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May 2013 Archive

    1. Metro: Last Light first-week sales surpass 2033 lifetime sales in US
    2. Naughty Dog using Last of Us engine for next gen
    3. Canadian game industry adds $2.3 billion to economy
    4. Double Fine: Suits "don't always know best"
    5. Avalanche defends Xbox One reveal
    6. GamePop console priced at $129
    7. GungHo CEO is taking on Nintendo
    8. Patrice Desilets joins the speakers at Gamelab
    9. Localisation team Synthesis opens recording studios in Brasil
    10. Pre-owned crackdown is a sad excuse for business innovation
    11. Sony CEO: PlayStation 4 is a game console "first and foremost"
    1. Shadow of the Eternals will show people the “real” Denis Dyack
    2. Sony enlists Morgan Stanley and Citigroup in possible division split
    3. Take-Two doesn't need next-gen to succeed
    4. Double Fine launches its second Kickstarter drive
    5. Serious games stigmatized in and out of the industry, says Schell
    6. V&A appoints Game Designer in Residence
    7. Humble Bundle 8 makes $1m in 18 hours
    8. Triple A Grade Curve: Professor Richard Lemarchand
    9. Supercell hooks Playfish co-founder
    10. Rhode Island looking into dropping 38 Studios debt
    1. The Games Journalism Prizes winners revealed
    2. Infinity Ward: Leaving behind Modern Warfare ''a long decision''
    3. Downloadable games need bigger audience, says Housemarque CEO
    4. HMV's head of PR departs
    5. 3DS buoyed by Shin Megami Tensei IV in Japan
    6. Talking Shop: The Witcher 3's Lead Character Artist
    7. Remote Play requirement for PS4 games revealed
    8. New Tokyo office for Wargaming
    9. Microsoft has $1 billion for exclusive Xbox One titles
    10. Second episode of Damsels in Distress resurfaces after disappearance
    11. Funcom sees significant revenue rise for Q1 2013
    12. Perfect World suffers in the wait for new games
    13. GameStick: Smarter Than Smart TV
    1. Blizzard reassigns staff, starts over on Titan
    2. ESA sent 3.5 million anti-piracy takedown notices in 2012
    3. Xbox One reveal watched by 8.45 million in first 24 hours
    4. Xbox One will have an indie creator program, says Mattrick
    5. Xbox One games will be region-locked
    6. Xbox One deal worth more than $3 billion for AMD
    7. Team Bondi vets form Intuitive Game Studios
    8. Personal Space Invaders: Designing for Shared-Tablet Multiplayer
    9. Rezzed's Leftfield Collection line-up revealed
    10. New UK PR manager for Jagex
    11. Resident Evil: Revelations is UK #1
    12. Square Enix: "It is necessary to review the definition of 'AAA Title'"
    13. German commissioner highlights Xbox One privacy concerns
    14. Molyneux reveals "life-changing" prize to Curiosity winner
    1. Square Enix: Kickstarter the way forward in customer interaction
    1. Microsoft: Next-gen could hit 1 billion consoles sold
    1. Microsoft looking to take a cut of used games with Xbox One [Report]
    2. Indie dev sticks up for Microsoft
    3. Ninja Theory goes mobile
    4. Gamer Network expands US sales, editorial teams
    5. Steam Early Access: From Underdogs to Alpha Dogs
    6. Gaming Tax Credits: A Developer's Guide to Free Money
    7. Game Trader: Why you should buy Nintendo, Apple and Take-Two now
    8. Microsoft applies for patent on TV achievements
    9. Mark Cerny to detail PS4 creation at Gamelab
    10. Sony slashes profit margins on games business to just 2%
    11. ITC gives Xbox final clearance in Motorola dispute
    12. Shutting out the indies is a big mistake for Xbox One
    1. Kinect 2.0 for Windows coming in 2014
    2. Xbox One is a games machine first and foremost, says Activision
    3. Wargaming promises financial support to open-source foundations
    4. Kinect will be Xbox One's game-changer, says Harrison
    5. GameStop brushes aside concerns about Xbox One and used games
    6. Yahoo acquires PlayerScale
    7. 38 Studios court arguments begin
    8. What the Xbox One Controller Says About Microsoft... and Nintendo
    9. Square Enix of America CEO departs
    10. GameStop sales slide 6.8%
    11. Talking Shop: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon's Production Manager
    12. Indie Sarbakan snapped up by Adrenaline Amusements
    13. Industry vets launch global comms agency Plan of Attack
