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Nintendo to launch digital downloads for third-parties

Nintendo clearly looking to leverage digital on 3DS and Wii U going forward

Nintendo previously announced that its own first-party titles would soon be released digitally as well as at retail, and now it would appear that the platform holder would like to make digital releases possible for third parties too. A statement released by Nintendo today has indicated that the company is currently working on a new system that will allow for third-party publishers to offer their games via digital distribution.

"We are currently preparing a program for third parties, but have nothing specific to announce at this time," said Nintendo to IGN.

Nintendo itself is gearing up to make its games, starting with New Super Mario Bros. 2, available for download simultaneously with the physical software release. The program will begin with 3DS games, but it's highly likely to take prominence on Wii U later in the year too.

News on any solid plans, confirmed publishing partners and games remains aloof at this time, but we expect to hear more news at E3.

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