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September 2012 Archive

    1. Facebook targets hardcore genres
    2. Ex-Zynga exec still sees bright future for social
    3. Ouya names Roy Bahat chairman of the board
    4. Ubisoft's Early: New business models like new platforms "on steroids"
    5. Analyst says World of Warcraft Pandaria sales disappoint
    6. Faliszek: We're not selling Valve to Nexon
    7. TIGA partners with SpecialEffect for awards
    8. Mobile dev Pixowl secures $1.2m in funding
    9. 38 Studios assets auctioned
    10. EA Maxis opens new Finnish studio
    11. Blizzard's success isn't magic; just hard work and open minds
    1. Ex-Square Enix USA boss "GungHo" about Western market
    2. NBA Live benched for another year
    3. Game Marketing Summit acquired by IDG
    4. FIFA 13 sells 353,000 in North America on day one
    5. GamesAid reveals winners of 2012 vote
    6. Notch to MS: Stop trying to ruin PC
    7. Development talent join UKIE board
    8. Kojima: "It's my job to push the industry forward"
    9. Tony Goodman: "The publisher as we know it may become extinct"
    10. OnLive defiant: "We have to prove the business"
    11. Indiegogo: The best practices for crowdfunding
    12. EA acquires Battlelog app dev
    13. Nexon and NCsoft reportedly in talks to buy Valve
    14. Halo Wars: Bungie saw it as "whoring out franchise" says Ensemble founder
    1. Free-to-play offers creative freedom over consoles, says dev
    2. Google Play reaches 25 billion downloads
    3. Wii U launching with 23 games
    4. New chair for MakieLab
    5. GameSalad gets Windows 8 compatibility
    6. Riot Games hit by DDoS attacks
    7. Is Wii U Too Expensive? And What Happened to the PS3 Price-Cut?
    1. FIFA 13 sees over 1m pre-orders
    2. Wii U supply chain "solid" says Reggie
    3. Foxconn riots to have no impact on supply chain
    4. Platinum: PS3 Bayonetta "our biggest failure"
    5. Cable firms pursuing cloud gaming - report
    6. Tokyo Game Show hits record attendance
    7. Warner Bros and Kabam partner for The Hobbit games
    8. How EA's legal team keeps one eye on former employees
    9. David Icke attacks Sega
    10. Mists of Pandaria UK launch attracts hundreds
    11. Google: Searches can predict 84% of game sales
    12. Morhaime: "I stopped predicting subscriber numbers a long time ago"
    13. New crowdfunding platform Gambitious launches
    14. Ex-Sony PR: Sony sending titles out to die
    1. Triple Town-Yeti Town lawsuit can proceed
    2. StarCraft II free-to-play an option for Blizzard
    3. Red Robot Labs gets new GM of content and publishing
    4. Obsidian: Kickstarter the way to build a brand
    5. iPhone 5 sells 5m in opening weekend
    6. Cryptic: Game ratings don't "do a great justice to MMOs"
    7. New game director for The Secret World
    8. 96 jobs go as EA closes PopCap Dublin
    9. Nintendo confirms that Wii U will be region-locked
    10. Brand new top three for UK as LBP Vita makes sixth
    11. Overhaul for BAFTA 2013 video game awards
    12. German consumer group targets Valve over new EULA
    13. Hustle Kings dev relocates to Birmingham Science Park
    14. Unity: No current plans to support Nintendo 3DS
    15. Political unrest cancels Chinese gaming tournaments
    16. More riots at Foxconn factory
    17. GameStop US halts Wii U pre-orders due to "overwhelming demand"
    18. 3,195 games posted to Steam Greenlight
    19. Peter Molyneux: Big Ideas, Bigger Problems
    1. PlayMG partners with Com2uS for Android gaming
    2. SGN adds Zynga's Brian Kahrs as VP of Product
    3. Nvidia GM: Next-gen consoles will be the last
    4. Sony sees PS3 interest from Xbox 360 owners
    5. Zynga VP: We are "the Steam of social"
    6. PS3 Super Slim Could Be A Super Stumble
    7. Former Amazon sales exec joins Tag Games
    8. Will Luton leaves Mobile Pie for new venture
    9. GamesAid charity voting closes Sunday
    10. Brasil Game Show introduces business matchmaking service
    11. GREE: "The traditional PC will disappear"
    12. Dynasty Warriors dev on the Wii U's CPU "challenge"
    13. Take-Two: Delays led to FY2012 revenue miss
    14. Kickstarter reinforces creator-backer relationship with new rules
    15. Sales at HMV slump 15%
    16. Tokyo Game Show and the myth of the "average gamer"
    1. Sony nixes price drop for older PS3 models
    2. Sony expects game business to be profitable this year
    3. EA preparing for web and mobile "holy war"
    4. Torchlight II dev has "no plans" to work on MMO
    5. Ex-Zynga exec Jeff Karp lands at GSN
    6. Walmart stops selling Kindles
    7. Guaranteed to Earn - The Power of Earned in an Integrated Campaign
    8. NHL 13 sales up despite lockout