    14. Microsoft: New console generation can grow market by 30%
    15. Curve disappointed in Xbox One's indie approach
    16. EA CTO: New consoles a generation ahead of the best PC
    17. Oculus hires Valve VR man
    18. Atari seeks $22.2 million in bankruptcy auctions
    1. Trion's former CCO: AAA development is "fundamentally broken"
    2. Xbox One: Building a console with the "right amount of Microsoft" thrown in
    3. Xbox boss: Backwards compatibility is "really backwards"
    4. Sony considers spin-off
    5. NFL-Microsoft deal cost $400 million
    6. Mobile market has stalled, says Capcom
    7. Xbox One won't allow self-publishing by indies
    8. Namco Bandai scores #1 in Japanese charts
    9. Xbox One sparks disappointment, anticipation from indies
    10. Happy Cloud gets new CEO, raises $4.25 million
    11. Xbox One: "E3 is absolutely all about the games"
    12. Roundtable: What to Make of Xbox One
    13. GameStop president: PS4 and Xbox One games can be resold
    14. Microsoft's Harrison explains Xbox One's online requirements
    15. After an awful start, Xbox One must redeem itself at E3
    16. EA making Wii U games, but focusing on next-gen
    1. Xbox One: Inside The Belly of a Trojan Horse
    2. CryEngine 3 and PhysX ready for Xbox One development
    3. Xbox One: Microsoft "biting off more than it can chew"
    4. Ubisoft planning six next-gen titles for Xbox One
    5. Xbox One always online? "The answer is no"
    6. Microsoft announces the Xbox One
    7. Halo getting live-action TV series
    8. EA unveils EA Sports Ignite engine
    9. NBA Live headed to next-gen systems
    10. Nintendo's Wii U cut to $239 at Target
    11. Unity makes mobile dev tools free for indies
    12. The Office writer joins Angry Birds film
    13. Radian Games: Fair doesn't work with free-to-play
    14. GungHo: Japanese developers need to go back to basics
    15. New Xbox supply chain ramps up for Q3
    16. How I Stopped Worrying and Learned To Love The Microconsole
    1. Rhode Island finds "interest" in 38 Studios' assets
    2. DeNA to release Molyneux's GODUS
    3. Next-gen consoles ready to thrive, says Riccitiello
    4. Sony teases first images of PlayStation 4
    5. Google Play in-app purchases up 700%
    6. Watch Microsoft's Xbox: A New Generation Revealed live
    7. Full Control: Happy Accidents And Harsh Realities
    8. Former GTA Producer: Why I'll Never Work On Violent Games Again
    9. Denis Dyack addresses "ugly" X-Men Destiny controversy
    10. Metro: Last Light replaces Dead Island Riptide as UK No.1
    11. The Past, Present And Future Of Games
    1. Ubisoft reaffirms its faith in Nintendo
    1. Battlefield project manager moves to Call of Duty team
    2. Trion hit by mass layoffs
    3. Galaxy S4 sales approach 10 million
    4. Obsidian and Games partner up for Skyforge MMO
    5. How Nintendo Can "Win" E3
    6. Sega Europe hands Sonic publishing duties to Nintendo
    7. Nintendo Wii U: Death By Apathy
    8. Selling Your Children: Game Entrepreneurs On Letting Go
    9. Defense Grid 2 finds angel investor for final development
    10. Apple celebrates 50 billion App Store downloads
    11. LulzSec hackers handed jail time
    12. From MiniClip to Mega Brand
    13. Sony break-up would spell trouble for games
    1. Game sales nosedive 25% at US retail in April
    2. Xbox 360 tops consoles in US in April with 130,000 sold
    3. Machinima fastest downloaded Xbox 360 app in past year
    4. EA pulls plug on Wii U support
    5. Denise Warren joins EA board of directors
    6. Metro developer driven by "talent and relentlessness"
    7. Google shutting down Google+ Games on June 30
    8. Average revenue per mobile player in US hits new high
    9. David Jaffe advises indie dev on "the ultimate car combat" game
    10. Crytek taking Warface to Japan
    11. Tomodachi Collection stays on top in Japan
    12. Charity bundle calls for submissions
    13. Nintendo targets user YouTube videos
    14. Gamevil's foreign revenue climbs 40 per cent in Q1
    15. Activision's market share climbed to almost 20% in 2012
    16. New San Fran office for Hansoft
    17. Tencent profits up 37% YoY, revenue up 40%
    18. Unity forms new Boston studio
    19. EA kills Online Pass program
    1. Google Play games services announced
    2. Microsoft sunsetting Points payment system
