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“In the past, YouTubers were very problematic... Suddenly they became our allies"

David Cage and Josef Fares on how streaming can benefit storytellers, and the "serious problem with people not even finishing our games"

By Matthew Handrahan

How to spot an exploitative mobile game publishing deal -- from a former publishing CEO

Klaas Kersting ran free-to-play publishers for more than a decade, but he now sees an industry built on the exploitation of developers

By Klaas Kersting

Courtship Under a Killing Moon

Why I Love: D'Avekki Studios' Tim Cowles knew he'd found a keeper thanks to those three little words: Full Motion Video

By Tim Cowles

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Kickstarter suspends over ambitious MMO inspired by GTA Online

"We require projects to be honest and clearly presented, and this project failed to meet that standard," says Kickstarter

By Haydn Taylor

Disney hires former PlayStation portfolio boss to head up games licensing

John Drake says it's an "amazing time" to bring the worlds of Star Wars, Marvel and Fox to video games

By James Batchelor

Nintendo reaffirms its toy-maker identity | Opinion

Ventures into mobile games and streaming might have clouded Nintendo's self-image -- but the company is still first and foremost a toy-maker

By Rob Fahey

Ubisoft criticised for sourcing Watch Dogs Legion music through Joseph Gordon-Levitt's HitRecord

UPDATE: Publishers stresses that voluntary contributions gives fans a chance to "have their own creative expressions" in the game

By James Batchelor

The industry is still "developing games in a bubble"

FlavourWorks' Jack Attridge says Conan O'Brien's Clueless Gamer videos are proof of how inaccessible games have become

By James Batchelor

Respawn working on matchmaking Apex Legends cheaters with other cheaters

Studio upping anti-cheat resources, working on spam and cheat detection using machine learning

By Rebekah Valentine

Twitch growth dips as Fortnite viewership continues to decline

Riot Games surpasses Epic Games as most-watched publisher in Q2 2019

By Rebekah Valentine

Surrogate raises $2m in seed round

Funding will go toward development of "Surrogate Reality" portfolio of games

By Rebekah Valentine

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Epic awards Blender Foundation $1.2m grant

Epic MegaGrants-fueled support to help bolster Blender creation suite

By Rebekah Valentine

No More Robots brought in $2m in revenue in its second year

Revenue up $350 year-over-year as Hypnospace Outlaw developer celebrates second anniversary

Red Candle Games will not re-release Devotion "in the near term"

Developer apologizes again for artwork mocking Chinese president, but hopes to "rebuild trust"

By Rebekah Valentine

Sports Direct now owns 84% of GAME

Shares in UK games retailer will be removed from London Stock Exchange by August 12

By James Batchelor

Five more investors join PAX Investment Summit in Seattle

Fellow Traveller, Kowloon Nights, Snail Games, Jagex and Sold Out join the roster

By Christopher Dring

The Podcast: How do you solve a problem like G2A?

Latest episode available to download now, discusses indie backlash against the divisive site -- plus the Nintendo Switch Lite

By James Batchelor

Spiritfarer wants to talk to you about death

Thunder Lotus CEO William Dubé and creative director Nicolas Guérin on the game's conception and the personal stories that built it

By Rebekah Valentine

Ratio of successful Kickstarter projects at highest since Double Fine Adventure

ICO Partners breaks down ongoing maturation of crowdfunding projects with H1 2019 update

By James Batchelor

Blizzard testing automatic shutdown for Overwatch matches where players are cheating

But game's director Jeff Kaplan promises rule-abiding players will not be punished in any way

By James Batchelor

Dr Mario World is the lowest grossing Nintendo mobile launch so far

But Sensor Tower says puzzle game is on par with latest Candy Crush release

By James Batchelor

Wube Software takes up G2A on offer to pay back ten times its chargeback fees

Studio has racked up $6,600 in chargebacks for Factorio, also encourages players to pirate rather than buy via G2A

By James Batchelor

Microsoft to close Remix 3D asset sharing platform

Remix 3D's final day will be January 10, 2010

League of Legends dominates South Korean PC cafés

Riot Games' hit accounted for almost 40% of hours played last month as Path of Exile made a strong first impression

By Brendan Sinclair

Big PC sales continue to rock EMEAA charts

GTA V back in the lead alongside resurgence of Borderlands games

By Rebekah Valentine

UK digital charts: Sales and anticipation lift Borderlands 2, Pre-sequel once more

Crash Team Racing holds on for one more week, before being dethroned by GTA V

By Rebekah Valentine

The Coalition partners with Truth Initiative, cuts smoking from Gears 5

Update: Rod Fergusson - "I've been against smoking from the beginning"

By Rebekah Valentine

Fortnite streaming hours drop for fourth straight quarter

Biggest battle royale games all show declines but Epic's hit remains most watched title on streaming platforms

By Brendan Sinclair

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