    9. Layoffs at Sony PR
    10. Roundtable: The Legacy of The BioWare Doctors
    11. Microsoft Studios joins Eurogamer Expo line up
    12. Rez creator takes a break from development
    13. Sony denies Last Guardian death
    14. Arma 3 denied Iranian licence
    15. GaymerCon wins EA support
    16. Tekken Tag 2 steals number one in Japan
    17. Idle Games cuts 25 employees
    1. Activision Mobile VP: Tablet games will see "more premium price points"
    2. Valve planning first hardware beta for 2013
    3. Unity signs "industry first" licensing agreement for Wii U
    4. Zynga chief security officer resigns
    5. Inafune making Ninja Gaiden zombie game
    6. Jaded Empire: BioWare doctors' departure "an enormous loss"
    7. Critical Consensus: iPhone 5
    8. Apple opens five new stores for iPhone 5 launch
    9. Inafune: Japanese devs need more energy
    10. Zynga paid more than $20 million for A Bit Lucky - report
    11. Microsoft to sponsor GI Fair at Eurogamer Expo
    12. Whatever happened to the iPad mini?
    13. PlayStation Mobile store to go live October 3
    14. New 500GB super-slim PlayStation 3 to arrive this month
    15. BioWare co-founders out: "Little to no impact on EA"
    1. BioWare confirms new IP, more Mass Effect
    2. Torchlight II dev finds digital "as profitable" as full retail
    3. Microsoft hires CBS exec for Xbox video content
    4. BioWare co-founders retire
    5. US investigates Apple in patent dispute
    6. Google+ tops 400 million
    7. CastleMiner Z first Xbox Live Indie Game to sell 1m
    8. Zynga loses another exec
    9. Treyarch presenting developer session at Eurogamer Expo
    10. Electronic Arts to create a further 300 jobs in Ireland
    11. Critical Consensus: Borderlands 2
    12. Apple shares hit $700 after hours
    13. Bethesda: Go Anywhere, Do Anything
    14. Okamoto: End of the era of Japan making successful console games
    15. Games development in Massachusetts grows 78% in 3 years
    1. Zynga v. EA: Legal analysis
    2. Metro 2033 film rights grabbed by MGM
    3. Gree picks up App Ant Studios in San Francisco
    4. Dragon Age III: Inquisition announced
    5. Zynga gets A Bit Lucky
    6. Wii U struggles to build buzz
    7. Wipeout not dead yet
    8. GDC Online moving, renamed GDC Next
    9. iPhone 5 sees 2m pre-orders in 24 hours
    10. Hide&Seek adds NY office, new development director
    11. Packaged games still drive market value in Europe
    12. Detained Bohemia Interactive employees speak out
    13. Nvidia loses mobile GM
    14. Obsidian Kickstarter reaches $1.1 million target in 24 hours
    15. Ballmer: I'm not paid to have doubts
    16. UKIE, Microsoft, OnLive, Game Connection sponsor GI Fair networking drinks
    17. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 hits UK number 2 spot
    18. Valve: Free-to-play knowledge essential to survival
    19. Rocksteady, Six to Start and Piranha Bytes nominated for writing award
    20. Funcom: "We have the tools to make The Secret World free-to-play"
    21. Deadline for Games for Films contest set for Thursday
    22. Former Funcom CEO investigated for insider trading
    23. Patent suit against Activision proceeds
    1. Zynga slams EA in court filing, calls them "desperate"
    2. Obsidian Kickstarts Project Eternity
    3. Funcom: Layoffs less than half of Oslo studio
    4. Amazon trumpets lack of Wii U preorders
    5. Ubisoft devs sign up for Eurogamer Expo
    6. GAME and Gamestation brands merging into single edifice
    7. Wii U to be playable at Eurogamer Expo
    8. Nintendo Wii U: "we believe in making money on our hardware"
    9. UK retailers price Wii U at £250
    10. Microsoft opens new Windows 8 tablet studio in London
    11. Game Connection to host new video game marketing awards
    12. Wii U: Fantastic games make up for high price
    13. Wii U: Analysts like it
    14. Wii U retailer feedback and pre-sales already "extremely strong" says Reggie
    1. Inafune's Comcept reveals next game, Yaiba
    2. GamesAid 2012 charity voting goes live
    3. Darksiders II confirmed for Wii U launch
    4. GameStop opens up Wii U pre-orders
    5. Guild Wars 2 sells 2 million
    6. Wii U launches on November 18 in US for $299
    7. Ubisoft founds new, state of the art Toronto capture studio
    8. Ex-Bigpoint MD Rob Ollett joins Jagex
    9. Dishonored playable for first time in UK at Eurogamer Expo
    10. iPhone 5 draws mixed reactions from developers
    11. Australian R18+ guidelines stress potential harm of interactivity
    12. Wii U to launch in Japan on December 8
    13. Indiegogo to keynote Games Invest at GamesIndustry Fair
    14. iPhone 5 places "Tremendous pressure on games, hardware"
