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US Social gaming growth slowing says study

User demographic shifting towards older players as spending drops

A new study by Frank N. Magid Associates from late March has indicated that the growth of gaming on social networks is slowing, with only a two per cent relative rise in the last year.

The survey found that 38 per cent of social network users say they regularly play games, compared to 36 per cent last year.

The primary factor in the slow down is a reduction of what was once seen as the genre's key audience - females aged 12-44. Only 43 per cent of 12-17 year old girls now play social games regularly, down from 54 per cent last year, whilst the number of women aged 25-44 has reduced from 40 per cent to 36.

Average spend as also dropped from $78 to $51 per year, with more gamers saying they'll continue to reduce that total than increase it.

One sector which is seeing growth is older players, with both males and females over 45 seeing significant increases.

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