February 2021 Archive

    1. PS5 stock boost sends Spider-Man: Miles Morales to No.2 | UK Boxed Charts
    1. The Sinking City developer asks users not to buy its game on Steam
    2. 2021 could be a thin year for new games | This Week in Business
    3. Playism shuts down storefront
    4. Harry Potter and the Culture of Cancellation | Opinion
    5. How to be a better character designer
    6. MiHoYo revenue reportedly close to $800m in 2020
    7. PS5 storage upgrades reportedly coming this summer
    8. PlayStation partners with four organisations supporting Black communities
    9. Valve ordered to hand over sales data for Epic vs Apple case
    10. Sega's release slate was cut almost in half by COVID-19 disruption
    11. Sony shutting down Japan Studio development
    12. EA reportedly cancels Motive's Gaia after six years in development
    13. Games included in the GSA BAFTA Student Awards for the first time
    14. Sony's VR commitment must be about software, not hardware | Opinion
    15. Hiro Capital invests in Snowprint, Happy Volcano, and Double Loop
    1. MTG pursuing mergers and acquisitions despite down sales year
    2. Coin Master passes $2b in lifetime player spending
    3. Destiny 2 delays Witch Queen expansion to 2022
    4. Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator dev on pricing organs, pricing games
    5. "If you're still marketing to white cis males, you're alienating more than half your players"
    6. Valheim hits 4m sales and 500,000 concurrent players
    7. Marc Whitten swaps Amazon for Unity
    8. Little Nightmares 2 | Critical Consensus
    9. Nintendo to stop supporting 3DS and 3DS XL repairs in Japan
    10. Just one day left to enter the Indie Publishing Awards 2021
    11. Hades wins Game of the Year at Gayming Awards
    12. GameStop shares spike again
    13. President Biden orders review of semiconductor shortage amid PS5, Xbox stock problems
    14. CD Projekt staff reportedly locked out of computers after ransomware attack
    15. Female Call of Duty pro reportedly murdered by another player
    16. Amazon opens Luna early access to new users
    1. Fandom acquires digital games marketplace Fanatical
    2. Bioware stops work on Anthem
    3. BebopBee lands $2m in funding
    4. HP acquires HyperX
    5. Making terms and conditions more accessible to users
    6. Peter Moore, Brenda Romero, John Romero and more join GI Live: Online
    7. Thunderful Group full-year revenues rise to $374m despite Q4 profit drop
    8. Unity report shows mobile games ad revenue grew 8% in 2020
    9. Tencent takes a minority stake in Payload Studios
    10. Bethesda faces lawsuit over Fallout 4 DLC
    11. Thunderful acquires Bridge Constructor publisher Headup in €11m deal
    12. PlayStation's commitment is a huge boost to the VR market | Opinion
    13. January digital games spending reaches $11.6bn
    14. GameStop CFO resigns
    15. Interactive Entertainment Law Group expands into South America with merger
    1. Whose war stories are worth telling? | Podcast
    2. Illinois politician proposes a Grand Theft Auto ban
    3. Notre Dame sitting out of EA Sports College Football for now
    4. Soccer Manager gets £3m investment
    5. Sony planning new PS5 VR headset
    6. Gran Turismo 7 delayed to 2022
    7. Miniclip buys Green Horse Games
    8. GameMaker to add next-gen support
    9. Ironsource acquires Luna Labs
    10. Bandai Namco take minority stake in Might & Magic dev Limbic Entertainment
    11. The legend of The Legend of Zelda
    12. Paradox reports best year ever in 2020
    13. Hardsuit Labs dropped as Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 developer
    14. VSPN reportedly considering IPO
    15. UKIE aims to close the "digital divide" with Devices For All campaign
    16. UK antitrust tribunal blocks Epic's case against Apple
    17. VR specialist NDreams becomes a third-party publisher with $2 million fund
    1. Epic giving out virtual currency after loot box settlement
    2. Class-action suit takes aim at Google Stadia's 4K claims
    3. Live-action Twisted Metal TV series moving forward
    4. OverActive plans Toronto esports arena
    5. Roblox to begin trading shares in March
    6. Wildlife Studios on adapting to mobile evolution
    7. Here's why Glu is an excellent strategic fit for EA