    3. Ubisoft suspends 1666 development indefinitely
    4. Core games drive Ubisoft sales up 18%
    5. Vivendi still looking to unload Activision Blizzard
    6. Jason Rubin: Metro: Last Light is the "triumph of an underdog"
    7. Talking Shop: Riot Games' Lead Designer of Social Systems
    8. E3 still vital to industry, says ESA
    9. EA opens new DICE studio in Los Angeles
    10. Gree suffers revenue and profit decline as costs rise
    11. Microsoft announces Windows 8.1 update
    1. Frostbite engine coming to mobile platforms
    2. Rift goes free-to-play
    3. Rovio launches publishing brand
    4. GameStop digital exec leaves for venture capital firm
    5. Sid Meier: We must not forget the value of the core gamer
    6. Sony's largest investor calls for break-up
    7. Nvidia Shield to retail for $349
    8. Critical Consensus: Metro: Last Light
    9. New MD of international businesses for Future
    10. Spector and Sams launch Denius-Sams Gaming Academy
    11. Turtle Beach partners with Twitch
    12. 2m downloads in 3 months for Pixel People
    13. GTFO documentary reaches Kickstarter goals
    14. Nintendo wins in Motiva patent dispute
    15. EEDAR appoints new chief operating officer
    16. Saban hires Sorensen for Playforge president
    17. Google launching Games service for Android [Report]
    1. BioShock Infinite hits 3.7 million, boosts Take-Two sales
    2. Shadow of the Eternals gets a Kickstarter
    3. Samsung leads $15 million investment in Ubitus
    4. Sales declines expected through July
    5. Defining Success: Why Metacritic Should Be Irrelevant
    6. GungHo made $118m in April alone, market cap exceeds Nintendo
    7. Nvidia profits jump 30 per cent in fiscal Q1
    8. Square Enix posts expected ¥13.7 billion fiscal year loss
    9. Diablo III donates bug gold to charity
    10. Danny Bilson: "Nobody's heard my comment. I have to count on the truth"
    11. Dead Island: Riptide makes it 3 weeks at #1
    12. NCsoft profits up on Guild Wars 2 success
    13. Divide and conquer: Mode 7's move to multi-title, multi-platform
    1. Suda51's Killer is Dead will see "wide" appeal, says Xseed
    2. Electronic Arts exec sells all shares
    3. Defiance TV show renewed for second season
    4. Wartune advertising runs afoul of ESRB
    5. Namco posts best annual results in years
    6. Steam Greenlight has seen 2m voters since launch
    7. Wargaming sues Project Tank creators
    8. Tomodachi Collection back to #1 in Japan
    9. Tax deferral sees Sega net income rise, sales drop for FY 2013
    10. 6 new HMV stores for Republic Of Ireland
    11. Nexon Q1 revenues up as Japanese market booms
    12. Microsoft names Amy Hood as its first female CFO
    13. Sony, Nintendo aim to appeal to mobile developers
    14. Silicon Knights closes offices, lays off employees
    15. Bluestacks announces Android-powered Gamepop console
    16. Warner Bros Interactive appoints David Haddad as SVP of Digital
    17. Gree lays off staff in San Francisco
    18. Sony not planning on “major loss” with the PlayStation 4
    1. Precursor: We "understand the skepticism" about Silicon Knights ties
    2. Ken Kutaragi joins Marvelous AQL
    3. Konami sales down 15%, profits nearly halved
    4. PlayStation full-year sales slide
    5. Wii U dev kits "just collected dust" at Avalanche Studios
    6. Danny Bilson: building IP in the digital world
    7. Chi Onwurah: girls, gaming and growth
    8. My robot companion: living in the uncanny valley
    9. Ernest Edmonds: the art of interaction
    10. Fireproof: an alternative route to iOS success
    11. Ouya raises $15 million in new funding, delays launch
    12. Alistair Aitcheson: re-imagining multiplayer on tablet
    13. EA's Frostbite 3 titles skipping Wii U
    14. GAME expecting £20 million in earnings
    15. Former Assassin's Creed producer fired alongside Desilets
    16. Activision's Kotick brushes aside the mobile market
    1. Activision sees sales, profit up in Q1, raises outlook
    2. Roundtable: New opportunities in video game hardware
    3. Diablo III auction house taken down by gold-duping bug
    4. Will Wright: The future of game design and its impact on the player
    5. EA drops gun licenses, will use them anyway
    6. Sony begins manufacturing PS3 in Brazil
    7. Paradox: Using an axe to carve a niche
