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September 2014 Archive

    1. Xbox Underground hackers plead guilty
    2. Windows 10 officially slated for release in 2015
    3. Valve, Disney and Twitch confirmed for Gaming Insiders
    4. PlayStation Home: Sony's most successful failure
    5. Tetris optioned for sci-fi film
    6. New Düsseldorf studio for Innogames
    7. Green Man Gaming is now a publisher
    8. Dan Hsu leaving games media
    9. Minecraft owner Mojang is a perfect fit for Microsoft's ambitions
    10. Rockstar audio veterans form new production studio
    11. Analyst expects Call of Duty to continue sales decline
    12. Greenshoots programme has £250,000 for ten UK indies
    13. A Vested Interest
    14. Consoles lead video streaming in the US
    1. GameStop's Secret Weapon: Kongregate CEO Emily Greer
    2. BAFTA Breakthrough Brits jury revealed
    3. Adelman working on Axiom Verge
    4. iPhone 6 brings new but familiar challenges to devs
    5. FIFA 15 is the UK's number one
    6. White Cat Project passes 12 million downloads
    7. Defiance TV show renewed for third season
    8. Skillz raises $6m for mobile eSports
    9. Super Evil Kristian Segerstrale
    1. PlayStation Home closure confirmed in Europe, US
    2. Cashplay brings total funding to $7 million
    3. Nerd Kingdom lays off half its team
    4. Amazon completes Twitch buyout
    5. Sony's Morpheus gamble could change course of VR
    6. Ukie names new board and two fresh initiatives
    1. Activision, EA, Sega and more win in lip sync patent dispute
    2. Mobile helping to broaden gaming audience - ESA
    3. GameStop to hire 25,000 for holidays
    4. Apple addressing iPhone 6 "bendgate"
    5. BAFTA Young Game Designers gets a reboot
    6. Kiwi appoints five new executives
    7. Green Man Gaming to sell OnLive subscriptions
    8. GamesAid had a record 2014
    9. Oculus CEO: We'll be remembered as the dorky looking goggles
    10. Scottish developers contributing £99m to UK GDP
    11. UK devs establish Next Gen Skills Academy
    12. Yahoo Japan entering mobile game publishing
    13. Child of Light devs are now a core team at Ubisoft Montreal
    1. iOS pushes UK games industry to £1.72 billion
    2. 3DS Super Smash Bros. still Japan's #1
    3. Starbreeze acquires toys-to-life dev Geminose
    4. Wasteland 2 earns $1.5 million revenue in four days
    5. Fuel raises $3.5 million for mobile gaming platform
    6. Oculus Connect: A love letter to developers
    7. Lionhead's incubation department goes public
    1. Titan cancellation cost Blizzard $50m or more, say analysts
    2. Blizzard officially cancels Titan project
    3. Yoshida: Morpheus is 85% complete
    4. Hansoft appoints new execs
    5. Gamigo AG buys Intenium
    6. Xbox One price cut to £329 in UK
    7. Microsoft sets date for Chinese Xbox One release
    8. To Tweet or not to Tweet: Social media and the indie
    9. All of Dice Europe's sessions, streamed live here
    1. Valve launches the Steam Discovery Update
    2. Nexon launches publishing division focused on Western content
    3. Oculus Gears up for mobile
    4. PlayStation TV launches with 700 games in US on October 14
    5. iPhone 6 sells record 10 million in opening weekend
    6. Activision moves to dismiss Manuel Noriega's "absurd lawsuit"
    7. Mark Kern starts VR focused MEK Entertainment
    8. Wooga hires new head of finance
    9. Starbound prospers from Early Access, but others fall short
    10. Fresh blood for the UK charts, but Destiny holds on to #1
    11. Xbox One suffers last-minute delay in China
    12. Camouflaj: Fighting the good fight with Republique
    1. Oculus VR reveals new prototype Crescent Bay
    1. Billy Berghammer joins Nintendo's Treehouse