    8. CD Projekt Red issues DMCA to prevent spread of stolen Gwent code
    9. Take-Two reportedly takes down reverse-engineered GTA3, Vice City source code
    1. Super Mario 3D World holds off FIFA resurgence | UK Boxed Charts
    1. The dark art of getting press coverage | This Week in Business
    2. Apple turns to Valve for information in legal battle with Epic
    3. Netmarble acquires Kung Fu Factory
    4. Lucid Sight acquires multiplayer engine Colyseus
    5. Nintendo delivered a strong Direct, but fan impatience grows | Opinion
    6. Huuuge Inc. now listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
    7. Nvidia nerfs cryptocurrency mining capabilities on newest graphics card
    8. One week left to win an indie publishing award
    9. Paradox reveals new subscription service for Crusader Kings 2
    10. Larian opens new Guildford studio
    11. 'LinkedIn for gamers' Efuse raises $6m
    12. Microsoft's accessibility guidelines are a great start -- but we can go further | Opinion
    13. Minit devs launch racing spin-off to raise money for charity
    1. Saudi sovereign fund invests over $3 billion in major game publishers
    2. GDC drops in-person plans for 2021 event
    3. Bloober Team adding action to its psychological horror focus
    4. Bungie opening Amsterdam publishing office
    5. EA completes $1.2bn Codemasters acquisition and hopes to "revolutionise" racing games
    6. Omaken Sports forms "Nordic powerhouse of esports" with Heroic acquisition
    7. WallStreetBets agitator Keith Gill faces class action lawsuit over Gamestop Reddit Rally
    8. Post-IDFA Alliance forms to prepare for Apple privacy changes
    9. Developer banned from Steam for naming studio Very Positive
    10. What a woman games journalist experiences in a week
    11. Instant mobile game platform Artie raises $10m seed fund
    12. Striker VR raises $4 million for VR gun peripheral
    13. Microsoft adds framerate boost for older titles on Xbox X|S
    1. Netmarble doubles full-year profits for 2020
    2. Epic files EU antitrust complaint against Apple
    3. Eximius dev relaunching title after publisher dispute
    4. Zynga still in the market for more acquisitions
    5. Valve to advise indie developers at GI Live: Online
    6. Coalition for App Fairness behind North Dakota bill against Apple
    7. Reggie Fils-Aimé on E3: "If the ESA doesn't figure out how to do this, someone else will"
    8. Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition has sold 1m units worldwide
    9. Supercell posts solid profits, despite fifth straight year of revenue decline
    10. How to get your music placed in a video game
    11. Stadia staff lauded for "great progress" one week before closure
    12. Microsoft launches gaming accessibility testing platform for developers
    13. Dota 2 is getting a Netflix series
    14. The black art of platform conversions: The release candidate
    15. Women In Games International appoints Google's Careen Yapp as new chair of the board
    1. Twitch and Facebook Gaming set record highs in January
    2. Amazon delays New World again
    3. Six Days in Fallujah dev: "I don't think we need to portray the atrocities"
    4. IGDA Foundation launches Diverse Game Developers Fund
    5. PC gaming hardware and accessories spending grew 62% in the US in 2020
    6. Habbo: "The last month left a bruise on our community"
    7. Colossi Games raises $2.5m in funding
    8. Valheim sells two million units
    9. Starbreeze losses shrink to $15.8m as Payday continues to grow
    10. Nvidia acquisition of Arm under fire from Microsoft and Google
    11. Peter Molyneux's studio 22cans suffers layoffs
    1. One Patent To Rule Them All | Podcast
    2. Nintendo reportedly raises damages sought in Colopl lawsuit to $47m
    3. Kwalee launches PC and console publishing arm
    4. Riot Games CEO sued by former assistant for sexual harassment
    5. First PS5 drift class action lawsuit filed against Sony
    6. Record year for Remedy despite no new game releases
    7. GoldenEye, Mario and how to succeed in the world of nostalgia
    1. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury launch 190% bigger than Wii U original | UK Boxed Charts
    1. An acceleration of consolidation | This Week in Business
    2. Bad Robot looking to be the rare Hollywood-and-games success story
