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2021 could be a thin year for new games | This Week in Business

As developers enter a second year of working from home, mounting AAA delays suggest blockbusters could be fewer and further between

By Brendan Sinclair

Harry Potter and the Culture of Cancellation | Opinion

A popular gaming forum banning threads about Hogwarts Legacy is an imperfect but necessary pushback against harmful beliefs

By Brendan Sinclair

How to be a better character designer

At the Yorkshire Games Festival, Lucy Kyriakidou explored visual storytelling, body diversity, and how to improve your art skills

By Marie Dealessandri

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The Sinking City developer asks users not to buy its game on Steam

Frogwares says it didn't create the version of the Lovecraftian detective game currently available on Steam

By Eric Van Allen

Playism shuts down storefront

Indie game publisher drops distribution portal after nearly a decade

Sony's VR commitment must be about software, not hardware | Opinion

Will Sony's interest in VR go far enough for the company to commit its most treasured IPs to the medium?

By Rob Fahey

Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator dev on pricing organs, pricing games

Xalavier Nelson, Jr. discusses how the GameStop stock surge impacted development of the tycoon game, and why he wants to see developers price their games higher

By Brendan Sinclair

MiHoYo revenue reportedly close to $800m in 2020

Genshin Impact drove huge sales and headcount growth at the Shanghai-based firm

By Matthew Handrahan

"If you're still marketing to white cis males, you're alienating more than half your players"

Assassin's Creed Sisterhood co-founder Kulpreet Virdi on the importance of putting defined female characters in the spotlight

By James Batchelor

PS5 storage upgrades reportedly coming this summer

Upcoming firmware update will offer solution to limited SSD space, but owners will need to remove the console's casing

By James Batchelor

PlayStation partners with four organisations supporting Black communities

Collaborations with Black Girls Code, The Hidden Genius Project, Gameheads, and Black in Games follow pledge of $1 million to boost Black creators

Valve ordered to hand over sales data for Epic vs Apple case

But judge limits request to four years, rather than the six years Apple originally asked for

By James Batchelor

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Sega's release slate was cut almost in half by COVID-19 disruption

Japanese firm forecast 30 new releases this fiscal year in August 2020, but it now expects just 18 by the end of March

By Matthew Handrahan

Sony shutting down Japan Studio development

Update: "Vast majority" of dev staff at Knack and Ape Escape studio reportedly let go, Sony confirms Astro Bot team will become separate studio April 1

By Brendan Sinclair

EA reportedly cancels Motive's Gaia after six years in development

The new IP was teased last year, and had been through a "turbulent" development journey

By Marie Dealessandri

Games included in the GSA BAFTA Student Awards for the first time

Awards for Games and Immersive to be presented at the online ceremony in July this year

Hiro Capital invests in Snowprint, Happy Volcano, and Double Loop

VC fund leads $15 million in support for the Legend of Solgard studio, The Almost Gone studio, and Emily Greer / Shelby Moledina start-up

By Eric Van Allen

Little Nightmares 2 | Critical Consensus

Tarsier Studios' grimly atmospheric sequel is Bandai Namco's biggest critical hit in three years

By Matthew Handrahan

MTG pursuing mergers and acquisitions despite down sales year

CEO Maria Redin says increased stake in InnoGames and acquisition of Hutch "mark the beginning of a new growth journey" for company

By Brendan Sinclair

Coin Master passes $2b in lifetime player spending

Sensor Tower says Moon Active's casino-style app is leading the charge within the fast-growing Casino genre on mobile

By Eric Van Allen

Destiny 2 delays Witch Queen expansion to 2022

The publisher says its narrative ambitions and the complications of COVID-19 have necessitated a change in schedule

By Eric Van Allen

Valheim hits 4m sales and 500,000 concurrent players

Iron Gate's breakout hit is now one of the top five games in Steam's history for concurrent players

Marc Whitten swaps Amazon for Unity

Former Xbox exec left Amazon five months after rolling out the Luna streaming service

By Matthew Handrahan

Nintendo to stop supporting 3DS and 3DS XL repairs in Japan

From March 31, Nintendo will no longer support repairs for the handhelds in Japan, as the parts needed are too difficult to source

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