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What does GDPR mean for PR?

Leading UK games agencies tell us how new privacy regulations are refining their processes and better relationships with press

By James Batchelor

Media Molecule: Avoiding the "soul tax" of making games

At the Nordic Game Conference, Siobhan Reddy offered advice on protecting people and culture against the pressures of development

By Matthew Handrahan

Andrew Maximov: "Technology is actually going to make us better artists"

Industry veterans say artificial intelligence will enable artists, not replace them

By Haydn Taylor

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Detroit: Become Human: Critical Consensus

Quantic Dream has sued journalists for negative coverage, but judging from the reviews for the studio's Detroit: Become Human, the media isn't holding it against the studio.

By Rebekah Valentine

Fortnite, God of War break monthly revenue records - Superdata

Epic's battle royale makes $296 million in April; God of War becomes fastest-selling PS4-exclusive

By Rebekah Valentine

FTL and Into the Breach: Two-of-an-unkind

Subset Games' first two titles are very difficult, yet very different; Justin Ma talks about the games' common threads and the studio's unconventional marketing strategy

By Brendan Sinclair

Spil Games names Timm Geyer as new CEO

Mobile publisher elevates COO of two years

By Rebekah Valentine

Tim Schafer: “I haven't made my best game yet”

The BAFTA-winning veteran discusses why the industry needs more experimental games, and how a 50-year-old white male can be a champion for diversity

By James Batchelor

PlayStation's Shuhei Yoshida to keynote Develop:Brighton 2018

Sony legend will reflect on his decades-long career, readers get 10% discount on passes

By James Batchelor

Wizard of Legend sells 200,000 copies in its first week

Crowdfunded RPG for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch boosted by Humble Bundle support

Battle royale players are among the most engaged gamers, report finds

Newzoo: 88 per cent of battle royale players spend money in-game, compared to 75 per cent of traditional competitive game players

By Haydn Taylor

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Battlefield V ditches season pass and loot boxes, takes on Red Dead Redemption 2

Electronic Arts plans to monetise upcoming blockbuster shooter with live service and cosmetics after its arrives on October 19th

By James Batchelor

YoYo Games launches publishing arm for GameMaker titles

"There is a real opportunity for us to act as a conduit to success for these developers," says YoYo Games general manager

By Haydn Taylor

Wargaming reportedly closes Seattle studio

Formerly Gas Powered Games, the studio employed around 150 people

By Rebekah Valentine

H1Z1 reaches 1.5 million players on PS4

Daybreak Games' free battle royale hits milestone within 24 hours of launch

Thinking outside the cube

Why I Love: Portal was a classic, but Sperasoft's Steven Thornton says Portal 2 is a fresh and brave sequel, outshining the brilliance of its predecessor

By Steven Thornton

Jagex shutting down RuneScape Classic

Problems with community safety, botting, and bugs led to the decision to shut down the 17-year-old game

By Rebekah Valentine

Portable gaming shouldn't be separate from consoles - PlayStation head

Newly appointed John Kodera says company is considering portable gaming options, signalling a change from previous management's thinking

By Brendan Sinclair

Digital Extremes' Chinese owner stealthily launches new US publisher

Athlon Games based in Burbank, owned by Leyou Technologies, and specialises in free-to-play games

By James Batchelor

Rovio doubles down on Angry Birds with new content roadmap

Multimedia strategy includes stage shows, location-based events, and long form animated series

By Haydn Taylor

Epic to host pro-am Fortnite tournament with $3 million prize money

Los Angeles event will feature streamers and celebrities going head-to-head

God of War helps PlayStation smash records in April NPD stats

Kratos' return was best ever launch for a PlayStation exclusive, PS4 game sales reaches new high for the month

By James Batchelor

Special Olympics USA to hold first ever gaming tournament

Xbox is working with the Seattle Special Olympics on pilot event this July

iOS gamers are more loyal than Android, suggests Priori Data

Market intelligence platform dissects the mobile market at Digital Dragons 2018

By Haydn Taylor

Tesco Direct shutting down to coalesce services

Tesco will focus on for both groceries and non-food products

By Rebekah Valentine

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