    15. iPhone 5: "disappointment" that'll sell millions
    16. Kojima Productions opens studio in Los Angeles
    1. Zynga Japan titles going global
    2. Worldwide Wii U launch details expected tomorrow
    3. iPhone 5 launching on September 21 for $199
    4. Ubisoft open to selling competitors' games
    5. Insomniac's new IP Overstrike overhauled as Fuse
    6. US leads world in social casino gaming boom
    7. Runescape adds new security measures
    8. Capcom appoints new Australia and New Zealand distributor
    9. Cloud Gaming 2012: The future is overcast
    10. Spec Analysis: The New Kindle Fire HD Tablets
    11. ArmA III developers arrested in Greece
    12. Splinter Cell: Conviction a "stepping stone" for Blacklist
    13. Microsoft rushing to finish Windows Phone 8 [Report]
    1. Steam Greenlight's first wave of winners crowned
    2. Xbox co-creator: "It's about gameplay, stupid"
    3. Mobile developers: How to hit the "sweet spot to penetrate mass market"
    4. AMD invests in cloud gaming
    5. Microsoft applies for 3D projection patent
    6. Sleeping Dogs stirs up 172k in US debut
    7. New CTO for Runescape developer
    8. Amnesia earns Frictional Games over $3.6 million
    9. Valve writer Chet Faliszek to speak at Eurogamer Expo
    10. Square Enix launches Hitman clothing line
    11. GamesIndustry International acquires GameHorizon conference
    12. EA's Gibeau compares Zynga exodus to Syrian crisis
    13. Secret World lead designer laid off
    14. Gaming news site Andriasang shuts down
    15. Zynga's CMO resigns
    1. Microsoft & Agawi partner for Windows 8 cloud gaming
    2. DICE GM: EA gets "too much crap for not being innovative"
    3. 38 Studios collapse affecting Rhode Island elections
    4. Electronic Arts titles preloaded on PlayMG portable
    5. Dishonored dev: Gamers starving for something new
    6. Steam sees "Big Picture"
    7. Brendan Sinclair joins GamesIndustry International
    8. UKIE makes tax relief recommendations
    9. Store Wars: Which is the right app store for you?
    10. Sony: PSP was overrun with ports
    11. GameStop: Retro game sales to be online only
    12. Sleeping Dogs back at UK number one
    13. Double Fine accidentally releases first mobile title
    14. Newell: Valve would likely "disintegrate" before a sale
    15. Super Hexagon sells 10,000 in three days
    16. Thousands of Guild Wars 2 passwords hacked
    17. Zynga loses yet another executive
    18. New sub-$150 Android tablets appearing
    19. Nintendo Wii U: Launching in Apple's Shadow
    1. XCOM's PC version "a big deal" for Firaxis
    2. Apple's iPhone 5 could sell 10 million in first week, says analyst
    3. Darksiders II sells just 247,000 copies in US
    4. Portalarium partners with Zynga for Ultimate Collector
    5. Guild Wars 2 tops ten European charts
    6. Sony Online Entertainment launches Player Studio
    7. US channel G4 up for "sophisticated" rebrand
    8. GameStop could stock Ouya
    9. Believing in the Second Screen
    10. New Super Mario Bros 2 & Darksiders 2 duel for NPD top spot
    1. Wikipad to sell at GameStop for $499
    2. Game sales drop 20% in US for August
    3. Xbox 360 sells 193,000 in US during August
    4. Kickstarter experiencing "the year of the game"