    2. Sony internet TV service to launch this year
    3. Objective: Impossible?
    4. Fiksu sees mobile CPI increasing
    5. A Journey to the East: From Dundee to Tokyo
    6. Mind Candy axes 30 staff - report
    7. Harmonix pulls support for Rock Band Network
    8. Swrve raises $10 million funding
    9. Square Enix sets up cloud subsidiary
    10. Watch Oculus Connect livestreams here
    11. TGS shows Japan's mobile dominance
    12. Neal Stephenson Kickstarter project officially dead
    1. Tetsuya Nomura leaves Final Fantasy XV role
    2. Crusader Kings II sells over a million
    3. Destiny scores 20m Twitch views in launch week
    4. PlayStation Now beta launches on PS3
    5. Turtle Rock, Bioware, Vlambeer to speak at EGX London
    6. Community is the new marketing
    7. Zynga loses CCO, gains senior staff
    8. TinyCo fined $300,000 over children's privacy
    1. Rust creator: "I'd have done the same thing" on Mojang deal
    2. King victorious in 6waves copyright settlement
    3. Super Smash Bros takes Japanese top spot
    4. Destiny sales top $325 million in five days
    5. PlayStation devs get free access to Unity Pro
    6. Sony revises profit forecast down by $1.7 billion
    7. Chobolabs raises $1.3 million
    8. Riccitiello: Minecraft, free-to-play and the price of eggs
    9. Steam adds 11 new currencies
    1. GX3 hits Kickstarter goal
    2. Jonathan Murphy leaves Konami
    3. Devs see power of platform holders, YouTube
    4. Twitch arrives on Chromecast
    5. Unity's Helgason pushes analytics and sharing tools
    6. Roundtable: Is Minecraft a gold mine?
    7. The ESRB: Twenty Years of Sex and Violence
    8. BAFTA partners with Gamer Network for EGX Rezzed 2015
    9. Wooga opens Tokyo office, hires Line veteran
    10. Super Smash Bros. 3DS sells 1 million in Japan
    1. GameStop sells Spanish stores to GAME
    2. Hearthstone now has 20m players
    3. Analysts positive on Microsoft-Mojang deal
    4. EA CEO reveals his three top priorities
    5. Harmonix, Tilting Point sign multi-title mobile deal
    6. Microsoft to break even on Mojang this fiscal year
    7. Critical Consensus: Destiny is fun, beautiful and hollow
    8. PewDiePie signs with MLG
    9. Microsoft acquires Minecraft
    10. Why we need Lottery Funding for the Little Guy
    11. Destiny dominates UK chart whilst Sims 4 holds second place
    12. Latest GameTrack figures paint landscape of European gaming
    13. Zynga loses head of social slots
    14. Ken Rolston joins Hinterland for The Long Dark
    15. Saints Row's Jaros joins Valve
    1. Glu-ed to the Kardashians
    2. Divinity: Original Sin has sold 500,000
    3. Licensed to thrill?
    4. Oculus Rift consumer beta by summer 2015 - Report
    5. Xbox games may soon be streamed to PC
    6. Fergal Gara on PlayStation Vita: "It's proving remarkably resilient"
    7. Naughty Dog celebrates 30th anniversary with art shows and documentary
    8. Seizing Destiny
    9. Oculus co-founder donates $31 million to University of Maryland
    1. NPD: Madden NFL 15 is #1, but hardware shines in August
    2. Garry's Mod has sold 6 million copies
    3. Jagex CEO to depart
    4. New iPhones "on par with next-generation consoles" - Gibeau
    5. Star Wars: Commander gets 5m downloads
    6. European Women in Games Hall of Fame adds new members
    7. Video game degrees in the US increase by 50% in five years
    8. SimBin declares bankruptcy and reforms as Sector 3 Studios
    9. SETI Institute to host game jam
    10. Controlling stake in $30m Star Girl franchise sold
    11. Dan Adelman: "Good games are worth paying for"
    1. Bookie backs FIFA 15 for UK Christmas #1
    2. Jack Tretton joins Scientific Revenue board
    3. Xbox One arrives on Japanese charts
    4. Will Ferrell partners with Twitch for charity campaign