    3. US game spending up 42% in January, says NPD
    4. Yooka-Laylee developer Playtonic launches publishing division
    5. US regulations reportedly prevented GameStop from cashing in on share surge
    6. Trials of Mana passes 1m units shipped
    7. Sega Sammy reports sharp income decline despite soaring game sales
    8. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes to be published by 505 Games
    9. Hackers claim to have sold Cyberpunk 2077, Witcher 3 source code
    10. Dreams of easy money create a risk of tough acquisitions | Opinion
    1. Asmodee acquires Board Game Arena
    2. Niantic launches Black Developers Initiative, offers funding and mentorship
    3. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury | Critical Consensus
    4. Human: Fall Flat reaches 25 million units sold
    5. Pole to Win acquires 5518 Studios
    6. Ampere: PS5 and Xbox Series X|S sales in line with, not ahead of, previous gen
    7. Things you wish you knew before starting a studio
    8. Iron Gate Studio's Valheim sells one million units
    9. NaturalMotion working on cross-platform games as Zynga eyes growth on console, PC
    10. Last Of Us HBO series casts Pedro Pascal as Joel
    11. Why a "Black Panther moment" is not the answer to games' diversity problem
    1. Zynga posts record revenues, record net losses
    2. Leaf Mobile: Kings of Green Mountain
    3. Epic's new tool promises high-fidelity human characters in under an hour
    4. Pokémon World Championships 2021 cancelled
    5. PS5's DualSense controller also faces drift issues
    1. Minecraft Dungeons hits 10 million players
    2. EA's Andrew Wilson talks about the Glu acquisition
    3. Assassin's Creed Valhalla leads Ubisoft's biggest quarter ever
    4. Tencent acquires minority stake in Bohemia Interactive
    5. Maple Story and mobile expansion push Nexon to record revenues
    6. Assetto Corsa franchise reaches €100 million in lifetime sales
    7. Nazara Technologies gets $13.7m in funding
    8. Super Metroid knew how to tell a story and set a mood | Why I Love
    9. TinyBuild acquires three studios
    10. Pizza Club secures $1.5m investment from My.Games
    11. Bandai Namco reports rising profits amid restructure
    12. "The oil tanker is turning in terms of the mainstream media's approach to games” | Bastion AFK Series
    13. Latitude raises $3.3 million for its AI platform
    14. MP proposes bill to make console scalping illegal amid PS5 and Xbox Series shortages
    15. Five steps to boost your game's performance on the app stores
    16. Nintendo discusses Switch growth plans as console enters "middle of its lifecycle"
    17. Bandai Namco switches management amid business unit shake-up
    18. CD Projekt Red's internal systems "compromised" following ransomware attack
    19. PS5 to launch in China in Q2 2021
    20. Solitaire Grand Harvest commits $100,000 in donations to WWF
    21. "Arcades are a crucial part of the history of video games"
    22. Xbox Series S/X was the No.1 console of January | UK Monthly GfK Charts
    1. EA acquires Glu Mobile in $2.1 billion deal
    2. Focus Home Interactive is opening a Deck13 subsidiary in Montreal
    3. NBA 2K, GTA, catalog titles drive Take-Two's holiday quarter
    4. E3 skipping in-person event again
    5. Grabbing Gearbox and stifling Stadia | Podcast
    6. Minecraft boss Helen Chiang joins GI Live: Online
    7. Leaf Mobile confirms $125m acquisition of East Side Games
    8. Homa Games raises $15m for hypercasual titles
    9. Epic Games addresses speculation over IPO
    10. E4 to reboot GamesMaster
    11. Candivore raises $12 million
    12. FunPlus hires Chris Petrovic as chief business officer
    13. Warner Bros finally secures patent for Shadow of Mordor's Nemesis system
    14. Digital downloads jumped 47% across Europe in 2020 | European Annual Report
    15. Ubisoft's Prince of Persia remake postponed indefinitely
    1. Animal Crossing continues to dominate UK retail | UK Boxed Charts
    1. Stadia's issues were clear from the start | This Week in Business
    2. Public beta of Steam China launches next week
    3. Stephen Totilo leaves Kotaku
    4. Kowloon Nights announces litany of indie studio partnerships
    5. Mimimi Games: "Self-publishing was a dream -- we never expected it to happen this quickly"
