more

By Marie Dealessandri

What is the best game engine for your game?

In-depth guides to finding the best game engine to develop your game, including Unreal, Unity, GameMaker, and more

By Marie Dealessandri to host non-violent games panel at EGX Rezzed

Ustwo Games, Aardman, Nyamyam and Quantum Soup will discuss making killer games that don't involve killing

By GamesIndustry Staff

BT becomes first European partner for Google Stadia

Google attempts to address Stadia lag problems with new high-speed broadband deal

By Haydn Taylor

Get a job in games Visit our jobs board and start your perfect career

Visit our jobs board

Humble Bundle joins efforts to raise money for Australian bushfire relief

Meanwhile, Warframe dev Digital Extremes donates $30,000 to two chairties

By James Batchelor

Cyberpunk 2077 pushed to September

Update: CD Projekt reveals that development staff have been required to crunch on upcoming RPG

By Brendan Sinclair

Media firm behind Autosport plans to "change the landscape" of racing games

Ex-Codemasters creative director Stephen Hood on how the new Motorsport Games group can disrupt the market

By James Batchelor

NetEase launches own digital distribution platform in China

Fever Game to focus on delivering affordable imported games from large and small developers

By Haydn Taylor

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was the best-selling game of the year in the US

But Nintendo thrived in hardware and software sales at the end of its competitors' console generations

By Rebekah Valentine

Subscriptions will "unlock the market to weirder things," says Outer Wilds dev

Co-creative lead Loan Verneau talks about launching into Xbox Game Pass, industry monopolies, and self-defeating crunch

By Brendan Sinclair

Grand Theft Auto V was the best-selling game of the decade in the US

Joining it in the top ten: Seven Call of Duties, Red Dead Redemption II, and Minecraft

By Rebekah Valentine

Horizon: Zero Dawn reportedly coming to PC

Current PS4 exclusive may be part of suggested Sony strategy to "lean into a wider installed base"

By Rebekah Valentine

Only YouTube Gaming saw hours watched, streamed, and concurrent viewership up last quarter

Streamlabs: Twitch viewership began a decline in 2019, but other platforms have a long way to go to catch up

By Rebekah Valentine

Microsoft announces plans to be "carbon negative" by 2030

Company also plans to remove all its historical carbon emissions by 2050

By Rebekah Valentine

Stadia embracing timed exclusive strategy

Google says it wants to have more than 10 games debuting only on its streaming service in the first half of this year

By Brendan Sinclair

Switch sales up 29% in Japan for 2019 as PS4 sales drop 29%

Famitsu numbers have hardware unit sales flat for the year; Switch Lite moves more than 1 million in just over three months

By Brendan Sinclair

How to apply for Video Games Tax Relief and make a VGTR claim

Video Games Tax Relief is not easy to understand -- here's our in-depth guide to making a VGTR claim and passing the cultural test

By Marie Dealessandri

Xbox's Aaron Greenberg joins SpecialEffect as Vice President

Microsoft exec takes on honorary role after two organisations worked together on Xbox Adaptive Controller

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