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Why Unravel Two is not on Nintendo Switch

Coldwood Interactive tells us how the console's simpler hardware would have delayed the surprise launch by six months

By James Batchelor

Ukie: WHO gaming disorder diagnosis is based on "highly contested evidence"

Ukie CEO Dr Jo Twist OBE on the risks posed by the World Health Organisation's proposed definition, and the "irresponsible" reaction of mainstream media

By Jo Twist

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Pokemon Quest captures 2.5 million downloads

Free Nintendo Switch game will release on iOS and Android next week

DLC: The VR cooldown

Tommy Palm talks about fading hype, Take-Two dismisses idea of cutting features to meet release dates, and more in the lead-off of our new odds-and-ends column

By Brendan Sinclair

The joys of living in a Bubble (Bobble)

Why I Love: Infinite State Games' Mike Daw shares how the Taito arcade classic inspired his own career in score attack games

By Mike Daw

Valve disables CS:GO and DOTA 2 item trading in Netherlands after legal warning

“We still don't understand or agree with the [Dutch Gaming Authority's] legal conclusion," says Valve

By Haydn Taylor

E3 2018: Every major announcement and release date

Worried you missed something last week? Check out our handy guide to all the big news from Los Angeles

By GamesIndustry Staff

TinyTap raises $5m for user-generated educational games

Aleph VC fund backs Israeli startup, which already has 150,000 teacher-created games on its platform

Fortnite hits $100m revenue in its first 90 days on iOS

Meanwhile, PUBG on iOS has grossed just $5.2 million in 60 days

By Haydn Taylor

Steam Creator Homepages enters beta

Feature allows developers and publishers to customize pages, users to follow favorite studios

By Rebekah Valentine

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American Girl dolls get Xbox One accessories

Gaming finally represented as a hobby girls partake in for popular doll line with tiny Xbox One S, other accessories

Studios commit to removing Red Shell due to player complaints

Dead by Daylight, Elder Scrolls Online and other Steam games will remove alleged spyware that tracked advertisement efficacy

By Rebekah Valentine

Ubisoft won't whitewash Ancient Greece with Assassin's Creed Odyssey

“We really felt like it was a nice opportunity for us to have a deep dive into the culture of Greece," says audio director Lydia Andrew

By Haydn Taylor

Unity and Google Cloud announce partnership to create multiplayer development suite

Alliance aims to create server hosting, matchmaking tools to ease multiplayer game development in Unity

By Rebekah Valentine

PUBG reaches over 400m total players to date, 50m units sold

PUBG Corp celebrates with Steam sale, will continue focus on performance and content updates

Phones within phones: Simulating real apps to explore real issues

Lost Phone and Bury Me, My Love developers discuss the intimate impact of games that behave like mobile interfaces

By Rebekah Valentine

CEO and studio director of Owlchemy Labs to co-found new venture

Job Simulator creators to take some time off before beginning new, unknown project

By Rebekah Valentine

Human: Fall Flat surpasses four million units sold globally

Goofy physics puzzle platformer reaches milestone alongside release of Japanese and Korean language options

Sony launches PlayStation Hits line for PS4

Bargain line launches in US and Canada later this month with more than a dozen older titles at $20 price point

Digital distributor Libredia to enter publishing

German company plans to publish half a dozen titles by the end of 2018

By Rebekah Valentine

Industry trade bodies from around the globe unite to condemn 'gaming disorder' decision

WHO classification will create moral panic, says international trade body coalition

By Haydn Taylor

Fortnite breaks record for concurrent Twitch viewers

Battle Royale smash hit outperforms previous record holder Counter-Strike: GO

By James Batchelor

Nintendo and Disney partner for family TV show

"Nintendo Switch Family Showdown" pits four families against one another in video game challenges

Microsoft condemns separation of families at US border

Company is "dismayed" by children being separated from parents by ICE; will continue work on Azure for government

By Rebekah Valentine

Critical Force nets $6.3m investment to scale esports operation

Business Finland backs mobile developer as flagship title hits 40 million downloads

By Haydn Taylor

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