    6. Activision veteran David Tyler joins Tencent
    7. Huuuge Games IPO to raise $442m
    8. GameStop hires Amazon Web Services lead as CTO | Jobs Roundup
    9. Sony now has a stake in parent of Dark Souls dev From Software
    10. Ori director criticises developers for overhyping games with "lies and deception"
    11. Games keep Konami afloat as revenue dips
    12. Unity reports record year despite losses
    13. Google's shutdowns relegate streaming to "gaming of the gaps" | Opinion
    1. Call of Duty drives record year for Activision Blizzard
    2. Activision Blizzard sued over Call of Duty character
    3. ZeniMax co-founder Robert A. Altman has died
    4. Microsoft says terms of service mandate arbitration for Xbox controller suit
    5. Wildlife Studios launches Never Forget Games
    6. "It was never about spending power": What Carlyle acquisition really means for Jagex
    7. Oculus co-founder's new studio Mountaintop attracts $5.5 million in investment
    8. Games industry investment jumped 77% to $13.2 billion in 2020
    9. SEC looking for fraud in GameStop surge
    10. Square Enix sales up year-on-year, despite games losses
    11. Phoenix Games acquires SmileyGamer
    12. Vertigo Games acquires SpringboardVR
    13. Next CEO believes Amazon can succeed in games "if we hang in there"
    1. Embracer, studio acquisitions and the 'growth stock bubble' | Opinion
    2. Ubisoft Toronto appoints new managing director
    3. Codemasters shareholders approve EA's $1.2bn acquisition
    4. Pitchford says Embracer is "like a rocket booster" for Gearbox's ambitions
    5. All game development is unsustainable | 10 Years Ago This Month
    6. Spider-Man: Miles Morales has sold 4.1m copies
    7. How to win an Indie Publishing Award
    8. Hitman and Mario Kart developers to speak at new industry event
    9. Gearbox Entertainment joins Embracer Group in $1.3b deal
    10. Activision bans 60,000 Call of Duty: Warzone cheaters
    11. Star Wars has made $3bn for EA
    12. How to protect your intellectual property in the games industry
    13. EA "very, very confident" about BioWare's future despite key departures
    14. Anzu raises $9 million in funding
    15. EA sees "huge potential" in racing following Codemasters acquisition
    16. Razer acquires console accessories firm Controller Gear
    17. Embracer Group acquires Aspyr Media for $100m
    18. Embracer Group merges with Easybrain in $640m deal
    19. PlayStation 5 sold 4.5m units in less than two months
    1. EA posts record-breaking bookings driven by Ultimate Team, Apex Legends
    2. Beat Saber has sold 4m copies
    3. Valve loses controller patent case, must pay $4m in damages
    4. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos stepping down
    5. EA Sports returning to college football
    6. Quantic Dream opening a Montreal studio
    7. Stormind Games raises its ambitions with Batora: Lost Haven
    8. Google needs to think smaller about games streaming | Opinion
    9. EA extends UEFA exclusivity, working on multiple FIFA mobile games
    10. Pocket Worlds closes $7m funding round
    11. How do games retain new players post-pandemic? | Podcast
    12. AppOnboard raises $20m for Buildbox engine
    13. Develop:Brighton 2021 moves to October over COVID-19 uncertainty
    14. Toshihiro Nagoshi to step down from Sega board of directors
    15. Microsoft requests EU approval for ZeniMax acquisition
    1. Multiple GameStop stock story adaptations reportedly in the works
    2. Google closing Stadia game studios, opening up tech to publishers
    3. The Medium | Critical Consensus
    4. Azure PlayFab: The world's biggest dev tools you've never thought of
    5. Sonic the Hedgehog getting Netflix series
    6. Building a resilient business with Facebook
    7. The Medium has already recouped production and marketing costs
    8. Uncut version of Left 4 Dead 2 released in Germany
    9. Plug In Digital acquires Black Shell's catalogue
    10. Sega Sammy splits video games and pachinko machines into separate companies
    11. Riot Games pushes for arbitration in gender discrimination lawsuit
    12. Sega Sammy appoints Haruki Satomi as group CEO
    13. Sumo Group acquires PixelAnt Games
    14. Nintendo Switch sales overtake 3DS as Nintendo raises forecasts again