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Double Fine enlists Moai to make Kickstarter project cross-platform

Double Fine Adventure will be coming to PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux via the Moai SDK

Zipline Games has announced that Double Fine's $3.3 million Kickstarter project, tentatively entitled Double Fine Adventure, will be developed on the Moai Platform. Zipline's Moai Platform allows developers to quickly build cross-platform titles for app platforms like iOS, Android, Amazon, and Chrome. Double Fine and Zipline have released a video detailing early development of the Double Fine Adventure on Moai.

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"We built the first demo of Double Fine Adventure in 2 days using Moai," said Double Fine technical director Nathan Martz, "We like to control every aspect of our games in order to bring Tim's awesome, crazy ideas to life, and because Moai is open sources we can change any line of code we need to. Plus the fans asked for Double Fine Adventure on five different PC, tablet, and mobile phone platforms, and Moai supports them all with a single core codebase. It was the best choice for us."

Double Fine Adventure is expected to be released in Spring of 2013. Kickstarter backers generally want to play the games they've funded on multiple platforms, and Moai is one way for developers to do that easily. Another Kickstarter project, Shadowrun Returns, is also powered by Zipline's Moai Platform.

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