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Elder Scrolls Online developer welcomes criticism

ZeniMax Online's Matt Firor is prepared to deal with hardcore Elder Scrolls fans

Elder Scrolls Online game director Matt Firor welcomes fan criticism and says it's the sign of a passionate community. When the game was revealed, many fans took to the internet to complain about ZeniMax Online's handling of the classic franchise, but Firor believes having no outcry would be worse than the current situation.

"Having been in MMOs for a very long time, I know and understand that community very well. And that is a very vocal community - a lot of the time vocal critics of what you're doing. But those people who take the time to pick your game apart, and sometimes they tell you things that you didn't know was wrong with the game - those are the people you want playing your game, because they're the people most invested in your game, because they care enough about it to complain," Firor told GameInformer in a video interview.

"The worst situation for a game community to be in is where no one posts on the boards because they don't care," he said. "If they post on the boards, they care. Even if they're not being so polite about it. But that's a fact of life: you're an internet game, you're on the internet, you have an internet community. And the internet community is always very vocal."

"So what you do is learn from it," he added. "You make sure you do the best job to deliver the best game that you can and then you go from there."

It's good that Firor is ready, because the fans are out there and they are angry.

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