    5. 505 Games publishing Starbreeze titles
    6. New Kindle Fires start at $159, go to $499
    7. Epic Seattle created for Unreal Engine 4 development
    8. Madden NFL 13 sales climb to 1.65 million in first week
    9. Government report snubs Scottish games industry
    10. Square Enix: Selfish Experiments in the Cloud
    11. Fishing Joy hits 100m downloads milestone
    12. Ubisoft announces new titles in mobile, free-to-play push
    13. Raspberry Pi begins UK production at Sony facility
    14. Ubisoft's Mark Slaughter now head of UK marketing
    15. Square Enix titles to be on show at Eurogamer Expo
    16. FarmVille 2: A "next-generation social game"
    17. Mojang partners with UN Habitat
    18. Gaikai: The cloud, hardware manufacturers and COD
    19. Zeboyd: Microsoft should merge Xbox Live Arcade and Indie Games
    20. Deadpool has taken over, says High Moon manager
    1. Turtle Beach names Motorola COO as new CEO
    2. Minecraft creator "constantly debating" Steam
    3. Fingerprint Digital CEO: "Huge opportunity" in kid's games
    4. SOCOM vets: "The power packed into today's tablet is amazing"
    5. Total War dev calls 70 percent of games "not good enough"
    6. World of Warcraft expansion approved in China
    7. Gaming population in US has declined 5% according to NPD
    8. Vita fights back in Japanese charts
    9. Assassin's dev: "We're the last of the dinosaurs"
    10. Zynga Platform plays host to Sports Casino
    11. Schafer: Brutal Legend "unfairly vilified because of poor messaging"
    12. No Sex Please, We're Gamers
    13. Crytek's Warface playable at Eurogamer Expo
    14. Capcom plans more titles from smaller teams
    15. Ubisoft axes always-on DRM for PC games
    16. Remedy Entertainment: Real Artists Ship
    17. New editor-in-chief for Eurogamer Sweden
    18. Valve adds $100 posting fee to Steam Greenlight
    19. Fair to Play: Fixing Free To Play
    1. Gameloft first half sales up 24 percent year-over-year
    2. Pachter: Microsoft could delay next Xbox until 2014
    3. Assassin's Creed III multiplayer "a game on its own"
    4. Dark Souls director pondering easier difficulty mode
    5. Erotic game "kicked off" Steam Greenlight
    6. Angry Birds gets Bad Piggies sequel
    7. Critical Consensus: Guild Wars 2
    8. GameStop CEO predicts 2013 and 2014 for next-gen
    9. Eurogamer Expo adds Rezzed PC and Indie Games Zone
    10. China to overtake US as biggest smartphone market
    11. IGN Entertainment plans Italy launch
    12. Words On Play Episode 6: Staffing, users and innovation
    13. Frank Gibeau: Order, Chaos and a New Golden Age of Gaming
    14. Valve "jumping" into the hardware game
    1. Made In Brighton conference now free
    2. Role-Playing: Mark Pincus
    3. DayZ developer session for Eurogamer Expo
    4. TIGA seeks 30 per cent flat-rate for UK tax relief
    5. Guild Wars 2 conquers UK chart
    6. PAX Australia confirmed for 2013
    7. Apple adds Galaxy S III to Samsung patent dispute
    8. Funcom: "We're not going to play it safe"
    9. Tengami: A good idea on paper
    1. Insomniac CEO announces new IP, Fuse
    2. PointMMO digital distribution platform announced
    3. Valve bans fake Steam Greenlight projects
    4. Xbox Live games coming to Windows 8