    5. Valve grows support for iD Tech camps
    6. EA kept quiet on Real Racing dev's forum hack
    7. The devaluation of everything
    8. Destiny day-one shipments top $500 million
    9. Microsoft to replace noisy Xbox One units
    10. Xbox One sold 24,000 on debut weekend in Japan
    1. Microsoft to buy Mojang - report
    2. Activision: $500 million budget "shows the confidence we have in Destiny"
    3. Tom Bramwell leaving Eurogamer
    4. Apple reveals iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
    5. Daedalic Entertainment hires new writer
    6. Half of PC gamers wait for sales to buy - Survey
    7. eSports will be bigger than hockey - ESL CEO
    8. Creative England has £15k for female developers
    9. Glu's China MD joins Sky-mobi
    10. PlayStation 4 hits 1 million sold in the UK
    1. GDC reveals new eSports summit
    2. Walt Williams leaves 2K Games
    3. Destiny is the most pre-ordered new IP ever
    4. BoosterMedia acquires games websites from SGN
    5. "End of the console era as we know it"
    6. The Sims 4 is UK #1
    7. Final Fantasy XV dev unsure of Japanese console market
    8. Rovio: Leading the way on gender balance
    9. Game audio increasingly outsourced
    10. Reddit raising funding at $500 million valuation - report
    11. Amazon gets $2 billion in credit
    12. ESPN boss says eSports is "not a sport"
    1. Plante swaps Polygon for The Verge
    2. John Vechey departs Popcap
    3. Ex-Nintendo UK MD joins Gfinity board
    4. Epic on Unreal Engine 4: "It's the right time to be democratic"
    5. Headstrong, Mike Bithell join GameHorizon Marketing Summit
    6. Nvidia files patent suit against Samsung, Qualcomm
    7. Google to refund $19m in microtransactions
    8. Not All Gamers
    1. App Store revenue up 70 YoY
    2. Israel's IronSource acquires Upopa
    3. Helgason and Gunnarsson join Turbo's new board
    4. Mama director takes on Shadow of the Colossus movie
    5. Ex-Zynga staff launch SuperMoon Games
    6. Kabam playing the transmedia game
    7. Publisher Little Orbit buys Vicious Cycle Software
    8. IGDA consulting with FBI for online harassment resource
    9. Spanish Codigames secures $450,000 in funding
    10. Unreal Engine 4 free for schools, students
    11. Big Fish hires ex-PopCap CFO
    12. Slitherine Group acquires Shenandoah Studio
    13. Oculus consumer specs nailed down
    14. Xbox One gets free game promotion
    15. "If you're in your comfort zone, you're declining or you're dying"
    1. Sega: Pitchford did "whatever the f*** he likes"
    2. Amazon CFO to retire next year
    3. Japan finally has a new #1
    4. Elder Scrolls Online team hit by layoffs
    5. Her Interactive appoints new CEO
    6. Xbox One launching in 28 new regions this month
    7. Phoenix Labs' lessons learned from League of Legends
    8. Samsung launching Gear VR this year
    9. Chris Bruzzo joins EA as new CMO
    10. Helsinki GameWorks formed by Scandinavian veteran devs
    11. The culture of Kabam
    1. PewDiePie shuts off comments
    2. Creative England and PlayStation launch GamesLab Campus
    3. EA Access adding 19 new territories
    4. Volition: Sarkeesian right to criticize Saints Row
    5. Sega Europe appoints new SVP of commercial publishing
    6. Gamescom catching up with E3 in terms of PR impact
    7. Voting for GamesAid charities is now open
    8. Report: TRC Family Entertainment staff unpaid for months, 90% redundancies
    9. Developers protest intolerance of diversity
    10. Why games are revealed so early in development
    1. Metro Redux muscles in at UK number one
    2. Over 40 games in Sony's pre-TGS presentation
    3. BuzzFeed to start developing casual games
    4. Take Two shares rise as Acti buyout rumours swirl