    8. Resident Evil 6 sells 4.9 million, disappoints
    9. Bossa Studios: Anti-social behaviour and playing in open networks
    10. Ubisoft Reflections: The fearless creation of the million dollar game
    11. EA extends FIFA deal to 2022
    12. Tiger Woods, UFC, and Star Wars missing EA's fiscal 2014
    13. Warner Bros: We'd like a mobile IP to become a tentpole for us
    14. EA: Console transition to "determine market leadership for rest of decade"
    1. EA full-year sales dip, SimCity sells 1.6 million
    2. Patrice Desilets leaves Ubisoft again
    3. Sumo's Chris Eden joins Climax
    4. Sony launching indie section on PlayStation Store
    5. UK retailer in Call Of Duty shipping row
    6. Gree, DeNA aren't really gaming companies, says GungHo prez
    7. Game Republic names judges for sixth annual Student Showcase
    8. Dead Island zombies keep top spot
    9. Fantasy sports outfit DraftKings raises $7 million
    10. Charles Cecil joins BFI board
    11. Notion Games to scrap Super Ubi Land title
    12. Watch GameHorizon streamed live on GamesIndustry International
    13. Qualcomm appoints Apple vet Rubinstein to the board
    14. Windows 8 crosses 100 million licenses sold
    15. NIS America employees form new indie publisher
    16. The Sims 4 promises "single-player offline experience"
    1. XSEED rebranded as Marvelous USA
    2. EA signs multi-year Star Wars deal
    3. Next Xbox reportedly won't require net connection
    4. Dyack resurfaces at Precursor
    5. Sexism not the only reason for lack of women devs, says Pratchett
    6. Nintendo courting smartphone devs to Wii U
    7. Kabam opening Berlin office
    8. Publishers Betting On "Fewer, Bigger, Bloodier"
    9. Will Wright: Games "falling way short" as a medium
    1. Zone of the Enders sequel on hold, team disbanded
    1. Kabam exec calls EA layoffs "Darwinism at work"
    2. Eternal Darkness successor teased
    3. Talking Shop: Technical Supervisor for Motion Capture
    4. Apple App Store nearing 50 billion downloads
    5. Gearbox calls Aliens suit "beyond meritless"
    6. Blockbuster targets bank holiday sales
    7. New S. Korean legislation groups games with alcohol and drugs
    8. ChangYou buys remaining 7Road stock for $78 million
    9. Cat meme creators in legal battle with Scribblenauts
    10. Defiance scores 1 million registrations
    11. Intel names Brian Krzanich as its new CEO
    12. Could tech innovation drive an arcade revival?
    13. Dragonplay launches casual game publishing division
    14. Section 8 dev files for bankruptcy protection
    1. Molyneux wants next Xbox to be "the ultimate gaming console"
    2. Suda51: We ran into a "wall" at publishers
    3. Google hires Noah Falstein as chief game designer
    4. China's online game market to hit $11.9 billion this year
    5. Madden NFL 25 benched for Wii U
    6. US report cites piracy hotspots
    7. Turbulenz makes HTML5 engine open-source
    8. Gamers love swag: The lucrative world of collector's editions
    9. 72% of gamers play online - NPD
    10. Cage: "I make games by passion"
    11. Gamer Network reveals YouTube channel partnerships
    12. Facebook chief accounting officer departs
    13. Asda cuts Wii U price to £149 and £199
    14. to invest $1 million in educational game devs
    15. Minecraft's Pocket Edition sells 10m
    16. Sony execs give up bonuses for second year
    17. Glu Mobile cuts 68 employees
    18. Dragon's Dogma returns to Japanese charts with Dark Arisen
    1. Facebook: Q1 game revenue up 12%, Zynga down 37%
    2. Call of Duty: Ghosts headed for next gen
    3. Sid Meier goes mobile with Ace Patrol
    4. Talking Shop: Obsidian Entertainment's Creative Director
    5. iOS to dominate mobile gaming through 2018 - Report
    6. Miniclip appoints new CFO
    7. Indies and AAA pubs to partner more - Contrast dev
    8. Critical Consensus: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
    9. Namco Bandai Games America appoints new media agency
    10. Bulletstorm dev predicts next-gen of game design
    11. Nvidia appoints new Tegra boss
    12. DeNA shuts five Mobage games in Japan
    13. Wargaming supports National Military Appreciation Month
    14. Apple raises $17 billion in record bond sale
    15. The Psychology of The Uncanny Valley
    16. SEGA, Gearbox sued in class action lawsuit over Aliens: CM